20+ Creative Nicknames for Barbara

If you’re reading this, you must be looking for great nicknames, Barbara.

But first, what’s the origin and meaning of the name Barbara?

Barbara is a popular name for girls in many Western countries. The name Barbara is of Latin origin and is the feminine form of the Greek word ‘Barbados,’ meaning ‘strange or funny.’

Early mentions of the name Barbara can be traced to the Roman Catholic Saint Barbra.

Popular Nicknames for Barbara

Barbara Nicknames

For many people, short, brief surnames often derived from the name itself are their first choice when searching for nicknames for a name. These are some popular nicknames for Barbara:

  1. Bee
  2. Babs 
  3. Bara 
  4. Bibi
  5. Barbie

Cute Nicknames for Barbara

Pet nicknames are endearing to refer to anyone you hold dear to your heart. These cute nicknames can be used for your girlfriend, sister, friend, or loved one. These are some cute nicknames for Barbara:

  1. Baba
  2. Bonnie
  3. Barbu
  4. Babsy
  5. Babbie: A creative nickname for Barbara.

Creative Nicknames for Barbara

Aside from the regular nicknames of a name, there are other cool, creative nicknames for the said name. These are some other great nicknames for Barbara:

  1. Arbara: Barbara spelled backward.
  2. Barbzb: A cool nickname for Barbara inspired by the American Rapper Nicki Minaj fan group, it could be used to refer to anyone who loved Nicki.
  3. Queen B: A cool nickname for Barbara inspired by American singer Beyonce’s nickname.
  4. Busy B: A funny nickname for anyone who works a lot.

Things that Rhyme with Barbara

Words and other names that rhyme with a name are choice options when choosing a nickname for the said name. These are some words that rhyme with Barbara:

  1. Era: Rhyme with Bara in Barbara.
  2. Lira: Rhymes with Bara in Barbara.
  3. Carla: Rhymes with Barbara.

Barbara Nicknames from TV Characters and Books

Nicknames can also be derived from the names of fictional characters. The name of your favorite fictional character can also double as a nickname for anyone with said name. These are some fictional characters from T.V. characters and books named Barbara:

  1. Rachel Barbra Berry: She was the female lead character in the musical movie ‘Glee’ played by Lea Michele.’
  2. Barbara Gordon: ‘Batgirl’ is a fictional superheroine in the D.C. comic books.
  3. Barbara Wright: She was a fictional character in the British science fiction television series ‘Doctor Who.’

Celebrities/Famous People Named Barbara

The celebrity world is a great place to search for a nickname for a said name. The names of famous influencers and celebrities could give you an idea of great nicknames for the said name. These are some celebrities and famous people named Barbara.

  1. Barbara Palvin: She is a Hungarian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel.
  2. Barbara Bach: She is an American model and actress best known for her role as the Bond girl ‘Anya Amasova’ in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’
  3. Barbara Crampton: She is an American actress who made her screen debut in the daytime drama series ‘Days of Our Lives.’
  4. Barbra Streisand: She is a Grammy Award and Golden Globe-winning American singer, actress, and filmmaker.

Variants of Barbara

Other language variants of a name or its sound-alike variants could be used as nicknames for the said name. These are some nicknames from variants of Barbara:

  1. Barbera: An Italian variant of Barbara
  2. Barabal: A Scottish variant for Barbara.
  3. Babette: A French variant for Barbara.

Our list of creative nicknames for Barbara includes great nicknames for anyone named Barbara. We would like to know your thoughts on this list, so please leave us a comment.

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