30+ Popular Nicknames for Brooklyn

Parents like to consider possible nicknames from a name before deciding on a baby name. For a name like Brooklyn, there are many adorable nicknames.

We will be considering popular nicknames for Brooklyn in this piece, but first, what is the origin and meaning of the name Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is an English first name meaning ‘water, stream.’ It is a unisex first name that has increased in popularity for both boys and girls.

The name Brooklyn has been used as a reference to Brooklyn, the New York City borough. It is also regarded as a combination of brook/Brooke, an English name meaning ‘one who lives near a brook,’ and the suffix Lyn, often used to combine other popular names.

Brooklyn is among the top names for baby girls born between 2010-2018 in the United States.

Popular Nicknames for Brooklyn

Brooklyn Nicknames

We have compiled a list of perfect nicknames for Brooklyn. Let us consider some popular names for Brooklyn, their meanings, origins, and qualities.

  1. Brook
  2. Booboo
  3. Brookie
  4. Brookline
  5. Brookes
  6. Roo
  7. Lynn
  8. Bee
  9. B-Kay
  10. Lin
  11. Book
  12. Keely 
  13. Rook
  14. Lynnie
  15. Rooky
  16. Brooks
  17. BB
  18. Rookie
  19. Bookie 
  20. Bryn
  21. B-Lyn
  22. Bree 
  23. Beanie – A nickname inspired by the Beanie hat.
  24. Broccoli – A nickname inspired by the vegetables, which could be ironic.
  25. Brookster – A nickname for Brooklyn inspired by the street in Germany.
  26. Brookie Bear – A cute nickname for Brooklyn.
  27. Crooklyn – Inspired by the 1994 drama.
  28. Brooklyn Nets – Inspired by the professional basketball team in the NBA
  29. Queen B – A nickname for Brooklyn inspired by Beyonce’s nickname.
  30. Brooky-Pooh – A nickname for Brooklyn inspired by the cartoon Winnie the Pooh.
  31. Mighty B – A cool nickname for Brooklyn.
  32. Broke-lyn – As in broke Lyn.

Famous People Named Brooklyn

You can also use the names and nicknames of famous people named Brooklyn as a nickname for someone named Brooklyn. These are some famous people named Brooklyn:

  • Brooklyn Decker – American Model
  • Brooklyn Beckham – Son of David and Victoria Beckham.
  • Brooklyn Lachey – Daughter of TV, radio host Vanessa Joy Minnillo, and musician Nicholas Scott Lachey
  • Brooklyn Sudano – American actress, singer
  • Brooklyn McLinn – American actor
  • Brooklyn Barber – Daughter of retired football star from the New York Giants, Tiki Barber, and wife Traci Lynn.

Fictional Characters Named Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a famous name for fictional characters in books, movies, and films. Looking at some fictional characters named Brooklyn would also help you find an excellent nickname for Brooklyn.

  • Brooklyn – A track on the 2002 album The Fine Art of Self Destruction by Jesse Malin, a 2009 novel by Colm Tóibín, a track on the 1999 album Black on Both Sides by Mos Def, and a character on the Walt Disney animated series Gargoyles (TV series).
  • Brooklyn Masefield – A character in the anime series Beyblade
  • Private Alvin “Brooklyn” Bloomfield – An American soldier in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

If we left out some nicknames, let us know other ones for Brooklyn you like by leaving a comment.

Name Generator: Find Unique Brooklyn Nicknames

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10 thoughts on “30+ Popular Nicknames for Brooklyn”

  1. You should add buttercup that is my nickname when ever my mom needs help with something or is trying to get my attention.
    Also add bebe that was my nickname from my dad.

    • My Brooklynn is also known as Bebe (her older half sister couldn’t say Brooklynn so she said Bebe).
      Also is Brookline, Brookie, BookBook…Sister LuLu…
      My son is named Bronx…so we’ve got names tongue tied and came out Bronklynn. Lol

  2. I know someone named Brooklyn. I call her doo-doo head and doodie-booty. I’m just playing but what I actually call her is thief.


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