40+ Creative Nicknames for Clara

Are you looking for a nickname for Clara? In this article, you will find several cute, cool, and popular nicknames for the name Clara and descriptions to help you choose the perfect name.

But first, what’s the meaning and origin of the name Clara?

Clara is a feminine name coined from the Latin name Clarus and is interpreted to mean “Clear/Bright/Famous.”

It is considered to be one vintage name that is still widely used today.

Popular Nicknames for Clara

Clara Nicknames

Popular nicknames are usually derived from the first few alphabets in a name and could also be the combination of random letters present in the original name. Here are popular nicknames for Clara:

  1. Cla
  2. Ara
  3. Clar
  4. Lars
  5. Rae
  6. Raz
  7. Cara
  8. Lare
  9. Lala
  10. Lara
  11. KaKa
  12. Clare
  13. Laa/Lar

Cute Nicknames for Clara

Cute nicknames are mostly formed by attaching suffixes or words that best describe the name bearer’s sweet attribute or personality trait. Below are cute nicknames for Clara:

  1. C/Cee
  2. Clara Bear
  3. Clarabella
  4. Clarita
  5. Clarikins
  6. Clare
  7. Clair Ray: Pronounced as Clear Ray.
  8. Clarinette
  9. Clari Shine
  10. Bright: Inspired by one of the meanings of the name Clara.
  11. Sunshine: A nickname inspired by Clara’s literal meaning.
  12. Clari/Clarie/Clary/Clarri

Nicknames from Famous People Named Clara

Famous people make a fantastic source of useful nicknames, especially for someone who bears a similar name or the same name. Here are some famous people who bear the name Clara:

  1. Clara Arthur (also known as Mother of the Playground Movement): An American suffragist.
  2. Clara Barton (also known as The American Nightingale or Angel of the Battlefield): An American teacher, patent clerk, and pioneer nurse who founded the American Red Cross.
  3. Clara Doty Bates (A Woman of the Century): An American writer.
  4. Clara Bonde (also known as The It Girl): An American actress.
  5. Clara Chung (also known as Clara C): An American singer and songwriter.
  6. Clara H. Hazelrigg (also known as H.H): An American author, educator, and reformer.
  7. Clara Horton (also known as The Eclair Kid): An American child actress of the Silent Film era.
  8. Clara Harrison Stranahan (Hero Strong) is a 19th-century American writer.
  9. Clara Tott (also known as Tettingen): A Munich court singer.

Nicknames from Fictional Characters Named Clara

Fictional characters often possess peculiar traits, making them a fun source of nicknames. Here’s our list of fictional characters that bear the name Clara:

  1. Clara Stahlbaum (also known as Marie or Masha): A fictional character in the story Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker.
  2. Clara (also known as The Light One): A fictional character in the short story The Sandman.
  3. Clara (also known as Belle): A fictional character in the video game MySims.
  4. Clara Sesemann (Kurara Zēzeman) is a fictional character in Heidi.

Variants of The Name Clara

The variants of a name can make useful nickname options for someone who wants to keep in touch with the original meaning of their name. Here are some variants of Clara:

  1. Klara: A German variant of the name Clara.
  2. Chiara: An Italian variant of the name Clara.
  3. Clarie: A French variant of the name Clara.
  4. Claribel: An English variant of the name Clara.

Did we leave out any suitable pet names for Clara? Be a dear and share your name in the comments section below!

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