40+ Famous Taylor Swift Nicknames and Their Origins

Taylor Swift is an 11-time Grammy award winner and one of the best-selling music artists, selling over 230 million records. With that level of fame and success, Taylor Alison Swift, popular known as Taylor Swift, has earned some nicknames within and outside America.

In this post, you will find all the popular nicknames for Taylor Swift, the origins of these nicknames, and her fandom nickname.

1. T-Swizzle

T- Swizzle is the most popular nickname for Taylor Swift. Although at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, LL Cool J said T-Swizzle is a new nickname for Taylor Swift, the nickname precedes that moment. T-Swizzle appears at the beginning of Thug Story featuring T-Pain, which Taylor Swift performed with T-Pain for the CMT Music Awards in June 2009. In the song, T-Pain refers to Taylor Swift as T-Swizzle just before she starts her verse.”Hey Hey, T-Swizzle {T-Swizzle} And T-Pizzle {T-Pizzle}” – Thug Story

2. T-Swizz

T-Swizz is a variation of T-Swizzle.

3. Tay

Tay is short for Taylor.

4. Tay Tay

Tay Tay is a nickname for Taylor Swift. Tay is a popular short nickname for Taylor.

5. Tate

Tate is a common nickname for Taylor. So, it isn’t uncommon to hear people call Taylor Swift – Tate.

6. Swiftie

From “Swift.” Taylor Swift has “Swiftie” trademarked as well.

7. Blondie

Taylor Swift’s fans call her Blondie to reference her iconic blonde hair.

8. America Sweetheart

Despite her fame, Taylor Swift is regarded as a kind-hearted singer. She was given the nickname American Sweetheart because of her down-to-earth personality, a title she recently claimed she is happy to leave behind.

9. Miss Americana

Taylor Swift’s documentary is titled “Miss Americana. From “America’s sweetheart” to “Miss Americana.”

10. Tails

Tails is a nickname inspired by her name, Taylor Swift.

11. Teffy

Taylor Swift’s brother, Austin Swift, calls her ‘Teffy.’

12. Queen of Pop

Taylor Swift is described as the Queen of Pop based on her achievements in the music industry. 

13. Princess of Country

Taylor Swift is regarded by her fans and some sections of the media as the Princess of Country Music.

14. Queen of Bridges

Taylor Swift’s nickname, The Queen of Bridges, is inspired by her Songwriting prowess.

15. Titan of Pop Music

Taylor Swift has been repeatedly tagged the Titan of Pop Music.

16. Queen of Easter Eggs

Easter egg is a term that describes a hidden message in an electronic medium, so maybe in a movie or an Instagram post. Taylor Swift has repeatedly proven herself to be the Queen of Easter Eggs, especially for album releases.

17. The Little Country Star

Born in Pennsylvania, the singer was described as a ‘little country star’ during her early days. 

18. Dead Tooth

‘Dead tooth’ is a nickname given to Taylor Swift by Jack Antonoff. The nickname refers to Taylor Swift’s chipped tooth, which she chipped on a microphone during a show in Pittsburgh.

19. Curly-haired teenager

Taylor Swift was popularly referred to as ‘a curly-haired teenager during her teenage years.’ However, over the years, Swift has consistently maintained straight hair.

20. Mei Mei

Mei Mei is a Chinese name given to Taylor Swift by her Chinese fans. The word ‘mei mei’ means ‘moldy.’

21. Tayter Tot

Tayter Tot is a cute wordplay on Taylor Swift’s name.

22. Tater Swift

Another cute nickname inspired by her name.

23. Taylia

Like other nicknames Taylor Swift is called, Taylia is a nickname coined from her first name. 

24. T-Drop

The T-drop nickname describes Taylor Swift’s musical style.

25. Platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde hair is a nickname formed from the color of her hair, which is one of the first things that is obvious about her appearance.

Other nicknames associated with Taylor Swift include:

  1. Bangs Mcgee: It is rumored to be Taylor Swift’s BFF, Abigail Anderson’s nickname for her.
  2. The Only Tay Tay
  3. Taylah
  4. T-bird
  5. Teufelskot: Teufelskot is rumored to be one of Abigail Anderson’s (Taylor Swift’s BFF) nicknames for Taylor Swift
  6. The Fairy of Folk
  7. The Enchantress of Folk
  8. Dr. Swift
  9. Dr. Blondie
  10. Tales
  11. Taz
  12. Tater
  13. Lil Tay
  14. Tay Talk
  15. T-Dang
  16. Tarter Bug
  17. Red Lipped Pop Bombshell
  18. Nils Sjoberg: This is a pseudonym used by Taylor Swift for songwriting. “I wrote under the name Nils Sjöberg because those are two of the most popular names of Swedish males. I wrote this song called ‘This Is What You Came For’ that Rihanna ended up singing. And nobody knew for a while.” – Taylor Swift.
  19. Nannaria Swiftae: This is not a nickname for Taylor Swift; it is a name inspired by Taylor Swift. Nannaria Swiftae is a Twisted-Claw Millipede Species Named After Taylor Swift by Virginia Tech scientist Derek Hennen, who describes himself as a big fan of Taylor Swift’s music.

What is Taylor Swift’s Fandom Name

Taylor’s fans call themselves “Swifties.” A Taylor Swift fan is a “Swifter.” She also has the name “Swifties” trademarked. Also, here is a video of Taylor Swift acknowledging her fandom name:

Are there other Nicknames of Taylor Swift not mentioned in this post? Be a dear and add them in the comments.

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