40+ Fantastic Nicknames for Ava

Are you looking for nicknames for someone named Ava?

In this article, you will find a list of useful nicknames for the name Ava as well as helpful descriptions to help you choose the perfect nickname.

But first, what’s the meaning and origin of the name Ava?

Ava means “Life/Living One” in Hebrew and “Blooming” or “Birdlike” in Latin. The use of the name Ava dates as far back as the 9th Century, and one notable figure was a Roman Catholic nun — Saint Ava. Ava stands out for its simplicity and style.

Today, the name Ava has continued to gain popularity, especially in the United States.

Popular Nicknames for Ava

Nicknames For Ava

Popular nicknames for a name often short forms or modifications of the names, and in the case of Ava, here are some popular Ava names:

  1. Avie/Avy
  2. Av
  3. Avs
  4. Avalanche
  5. Avacado
  6. Avary
  7. Avia
  8. Aviva
  9. Aves
  10. Avies
  11. Va
  12. Avlyn
  13. Aveline
  14. Avah
  15. Avice
  16. Avster/Avstar

Cute Nicknames for Ava

Cute nicknames are formed by adding sweet words to the original name, and they’re a great way of referring to a lovely person. Here are some cute nicknames for the name Ava:

  1. Vava
  2. AV-Love
  3. A-Baby
  4. Avy-Boo
  5. Ava-Bean
  6. Ava Flava: A combination of Ava and the slang Flava, which means “Flavor”.
  7. Avy Wavy
  8. Ava Wava
  9. Ava The Lava
  10. AvaCorn: A combination of Ava with the word Unicorn.
  11. Ava Quaver: A combination of the name Ava and the word Quaver which means “to shake or tremble.”
  12. Avo-Cado: A pun that sounds like the fruit Avocado.
  13. Avory Tower: A pun that sounds like “Ivory Tower”.

Cool Nicknames for Ava

Cool nicknames are formed by attaching suffixes to the original name. Below is our list of cool nicknames for someone named Ava:

  1. Avis: A Latin female name meaning “Bird”.
  2. Aviline
  3. Avalee: A nickname of Hebrew origin, which means “Life”.
  4. Avatar/Ms. Ava-tar

Nicknames from Famous People and Fictional Characters Named Ava

Apart from the fact that most people love to pick up names from celebrities and fictional characters, they can also be a great source of useful nicknames too! Here’s a compilation of famous people and fictional characters that bear the name Ava:

  1. Ava Gardner (also known as Snowdrop, Angel & The Christmas Eve girl): American actress and singer.
  2. Ava DuVernay (also known as Ten-across/10 Across): American filmmaker, Director, and distributor.
  3. Ava (also known as Ava of Frau, Ava of Gottweig, or Ava of Melk): A poet and the first-named female writer in any genre of the German language.
  4. Ava Lowle Willing (also known as the Baroness Ribblesdale or Right Honourable): An American Socialite.
  5. Ava Ayala (also known as White Tiger): A fictional superheroine created by Marvel Comics.
  6. Ava Michelle Cota (also known as Praying Mantis): An American actress, dancer, singer, and model.

Nicknames from Variants of Ava

Variants of a name from other parts of the world often make very practical nicknames. They also help to keep one in touch with the original name and meaning. Here are nicknames from variants of the name Ava:

  1. Eva: A French variant of the name Ava
  2. Aventina/Avelina: A Russian variant of the name Ava.
  3. Evelyn: An English variant of the name Ava.

If there are other nicknames we didn’t list, be a sweetheart, and share them in the comment section!

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    • My little girl’s name is Ava, and I’ve called her Avacado since she was a baby! And here I was thinking I was original…lol.

  2. My friends all call me Avacada
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