250+ Street Names and Nicknames for Cocaine

It’s not just weed that has a large number of alternative names. Cocaine does too. There are far more nicknames for cocaine than you would imagine.

People take cocaine for different reasons; to get high, to kill boredom, to deal with pain, as a performance-enhancing substance, to deal with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and in some cases, people take cocaine to look cool.

In many countries, the use or possession of cocaine, particularly in large quantity is illegal. So as a matter of discretion, whether to avoid detection by the cops or just when in polite company, dealers and users alike, use different codeword, slangs and alternative names for cocaine.

In this article, we have managed to compile the ultimate list of nicknames for cocaine! Some of these will be familiar to you. Others you may have never heard before.

street names for cocaine

Cocaine Nicknames That Come From the Word Cocaine

cocaine nicknames

These are ones that are obvious and need very little explanation. If you need a secretive nickname, these might not be for you because they are all widely known across the world.

  1. Coke
  2. Coca
  3. Cola
  4. C
  5. Big C
  6. Caine
  7. Candy C
  8. C-Game
  9. Coco

Nicknames for Cocaine from the Origins of the Drug

People have been using cocaine for centuries. Before society learned about addiction science, cocaine was even a key ingredient in Coca-Cola! Cocaine the drug, as we know it, was first taken from coca leaves in 1859. Traditionally, coca leaves are from countries in the Americas.

The leading producers of cocaine are in South America – Columbia, Bolivia and Peru. These countries are also the basis for some of the nicknames.

  1. Burmese
  2. Columbian
  3. Columbian Marching Powder – named so because cocaine gives users a lot of extra energy.
  4. Inca Message
  5. Peruvian
  6. Perico
  7. Persia
  8. Peruvian Dancing Dust
  9. Peruvian Lady
  10. Peruvian Flake
  11. Bolivian Marching Powder

Color-Based Nicknames for Cocaine

In its purest form, cocaine is snow white. This, coupled with cocaine coming in a powder form, led to many similar words and items being used as nicknames. Cocaine is frequently referred to as snow, sugar, powder, and dust.

How many of these have you heard of before?

  1. Angel Powder
  2. Aspirin
  3. Baby Powder
  4. Birdie Powder
  5. Blizzard
  6. Blonde
  7. Candy Sugar
  8. Coconut
  9. Dust
  10. Gold Dust
  11. Icing
  12. Icing Sugar
  13. Paradise White
  14. Powder
  15. Snow
  16. Snow Cones – named after the fairground ice cone.
  17. Sugar
  18. Talc
  19. White
  20. White Dragon
  21. White Horse
  22. White Mosquito
  23. White Paint
  24. White Powder

Method-Based Nicknames for Cocaine

In its powder form, the most common method of taking cocaine is by inhaling the drug through the nose. Otherwise known as snorting, doing lines, or riding the rails.

The following are nicknames that derive from the act of snorting coke – or just because cocaine is going up the user’s nose!

  1. Blow – The act of inhaling cocaine. This nickname is very well known.
  2. Bump
  3. Blow Blue
  4. Blow Coke
  5. Cork the Air
  6. Do-a-Line – Cocaine is often arranged in lines before snorting.
  7. Esnortiar – A funny nickname that sounds like Latin American Spanish.
  8. Line
  9. Nose Candy
  10. Nose Beers – This is a very American term.
  11. Nose Bag
  12. Nose Powder
  13. Nose Stuff
  14. Rail – Lines can be laid out like railway tracks.
  15. Ride the Rails
  16. Toke – Also used to describe the inhaling of marijuana.
  17. Toot – A small amount snorted at one time.
  18. Schnoz – A word to describe a long nose.
  19. Sniff
  20. Sniff Bumps
  21. Snort
  22. Sugar Boogers

Effect-Based Nicknames for Cocaine

Cocaine has many effects. For most of us, these feelings are generally ones of euphoria, happiness, enhanced sexuality, and increased energy. Until the next morning, at least!

As such, there are a lot of nicknames for cocaine derived from the effects of the drug. These include:

  1. A-1 – Feeling first class. Also, a term to describe very good cocaine.
  2. Big Rush – Because the effects of cocaine are felt almost immediately.
  3. Booster
  4. Bouncing Powder – Increased energy tends to make one move more than usual.
  5. Dream – Users can lose all sense of reality.
  6. Foolish Powder
  7. Frisky Powder – Cocaine increases feelings of sexuality.
  8. Glad Stuff
  9. Happy Trails
  10. Happy Powder
  11. Happy Dust
  12. Heaven – Because cocaine causes feelings of euphoria.
  13. Heaven Dust
  14. Joy Powder
  15. Love Affair
  16. Marching Powder
  17. Marching Dust
  18. Mojo – Again, this nickname comes from the supposed effects of cocaine on users’ mojos (AKA sexuality).
  19. Paradise
  20. Paradise White
  21. Rush

Cost-related Cocaine Nicknames 

If you’ve ever brought cocaine, you’ll know that it isn’t the cheapest drug in the world. Far from it, in fact.

Because of the expense, using cocaine is often considered to be a habit that only the wealthy can afford.  This has resulted in a few nicknames for cocaine that relate to the cost and the rich and powerful users.

There’s also the fact that many users will utilize a rolled-up note (preferably a $100-dollar bill) to imbibe of the substance.

  1. Rich man’s pleasure
  2. King
  3. King’s Habit
  4. Movie Star Drug
  5. Society High
  6. Studio Fuel
  7. Yale – This is an old nickname which comes about because apparently, only students at Yale University could afford to take cocaine!
  8. Cash shot
  9. Money snort
  10. Kensington coffee – named after an affluent suburb in London in the UK.

Feminine Nicknames for Cocaine

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is not just boats that are referred to as female. Cocaine is considered by many to be a feminine drug. Probably because of its seductive nature!?

  1. Aunt
  2. Fast White Lady
  3. Girl
  4. Girlfriend
  5. Her
  6. Lady Caine
  7. Lady Snow
  8. Lady White
  9. Lady Blow
  10. Lady Snuff
  11. Lady Sugar
  12. Lady Candy
  13. Lady C
  14. Madame C
  15. Mama
  16. Mama Coca
  17. She
  18. Sugar Love
  19. Sugar Loving
  20. Sugar
  21. White Lady
  22. Witch
  23. White Witch

Name-Based Nicknames for Cocaine

Using a person’s name is a great way to refer to a drug. Especially when you don’t want people to know what you are talking about. Some are real people; some are fictional. And some are just random names!

What they all have in common though, is that they’re nicknames for cocaine.

  1. Aunt Nora
  2. Angie
  3. Barbs
  4. Batman
  5. Bernie
  6. Bernie’s Gold Dust
  7. Bernie’s Flakes
  8. Bernice
  9. Billie Hoke
  10. Carrie
  11. Carrie Nation
  12. Cecil
  13. Cheyenne – An American Indian tribe.
  14. Chloe
  15. Chippy
  16. Charlie – One of the more popular nicknames.
  17. Corrine
  18. Devil’s Dandruff – Does the devil have hair?
  19. Henry VIII
  20. Jejo
  21. Katy Perry
  22. Merck
  23. Schmeck
  24. Serpico – Named after the film “Frank Serpico,” which is about an undercover cop.
  25. Scottie – Beam me up….
  26. Sherlock – For Sherlock Holmes, known for injecting cocaine when not working on stimulating cases.
  27. Snow White
  28. Whitney – From Whitney Houston’s reported cocaine issues.

International Nicknames for Cocaine

Different countries and cultures have come up with different nicknames for cocaine. Here, we’ll go over some nicknames unique to the US, the UK, and Latin America – the birthplace of cocaine.

United States

  1. All-American Drug
  2. California Snowflakes
  3. Florida Snow
  4. Fish Scale
  5. Foo-Foo Dust
  6. Foo-Foo
  7. Gin
  8. Girl
  9. Gear
  10. Hunter
  11. Late Night
  12. Pimp
  13. Patsy
  14. Scorpion
  15. Schoolboy
  16. Seven-up
  17. Soft
  18. Star-Spangled Powder
  19. Star
  20. Stardust
  21. Yayo

Great Britain

  1. Blow
  2. Beak
  3. Chop
  4. Charls – Short for Charlie.
  5. Chow
  6. Flake
  7. Montana
  8. Snowbird – Also used to describe a female cocaine dealer.
  9. Snifters
  10. Sniff
  11. Ting
  12. Tipple
  13. Tit lick
  14. White

Charlie is probably the most common nickname used in Great Britain for cocaine. In London, Cockney Rhyming Slang is also used to refer to cocaine as:

  1. Lemon Barley
  2. Oats and Barley
  3. Gianluca Vialli – An Italian footballer who played for and went onto manage Chelsea Football Club.
  4. Salvador Dali

Latin America

As well as coca, there are other Spanish words which are used around the world to describe cocaine. These include:

  1. Azucar – Sugar
  2. Basa – Base
  3. Blanca – White
  4. Blanca Nieves – Snow White
  5. Bolitas – Balls
  6. Damablanca – White Lady
  7. El Perico – A Parrot or Parakeet
  8. Mujer – Woman
  9. Nieves – Snow
  10. Yeyo – A word famously used by Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino) in Scarface!
  11. Yayo – Alternative spelling of Yeyo

Well-Known Nicknames for Cocaine

Although these nicknames for cocaine are well known, their meanings aren’t.

What they all have in common is that they are internationally used and recognized. For this reason, these nicknames may not be your best choice if you’re trying to be discreet!

  1. Brick – Large quantities of cocaine are packaged into a brick shape.
  2. Bump – A small amount.
  3. Caviar – A mixture of cocaine and marijuana.
  4. Candy – Although not sweet tasting, cocaine is thought of as candy by some.
  5. Ching – As used in “Porno” by Irvine Welsh.
  6. Eight Ball – An eighth of an ounce.
  7. Hitch (up the Reindeer) – Referring to taking a sleigh ride in the snow.
  8. Onion – An ounce.
  9. Sleigh Ride
  10. Speedball – Although a commonly used nickname, it is actually a mixture of cocaine and heroin.
  11. Stash – A large amount hidden away somewhere.
  12. Sweet Stuff

Strange Nicknames for Cocaine

The following list of nicknames is one of our longest. Each of these alternative names for cocaine bears no immediate link to the drug. But the funny thing about nicknames is that they don’t always have a distinct meaning.

We’re willing to bet that there’s some in here that you’ve never heard before!

  1. Barrato
  2. Base
  3. Baseball
  4. Bazooka
  5. Bazulco
  6. Big Bloke
  7. Blast
  8. Blunt
  9. Bobo
  10. Boy
  11. Caca
  12. Carnie
  13. Chicken Scratch
  14. Cholly
  15. Cocktail
  16. Combol
  17. Double Bubble
  18. Duct
  19. Hyena
  20. Fish Scale
  21. Flake
  22. Flave
  23. Flex
  24. Geeze
  25. Gift-of-the-Sun
  26. Gift-of-the-Sun-God
  27. Goofball
  28. Haven Dust
  29. Horning
  30. Hubba
  31. Jelly
  32. Mosquitos
  33. Monster
  34. One-and-One
  35. Pariba
  36. P-dogs
  37. Pearl
  38. Pop
  39. Press
  40. Prime Time
  41. Rippers
  42. Shake
  43. Shrile
  44. Soda
  45. Soft
  46. Tardust
  47. Trails
  48. Teenager
  49. Uptown
  50. Working Bags
  51. Yak
  52. Yao
  53. Yay
  54. Yesco
  55. Yo-head
  56. Yo’s
  57. Zambi
  58. Zip

And there you have it, from Azucar to Zip and everything in between. Whether you currently call it the devil’s dandruff or the chicken scratch, we’re sure that after reading our list you’ll be able to come up with a new, fun, and discreet term.

Great care has been taken to include as many cocaine street names as possible. Did we miss anything? If you know any which are not on the list, drop us a comment and let us know!

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  1. Fishscale is a reference to the appearance of uncut coke. It also often shimmers when tilted in the light much like fishscales.
    Zip is short for Ziploc. Used for an ounce.


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