400 Mean and Adorable Nicknames For Brothers

No doubt, all bros, no matter how painfully annoying or adorable they might be, deserve a nickname.

Whether you’re his sister, his brother, older sibling or younger sibling, there are several nicknames you can call your brother.

However, nicknames can be a form of endearment, and it can also be an instrument of mockery.

So, the perfect nickname for your brother depends on what effect you want the nickname to achieve.

How to Come Up With Nicknames for Your Brother

nicknames for brothers

The following methods are good ways to get ideas for pet names to call your brother.

1. Personality

A common way to find a unique nickname for your brother is to give him a pet name that describes his personality.

For example, if your brother is a shy guy, his nickname could be Lambkin.

2. Appearance

Another cool way to find Nicknames for your bro is to give him a nickname based on his appearance.

For example, if your brother has blue eyes, his nickname could be Vista.

3. Physique

Also, you can find a pet name for your brother that is based on his physique.

For example, Shortcake is a cute nickname for a short brother.

4. Mannerisms

Also, your brother’s mannerisms and weird habits are an excellent way to come up with unique nicknames.

For instance, if your brother gestures a lot, you could call him Conductor.

5. Themes

If you don’t want to stress yourself, you can pick a nickname based on a theme. For example, you can decide to give your brother a cute pet name rather than a cool nickname.

For example, Gummy Bear is a cute pet name, Kevlar is a bad-ass name, while Perv is a mean nickname you can call your brother.

6. Inside Jokes

All siblings have shared some pretty embarrassing moments. For example, remember the time your brother thought TV characters were real, or the time you caught him doing something silly. You can give him a nickname based on those moments. Only both of you will understand the true meaning of the nickname.

An example of a nicknames based on something your brother did would be Forgy – For that time he changed his grades from a D to a B.

7. Pair Names For Siblings

Perhaps, the most awesome sibling nicknames are pair nicknames. For couple’s, we have Romeo and Juliet. Similarly, there are a couple of cool pair names you can share with your brother.

Examples of Popular Brother Pair Names

  • Thor and Loki
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Sam and Dean
  • Drake and Josh
  • Zack and Cody

These names are not just reserved for two brothers, a lady can also have pair nicknames with her brother. For example,  Lisa and Bart Simpson, Salt and Ice is a good nickname for brothers and sisters who don’t see eye to eye.

Now, that you have learned how to come up with nicknames for your brother, it’s time to examine a list of Brother nicknames.

List of Nicknames for Brothers

Nicknames for brothers

Here is a list of good nicknames you can call your brother:

Common Nicknames for Brothers

Adopted: Tease him that he’s different.

Amigo: Spanish for a male friend.

Arms: When he’s tough and got a good reach.

Baby Brother: When he’s a lot younger than you.

Baby Face: If he still looks like a baby.

Bambino: A baby boy.

Bart: If he’s a troublemaker.

Batska: Another Slavic slang word for brother.

Big Bro: A nickname for your older brother.

Big Brother: When he’s a lot bigger than you.

Big Guy: For your cool older (and probably taller) brother.

Big Man: For your adult brother.

Biggie: Simply a big guy.

Black Sheep: If he’s the odd one in the family.

Bobo: Common with babies and toddlers.

Booger: Picks his nose a lot.

Brah: A cool variation of brother.

Bratushka: Russian term for brother.

Bredrin: Rastafarian slang for brother.

Brethren: Biblical word for brothers.

Bro: Short for brother.

Brosef: Great for brothers called Joseph.

Broski: A Slavic twist on Bro.

Bruddah: Another Rastafarian slang word for brother.

Bruh: Street slang for your bother.

Bruv: British nickname for brother.

Bubba: Common nickname babies and toddlers give their older brother.

Buck: When he acts like an animal.

Bud: Good for younger brothers to sound equal.

Buddy: When he’s also your friend.

Buster: He always backs out of situations.

Captain: He’s the leader.

Chaos: Causes anarchy when he’s around.

Chatterbox: Never stops talking.

Chief: For a brother that is always in control.

Chucky: A cute little psychopath.

Combo: The multi-tasker.

Comrade: When he’s your brother in arms.

Copycat: When he always copies your style.

Cousin It: Got a lot of hair on his head.

Cowboy: Outdoorsy type.

Doughboy: For productive brothers.

Dwarf: Another crack at his height.

Fam: Very cool nickname.

Fox: When he’s good at sneaking around.

G: Number one guy.

General: Natural leader.

Gringo: Spanish slang for English speaker.

Halfling: Funny way to mock their height.

Half-pint: For the short brothers out there.

Hambone: When’s being lazy.

Homie: He’s got your back in all situations.

Junior: A little version of yourself.

Kid Brother: Common for when he’s still a kid, and you’re not.

Kid Rock: Like’s his rock music.

Kiddo: Common for younger brothers.

Knuckles: When he’s the toughest guy around.

Lil’ Boss: When he’s small and tells you what to do.

Lil’ Bro: When he’s your bro but younger.

Little Bro: A good name to call your younger brother.

Little Man: For your little brother who’s getting big.

Little Soldier: When he likes to take orders.

Mario: Likes to jump around.

Milky: When he’s got pasty skin.

Mini Me: Your little servant.

Minion: When he’s small and does what you say.

Mr. Man: Make him feel older than he is.

Mufasa: When he’s in charge.

Muscles: A real tough guy.

Nacho: He likes his snacks.

Nemesis: If he’s your worst enemy.

Neo: When he thinks he’s the one.

Old Man: Make fun of his age.

One of Us: When it’s you and him (and any other siblings) against your parents.

Pal: Similar to bud.

Peanut: For babies with bald little heads.

Pimp: Gets a lot of girls.

Protector: The brother that keeps you safe.

Pup: He’s just like a puppy.

Rebel: When he refuses all authority.

Robin: You’re Batman, and he’s your side-kick.

Rudeboy: Jamaican slang.

Scout: He likes to be outside.

Senior: a bigger version of you.

Short Funk: When he’s short but got style.

Short Stuff: Another humorous way to mock how short they are.

Shortie: Another one for height.

Shrimp: Skinny or squirmy.

Small Fries: …And another crack at his height.

Smiley: Always smiling or laughing about something.

Smurf: A tiny and calculating brother.

Sport: For active brothers.

Squirt: For hyper brothers.

Stewie: When he’s evil and calculating like Stewie Griffin.

The Man: After he achieves something.

Tiny: One more spin on how small he is.

Twin: He may be your twin or just be a lot like you.

Waldo: If you can never find him.

Wee Lad: Scottish/Irish slang for “little guy.”

Youngin: Strictly for little brothers.

Cute Nicknames for Brothers

Adorable: Just the sweetest brother.

Amore: My love!

Angel Face: Great for adorable babies and toddlers.

Angel: A brother who is watching over you.

Babby: Like baby only in baby-speak.

Babushka: Another Slavic twist.

Babykins: A sweet baby.

Bam Bam: Like Bam Bam from The Flintstones.

Bambi: As cute as a baby deer.

Big Bear: Sweet name for an older brother.

Biscuit: Another little treat.

Bitsy: Because he’s tiny.

Bobby: For chubby brothers

Boo: Babyish for brother.

Boobie: A common name babies give their older brothers.

Boychik: Sweet Jewish word for boy.

Bumble Bee: A little honey maker.

Buttercup: Just like a beam of glowing light.

Button: Commonly used like “As sweet as a button!”

Charming: When they’re well-mannered.

Cherub: A brother of biblical cuteness.

Chipmunk: When they have big cheeks.

Chocolate: Another sweet treat.

Cosmo: He likes space stories.

Cuddle Bunny: The best thing to cuddle.

Cuddles: You just want to pick him up and squeeze him.

Cupcake: As soft as cake.

Cupid: A little angel from above.

Cutie Kins: When calling him cute isn’t enough.

Cutie Pants: He’s a cutie all over.

Cutie Pie: For the sweetest brother.

Cutie Wutie: When cutie twice isn’t enough.

Dimples: He’s got great dimples.

Dobby: Your own house elf.

Donut: A little chubster who’s so sweet.

Doodle Bug: A little larva who will one day be big and strong.

Duckling: Sweet and fluffy.

Dumpling: Soft and small.

Dynamo: A little musician.

Elf: Your cute little helper.

Foo Foo: Another babyish nickname.

Giggles: A great name for a younger brother who keeps laughing.

Handsome: When he’s good looking.

Honey: As sweet as a honeycomb.

Huggie: He loves being hugged.

Jellybean: A nice little sweetie.

Laddie: Scottish/Irish nickname.

Lil’ Heart Breaker: You know he’ll crush girl’s dreams.

Little Lady Killer: Breaking hearts all the time.

Little Lamb: A soft and gentle animal.

Marshmallow: Squishy and soft.

Mowgli: Just like the character from Jungle Book.

Muffin: As tasty little dessert.

Munchkin: A sweet way to say, short brother.

Nibbles: Only takes small bites from his food.

Ozzy: A bit of an odd kid but still adorable.

Pancake: A great breakfast treat.

Panda: Cuddly just like they bear.

Peaches: Skin just like peaches.

Peak-a-boo: When they love to play hide and seek.

Pebbles: Smooth like a pebble.

Pet: For very gentle brothers.

Pickle: Podgy but adorable.

Plum: Soft and sweet.

Pooh Bear: Because he’s like Winnie the Pooh.

Pooki: Common baby noise.

Poppet: Common English nickname.

Prince: When he looks like royalty.

Pumpkin: Another soft and sweet treat.

Rollie Pollie: Likes to roll around.

Romeo: A constant heartbreaker.

Scooter: Always running around.

Scrappy-doo: Your mystery solving side-kick.

Shnookums: A super sweet brother.

Silly-pickle: Your pickle but when they’re silly.

Simba: One day he’s going to be the king.

Smoochie: All you want to do is give him kisses.

Snickerdoodle: A little treat.

Snoopy: As sweet as Snoopy.

Snuggles: The best one to snuggle up to.

Snuggy: Loves to snuggle up to you.

Space Man: He likes to be thrown through the air.

Squirrel: Energetic, small and soft.

Sugar Puff: A super small sugary treat.

Sugar: Nothing else is sweeter.

Sunshine: Brings light into your life.

Sweet potato: Chubby but sweet.

Teddy: You squeeze him like a teddy bear.

Tiger: He likes to roar.

Toodles: He likes to say goodbye.

Turtle: When they get stuck on their back.

Twinkie: Soft and sweet, just like the snack.

Twinkle: He’s so sweet he makes you shine.

Tyke: Not a toddler anymore but not quite a kid yet.

Wiggles: He’s always moving around.

Wookie: If he makes noises like Chewbacca.

Wormy: Can escape from anywhere with a few wiggles.

Yoda: Small but wise.

Yummy: Nicer than any treat.

Zippy: So much energy.

Funny Insulting/Mean Nicknames for Brothers

One horseman: Brings doom into your life.

Angelina Brolie: Humorous twist on Angelina Jolie’s name.

Ape: Savage and aggressive.

Banshee: Gets scared easily.

Barbarian: If he’s a brute.

Big Butt: This one speaks for itself.

Bill Ding: Say it out loud!

Brat: When you think he’s being spoilt.

Brosef Stalin: If he’s a bit of a dictator.

Brozart: Thinks he’s good at music.

Butters: A clumsy brother.

Caveman: Yet to invent fire.

Cheese: A bit of a stinker.

Chicken: A coward.

Chico: Spanish for boy.

Chubster: Super fat.

Claws: He never cuts his nails.

Crybaby: Cries over everything.

Cyclops: If he wears glasses.

Derp: When he does something stupid.

Diablo: Spanish for Devil

Dick: If he’s

Dingo: A dirty dog.

Dirty Harry: For when you catch him doing something gross.

Donkey Kong: An aggressive ape.

Doofus: A real goof.

Dork: A regular nerd.

Dracula: When he’s been up all night.

Dummy: When they’re not their brightest.

Dunce: Not the greatest student.

Egghead: The smart one.

Einstein: Thinks he’s clever

Evil Twin: He doesn’t even need to be your twin.

Fart-a-potamis: Also passes a lot of gas.

Fat Tony: Not very impressive name for a gangster.

Fredo: The Godfather’s brother.

Fruitcake: A bit nutty.

Geek: Another nerdy word.

Giganotosaurus: There’s no one taller.

Goon: A thug who takes orders.

Hairball: If he’s hairy and it gets everywhere.

Hermit: A real loner.

Homer: A simpleton like Homer Simpson.

Hugh Mungus: Say it out loud.

Hulk: When he loses his temper.

Hyman Idiot: Another to say out loud.

Jabba the Hutt: Really fat and really

Joe Kerr: Final one to say out loud!

Jon Bon Brovi: Thinks he’s a ladykiller.

Lab Rat: Like his science.

Little Rat: For when he’s

Malcolm in the Middle: Insecure like Malcolm on TV.

Man-Bear-Pig: When not one of three is good enough alone.

Menace: Creator of anarchy.

Morty Fide: Say it out loud. For when you scare him.

Muggle: Can’t do magic.

Mustard: Not everyone’s favorite.

Mutant: Not a normal

Narc: He’ll report you to your parents.

Oddball: An unusual

Omen: The spawn of Satan.

Ophelia Payne: Another one to say out loud.

Piggy: If he’s greedy.

Pizza Face: When his face is covered in spots.

Poopy Head: Classic babyish insult for older brothers.

Professor X: If he’s got no hair.

Psycho: When he goes crazy.

Pumpkin Head: When their head’s all hollow.

Ratso: Got a ratty personality.

Reek: Game of Thrones reference.

Roadkill: Looks like he’s been crushed by a car.

Runt: Troublemaker.

Saboteur: Ruins your plans

Sasquatch: Hairy wild man.

Savage: No manners.

Scab: When you protest against something, and he continues.

Scoreggia: Italian for fart.

Scrooge: Doesn’t like to share.

Senor: Mister in Spanish.

Servant: Does your chores for you.

Shark: A big bully.

Sir Fartsalot: Passes a lot of gas.

Sissy: If he doesn’t like being compared to a girl.

Skunk: Quite a stinky kid.

Snitch: Perfect for when he gets you in trouble.

Spongebob: Goofy like the cartoon.

Statsi: When he’s been spying.

Stinker: Needs to work on their smell.

Sumo: A really fat

Tarzan: Belongs in the jungle.

Terry Bull: Say it out loud.

The Grim Reaper: Brings death to your life.

The Missing Link: He personifies the link between apes and humans.

The Unholy: His existence goes against all that is normal.

Trashman: Smells like garbage.

Trump: Not everyone’s favorite politician.

Vulture: He preys on the weak.

Weirdo: If he’s a bit of a freak.

Wombat: Fat Australian rodent.

Zombie: Super lethargic.

Cool Nicknames for Brothers

AK47: Fast and powerful.

Alpha: A true leader.

Arnie: He can terminate anyone.

Avenger: Gets revenge for you.

Badman: He’s done some bad things in the past but has grown wise.

Bandit: Knows how to make a heist.

Baron: A leader who’s not afraid to jump into a fight.

Beef: Muscular guy.

Blackhawk: Tactical thinker.

Blood: Probably the most honorable nickname.

Boss: The one in charge.

Boulder: You can’t even leave scratches.

Boxer: A real tough guy.

Brainiac: The smartest guy of them all.

Brave One: Not afraid of big risks.

Capone: The most famous gangster.

Casanova: Gets all the girls.

Champ: Always wins.

Che: As in Che Guevara, revolutionary.

Chieftain: Tribal leader.

Colossus: Huge and tough.

Colt: As deadly as a weapon.

Commander: Takes control in the best way.

Crash: Knows how to make an entrance.

Dagger: Because he’s as sharp as a blade.

Daredevil: Willing to take all risks.

Darth Vader: A force to be reckoned with.

Dawg: Because he’s your man.

DiCaprio: If he’s a great actor.

Dodge: Gets out of all bad situations.

Don Vito Corleone: The Godfather.

Duke: A true gentleman to all.

Eazy E: If he’s a fan of old school rap.

Enigma: Always leaving everyone confused.

Ethan Hunt: Can complete any impossible mission.

Flash: No one is faster.

Gangsta: Cool on the streets.

Gasoline: An excellent driver.

Generalissimo: Italian for general.

Genghis Khan: Founder of one of the largest empires ever.

Granite: Impenetrable.

Greaser: Great with cars and machinery.

Hawkeye: Can spot anything.

Hermano: Spanish for brother.

High Roller: Works hard and earns a lot.

Hightower: If he’s a giant.

Hitman: Expert fighter.

Hollywood: He’s going to be famous one day.

Hooligan: Knows how to have fun and cause trouble.

Iron Man: Indestructible.

Kamikaze: Willing to sacrifice is all.

Khal Drogo: Tribal Lord in Game of Thrones.

Kingpin: Has a monopoly over something.

Lieutenant: Provides order.

Lord: Obey his every command.

Lucky Luchiano: One of the biggest gangsters that ever lived.

Maestro: A real gentleman.a

Matrix: He’s a computer genius.

Merlin: The greatest magician.

Morpheus: When you’re brother is the wisest person.

Ninja: Super swift and stealthy.

Obi-Wan: The greatest mentor.

Pistol: Super sharp and accurate.

Player: If he’s ambitious and a winner.

Poker Face: Good at keeping calm.

Popeye: Old-fashioned tough guy.

Prez: The leader of all leaders.

Radical: Thinks differently to everyone else.

Rambo: Can take on a hundred men in one fight.

Ringo: Drummer from the Beatles.

Rockstar: The best musician.

Rocky: A Brilliant boxer.

Salvador: A great artist.

Scarface: Perfect if he hates cockroaches.

Sherlock Holmes: Can always figure out what happened.

Side-kick: When he’s your little accomplice.

Slash: Like the Guns and Roses musician.

Slick: The coolest guy ever.

Slim Jim: Cool and suave.

Smooth Criminal: Gets away with everything.

Stealth: Can disappear without a trace.

Steel: Not much is stronger.

Stratosphere: So tall he can see space.

Superfly: Mega cool.

Swagger: Boastful but with good reason.

Tank: You can’t scratch this guy.

Terminator: Can put an end to anyone.

The Don: Who you go to when you need help.

The Great One: When you worship your brother.

The King: Absolute authority.

Thor: God of Thunder.

Tito: Popular former leader of Yugoslavia.

Torero: A Spanish bullfighter.

Trigger: Puts a plan together.

Turbo: As fast as lighting.

Vegas: Always makes the right bets.

Vlad the Impaler: A legendary man.

Wolverine: He’s got a temper, but he’s one of the good guys.

Zeus: Greek god of gods.

Zorro: A real vigilante.

So, do you have a nickname for your brother? What is it?

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  1. I call my brother a hambone when he is lazy and then I call my brother a brat when he is rude and doesn’t listen to anything anyone says and then last I call my brother an ape when he loses his temper.


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