100+ Nicknames, Slang, and Street Names for Ecstasy

How many nicknames for Ecstasy do you know?

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) commonly known as ecstasy is a psychoactive drug meaning that it’s a drug that affects the mind including thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Favorable effects can include more energy, altered sensations, increased feelings of pleasure, and euphoria.

Not all effects are pleasant though. Some users report extreme social anxiety, intense comedowns, depressive episodes after use, and overdoses are not uncommon.

Despite all this, ecstasy is a commonly used recreational drug all around the world, particularly in the disco and party scene.

In this article, we’ve compiled a huge list of both new and old street names for Ecstasy. We’ve got funny molly slang such as “yellow Pikachu” and a few weird ones such as “moon rock.”

Take a look and see how many of these you already knew and which are completely new to you.

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Guys and Girls Ecstasy Street Names

Street Names for Ecstasy

Many guys and girls’ nicknames for ecstasy have popped up over time, with Molly being the one people stick to the most. Here, we’ve listed all the name-based nicknames for E that have stood the test of time and those that have come about recently.

Are any of these your name?

  1. Adam – Ecstasy first sprung up under the name of “Adam” in gay clubs in the ’70s.
  2. Ed – Using the first letter of the name, ecstasy is sometimes referred to as “Ed” to keep the subject of conversation under wraps.
  3. Eve – Ecstasy probably isn’t something Adam and Eve would have used, but this girls name is commonly used to refer to this drug.
  4. Molly – One of the most famous names for Ecstasy, “Molly” is slang for the word “molecular.” This is referring to the pure crystalline form of MDMA.
  5. Elliott – The list of guys names appropriate to nickname ecstasy could go on and on, but we are fond of Elliott.
  6. Mandy – Particularly in the UK, ecstasy is referred to as Mandy rather than Molly.
  7. Esther – Mandy and Molly have been used and abused, newer nicknames are coming into play such as the girl’s name Esther.
  8. Eve – Alongside “Adam,” the name Eve also sprung up in clubs circa the 70s as a disguise for the word ecstasy.
  9. Erin – This less common girls name, is often used to refer to ecstasy amongst young people looking for a name that others won’t recognize. “Erin” is the perfect alternative to the famous girl’s name “Molly.”
  10. Xavier – This guy’s name is common in India and Japan, derived from an Arabic word meaning “bright.” Ecstasy can make the user feel bright and on top of the world.

Funny Nicknames for Ecstasy

Although ecstasy itself may get its users laughing and having a good time, this list of funny Ecstasy street names may crack you up first. Let’s take a look.

  1. Beans – This is a common name used in clubs for the all-famous ecstasy. Maybe because the pills are like colorful jellybeans.
  2. Scooby Snacks – The programme “Scooby Doo” depicts the dog “Scooby” always eating his famous ‘scooby snacks’ but their content was never revealed. Could it have been ecstasy pills?
  3. Yellow Pikachu – In 2010 a batch of yellow pokemon-themed ecstasy pills were found circulating the US.
  4. Yellow Playstation – In order to sell the Pokemon-themed ecstasy pills, dealers were said to have hacked PlayStation users’ accounts and devices.
  5. Green Alien – Some ecstasy tablets are marked with silly images, such as green pills with alien images on them.
  6. Snowball – From 1992 to 1993, new forms of ecstasy pills emerged in the clubbing scene containing over 200mg of MDA, resulting in intense psychedelic effects.
  7. Doctor – While we do not recommend ecstasy as a replacement for seeing a doctor, the drug has been used in medical trials by psychiatrists with the aim of getting patients to open up more.
  8. Chocolate Chips – Some may say ecstasy is the adult equivalent of the addictive and feel-good effects of chocolate chips.
  9. Lovey – Ecstasy pills can get you feeling all kinds of ways, often including enhanced feelings of pleasure and love.
  10. Happy Pills – Simply put, some use ecstasy pills to increase their general mood.
  11. Dancers – The pills of this party drug can be known as “dancers” due to the energy they give the user and because they’re popular on the disco party scene.

Effect-Based Ecstasy Street Names

As ecstasy is a psychoactive drug, this means it affects the activity in our brains. Although some effects are desired such as altered sensations and increased empathy, others are less liked such as difficulty concentrating and increased anxiety.

Let’s take a look at some nicknames associated with the effects of ecstasy.

  1. Clarity – As ecstasy is psychoactive. Some users claim to feel a sense of “clarity” in their minds when under the influence of this drug as if they are seeing the “real world.”
  2. Hug – Increased empathy can lead to feelings of happiness and love for others, so some users hug everyone hence this nickname!
  3. Hug Drug – Slightly elaborated from the previous nickname, ecstasy is famous for being the “hug drug.”
  4. Love Drug – As well as loving to hug people, ecstasy is famously known as the “love drug” Don’t take this if you want to keep your true love a secret!
  5. Love Pill – Ecstasy comes in pill form and gives the user more intense feelings of love, so it can be called a “love pill.”
  6. Lover’s speed – As we have established, ecstasy can be called a love drug. It also makes people ‘go’ a little faster!
  7. Thirst – Ecstasy can make the user very dehydrated, resulting in extreme thirst. So you can refer to getting ecstasy as getting ‘thirsty.’
  8. Legs – A negative effect of ecstasy involves heavy or tired legs, so why not refer to this drug as “legs” to keep the subject of conversation a secret?
  9. Craze – MDMA, or ecstasy (these can differ from each other) was patented in 1912 by a drug company starting the “craze” for ecstasy. The craze has continued to this day.
  10. Peace – The effects of ecstasy can involve feelings of peace for the user, hence this simple name from a desired effect of the drug.
  11. Euphoria – This simple nickname is used to talk of the drug because it’s another desired effect. A user may experience elated happiness and contented feelings while taking ecstasy.

Short Ecstasy Nicknames

Occasionally the short and simple nicknames are the most catchy, especially when they only use a few letters. They’re easy to discover but secretive enough to disguise a topic of conversation. What do you think?

  1. E – Simple and straight to the point, ecstasy is often just referred to as “E.”
  2. XE – This strong nickname combines the sounds of the word “ecstasy” without being too obvious regarding the context of a conversation.
  3. Eve – Not from Adam and Eve, but this short girl’s name is often used to refer to the party drug ecstasy.
  4. Y – Using the last letter of “ecstasy,” this nickname is sometimes used as a symbol on ecstasy pills, so the user is aware of what they’re taking without others discovering the nature of the pill.
  5. The Ex – It may be less conspicuous to talk of the “ex” in a conversation as opposed to this often-illegal drug.
  6. Go – Due to euphoric effects of ecstasy and heightened emotions, a user may feel more energetic and ready to go.
  7. Luv – Getting ecstasy tablets is sometimes known as “getting luvs” due to the effects this drug can have on perceptions of love and feelings towards others.

Food-Based Slang for Ecstasy

While ecstasy is certainly not a drug that’s eaten as food, a number of food items have been turned into nicknames for this party drug. Here are some old ones as well as strangely funny new nicknames to refer to ecstasy.

  1. Candy – Sweet sugar highs are a little different to the high from this drug!
  2. Disco Biscuits – Known as the “disco” drug, ecstasy has always been big in the clubbing scene, this nickname has stood the test of time.
  3. Egg Rolls – A name that holds no reference to ecstasy, but is bound to hold well in a comic conversation about drugs.
  4. Smarties – One definition of Smarties is colorful chocolate dots; the other is colorful ecstasy pills.
  5. Sweets – Ecstasy pills are often disguised in sweet packets, allowing dealers to distribute and talk about them without raising suspicions.
  6. Skittles – These small and colorful pill-shaped sweets are very similar to the appearance of ecstasy pills. Let’s make sure not to mix them up!
  7. Vitamin E – Using the first name of this psychoactive drug, ecstasy can be referred to as a vitamin although it doesn’t have the same effects as vitamin supplements by any stretch of the imagination.
  8. Vitamin X – The sound of the word ‘ecstasy’ sounds as if it begins with an “X,” allowing it to be talked about as Vitamin X.
  9. Krave – If you’ve ever tried the breakfast cereal “Krave,” you may agree that it is insanely addictive and feel-good; much like many users claim ecstasy to be. What’s the difference?!
  10. Lucky Charms – A breakfast cereal theme pops up around the ecstasy scene often, like this American cereal.
  11. White Sugar – The pure crystalline form of this drug appears like white sugar when ground down, and can sometimes be found in capsules that a user will swallow.
  12. Gum – Something you may often ask a mate for, and in this instance, it makes the topic of conversation much simpler without risking others overhearing.

International Molly Slangs

As you may know already, Ecstasy is fairly well known around the world and not only in Western societies. We’ve collected a number of nicknames used in different countries including Cambodia, Japan, Myanmar, and a few others.

  1. XTC – From Indonesia, these letters are a play on the full name of the drug
  2. Thnam krovee kbai – This means “shaking head drug” in Khmer, the language spoken in Cambodia.
  3. Yao tou ubin – Meaning “head shaking drug” in Chinese.
  4. Ya-E – In Laos, many people use this nickname for Ecstasy.
  5. X – A play on the sound of “ecstasy,” this is a nickname used in Japan.
  6. Seik kwya say – This phrase is used in Myanmar meaning “head shaking drug.”
  7. Extasis – This word means ecstasy in Spanish.
  8. Exy Tabs – In the UK, ecstasy pills are often known by this abbreviation of “ecstasy tablets.”
  9. Disco biccies – An Australian version of disco biscuits.
  10. Party tricks – A commonly used nickname in New Zealand.
  11. Eccies – A nickname used in Scotland.

Classic Ecstasy Street Names

In no way would we say taking ecstasy is classy, however many people look for a nickname a little better than the usual “Molly” or “E.” That’s when these nicknames will come into play.

How many of these have you heard?

  1. Dolce and Gabbana – This designer brand is often used to refer to ecstasy, not that ecstasy use is as classy as Dolce and Gabbana!
  2. California Sunrise – This is actually a fairly generic nickname for a number of drugs including the club drug ecstasy.
  3. E-bomb – After the effects of ecstasy hit, the user instantly feels elated as well as other effects, much like a bomb of ecstasy has hit them.
  4. MDMA – Ecstasy is also known as MDMA. 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is the chemical identification of this drug.
  5. Decadence – Meaning luxurious self-indulgence but also a moral and cultural decline via the overconsumption of luxury. It depends on which way you view this drug.
  6. Snowball – The white appearance of crystalline ecstasy can look like a snowball, creating a classy name for the drug while keeping the subject of conversation under wraps.
  7. E – A doctor would often be thought of as someone classy and well-respected, as many users like to believe ecstasy is too. So, the prefix of “Dr” was added to the first letter of the drug.
  8. Diamonds – The small ecstasy pills are a poor man’s diamonds as some would say.
  9. Mercy – A modernized version of the classic nickname “Molly.” Mercy is not as well-known so is easier to stay secretive with.
  10. Easy Riders – Because when the peak hits users might feel easy, relaxed, and free as the ride the high.

Celebrity Ecstasy Names

Over time, a number of celebrities have come out about drug use or drug addictions during their time in the spotlight. Others are simply names used to describe ecstasy. Let’s take a look.

  1. Malcolm X – Although Malcolm X didn’t openly take ecstasy nor do we associate him with drugs, his name includes “X” which is often used to refer to ecstasy.
  2. Fergie – The famous singer Fergie’s name can be used to talk of Ecstasy as she has previously opened up about her use of Ecstasy in the past.
  3. Eminem – He claims to take half an E before going on stage in order to “loosen up.”
  4. Sting – Sting is an avid practitioner of “extreme yoga, tantric sex, and ecstasy.”
  5. Britney – Another girls name but also that of the all-famous Britney Spears who has been known to enjoy doses of certain drugs throughout her time in the spotlight.
  6. Cyrus – The surname of singer and actress Miley Cyrus makes for a surprisingly interesting nickname for ecstasy. Its relevance being the fact that Miley Cyrus has been known to suffer from drug addiction in the past, this has included ecstasy.
  7. Superman – Can we class Superman as a celebrity? Many medallion-shaped ecstasy pills are marked with the famous Superman logo.
  8. Lil Wayne – With no shame, Lil Wayne rapped about ecstasy in his music and claimed to take a little before he was sentenced to jail.

Weird Street Names for Molly

If some of the previous nicknames haven’t made you laugh or become confused enough yet, that is about to change. Take a read of some of the weirdest nicknames we have found for ecstasy.

  1. Blue Lego – Ecstasy often is distributed by dealers with specific markings on the tablets such as indents and raised circles much like a piece of Lego is.
  2. Red Lego – As well as blue Lego-like ecstasy tablets, they may be red in color making the dealer’s product more recognizable.
  3. Elephants – This is certainly a nickname to use when you don’t want anyone to know what you are talking about! No one would think the ‘E’ from elephants stand for ecstasy.
  4. Booty Juice – This is a nickname for ecstasy pills dissolved in liquid.
  5. Moon Rock – Moon rocks are ecstasy cut with other amphetamines to increase the high the user experiences.
  6. Dancing Shoes – As an acclaimed “disco drug,” ecstasy can increase feelings of pleasure and excitement at clubs and parties. The user will be sure to have put their “dancing shoes” on.
  7. Happy Feet – Ecstasy tablets may get you dancing the night away just like the penguins from the movie “Happy Feet.”
  8. Bath Salts – We don’t expect ecstasy powder would be your choice for a relaxing bath yet the similar appearance makes for a strange nickname.

Method-Based Slang for Ecstasy

The most common form of ecstasy is in small, swallowable pills. These pills then affect the functioning of the brain in a number of ways.

Although consumption of ecstasy is fairly straightforward, we’ve collected a list of unusual method-based nicknames for ecstasy.

  1. Pills – Simple and straight to the point, ecstasy if often just referred to as “pills” due to the pill form it is distributed in.
  2. Swallowers – Ecstasy pills are swallowed whole. This new nickname has come about as a less conspicuous way to talk about the drug.
  3. Sero – Referring to the method in which Ecstasy affects the brain and the neurotransmitter serotonin which is responsible for a number of functions such as mood and sleep patterns.
  4. Dope – This abbreviation of the neurotransmitter (a chemical in the brain) dopamine is also a modern word used to describe something that is “very good.”
  5. Love Trip – This is a nickname for ecstasy mixed with mescaline.
  6. Domex – Mix ecstasy with PCP and you are left with a combination named “domex.”
  7. Gaggers – An odd-sounding name yet it is used to talk about ecstasy by describing those who are new to this drug and may gag when trying to swallow the pills.

Other Names for Ecstasy

Some nicknames for ecstasy simply do not make any sense, yet are continually used to talk about this drug. As many nicknames are becoming more and more common, users tend to create new ones very frequently to keep the pills they take a little more secretive.

Which one makes the least sense to you?

  1. Mercedes – This famous German car brand is also used to talk about ecstasy pills in a luxury manner.
  2. Red Devils – Because ecstasy pills can appear red. This, combined with their intense effects over emotions, have devilish connotations.
  3. Red Stop Signs – Octagon-shaped red ecstasy pills appear much like iconic red stop signs; yet this doesn’t ward off ecstasy users.
  4. Buddhas – Many ecstasy users claim ecstasy provides them with peace and clarity of the mind, just as the teachings of Buddha did.
  5. Yin Yangs – The balance between two exact opposites, ecstasy may be able to provide feelings of clarity and balance in the mind.
  6. 007’s – Full speed and confident much like James Bond, this classic phrase can be used to speak of ecstasy.
  7. Playboys – As we know this is a love drug and the word “playboy” connotes ideas of love and affection as well as the party life in which ecstasy is popular.
  8. Batmans – The iconic Batman logo is often found on specific batches of ecstasy tablets, marking them, so customers know who they are buying from.
  9. Rolexes – Rolexes and ecstasy pills have nothing in common. Or do they? Both are often seen on the elite party scene particularly in wealthy areas of the world such as LA and Dubai.
  10. Armanis The Italian luxury fashion house is dragged down in this sense as it is used as a nickname for this popular party drug. We don’t think Giorgio Armani would be too pleased about that!

And there we have it, 105 nicknames for the famous love and party drug, ecstasy. Which of these names are the most unusual, or craziest to you?

Did we miss anything important from our list? Let us know below in the comments if you think there are some awesome nicknames for ecstasy we should know about.

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