50+ Slangs, Nicknames, and Street Names For LSD

Lysergic acid diethylamide, commonly known as acid or abbreviated to LSD, is formed from the lysergic acid which is found in certain funguses that grow on rye and other grains.

Initially, it is formed in crystals for distribution before being converted to liquid and eventually sold in small tablets or “stamps” (liquid on a card).

LSD is a hallucinogenic drug that causes alterations in thoughts and feelings as well as an intense awareness of the user’s surroundings. A lot of people experience visual disturbances or “trippy” visions. Because of this, the experience of using LSD has been dubbed a “trip.”

Just like many other drugs, LSD has many nicknames, the most common ones being – acid, boomers, and yellow sunshine.

In this article, we have collated the ultimate list of street names for LSD. Which ones here are new to you?

LSD street names

What are Other Names for LSD?

LSD nicknames

As previously mentioned, the most popular alternative name of LSD is Acid, so if you are looking for other names for Acid, you are not lost.

Old-School Street Names for LSD


LSD is not just a new era drug, it’s been famous for quite some time, particularly in California where the mind-altering substance first gained notoriety as a psychedelic party drug.

At that time, LSD was not illegal. It wasn’t until law-makers started taking notice of the freewheeling spirit which characterized the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco that LSD became an illicit substance. Before this, medical research into the drug’s properties showed much promise. These days, scholarly research into LSD is returning, and researchers wonder if the drug can be used to treat a wide range of mental health disorders.

Now that we’ve had a brief history lesson on LSD’s rise, fall, and eventual return, let’s take a look at some of the old-school street names for LSD.

  1. Battery Acid – Referring to the other name for LSD, “acid,” this is a strong hallucinogenic drug often making the user feel very alert as if they’ve literally swallowed battery acid.
  2. Orange sunshine – An extremely popular form of LSD and one of the most prevalent ever created and distributed by the Brotherhood in California.
  3. California Sunshine – An alteration of the common name “orange sunshine,” this form of LSD was created in California.
  4. Amber Windowpane – A form of the drug from the 70s came in colors, hence the name Amber Windowpane.
  5. Delysid – In the 50s and 60s, LSD was sold under the name “Delysid” for medical research purposes.
  6. Yellow Sunshine – The name given to a certain type of strong LSD or acid.

Effect-Based LSD Nicknames


The effects of LSD range from a change of feelings to seeing or hearing things that aren’t there. Users can become very introspective and have an in-depth existential journey. Many people even credit LSD with helping them become better people!

Here is a list of street names for LSD based on the specific effects of acid.

  1. Zen – This drug is known to cause altered feelings and thoughts, sometimes providing the user with a feeling of calm or zen.
  2. Superman – Hallucinations don’t only involve seeing things outside the self but also in yourself, maybe you’ll think you are superman.
  3. Golden Dragon – Perhaps because the chance of seeing dragons during a trip is always there!
  4. Lucy in the sky with diamonds – This refers to the Beatles song, but John Lennon denies any links between the initials of the title and the drug LSD.
  5. Doses – Acid, or LSD, has different effects with different doses. People can take multiple doses at one time.
  6. Coffee – We all know this caffeine boost and then the drop, much like the effects of LSD.
  7. Pure Love – Who doesn’t love the feeling of love? LSD can intensify feelings, so this street name fits perfectly.

Funny Nicknames for Acid

LSD can make the user feel a number of things, but these names should get you laughing without the drug itself. Have you heard of “Grape Parfait”?

  1. Loony Tunes – LSD is a hallucinogenic drug that can make people go a little ‘loony.’
  2. Bloomers – No, we’re not talking about old ladies’ knickers, this is an actual street name for LSD!
  3. Daffy Duck – Not only the cousin of Donald Duck but this name is also a nickname for LSD.
  4. Back Breaker – A name for LSD mixed with strychnine.
  5. LaLa – A play on the letter ‘L’ from LSD.
  6. Lucy – Derived from the longer song name “Lucy in the sky with diamonds,” this girls name is used to talk about LSD.
  7. Louie – This boy’s name is a variation of the traditional feminine name ‘Lucy’ for LSD.
  8. Grape Parfait – This is the ultimate street name for a busy area, absolutely no one will know the subject of conversation.
  9. Kaleidoscope – As LSD can cause altered perceptions of reality, a user could see a kaleidoscope of colors.
  10. Mind Detergent – With regular use of the drug, users can become a little crazy believing they need LSD to think clearly as if it is a detergent “cleaning” their mind.
  11. Sugar Lumps – A newer form of LSD can be found in sugar lumps, just don’t mistake this for regular sugar in your coffee.

Classy LSD Slang Names

While we are not saying there is anything classy about LSD, there are some street names used to talk about the drug, which comes across as rather classy in themselves.

  1. Elvis – The all-famous Elvis was said to have occasionally taken LSD.
  2. Acido – The Italian translation for the English word
  3. Alice – This girls name is derived from the Greek word “Aletheia” which means ‘truth,’ however, it’s also a street name for LSD.
  4. Crystal Tea – Before being turned into liquid, LSD is in crystal form. But we wouldn’t recommend making tea from the crystals!
  5. Big D – The last letter of LSD is used for this street name.
  6. Black Acid – The name for LSD mixed with PCP.
  7. Chief – The top of the top, this street name is one for those who see LSD as one of their preferred drugs.
  8. Black Sunshine – This oxymoronic street name suggests the intense mood changes users of LSD can experience, from dark to light.
  9. Mellow Yellow – Referring to the yellow paper form of LSD. This one has a nice twang to it, don’t you think?
  10. L – Short, simple, straight to the point.
  11. Yin Yang – Meaning inseparable opposites, LSD can cause the user to feel a number of opposite feelings at once.
  12. 25 – The effects of LSD can be felt with as little as 25 micrograms, hence the inconspicuous street name “25”.

Appearance-Based LSD Names

Other names for Acid

LSD has many forms, the majority of which are taken orally. Most people will know LSD as small “stamps” where the liquid drug is placed on a card, often stamped with a pattern or design. Users then dissolve the drug on their tongue before discarding the card. LSD can also come in a pill form though, and even as a sugar cube.

Below are some appearance-based street names for LSD, do you know all of these?

  1. Purple Dot – LSD in the pill form can appear as a small purple dot.
  2. Window Pane – This is a name given to LSD encapsulated in gelatin.
  3. Micro Dot – The form of LSD comes as small dried squares like microdots.
  4. Pane – An abbreviation of the common name “window pane,” this one’s a little more inconspicuous.
  5. Dots – Some LSD is created in small squares split up into 4 sections, appearing like 4 dots.
  6. Dotter – As LSD comes in dot-like pills, a regular user can be called a dotter.
  7. Drops – Refers to the drops of LSD which are placed onto the card.
  8. Blue Tabs – LSD also comes in small paper tabs, often blue or yellow in color.
  9. Contact Lenses – The small tab forms of LSD can appear a little like contact lenses a perfect way to disguise a conversation about the drug.
  10. Paper Acid – This one is pretty much in the name, acid in a paper-like form.
  11. Blotter Acid – We are not talking about beauty blotting papers here, so please don’t mistake them for LSD… or vice versa!
  12. Pink Blotters – Much like the name above, LSD can also come in pink tabs that look like sheets of small paper.
  13. Grey Shields – The grey paper tabs of LSD would make the worst shields yet this name continues to be used.
  14. Black Star – LSD is manufactured in many shapes such as star-like tablets.

There you have it; a crazy list of 50 street names for the popular drug LSD. Remember that while many of these street names are fun and make the drug seem “safe,” this is not always the case.

That said, which of these street names for LSD are new to you today? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below if you know some secret, unexplainable, or just plain whacky street names for LSD!

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  1. 25 comes from the name LSD 25 which when experimented on animals they were seen to be extremely excited. This is the same acid most people use today

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  3. LSD is referred to as “25” because of the name LSD-25 not because the effects can be felt at 25 micrograms, also technically that numbers changes for many reasons like body mass or even brain chemistry.


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