100+ Popular Nicknames for Short People

What are some nicknames for short people?

To be honest, most nicknames based on physical attributes can be offensive, which is why context is everything. If you call your short boyfriend a pet name based on his height, and he loves it, no harm done. However, if you call a stranger a name based on their height, and they are insecure about their height; they would most likely find the name offensive.

So, apply wisdom before you call someone any of these names for short people.

Popular Nicknames for Short People

Short people nicknames

Here are some nicknames for short people:

  1. Alf: Like the short and funny Puppet.
  2. Ankle biter
  3. Armrest
  4. Baby doll
  5. Babycakes 
  6. Bite-size
  7. Black sheep
  8. Booster: For someone that needs a booster seat.
  9. Brief
  10. Bullet
  11. Chaparrito(a): Spanish slang for smallie. Chaparrito is for a short guy, while Chaparrita is for a short lady.
  12. Chibi: Japanese slang for “small” or “short.”
  13. Chicken 
  14. Chipmunk 
  15. Chromie: A Bronze Dragon named Chronormu in disguise (World of Warcraft).
  16. Cupcake
  17. Dobby: Dobby The House Elf is one of the most lovable characters in the Harry Potter series.
  18. Don’t Sweat: From the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
  19. Duck
  20. Ducky
  21. Dwarf
  22. El peque: An abbreviation of the word “pequeño,” which means “Shorty” in Spanish.
  23. Elfie
  24. Firecracker: Short & crazy.
  25. Frodo Baggins: Frodo Baggins is the most famous of all Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings.
  26. Gandhi: Gandhi was a short man.
  27. Gnome
  28. Goober: A peanut.
  29. Gremlin
  30. Half Man/Half Woman
  31. Halfie
  32. Half-pint
  33. Hand rest
  34. Hedgehog
  35. Hobbit
  36. Hoggle: A goblin dwarf.
  37. House Mouse
  38. Imp
  39. Itty bitty
  40. Keebler
  41. Kiddo
  42. Kitten
  43. Knee-high
  44. Koala
  45. Leprechaun
  46. Lil Angel
  47. Little
  48. Little Bird
  49. Little Bit 
  50. Little Boy/Little Girl
  51. Little Giant
  52. Little Man/ Little lady
  53. Little Miss/ Little Mr
  54. Little Red Riding Hood: From the popular fairy tale. For a short lady.
  55. Little Tikes
  56. Little Wonder
  57. Low Pockets
  58. Lowrider
  59. Micro
  60. Midge: Short form of Midget
  61. Midget
  62. Mighty Mite: Small but powerful.
  63. Might Mouse
  64. Mini
  65. Mini-me: a character in the Austin Powers films.
  66. Mini-muffin
  67. Minnie
  68. Mouse
  69. Munchkin: A cute name for a short person.
  70. Napoleon: The famous leader was 5’6 feet tall.
  71. Nugget
  72. Oompa Loompa
  73. Peanut 
  74. Pebbles
  75. Pee-wee
  76. Pillow
  77. Pinky / Pinkie
  78. Pint-size
  79. Pixie
  80. Pocket Knife
  81. Pocket Lighter
  82. Pocket Square
  83. Poodle
  84. Powerpuff girl
  85. Prototype: Prototypes are usually small forms of the original.
  86. Puppy
  87. Pygmy: Pygmy peoples are typically short.
  88. Quickie: Quickies are always short.
  89. Rabbit: Because they are cute and tiny.
  90. Runt
  91. Santa’s Little Helper: A reference to Christmas elves.
  92. Short Stuff
  93. Shortcake 
  94. Shortney
  95. Shorts
  96. Shortstop
  97. Shorty
  98. Shot glass
  99. Shrimp
  100. Sip
  101. Small Bite
  102. Small fry
  103. Small stuff
  104. Smallie
  105. Smalls 
  106. Smurfette
  107. Stub
  108. Stumpy
  109. Sweet pea
  110. Tater tot
  111. Tea Cup
  112. Teeny 
  113. Throw toy
  114. Thumbelina: a thumb-sized girl.
  115. Tic Tac
  116. Tinkerbell
  117. Tiny
  118. Tiny tot
  119. Todd: Short form of Toddler.
  120. Toddie: Another short form of Toddler.
  121. Toddler
  122. Tot
  123. Tyrion Lannister: A dwarfed character in Game of Thrones.
  124. Value size
  125. Vegeta: a fictional character in the Dragon Ball.
  126. Wee-bit
  127. Wee-lassie
  128. Yoda: a small-sized, wise fictional character in the Star Wars universe.

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Remember, the aim is to avoid offending your little champ.

Do you know any cute or funny name for short people that isn’t listed? Be a dear and add it in the comment section.

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