30+ Creative Nicknames for Dorothy

Like with other popular names for girls, many parents often check for the nicknames associated with a name before going with the name.

In this article, we have listed cute, creative, and popular nicknames for Dorothy.

But first, let’s consider the origin and meaning of the name Dorothy.

Dorothy is the anglicized form of the Greek name Dorothea, which is composed of Doron (meaning gift) and Theos (meaning God). As such, the name Dorothy means ‘Gift of God. Dorothy has become a trendy choice as a first name for girls by many parents in the Western World.

Popular Dorothy Nicknames

Dorothy Nicknames

Many people often turn to letters in a name to create nicknames for that name. These nicknames are considered popular nicknames of said name. These are some popular nicknames for Dorothy:

  1. Dolly
  2. Dora
  3. Dot 
  4. Dottie
  5. Dotty 
  6. Dory 
  7. Dotti 
  8. Dee 
  9. Thea 
  10. Dort 

Cute Dorothy Nicknames

Adorable nicknames are also a great way to personalize any name. Here are some adorable nicknames for someone named Dorothy:

  1. Doll 
  2. Dore 
  3. Dodee
  4. Dodo 
  5. Tea 
  6. Dortsy 

Creative Nicknames for Dorothy

This list contains some creative, cool and funny nicknames for anyone name Dorothy:

  1. Dollie
  2. Dartha
  3. Dorle: A cool nickname for Dorothy.
  4. Dorky: A funny nickname for Dorothy, which is a play on words and can be used to refer to anyone who likes to read.
  5. Doughty: Rhymes with Dorothy.
  6. D.T

Dorothy Nicknames from TV or Books

The fictional art world is another place to look when searching for nicknames for a name. The names of fictional characters in books, movies, and songs could help you figure out a nickname. These are some Dorothy nicknames from TV or books:

  1. Dorothy Gale: She was the main character in ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ and the 1939 movie adaptation ‘The Wizard of Oz.’
  2. Dorothy Crap: She was the mother to the twins in the Cartoon Network cartoon ‘The Cramp Twins’.
  3. Dorothy Ace McShane: She is a fictional character played by Sophie Aldred in the British science fiction television series ‘Doctor Who.’

Celebrities and Famous People Named Dorothy

Dorothy is just as popular as the first name for many famous people. Knowing how your favorite celebrity named Dorothy uses her name could also help you figure out a perfect nickname for your Dorothy. These are some famous people named Dorothy:

  1. Dorothy Wang: She is an American television personality and the daughter of Chinese billionaire mogul Roger Wang known for her roles in ‘Rich kids of Beverly Hills’ and ‘Famously Single.’
  2. Dorothy Moore: She is an American blues and gospel single best known for her 1976 hit song Misty Blue’.
  3. Dorothy Bush Koch: She is the daughter of former United States president George H.W Bush and sister of former president George W. Bush.

Variants of Dorothy

When looking for nicknames for a name, variants of the name. These are some variants of the name Dorothy:

  1. Dortha: An English variant for Dorothy, meaning ‘Gift of God.’
  2. Dorrie: A Greek variant for Dorothy.
  3. Dorothea: A Greek variant for Dorothy, meaning ‘Gift of God.’
  4. Dorothee: A Latin variant for Dorothy meaning ‘God’s gift.’
  5. Theadora: Another Greek variant for Dorothy meaning ‘God-given’.
  6. Dorthymarie: A French variant for Dorothy from the English name Dorothy and French name Marie.

We have tried to make our list as exhaustive as possible. Let us know your thoughts on our list, as well as any other nicknames for Dorothy we might have left out by leaving a comment.

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