30+ Awesome Nicknames for Genevieve

Do you need a fantastic nickname for the name Genevieve?

In this article, we’ve put together a list of great nicknames for someone named Genevieve, as well as helpful descriptions to make the entire process even easier!

But first, what is the meaning of Genevieve?

The name Genevieve is interpreted to mean “Woman of the race”, “Lady of the people”, “Tribe woman”, and “White Wave/White Spirit.”

Genevieve has become increasingly popular in recent years, and in 2019, this name has been a favorite choice as a baby girl name among mothers, ranking as high as number 14 among 1000 Top Girl Names.

Genevieve is derived from the German medieval name Genovefa (or Kenowefa) and one of the earliest uses of the name was by the medieval Saint Genevieve, a patroness of Paris.

Variants of the name include French Ginette, Spanish/Portuguese Genoveva, Italian Genoveffa, Polish Genowefa amongst others.

Famous People Named Genevieve 

When trying to find a nickname for Genevieve, it’s a great idea to start by considering notable public figures who bear this name. Here are some famous people named Genevieve:

  • Saint Genevieve ‒ The Patron Saint of Paris in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions.
  • Geneviève Appleton – Actress, screenwriter, film director, producer, and editor.
  • Geneviève Bujold ‒ Canadian actress and Golden Globe Award winner.
  • Geneviève Waïte ‒ South African actress, singer and former model.
  • Genevieve Morris ‒ Australian actress known for her appearances on comedy series Comedy Inc.
  • Geneviève Lemieux – Film art director, production designer, set designer and set decorator.
  • Genevieve Nnaji ‒ Award-winning Nigerian actress, model, and businesswoman.
  • Genevieve Gorder ‒ American tv host, renowned interior designer and the host of Stay Here on Netflix.
  • Genevieve Woo ‒ Journalist, film producer, news presenter, and jewelry designer.
  • Genevieve Hafner ‒ Renowned French photographer based in New York City.

Fictional Characters Named Genevieve 

As a bonus, we’ve included a list of some fictional characters who bear the name Genevieve. Who knows, you just might get an inspiration for a fitting nickname!

  • Princess Genevieve ‒ The main protagonist in the 2006 animated movie “Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses.”
  • Genevieve Atkinson ‒ A character on the Tv soap opera “The Young and the Restless.”
  • Genevieve Scherbatsky ‒ The mother of Robin Scherbatsky on Comedy Tv show “How I Met Your Mother.”
  • Genevieve ‒ A character in the 2007 American Action Comedy movie “Rush Hour 3.”
  • Genevieve Mirren-Carter ‒ Charles Boyle’s love interest in Comedy Tv series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Popular Nicknames for Genevieve

Good Genevieve Nicknames

Are you looking for the most popular nicknames suitable for the name Genevieve? Then you’re in luck! Here are some popular nicknames to choose from for someone named Genevieve:

  1. Gee ‒ From the pronunciation of the first letter in the name Genevieve.
  2. Viv ‒ A popular nickname for someone that bears the name Genevieve.
  3. Gen/Gen-Gen ‒ A nickname derived from the first three letters in the name Genevieve.
  4. Ivy ‒ A nickname suitable for the name Genevieve with Old English origin.
  5. Jhen ‒ A nickname for Genevieve from the literal pronunciation of the first syllable.
  6. GiGi/Gigi ‒ A popularly used nickname for someone named Genevieve with a French origin.
  7. Evie/Evey ‒ A Hebrew nickname for the name Genevieve meaning “Life.”
  8. Nevi ‒ A nickname adapted from the original name Genevieve and interpreted as “God Of Beauty”.
  9. Gemma ‒ A popular nickname for Genevieve which means “Gem”, for a very special lady.
  10. Genny/Genni ‒ A nickname for someone named Genevieve interpreted as “White” or “Fair”.
  11. Eve ‒ A Hebrew-rooted nickname for the name Genevieve meaning “Living” or “Life”.
  12. Gina/Genna/Jenna ‒ An Italian-rooted nickname for someone named Genevieve meaning “Queen.”
  13. Gevie ‒ A cool nickname for someone named Genevieve.
  14. Ginny ‒ An English nickname for the name Genevieve meaning “Pure.”
  15. Veevie ‒ A cute nickname suitable for the name Genevieve
  16. Geeves/Geevie ‒ A clever twist inspired by the original name Genevieve.
  17. Geneva/Genevra ‒ A nickname for someone named Genevieve with a French background.

Other Nicknames for Genevieve 

Would you like to browse through some more nicknames suitable for the name Genevieve? Here’s a list of other great nicknames for someone named Genevieve:

  1. Jen-a-veeve ‒ A cute nickname suitable for a little girl named Genevieve who’s learning to pronounce her name right.
  2. The Saint ‒ For a Genevieve that reminds you of the “Patron Saint of Paris” Saint Genevieve, because of her pure heart and selfless acts.
  3. Genna-Bee ‒ A nickname for a “Queen Bee” or an Alpha female named Genevieve.
  4. Genny Ganja ‒ For someone named Genevieve who constantly acts like she’s high on something.
  5. Germyvieve ‒ A tease nickname for someone named Genevieve who’s germophobic (obsessed with cleanliness) or alternatively, a nickname that would suit the dirtiest Genevieve you know.
  6. Genji Bear ‒ A sweet nickname for a chubby and lovable girl named Genevieve.
  7. White Lady/Fair Lady ‒ Inspired by the interpretation of the name Genevieve which means “Pure” or “White.”
  8. Alpha Woman ‒ Inspired by the French meaning of the name, which is “Tribe Woman” or “Woman of The Race”, and suitable for an outspoken nationalist or a phenomenal woman named Genevieve.
  9. Icy Vivy ‒ A nickname suitable for a cold-hearted or stern lady named Genevieve.
  10. White Spirit ‒ From the German meaning of the name Genevieve, which means “White Wave”, “White Phantom” or “White Spirit.”
  11. Jennabean ‒ A nickname for someone named Genevieve with a smallish stature.
  12. Evie-Evil ‒ A nickname suitable for the meanest Genevieve you know.
  13. Jolly-Ghenny ‒ For someone named Genevieve who’s always in a great mood.
  14. Ginevra ‒ An Italian nickname for a Genevieve meaning “White one” or “Fair one”.
  15. Genie ‒ For a person named Genevieve with special abilities or an intriguing aura.
  16. Geneweave ‒ A clever nickname for a seamstress or hairstylist named Genevieve.
  17. Gem ‒ For a very special lady in your life named Genevieve.
  18. Genepeeve ‒ A tease nickname suitable for a peeve (an irritating or annoying person) named Genevieve.

So, tell us – what’s your favorite nickname for someone named Genevieve?

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