80+ Most Famous Lil Wayne Nicknames

Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., is a rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. He started out his career as part of the hip-hop group the Hot Boys, with whom he released three albums.

The five-time Grammy award-winning rapper is the founder of his own record label, called Young Money Entertainment. He has released eleven studio albums and the self-proclaimed best rapper alive has earned his place in the music industry’s hall of fame.

Lil Wayne is known to give himself nicknames in songs he is in, so most of them are in his lyrics. Having had a long career so far, here are some of the nicknames he has picked up along the way.

Most Popular Lil Wayne Nicknames

Here are the most popular nicknames for Lil Wayne:

  1. Lil Weezy: A very common nickname for him. The earliest mention of this is in his song “loud pipes.”
  2. Best Rapper Alive: He has a song with this title.
  3. Tunechi: Comes from a pet name his grandmother Mercedes Carter used to call him. This is one of his many nicknames that was first referenced in his song “Run This Town.” Was mentioned in many more of his projects.
  4. Weezy F Baby: The “F” here has stood for so many things, like “finish line,” “Ferocious,” “Fashion,” “Finish line,” and other things too.
  5. Lil Weezle: A funny nickname, from his song “Lil’ One.”
  6. Lil Tunechi: Isone of the more popular nicknames he goes by, originating from Tunechi, and was first mentioned in his song “Love Me.”
  7. Young Tuneche: A variation of Lil Tunechi.
  8. Young Weezy Baby: From his song “Gangsta shit.” 
  9. Birdman Jr.: Birdman is the rapper that took Lil Wayne under his wing and helped him become a professional rapper. Birdman frequently referred to Lil Wayne as his other son, but they are not biologically related.
  10. The Carter: Lil Wayne has five studio albums with this name, so it is one of his more widely known names.
  11. Dr. Carter: From his song “Dr. Carter.”
  12. Mr. Carter: This is another one of the famous nicknames he got from his song Mr. Carter. He also mentioned it in other songs like A Milli, Fly in, and Tha Carter IV Intro.
  13. The New Orleans Nightmare: From his song “3 Peat.”
  14. Tune: A shortened version of Tunechi.
  15. Gangsta D: From his song “Gangsta Boys.”
  16. Nino Brown: Nino brown is a rapper and member of the music group junior M.A.F.I.A.
  17. Young Nino: Refers to the Nino Brown.
  18. President Carter: From his song “Right Above It.”
  19. Rapper Eater: Known for his superhuman skills in rapping, he has a song titled “The Rapper Eater” where he makes this obvious.
  20. Shrimp Daddy: The inspiration for this came from former Cash money artist Pimp Daddy.
  21. Tune: A shortened form of Tunechi.
  22. Tunechi Li: Was mentioned in his songs “Lay it down” and “Hit the Lights.”
  23. Young Tune: A shorter version of young tunechi.
  24. The Bb King: He has a freestyle with this title, where he featured fellow rapper Drake.
  25. Automatic Weezy: From his “song shooter.”
  26. The Beast: He often referred to himself as a beast and has a song titled “I’m a beast.”
  27. Big Daddy Kane: From his song “10000 bars.”
  28. Big Baller/Big Body/Big Pockets/Big Stick/Big Stunna/Big Tymer: From his song “You Want War.”
  29. Bossman Weezy: From his song “Only Way.”
  30. Brick Cannon: From his song “d’usse.”
  31. Candy Carter: From his song “Get Off the Corner.”
  32. Cartey: This was a nickname from fellow rapper Drake from his song “Successful”
  33. Cash Money Hot Boy: From his song “Enemy Turf.”
  34. Cash Money Makaveli: From his song “Ether.”
  35. Deepwater Carter: From his song “Banned from T.V.”
  36. Deion Sanders: From his song “Feel Me.”
  37. Eddie Eduardo: From his song “Krazy.”
  38. Fireman: From his song “Fireman.”
  39. First Place: From his song “Like father, like son.”
  40. Gangsta Gangsta: From his song “Gangsta shit.”
  41. Heatman: From his song “Fireman.”
  42. Junior: From his songs “Tha Mobb” and “We Takin’ Over.”
  43. Killa: From his song “Mr. Carter.”
  44. Lil Astronomical: From his song “Yes”
  45. Lord: From his song “Shooter.”
  46. Little Russel Crowe: From his song “Ain’t That a Bitch”
  47. Mr. President: From his track “Walk it Off.”
  48. Mr. Rainman: From his song “Got Money.”
  49. Mr. Sandman: From his mega hit “Rich as Fuck.”
  50. Ocean Drive Slim: From his song “Blunt Blowin.”
  51. Pac-Man: From his song “Fly In.”
  52. Pistol Pete: From his song “Best Rapper Alive”
  53. The Rapper Eater: From the song “We Takin’ Over (Remix).”
  54. Raw Tune: Also, from his song “Fireman.”
  55. Red Alert: From his song “D.O.A.”
  56. The Rhyming Oasis: From his song “I Am Not a Human Being.”
  57. Trigga Man: Form his song “Best Rapper Alive.”
  58. The Ventriloquist: From his song “Back on My Grizzy.”
  59. Weezy Wayne: From his song “Respect Us.”
  60. Wife Beater: From his song “d’usse.”
  61. Young Ozzy Osborne: Ozzy Osborn is a legendary English singer. He referred to himself with this in his song “Young Money Property.”

Funny Lil Wayne Nicknames

  1. Lil Weezy-Ana: A combination of “Lil Weezy” and Louisiana, where he is from. This has been mentioned a few times in his songs, some of which are “BM J.R.”, “It’s Good” and “I’m so Hood (remix).”
  2. Ammo: From his song “Trigger Finger.”
  3. Apple Eagle Weezy: From his song “This is the Carter.”
  4. Bring The Money Home: From his song “Gonorrhea.”
  5. Daddy: He referred to himself as “daddy” on a few songs. The first is “tha block is hot,” the other is “hello,” and the third is “gangsta shit.”
  6. Groundhog: From his song “BM J.R.”
  7. Hi-C: From his song “Lay It Down.”
  8. Hoodie Man: From his song “Best Rapper Alive.”
  9. Lil Rabbit: From his song “Fuck tha World.”
  10. Lil Whodi: From his song “Way of Life.”
  11. Little Big Kahuna: Given to him on the song “We Takin’ Over” by DJ Khalid.
  12. Mr. Crazy Flow: From the song “Live From 504.”
  13. Mr. Crazy Flowchair: From the song “Playing with Fire.”
  14. Mr. Doctor Carter: From the song “One Way Trip.”
  15. Mr. Go-Harder: Gucci Mane, another rapper, referred to Wayne as this in the song “Stupid Wild.”
  16. Mr. Lawn Mower: From the hit song “A Milli.”
  17. Mr. Ointment: From “Lollipop (Remix).”
  18. No Lungs: From his song “Vans.”
  19. Porta-Potty Tunechi: From his song “Glory.”
  20. Quick Draw Mcgraw: From his song “Fireman.”
  21. Teardrop Tune: He has a teardrop tattoo on his face that is iconic. He references this nickname in his song “fix my hat.”
  22. Young Popeye: From his song “You Ain’t Got Nuthin”

Do you know any nicknames for Lil Wayne we missed? Let us know in the comments below.


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