409 Hilarious Nicknames for Donald Trump

Are you looking for nicknames for Donald Trump? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of all Donald Trump nicknames and the names he calls his opponents.

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States, and no matter how you feel about it, there’s no denying that he’s made quite a reputation for himself.

His name and the plethora of nicknames people have bestowed upon him are on the lips of people all over the globe, and these people can get creative.

There’s no shortage of things to call our fearless leader. Whether you’re writing him fan mail or trying to spice up an angry blog post, we’ve got an inexhaustible list of names for the Commander in Chief and a few choice monikers that the man himself has drummed up for his opponents.

Here’s a list of funny Trump nicknames compiled from the brightest, and not-so-bright, minds on the internet.

Donald Trump Nicknames

Nicknames for Donald Trump

Donald Trump nicknames

Here is a compilation of the funniest Donald Trump nicknames:

  1. 70-Year-Old Toddler: Given by Charles M. Blow and Samantha Bee on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  2. Adolf Twitler: A pun on Adolf Hitler.
  3. Agent Orange: A pun on the chemical weapon and Donald’s skin color.
  4. Alpha Molester: This refers to Trump’s infamous groping tapes.
  5. America’s Black Mole: Given by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.
  6. America’s Burst Appendix: Given by Samantha Bee on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  7. Amnesty Don: Given by Joe Scarborough after Trump said he was softening his stance on illegal immigrants.
  8. Angry Creamsicle: Given by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.
  9. Art Deal and Mr. “Art of the Deal: Donald Trump gave himself these nicknames when he made them the titles of his 1987 book, which he considers second only to the Bible.
  10. Assaulter-in-Chief: This refers to Trump’s infamous groping tapes.
  11. Asshole: This one’s self-explanatory.
  12. Baby Fingers Trump: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  13. Barbarian at the Debate: Given by Charles M. Blow.
  14. Barbecued Brutus: This refers to Caesar’s killer Brutus and Donald Trump’s skin color.
  15. Barrel-Shouting Meatball Donald Trump: Given by Chris Hardwick on @MIDNIGHT.
  16. Benedict Donald: This is a play on Benedict Arnold.
  17. Big Donald: Given by Marco Rubio, which was revised to “Pig Donald” by feminists.
  18. Birther Maniac: This name comes from Trump’s outrageous campaign to prove that President Obama was born in Kenya.
  19. Blitzkrieg Bozo: This is a combination of a type of warfare and the famous clown.
  20. Boiled Ham in a Wig: Given by Jon Stewart on The Axe Files podcast.
  21. Boldfinger: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  22. Boss Tweet: This refers to Donald’s penchant for jumping on Twitter.
  23. Bratman: The hero that the United States doesn’t need or deserve.
  24. Bribe of Chucky: This refers to the movie about a murderous doll.
  25. Bully Boy: Given by Mike Rubio.
  26. Bumbledore: Refers to the character Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series.
  27. Bushman: Given by Michael R. Burch after Trump bragged about groping women to Billy Bush in the infamous tapes.
  28. Butternut Squash: Given by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
  29. Cancer in a Wig: Given by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
  30. Captain Chaos: Given by NBC News.
  31. Captain Outrageous: A pun on Captain Courageous made by Michael R. Burch.
  32. Cheddar Boy: This nickname highlights the extreme orange-ness of The Donald.
  33. Cheeto Benito: This nickname highlights the extreme orange-ness of The Donald.
  34. Cheeto Führer: This nickname highlights the extreme orange-ness of The Donald.
  35. Cheeto Jesus: Given by Rick Wilson.
  36. Cheeto-Dusted Bloviator: This nickname highlights the extreme orange-ness of The Donald.
  37. Cheeto-In-Chief: This nickname highlights the extreme orange-ness of The Donald.
  38. Cheez Doodle: Given by Maureen Dowd.
  39. Cheez Whiz: Given by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.
  40. Chicken Donald: Given by Martin O’Malley.
  41. Chickenhawk: Because Trump evaded serving in the Vietnam War but portrays himself as a war hawk. He once said he was “the most militaristic person on the planet.” Whatever that means.
  42. Cinnamon Hitler: Given by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
  43. Comedy Entrapment: Given by Jon Stewart.
  44. Comrade Cheetolino: This nickname highlights the extreme orange-ness of The Donald.
  45. Corn Husk Doll Cursed by a Witch: Given by Chris Hardwick on @MIDNIGHT.
  46. Creep Throat: Given by Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers.
  47. Crybaby Trump: Given by Jeff Kanew.
  48. Daddy Warbucks: This refers to the character from Annie.
  49. Damn Turd Pol: Damn Turd Pol is an anagram of Donald Trump.
  50. Dangerous Donald: Given by Hillary Clinton.
  51. Darth taxeVader: This refers to the villainous character from Star Wars.
  52. Decomposing Jack O’Lantern: Given by Jon Stewart.
  53. Dehydrated Orange Peel: Given by Libby Inman.
  54. Demander-in-Chief: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  55. Diaper Donald: Given by Kevin Cavanaugh.
  56. Dire Abby: A pun on “Dear Abby” made by Michael R. Burch because Trump frequently tweets relationship advice to other people, but it’s usual dire.
  57. Donald Dodo: Refers to the famously stupid dodo bird.
  58. Donald Drumpf: Given by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.
  59. Donald Tax-Duck: Given by John Joseph Ribovich.
  60. Donald the Deadbeat: Given by Dan Rather.
  61. Donny: Made famous by SNL’s Church Lady, played by Dana Carvey, but it was also his boyhood nickname.
  62. Draft Dodger: Given by Don C. Reed.
  63. Dumbo: given by Grace Taylor.
  64. Dump Tump: Given by Grace Taylor.
  65. Evil: Given by Gloria Reed.
  66. Failed Mail-Order Meat Salesman: Given by Ashley Feinberg while satirizing Trump Steaks.
  67. Fascist Carnival Barker: Given by Martin O’Malley.
  68. Fascist, loofa-faced shit-gibbon: Tweeted by Stephen Hoenstine.
  69. Feral Shouting Meatball Donald Trump: Given by Chris Hardwick on @MIDNIGHT.
  70. Fifth Avenue Freeze-Out: Given to him for trying to deny disabled vets the right to street vend on Fifth Avenue.
  71. Financially Embattled Thousandaire: Given by Gail Collins.
  72. Flat Top: Another of Trump’s boyhood nicknames.
  73. Fragile Soul: Given by Ted Cruz.
  74. Fruit of the Loom: Earned by looming over Hillary Clinton at the second presidential debate.
  75. F**kface von Clownstick: Given by Jon Stewart
  76. Genghis Can’t: Given by Michael R. Burch because, unlike Genghis Khan, the Donald is not equipped to rule the world.
  77. Gentle Donald: Given by Ted Cruz.
  78. God: Given by Jay Leno.
  79. Godzilla, with Less Foreign Policy Experience: Given by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.
  80. Golden Wrecking Ball: Given by Sarah Palin.
  81. Gossamer-Skinned Bully: Given by Graydon Carter.
  82. Government Expander: Given by Glen Beck.
  83. Grandpa F**ko: Given by Kyle Bunch.
  84. Groper-in-Chief: Given by Nicholas Kristof.
  85. Hair Apparent: A pun on Heir Apparent.
  86. Hair Furor: A pun on Herr Führer.
  87. Hair Hitler: A pun on Herr Hitler.
  88. Herr Lugenpresse: Given by Dan Rather.
  89. Human-Toupee Hybrid: Given by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.
  90. Humble: Donald Trump’s ironic choice when asked to provide a Secret Service codename.
  91. Humble Cow Pie: Because he’s the last thing from humble.
  92. Humble Trump: Given by his son Eric Trump, aka “Eric the Red.”
  93. Hurricane Donald: Given by Jeff Singer.
  94. Immigrant-Bashing Carnival Barker: TIME Magazine, quoting presidential candidate Martin O’Malley.
  95. In-Vet-Irate Liar: Earned by claiming to support vets while trying to sweep them off the streets.
  96. Job Security (for Comedians): Given by Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  97. John Baron and John Barron: Both are Donald Trump’s pseudonyms.
  98. John Boehner’s Tanning Partner in Crime: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  99. John Miller: Another pseudonym Donald Trump uses to brag about his exploits.
  100. Kelly’s Zero: A pun on Megyn Kelly’s Heroes.
  101. Killer Klown from Outer Space: Taken from the title of a “b” movie.
  102. King of the Oompa Loompas: Given by Justin Baragona.
  103. King of the Whoppers: Given by USA Today on Christmas Day in 2015.
  104. King Tut: Because his insults make millions of people go, “Tut, tut, tut!”
  105. Lady Fingers Trump: Given by Don C. Reed.
  106. Liberal Wannabe Strongman: Given by David McIntosh.
  107. Liberals’ Best Friend: Since the Trump administration will undoubtedly convert some conservatives into liberals.
  108. Loosin’ Donald: Given by Ted Cruz.
  109. Lord Dampnut: An anagram for Donald Trump.
  110. Lord Voldemort: Given by Rosie O’Donnell.
  111. Machado Meltdown: Given by Hillary Clinton.
  112. Maladroit Savage Spiraling Out of Control: Given by Charles M. Blow.
  113. Man-Baby: Given by Jon Stewart.
  114. Meathead: Given by John Joseph Ribovich.
  115. Mein Furor: Given by Murfster35 on DailyKos.
  116. Mogul: Donald Trump’s Secret Service code name.
  117. Moneydiaper McStupid: Given by Nick Musgrave.
  118. Mr. Brexit: Coined by himself.
  119. Mr. Chickenhawk: Because he’s a coward who portrays himself as a war hawk
  120. Mr. Macho: Given by Bernie Sanders.
  121. Mr. Meticulous: Trump’s military academy nickname, given because he folded his underwear into neat squares.
  122. Mr. Wiggy Piggy: Because he’s such a male chauvinist pig and that hair!
  123. Mussolini’s Taint: Given by Kyle Bunch.
  124. Narcissistic Human Airhorn: Given by Chris Hardwick on @MIDNIGHT.
  125. New York Pork Dork: Given by Michael R. Burch because Trump’s companies have feasted on government subsidies and tax breaks.
  126. No More Donald: Tweeted by Elizabeth Warren.
  127. Orange Anus: Given by Rosie O’Donnell.
  128. Orange Julius: A pun on the fruit drink chain and Julius Caesar.
  129. Orange Manatee: Given by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.
  130. Orange Slug: Given by Rosie O’Donnell.
  131. Orangeback Gorilla: Coined after trying to physically intimidate Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate.
  132. Panda Hair: Given by Elizabeth Harris Burch.
  133. Pander Hair: Also given by Elizabeth Harris Burch.
  134. Peripatetic Political Showman: Coined by The Fiscal Times.
  135. Pile of Old Garbage Covered in Vodka Sauce: Given by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
  136. Political Gutterball: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  137. Poor Donald: Given by Hillary Clinton.
  138. Poster Child of American Decline: Given by Robert Spencer.
  139. POTUS WRECKS: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  140. Putin’s Gambit: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  141. Queens’ Reich: Trump is from Queens, NY, and sounds like the second coming of the Third Reich.
  142. Rabble-Rousing Demagogue: Given by John Cassidy in The New Yorker.
  143. Riptide of Regression: Given by Dan Rather.
  144. Rome Burning in Man Form: Given by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.
  145. Ronald McDonald Trump-Bozo: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  146. Sack of Gilded Lunchmeat: Given by Kyle Bunch.
  147. Screaming Carrot Demon: Given by Samantha Bee on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  148. Scrooge Grinch McGrump: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  149. Serial Feeler: A pun on “serial killer.”
  150. Short-fingered vulgarian: Given by Grayson Carter.
  151. Silver Spoon Donald: Given by Don C. Reed.
  152. Snake Oil Salesman: Given by Rosie O’Donnell.
  153. Sniffles: Coined after The Donald sniffled like a cocaine addict during the second presidential debate.
  154. Sociopathic 70-Year-Old Toddler: Given by Samantha Bee on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  155. Stubby Baby Fingers Trump: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  156. Stuporman: Since Trump’s superpower is putting people to sleep and making them dream, he has magical superpowers.
  157. Tan Dump Lord: An Anagram for Donald Trump
  158. Tangello Fruit Roll-Up Stretched Over Cat Litter Donald Trump: Given by Chris Hardwick on @MIDNIGHT.
  159. Tangerine Tornado: Used by SNL’s Church Lady, played by Dana Carvey.
  160. Tangerine-Tinted Trash-Can Fire: Given by Samantha Bee on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  161. TelePrompTer Trump: Given by Mark Sumner.
  162. Terroristic Man-Toddler: Given by Charles M. Blow.
  163. The Big Cheeto: This nickname highlights the extreme orange-ness of The Donald.
  164. The Boychurian Candidate: A pun given by Michael R. Burch on The Manchurian Candidate.
  165. The Chaos Candidate: Given by Jeb Bush.
  166. The Cowardly Lyin’: This refers to the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.
  167. The Definer: According to The Donald, he defines other candidates, and soon after they become political trivia questions
  168. The Donald: Ivana Trump first used the term in a 1989 Spy Magazine cover story.
  169. The Dumpster: A pun on Trumpster and the “Dump Trump” slogan.
  170. The Emperor with no Balls: Graffiti found on naked statues of Trump.
  171. The Fomentor: Given by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
  172. The Germinator: Trump hates to shake hands because he’s a germaphobe.
  173. The GOP’s Unhinged Front-Runner: Given by Robert Schlesinger, the managing editor at U.S. News & World Report.
  174. The Grand Wizard of Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: Given by Murfster35 on DailyKos.
  175. The Greatest Charlatan (of them all): Given by Brent Bozell.
  176. The Human Bullhorn: Given by Jim Newell in Slate.
  177. The Human Corncob: Given by Erin L. Cody.
  178. The Man of Steal (made in China): Coined after Hillary Clinton pointed out that Trump hotels have been built with illegally imported Chinese steel.
  179. The Michelangelo of Ballyhoo: Coined by TIME’s David Von Drehle in his cover article on Trump.
  180. The New Furor: A pun on Führer.
  181. The Only Plausible GOP Nominee: Coined by Bustle.
  182. The Predictable Endpoint of Republicanism: Given by Charles M. Blow.
  183. The Puerile Sophomoric Sniveler: Given by Charles M. Blow.
  184. The Shambling Sasquatch: Given after Trump stumbled and lurched around the stage in the second presidential debate.
  185. The Silver Spoon Scion: Given by Charles M. Blow.
  186. The Sophomoric Sniveler: Given by Charles M. Blow.
  187. The Spinster and The Sinister Spinster: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  188. The Teflon Don: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  189. The Tiny Fisted Emperor: Given by Murfster35 on DailyKos.
  190. The Trumpet: One of Trump’s boyhood nicknames.
  191. The Twitter Terror: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  192. The uniquely underqualified and overblown king of bragging and whining: Written in The New York Times.
  193. The Wedgie from West Palm: Given by Kyle Bunch.
  194. The White Kanye: Given by Bill Maher.
  195. The Winning Whiner: Donald J. Trump explained how he wins by whining in an interview.
  196. Tic-Tac-Dough: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  197. Tie-Coon: Given because his menswear line includes ties.
  198. Tricky Don Trump: Named after Tricky Dick Nixon.
  199. Trump of Doom: Given by Michael R. Burch. First used in a Facebook post on September 11, 2015.
  200. Trumparius: Given by Nate Silver from “The Age of Trumparius.”
  201. Trumpdozer: First used in TIME Magazine.
  202. Trumpelthinskin: Given by Murfster35 on DailyKos.
  203. Trumpenstein: Given by Murfster35 on DailyKos.
  204. Trumpinator: A play on the Terminator.
  205. Trumple-Doodle-Doo-Doo: A play on the sound a rooster makes.
  206. Trumpocalypse: Given by Markos Moulitsas on DailyKos.
  207. Trumptastrophe: Given by Chris McKay.
  208. Twitter-Drunk Donald: Given by a Bush aide.
  209. Two Pump Trump: Given by Troy Ramos.
  210. Two-Bit Caesar: Given by Bill Kristol.
  211. UNA (Unrepentant Narcissistic Asshole): Given by Jon Stewart.
  212. Vanilla ISIS: A pun on Vanilla Ice.
  213. Vet Evictor: Earned by staging a benefit for veterans after trying to sweep disabled vets from New York City streets for more than a decade.
  214. Voldemort: Given by Rosie O’Donnell.
  215. Walking Talking Human Combover: Given by Michael R. Burch.
  216. Weak Donald: Given by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.
  217. World’s Greatest Troll: Coined by FiveThirtyEight Politics.
  218. Xenophobic Sweet Potato Donald Trump: Given by Chris Hardwick on @MIDNIGHT.
  219. Agent of Deranged Change
  220. The Angry Cheeto
  221. Antichrist
  222. Bag of Toxic Sludge
  223. Bald-faced Crier
  224. The Bigoted Billionaire
  225. The Bilious Billionaire
  226. Blowhard
  227. The Bouffant Buffoon
  228. Bush Baby and Bush Baby Fingers
  229. The Bush Basher
  230. The Bush Beater
  231. Bushmaster
  232. Captain Bluster
  233. Captain Crunch
  234. Captain Tantastic
  235. Chimp-PAN-Zee
  236. Clown Prince of Politics
  237. The Combover Con Artist
  238. Commander-in-Grief
  239. Conspiracy Commander-in-Chief
  240. Con-Dike Gold Rush
  241. Crown Prince of Politwits
  242. Crybaby Prima Donald
  243. The Daft Draft Dodger
  244. Dainty Donald
  245. Damien Trump
  246. Darth Hater
  247. DDT
  248. The Debate Hater
  249. Deeply Disturbed Fuzzy Orange Goofball
  250. Der Groepenfuehrer
  251. Der Trumpkopf
  252. D**khead
  253. D**head Dongle
  254. Dingbat Donald
  255. Dishonest Don
  256. The Disruptor
  257. The Dick Tater
  258. DJT
  259. Dodgy Donald
  260. The Don
  261. Don the Con
  262. Don Dementia
  263. Donald Chump
  264. Donald deGonad
  265. Donald Dingbat
  266. Donald Dipshit
  267. The Donaldmeister
  268. Donald Doom
  269. The Donimator
  270. Donald Douche and the Bags
  271. Donald Duck
  272. Donald Duck Doo-Doo
  273. Donald Ducknuke
  274. Donald Dump
  275. Donald Gonad
  276. Donald the Menace
  277. Don Goner
  278. Donnie Bratso
  279. Donnie Darko
  280. Donnie TicTac
  281. Donnybaby
  282. Donnyboy
  283. Donnybrook
  284. Don of Orange
  285. Dr. Strangelove
  286. Duke Nuke ‘Em
  287. Dumbelldore
  288. Ego Maniac
  289. The Emperor with no Clothes
  290. Itty Bitty Ball Trump
  291. The Fanta Fascist
  292. Field Marshall Trump
  293. Flipper
  294. Flip Flopper
  295. The Fomentalist
  296. Forrest Trump
  297. The Fraud of Fifth Avenue
  298. Frisker-in-Chief
  299. Frisky Frisker
  300. The Frontrunner
  301. Golden Calf of Doom
  302. God-Emperor Trump
  303. Great Orange Hairball of Fear
  304. The Great White Dope
  305. The Great White Dope on a Self-Hanging Rope
  306. Grope Dope
  307. Halfwit Tweet Twit
  308. Head Twit
  309. Herr Führer Trump
  310. Herr Trump
  311. The Human Amplifier
  312. The Human Combover
  313. The Human Tanning Bed Warning Label
  314. The im-POTUS
  315. The Inane Interjector
  316. The Infuriator
  317. The ISIS Candidate
  318. Jack the Gripper
  319. King of Debt
  320. King Leer
  321. King of Sleaze
  322. King of Spin
  323. King Trump
  324. King Twit
  325. K-Mart Caesar
  326. Last of The Mango Mohawkans
  327. Liberal Lip
  328. Little Donnie Sissypants
  329. Little Dutch Boy
  330. The Lone DeRanger
  331. Long Dong Trump
  332. Lurch
  333. The Lyin King
  334. Macho McGrump
  335. The Mad Shambler
  336. Mango Mussolini
  337. Master Debater
  338. MEGA-low-maniac
  339. Mr. Firepants
  340. Mr. Inappropriate
  341. Mr. Boinker Oinker
  342. New York Dork
  343. Orange Bozo
  344. Orange Caligula
  345. Orange Clown
  346. Orange-Hued Self-Immolator
  347. Orange Man
  348. The Orange Messiah
  349. Orange Moron
  350. Orange Omen of Doom
  351. Orange Toilet Bowl Crud Brought to Life as a Genital-Grabbing Golem
  352. Orange-Tufted Imbecile Intent on Armageddon
  353. Orange-Tufted Asshole
  354. OranguTAN
  355. Party Pooper
  356. President Gold Man Sucks
  357. President If-Urine-You’re-In
  358. President Rancid Velveeta
  359. Prima Donald
  360. Pudgy McTrumpcake
  361. Puffed Up Daddy
  362. Pussy Posse
  363. Putin’s Papaya-Flavored Pawn
  364. Putin’s Pet
  365. Queer Orangutan
  366. Republican Rapture Inducer
  367. Ryan’s Nope
  368. Scrooge McTrump
  369. Sexual-Predator-in-Chief
  370. Shitler
  371. Sir Sissypants
  372. The Spin King
  373. The Suicide Bummer
  374. The Swamp Draining Lizard-Man-Toddler
  375. The Talking Yam
  376. The Tanning Bed Warning Label
  377. Tangerine Jesus
  378. Tepid Trumpeter
  379. Thin Skinned Orange Peel
  380. Tic-Tacky Trump
  381. Timid Trumpster
  382. Tiny Hands Trump
  383. Tricky Trump
  384. T-Rump
  385. Trumpalump
  386. Trumpamaniac
  387. Trump Card
  388. Trumpledore
  389. Trumpletoes
  390. Trumpling D*ldo
  391. Trumpmeister
  392. Trumpster
  393. Trumpthechumps
  394. Trumpty Dumpty
  395. Trump the Grump
  396. The Tufted Taliban
  397. Twat Twit
  398. Twitter Flitter
  399. Twitter Spitter
  400. The UNA Bomber
  401. Unreality King
  402. Venom-Drenched Regurgitated Slimy Orange Hairball
  403. Walking Punchline
  404. Whiny Don
  405. Whiny Donald
  406. The White Pride Piper
  407. YUGE Asshole
  408. YUGE Liar
  409. Zen Master of Hate

Nicknames Donald Trump Calls his Opponents

Donald Trump's nicknames for opponent

The following are the funny names President Trump has called his opponents:

  1. Crooked Hillary: This is Trump’s go-to nickname for his formal presidential campaign opponent in everything from speeches to Twitter.
  2. Sleepy Eyes: Trump’s nickname for NBC reporter Chuck Todd.
  3. Lyin’ Ted: Donald Trump called opponent Ted Cruz this until the day he dropped out of the race.
  4. Little Marco: The nickname for Marco Rubio first debuted on Twitter, but it didn’t take long for Trump to use it in a debate.
  5. Low-Energy Jeb: More of a description than a nickname, this moniker stuck with Jeb Bush throughout his campaign.
  6. 1 for 38 Kasich: This refers to John Kasich’s one win and thirty-eight losses.
  7. Goofy Elizabeth Warren: Another Trump nickname that found its start on Twitter.
  8. Rocket Man: This nickname references North Korean dictator and nuclear threat Kim Jong Un.
  9. Pocahontas: Another nickname for Elizabeth Warren referencing her Native American heritage.
  10. Crazy Bernie: Coined by The Donald for Bernie Sanders as the Democratic primaries trudged on.
  11. Cryin’ Chuck: This name only comes into play when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Trump are in disagreement.

Bonus! Donald Trump became a popular street name for crystal meth in 2017.

Donald Trump once nicknamed himself “President T,” Perhaps he hoped this nickname would catch on, but rather he was mocked.

Tell us your most hilarious Trump nicknames, flattering or hopefully otherwise, in the comments.

More President Nicknames:

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248 thoughts on “409 Hilarious Nicknames for Donald Trump”

  1. The New “Home On The Range”

    Oh give me a home
    with a most modern throne
    called a “Trump”, where I sit when I shit.

    The smell is absurd
    `till I flush our my turds
    from my “Trump”, when I take a big dump.

    Dump, dump in my “Trump”
    it’s a throne where I sit all alone
    `cuz the smell is absurd
    `till I flush our my turds
    from my “Trump”, when I take a big dump.

  2. An effective take-down nickname, following DJT’s playbook, needs to be no longer than two words and mock some specific trait that you want to ridicule and the audience to define the person by.

    How about Donald Mc’Pants-on-Fire?

  3. You can’t forget this one. Came up with it in 2015. We Call him, Donny Don’t. Because He’s the perfect example of what not to do and what not to say and how not to act.

  4. An addition to one listed makes it useful for Trump or Putin
    The Dick Tater (is potato)

    addition is a trending bit from Colbert

  5. Remember, Stormy Daniels referred to him in a tweet as “Tiny” in reference to his little, mushroom-shaped pud.

    The Orange Turd
    Yam T*ts
    Mushroom Boy
    Demented Don
    Diaper Don
    Captain BoneSpurs

  6. Wow, I scolled through like a thousand names. Didn’t see the ones I made up and use the most.

    McDonald Clump
    McDonald Chump
    McDonald Dump
    Did I see Mayor McGrift?

  7. I’ve been calling him “Tangerine Smegma” In all comments for a long time now. Now it’s “Loser Tangerine Smegma”

  8. For Trump:
    Scarlett Whiplash
    -Play on Snidely Whiplash & Red Hair

    For Jan 6 Riot:
    A Day For the Racists
    -Play on Marx Bros. “A Day at the Races” movie

  9. My favorites are “Benedict Donald,” “Agent Orange” and “Don the Con,” but “Herr Burgermeister” also works. How about “Psycho Killer?”

  10. Tangerine Wankmaggot (courtesy of a sign from a UK protestor)
    iDJT (idjit, vernacular of “idiot”)
    Dolt45 (self-explanatory)

  11. Missing The Thermonuclear Bowel Evacuation Currently Disgracing the Oval Office, the Orange Screechweasel, and D*ldo braggins

  12. I don’t know if everyone will understand this one but I call him “The Blumkin Giving Pumpkin“

    To explain the slang “Blumkin” – It’s the act of getting oral sex from another person while sitting on the toilet taking nasty shit. So I figured with him being known for his love of having unspeakably perverted sex acts, he probably has gave a Blumkin at least once behind closed doors. Was it with his friend Epstein after all the underage minors left so they could finish each other off? We may never know..but he sure seems like the type of guy that is into that stuff! Lol

    • A good nickname should go to the essence of a person. My nickname for Trump is “Grifter Don” because that encapsulates who he is…a con artist, a scammer, a grifter who is ripping off our country and everyone he comes in contact with and has no moral conscience.

  13. —-I refer to him as the “P.O.t.u.S.”…because he’s the biggest presidential p.o.s. ever. Sadly, it never seems to catch on.
    —-Cuntmander In Queef
    —-Deferment Donnie (to the fifth degree)

  14. My contrbution
    Names for The Donald
    Donald Ducket DonaldFrump Donald tRump Donnie Corona Old Muck Donald Donald Sumpump Dumbald Trumbrage
    Narcissist in Chief
    President Dotard Dump
    (Ladies and Gentlemen,)The Dicktator of the Ununited States The Pussy Grabber of
    Demented Dump
    The Orangeman The Orangeutan
    Tweeter The Monkeyman
    The Dunceald
    Politweet Trump
    Potus Scrotum Potus Analis

  15. Tsarina Donorreha

    Oedipussy Wrecks

    Dr. Strangehair

    Donnie Dinkydigits

    Hair Drumpfkopf

    Marmalade Hellbeast

    Bloviating Buffoon


    Tsar Trumpov

    Agolf Twitler

    Tangerine Trotsky

    • I think “The Lying Tomato” would be just about perfect. It’s a take on Snowboarding and skateboarding superstar Shawn White’s nickname “The Flying Tomato”. Since tomatoes were naturally orange or yellow until we stared genetically modifying them, and since I grow a lot of orange tomatoes in my garden (Amana Orange heirlooms if you’re wondering), I think the nickname is pretty much perfect, especially since the guy can’t tell the damn truth, like ever.

  16. I usually alternate between “Idiot-In-Chief” and “The Annoying Orange,” though I used “Orange Baby-Man” during his first year in office.

  17. Trump didn’t care about those who lost or suffered a huge event that happened that is important to them


  18. Humpty Trumpy (chubby plus fragility and impossibility to fix)
    King Trump the Toilet Throned (way he sits on chairs with visiting dignitaries)
    Golden Orifice (lips shape when talking)
    Verbal-Diarrhoea Trump
    Verbosity in Chief
    Donald Grump
    Pucker-lips Trump (for the way he talks
    Apprentice President
    The Great Pretender [from British history]
    Leaning Tower of Trump [for standing stance)
    Hair-Spray Johnny
    Blubber Trump
    Fatso Donny
    Makeup Man
    Donald Dumb
    Donny minus Melanie Show
    Pompous Potus
    Daoud Juan Trump
    Daevion Jontray
    Dowdy Donnie
    Impeached Peach
    Axed Ex-President
    Arms Salesman Trump
    Bogus Billionaire Trump
    The Dishonourable President
    Television-Addict Trump
    McDonald Trump
    Testosterone Trump
    Prince Trump of Saudi Arabia and Israel
    Tighty Whitey President
    Donald Marker-Pen

    plus applying to him all the nicknames he gives others:
    Sleepy Johnny
    Little Donny
    Crazy Donny
    Low-energy Trump
    Shifty Trumpy
    Lying Donny
    Nasty Trumpy
    Fake President

  19. I heard from many many people that Melanie calls Donny “Mushroom Head” (with a comb over). Then she breaks out in a giggle. I think Stormy Daniels coined that nomen for Herr Drumpf. I also heard from many many people that Melania is allergic to mushrooms which is why she is constantly disinfecting herself whenever “Mushroom Head” is close! At least that’s what many people have said. Yes, many many people have said this. Now I can’t speak to anyone I know dying in the WTC disaster but DJT sure knows many many people that did, at least he says he does. Not that he can remember any of their names, just that he knows them…..he says they were friends of his but that probably explains why Trump can’t remember their names. Friends! Yah sure! Pull my other leg! You have your right knee and your left knee and then there’s your “Mushroom Head” knee (a.k.a. Donald J. Trump … a wee-knee if I ever saw one!). That’s it Donny, look at the teleprompter and annunciate every syllable, every letter that you see there. You can do it, Donny. Make us proud and say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  20. Diaper Don

    I keep thinking about some news piece I heard about this re-opening of the
    economy coming up, where some of the first businesses mentioned were
    tattoo parlors and massage parlors… bizarre on its own.

    I have this image of Trump walking into a massage parlor with his royal
    blue robe on, viewed from behind, then he disrobes to reveal a big diaper.

  21. How about Donald the Duck of Death

    borrowing from Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments and Gene Hackman’s Duck of Death from Unforgiven.

  22. Dim Don Dumb, Putin on the Ritz, Fuckstik, Pharthammer, The Overblown Balloon, Commander Bone Spurs, The Potty Potus, Commandant Clueless, President Grabem Bydah

  23. My personal favorite is Trumpty Dumpty….

    Trumpty Dumpty squats on his wall,
    Trumpty Dumpty will have a *GREAT* fall,
    And Putin’s toy soldiers (the Praesident*s men),
    Will all be in Hell ’till it freezes again…

    … — …
    … — …
    … — …

    • THIS tRump poem ROCKS!!! Thanks for the laugh!
      Fingers crossed that our national nightmare ends on Tuesday (well, once the results are in, obviously). I know it won’t end the day he is dragged out of the People’s House, but it’s a fresh start and the only way we can move FORWARD together after 4 years of HELL. The US cannot withstand another 4 years of this menace. God forbid he somehow manages to cheat his way to a win (like in 2016-watch “The Greatest Democracy Money Can Buy: The Case of the Stolen Election” by Greg Palast for the evidence, i.e. Operation Crosscheck, etc. Scary but true stuff!)
      I also highly recommend “UNFIT” & “Totally Under Control”. “Totally” gives a complete timeline of the events leading up to and including the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as tRump’s choice to ignore the experts (scientists & MD’s) which resulted in the virus killing 225k+ citizens (and counting). Had he simply followed the advice that was given him, the virus could have been contained, and the “lockdown” that he hates so much could have been avoided! He is ultimately the only one to blame for the US ever needing to go into lockdown because he chose to waste months doing NOTHING to stop the spread across the country. Of course, he thinks he did “a really great job” and that it’s always been “Totally Under Control”.
      Completely useless POS-Flush the Orange Turd November Third!

  24. There are soooo many good ones here… I couldn’t stop laughing 😀

    Here’s some of mine…

    Captain Covfefe
    Harbinger of the Moronic Age
    The Wizard of Ooze
    inStable Geezer
    The Great Groping Griper Grunt
    Double-D Donald, the Deceiving Divider of the People
    POTUS (Putin’s Orange-Tanned Unreasonable Snitch)
    The Great Philosopher in the White House
    The GröPaZ (Hitler was called the GröFaZ, the “greatest field commander (Feldherr) of all time”, and Donnie, as a President rather than a Feldherr, well…)

  25. And during the Christmas stretch, he is Cheeto Krampus.
    I look forward to the day when we can all call him ConCheeto (as in Convict Cheeto).

  26. POTEC – President of the Electoral College. Never let them forget they are in the minority. His approval rating has never dipped above 50%.

    PGOTUS. Pussy-grabber of the United States. ’nuff said.

  27. IQ45. Because he is the smartest and bestest and his IQ is soooooooooooo yuge! It’s just the biggest and bestest IQ ever, and he’s a very stable GENIUS, don’tcha know?

  28. I have my own nicknames for this creature, calling himself a president:

    Bottom Feeder – that’s where he gets his support
    Fish Mouth – well, look at it! Have you ever had a fish tank? No further explanation necessary.
    Pecker tie – Who else in the world wears a necktie that covers his pecker?

  29. PutinPinUp
    The Whine King
    King Dong
    Dingy Donny
    The Chosen Juan
    The Chosen Uno
    The Frozen Chosen
    Ding Dong
    King Dingleberry
    Wizard of Taint
    Taint Bait
    Dipshit Donald
    DipZit Donny
    Delirium Tremors DT Donny
    Delirium Don
    King Dong Un
    Waste of Skin
    Lord of Flies
    Lord of Lies
    Fungus Amongus
    King Parasite
    Don The Con
    Pee Peddler
    PeeWee Sprinkle
    Boss Hogg
    Big Pig
    Trump Dump
    DJT Donny Just Turtlin’
    Don Juan Turtlin’
    King of Shoes
    King of Chews
    Huge Splooge
    GooseSteppin Zepplin
    Lockstep Strumpet
    Strumpet Crumpet
    Bovine Valentine
    Hot Air Millionaire HAM
    SCROTUS Strumpet Crumpet Ruler of the United States
    The Mad King
    The Mad Hatter
    The Mad AssHatter
    Diarrhea Vomit
    Vaginal Alignment Tool
    Penile Juvenile
    Penis Pump Trump
    Knick Knack PaddyWagon
    Give Donny His Bonespurs
    Trump Traitor
    Treasonous Snifflelumpenis
    Don Juan Trumpleforeskin
    Space Force Juan
    The Chosen John

  30. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Komrade Trumpski


    POTUS Putin’s puppet


  31. Chairman Cheeto. I first used that one at DailyKos 3 days after the 2016 election.

    Less than a year later, I came up with the Toadstool Nazgûl. Someone else at Twitter or elsewhere came up with Velveeta Voldemort.

    The sooner he becomes Cheeto Non Grata, the better.

  32. I’ve been calling him the Orange Fuckyfuck for a long time, I got it from Ricky in Trailer Park Boys (who was referring to some security officers in orange vests but I think it fits Trump better)

  33. I call him Donald J(Jailbird) Trump. A couple years ago we missed out when Anthony Scaramuchi was pushed out by John Kelly. They were the perfect Mafia team: Tony the Mooch and Deadbeat Donny.
    Stormy called him “Tiny”.

  34. Puss Gut
    Puss Gut Racoon
    Donnie Puss Gut
    Old Puss Gut
    This refers to the fact that if you poke him the stench, bile and nauseating crap that spews from his mouth !!!!

  35. Benito Cheeto is more correct than Cheeto Benito, as it refers to Benito Mussolini…
    Mango Mussolini is one of my favorites… not on the list, credit for this and the above go to Greg Proops

    Tangerine Tyrant
    Orange Oligarch
    Kremlin Kontrolled Karrot (KKK)
    Weapons Grade Plum… from the parades making fun of him in the UK
    Tangerine Taint Whistle… again from the UK parades
    The Great White Hype
    Current Seat Warmer
    Seat Warmer
    Orange Asshat

    I can go on…

  36. The best nicknames for Donald Trump: President Pinocchio. Whenever Trump Deceives, Diverts, Diminishes, Demonizes, and Divides, just say there goes President Pinocchio again the biggest proven liar in the history of the American Presidency.

  37. All of my favorites are missing: #PresidentTweety, the #OrangeOxyMoron, and #FatNixon.

    Anyway, it should be implemented as a kind rating system, perhaps using randomized binary comparisons between pairs of nicknames. “Before you see the current rankings, we’d like to ask you to contribute to our database of comparisons: Do you think it is much more accurate to call Trump #PresidentTweety (5) or #OrangeOxyMoron (1). If you think both nicknames are equally appropriate, please answer (3).” (It could also be implemented with a slider instead of numeric answers.)

    • Donnie dumbass, douchebag don, donnie dirty d**k, fat orange n*zi blob, sponge boob fungus d**k, sponge boob n*zi pants, sponge boob std pants, orange b*tt herpes, trumpster fire, button d**k, orange skid mark…

  38. Orange Shrek
    Dictator in Chief
    Orange Foolious
    Officer Bone Spur
    President Bone Spurs
    Puke Skywalker
    Orange Chicken
    Orange Overlord
    The Putin Puppet
    President Tantrump.
    Kim Jung Trump
    Tyrant in Chief
    Orange Fuhrer
    Tainted Tangerine
    Orange Anus
    Orange Shit Hole Monkey B**ch
    Orange Shit Stain
    Orange Swamp Monster
    Predator in Chief
    Destroyer in Chief
    Sleazy Orange Butt-Pirate
    Tweeting Twit in Chief
    Orange Shitgibbon
    Trumpty Dumpty
    King TrumPutin
    Baby in Chief
    Mango Mussolini
    Il Duce Arancia (The Orange Duke)

  39. Trump is feeble and has a problem holding a bottle or glass and putting either to his mouth. And, to know he has belittled one who has a problem akin to Parkinson’s Disease. Now, he has some gall considering he needs two hands to drink from a glass or bottle.
    He really should use a straw placed in a jar with a handle, IE, a Mason Jar. So I want to call him Don the Straw Man.

    Straw Man definition:
    noun: straw man; plural noun: straw men; noun: strawman; plural noun: strawmen
    a person regarded as having no substance or integrity.
    “a photogenic straw man gets inserted into office and advisers dictate policy”
    Is this good enough?


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