50+ Creative Nicknames for Bella

Are you looking for nicknames for Bella?

Whether it’s a nickname for a friend, your favorite relative, a partner, or even yourself, finding that perfect nickname does not have to be a time-consuming task.

In this article, you will find an extensive list of nickname options for someone named Bella, including helpful descriptions to help you pick the perfect name.

Firstly, what’s the meaning and origin of the name Bella?

Bella is a popular diminutive from feminine names that end with -Bella and has now become a common given name. Bella is interpreted to mean “Beautiful/Lovely” and is quite commonly given to females in Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and even some English-speaking countries today.

The name has also reportedly been popular among pet owners, as more pet dogs bear Bella today.

Now that we know these facts about Bella let’s get into the nicknames!

Popular Nicknames for Bella    

Bella Nicknames

Popular nicknames for Bella are usually derivatives of the original name, which have become widely accepted today. Below are popular nicknames for the name Bella:

  1. Bell
  2. Ella
  3. B/Be
  4. Belle
  5. El/Elle
  6. Elz/Ells
  7. Bellers
  8. Elly/Ellie
  9. Bellie/Beli
  10. BB/BeeBee

Cute Nicknames for Bella

Cute nicknames are a great way to complement a very special person with a sweet personality. Cute nicknames are formed by adding sweet words/terms to the original name. Here are cute nicknames for the name Bella:

  1. Bebe
  2. Beauty
  3. Bellabug
  4. Baby Bellz
  5. Bellarina
  6. Beautiful One
  7. Rosabella
  8. Bella-Blu
  9. MayBelle
  10. Belarosa
  11. Bella Boo
  12. Bella Bear
  13. Bella Bean
  14. Tinkerbella
  15. Bellissa: A nickname that means Beautiful.
  16. Izzy Bella
  17. Taco Bella
  18. Bella Vanilla
  19. Belina/Bellina
  20. Bellsy/Belsie
  21. Bella-Bumkin
  22. Jingle Bells
  23. Cinderbella
  24. BigBelly Bella
  25. Baby Bella

Cool Nicknames for Bella

Cool nicknames are formed by attaching suffixes to the original name or giving the name an exciting twist to make it sound cooler. Here are cool nicknames for Bella:

  1. Belva: Interpreted to mean Beautiful View.
  2. Belzo
  3. Bellatrix: Inspired by a female character in the Harry Potter series.
  4. Bella Vida: A combination of Bella (meaning Beautiful) and Vida (meaning Life).
  5. Belladonna: A nickname formed by combining Bella + Donna (a title for a woman and the masculine form of Don).
  6. Golden Bells
  7. Bella-Saurus: A combination of Bella + Tyrannosaurus (a kind of Dinosaur).

Nicknames from Famous People and Fictional Characters Named Bella

Famous people and fictional characters can make a fantastic source of nicknames, especially because of their unique personalities and exciting lives. Here’s our list of famous people and fictional characters that bear the name Bella:

  1. Bella Thorne (Sassy B or Bells): An American actress, director, singer, and model.
  2. Bella Savitzky Abzug (also known as Battling Bella): An American lawyer, Social activist, and a leader of the Women’s Movement.
  3. Bella Dawson (also known as Bella the Smella, Bae, or Bellarina): A character in the Nickelodeon TV series Bella and the Bulldogs.
  4. Bella Swan (also known as Bell or Vampire Girl): The female protagonist from the Twilight series.
  5. Bella Druella Lestrange (also known as Black, Madame Lestrange, or Death Eater): A supernatural fictional character from the Harry Potter series.

Variants of The Name Bella

The variants of a name can make great nicknames for someone looking for a substitute closely related to the original name. Here are variants of the name Bella:

  1. Belle: A French variant of the name Bella.
  2. Bellezza: An Italian variant of the name Bella.
  3. Bonita: A Portuguese/Spanish variant of the name Bella.
  4. Béla: A Hungarian variant of the name Bella.
  5. Bellissima: An Italian variant of the name Bella.

Did we leave out any suitable pet names for Bella? Be a darling and share the names with us in the comments section below!

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