40+ Famous Justin Bieber Nicknames

In this post, you will find all the famous nicknames for Justin Bieber, the origins of some of these nicknames, and his fandom nickname. 

Justin Drew Bieber, popularly known as Justin Bieber, is regarded as one of the best-selling music artists of all time. He is a Canadian-born singer married to Hailey Baldwin, now Hailey Bieber. 

Apart from being a famous singer, Justin Bieber is well-known as someone who fancies nicknames. He once revealed that his wife, Hailey gets a different nickname daily. His pets are also known to have nicknames. As expected for someone that famous, Justin Bieber has earned some popular nicknames soon to be discovered in this post. 

Popular Justin Bieber Nicknames

Perhaps, Justin is the most common name people call Justin Bieber, but that’s his first name. Here are the most famous Justin Bieber nicknames:

  1. Bizzle: Justin Bieber’s rap nickname from 2013 to 2015.
  2. JB: JB is a popular nickname given to Justin Bieber by his fandom. Though the Jonas Brothers fans have disputed the nickname, many of his fans still associate the nickname with him. 
  3. Bubba: Bubba is a nickname you may want to reserve for Justin Bieber’s love. Hailey Bieber disclosed the singer’s nickname as ‘My Only Bubba.’
  4. Biebs: Biebs is a short form of his name.
  5. Bieber
  6. Beebs
  7. J-beebs
  8. Quentin Bizzle: The complete form of Bizzle.
  9. Justin Beaver: Justin Beaver is a nickname coined from Justin Beiber’s first and last names. 
  10. Just Beaver: Like other nicknames from his names, the moniker – Just Beaver is another popular nickname given to Justin Bieber by his fans. 
  11. Jbiebs
  12. Jbiebz: The difference between ‘Jbiebs’ and ‘Jbiez’ is that some find it more comfortable using the letter ‘z’ rather than ‘s.’
  13. Justy
  14. Jerry: This nickname refers to a part of Justin Bieber. He revealed the nickname following the leak of the said part.
  15. JustinHermouth Beaver: Listed by a Belieber on Twitter.
  16. Justin Heranus Beaver: Listed by a Belieber on Twitter.
  17. Bieber Fever
  18. Shawty Mane: Listed by a Belieber on Twitter.
  19. Justy Busty
  20. Bieba Baby
  21. The Bieb
  22. Biebez
  23. The Biebernator
  24. Bieberlicious
  25. Biebtacular
  26. Jailbeebs
  27. The Biebs Knees
  28. Ddeuddoo: The nickname ‘Ddeuddoo’ is a Korean nickname Justin Bieber earned in Korea following a tattoo on his body. The singer got his name ‘Bieber’ tattooed in Hangul, which looked like ‘ddeudo.’
  29. Explicitstin: Listen by a Belieber on Twitter.
  30. Buzztin
  31. Lemonstin
  32. Mustin: In a tweet revealed by the Urban dictionary, Justin Bieber was nicknamed Mustin for looking musty and not taking a shower. 
  33. 2020Stin: This refers to the 2020 version of Justin Bieber.
  34. Goo Goo: The couple disclosed on Ellen Show that My little Goo Goo (Goo Goo) is one of the nicknames Hailey calls Justin.  
  35. Truckwrecker: Listed by a Belieber on Twitter.
  36. Rick the Sizzler: Rick the sizzler is a persona of Justin Bieber. Rick is Justin Bieber’s name for his mustache. He made a Snapchat with the username “rickthesizzler.”
  37. Kidrauhl: Kidrauhl was Justin Bieber’s original YouTube channel. The YouTube channel was used before he became famous; also used after he became famous. Justin Bieber gave himself this nickname because his father called himself “lordrauhl.”
  38. Churchstin
  39. Homeless: Justin Bieber was called homeless because of his troubling appearance.
  40. Purple Passion
  41. Leave it to Bieber

What is Justin Bieber’s Fandom Name?

Justin Bieber has got some loyal fans who call themselves “Beliebers.” Beliebers is a portmanteau of Bieber and believers. 

Are there other nicknames for Justin Bieber you think we missed? Do well to add them in the comments.

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