30+ Popular Nicknames for Alyssa

Finding a nickname for someone named Alyssa can be tricky, which is why we have compiled this list of creative names for Alyssa to make your task easier.

But first, what is the meaning and origin of the name Alyssa?

Alyssa is a female baby name and a Greek word, which means ‘Logical’ or ‘Rational.’ It is also a variation of the English name Alicia, which means ‘Noble.’ Alyssa is a popular name for girls in the United States.

Popular Nicknames for Alyssa

Alyssa Nicknames

A great way to shorten any nickname is to find a suitable nickname from the name. This is why we have created a list of some short, funny, cute nicknames for anyone named Alyssa. Here are some popular nicknames for Alyssa:

  • Allie 
  • Ally
  • Alsie
  • Aysa
  • Alice
  • Lysa
  • Lee
  • Lia
  • Lissie
  • Lizzy
  • Lily
  • Assa 
  • Elissa
  • Isa 
  • Izy – A name of American origin meaning ‘God Is My Oath.’
  • Izzie – A popular nickname for Alyssa.
  • Lis – The second syllable of Alissa.
  • Lissa – A spelling variant of Lyssa.
  • Lissy – A nickname for an adorable Alyssa.
  • Lylie – A repetition of the second syllable of Alyssa
  • Lyss – A German variant for Alyssa.
  • Pissy – A funny nickname for annoying Alyssa.
  • Yssa – The last four letters of Alyssa.

Cute Nicknames for Alyssa

Cute nicknames are best used for adorable people such as a partner, a daughter, or any other loved one. If you are named Alyssa, we would also expect you to seek out cute nicknames for yourself. So, here are some cute Alyssa nicknames:

  • Allie-Boo
  • Allie-Bear 
  • Ally-Love
  • Allie-Cakes
  • Allie-Hun
  • Lyssa-Luv
  • Lyssa-Boo
  • Lyssa-Hun
  • Elsa

Cool Nicknames for Alyssa

Have you considered a cool nickname for your Alyssa? Here are some cool Alyssa nicknames:

  • Lyssavirus – A cool or funny nickname for Alyssa.
  • Lyssa Light
  • Czar
  • LyCzar
  • Lysis
  • Alysis

Popular Celebrities Named Alyssa

You could also come up with a nickname for a name by considering the names and nicknames of the famous people who bear that name.

Here is a list of famous people named Alyssa to help you find the perfect name for your Alyssa.

  • Alyssa Milano – American actress.
  • Alyssa Mastromonaco – American spokesperson and former White House Deputy chief of staff.
  • Alyssa Diaz – American actress.
  • Alyssa Campanella – American model and beauty pageant titleholder.
  • Alyssa Bonagura – American singer and songwriter.
  • Alyssa McClelland – American director, writer, and actress.
  • Alyssa Thomas – American professional woman basketball player.
  • Alyssa Bauman – An American artistic gymnast.
  • Alyssa Anderson – American Olympic gold medalist and competition winner.
  • Alyssa Miller – A renowned American model.

Famous Fictional Characters Named Alyssa

Another creative way to come up with nicknames is to use the names or nicknames of fictional characters who bear the name. Here are some fictional characters named Alyssa:

  • Alyssa Moy – Fictional character that appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.
  • Alyssa – The ever-scheming leader of the all-female siren sect in “Vampire Gathering.” Also, a fictional wildfire comic character in the cartoon series,Mythix.”

If there is any Alyssa nickname we missed, be a dear and add it to the list.

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20 thoughts on “30+ Popular Nicknames for Alyssa”

  1. My name is Alyssa and i love the name. my best friend calls me Lala and some of my other friends call me Pissa, Lye Lye, Lia, Bubs, Fruit loop, lyssie, lyss, lieca, Aloosa and alot more. my dad calls me sausage for some odd reason and one of my teachers call me Lyssa. the boy i like calls me Alili which is adorable.

  2. my name is alyssa marie rue, alyssa marie is my first name. i have a lot of nicknames tho; aly bug, lyssa, lyssumie, yssa, marie(as in the little kitten with a bow named marie in aristocats), lyssie(only my best friend kady can call me that), rue (thats my middle name), lyssa luv and rue rue. i have a lot of random nicknames too like buggie and vegan burger.

  3. my names Alyssa and my real name was going to be heaven but my dad change it to Alyssa , every one calls me Ali or lissy and Elissa . but i get picked on for it and i think i should change even tho my dad gave it to me for a reason …. what do you guys think ..

    • I think its a cute name, my names also Alissa but spelled different and everyone calls me Ali but if you rlly dont like ur name then change it but i think its a pretty name, maybe im just bias

  4. My family overall has always called me sis, my middle name is Leigh so there was the variation sisaleigh from couple aunts. I also have lyssa byssa, lys, lyssy, lyssa, but sis is by far my most common nickname

  5. My grandpa calls me BACON for some reason. My friends call me Aj. My two annoying sisters call me bubbly or lyssie wissie. Uhh I hate that name. Any way here are the names that some people call me Alyssa.


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