Cheeky Chimp

Meaning of Cheeky Chimp: A playful nickname for someone who is mischievous, fun-loving, and often displays a cheeky sense of humor.

Literal Meaning of Cheeky Chimp: Literally, Cheeky Chimp combines “cheeky,” meaning bold or playful, with “chimp,” short for chimpanzee, suggesting someone who is spirited and mischievous like the playful animal.

Popularity: Low.

Origin: English.


Ella: Have you seen how Max is always making everyone laugh with his pranks?

Jake: That’s why we call him Cheeky Chimp. He’s always up to some mischief.

Ella: It’s a perfect nickname for him. He’s so playful and full of energy.

Related Nicknames: Cheeky Monkey, Prankster, Rascal, Jokester.