48 Beefy Nicknames For Big Guys

If you need a nickname to call a big or heavy guy, this article contains several categories of pet names for huge guys.

Many big guys complain of being labeled as Fat, which is strange since their momma swore that they are thick-boned and not fat.

To be fair, not every big guy is fat and for this reason, we have a separate article for nicknames for fat guys.

Big guys are tall and meaty guys that have this bear body structure that we have all grown to love.

Nicknames For Big Guys

nicknames for big guys

The following are great nicknames you can call a big guy:

  1. 6’7
  2. Andre
  3. Barrel
  4. Bear
  5. BFG
  6. Big Bear
  7. Big Bird
  8. Big Guy
  9. Bigfoot
  10. Blue Whale
  11. Boo Bear
  12. Bouncer
  13. Bowser
  14. Bruiser
  15. Everest
  16. Giant
  17. Giganteus
  18. Gigantor
  19. Ginormica
  20. Godzilla
  21. Goliath
  22. Grande
  23. Green Giant
  24. Heavy
  25. High-tower
  26. Hippo
  27. Jolly Green Giant
  28. King Kong
  29. Mad Max
  30. Michael Jordan
  31. Mongo
  32. Moose
  33. Mountain
  34. Pillar
  35. Sasquatch
  36. Skyscraper
  37. Snowman
  38. Sphinx
  39. Stilts
  40. Stocky
  41. Tank
  42. Thor
  43. Titanosaur
  44. Tower
  45. Tree
  46. Twin Tower
  47. Yao Ming
  48. Yeti

Do you know any fun nickname for huge guys we missed? Feel free to add it in the comment section.

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