60+ Delightful Nicknames for Female Coworkers

Although some people believe nicknames in the workplace are a bad idea, if done right, there is nothing wrong with using nicknames for your female coworkers.

Think about it for a minute; you are stuck in an office for an average of forty hours a week. During this period, some people will nag you, some will boss you around, some will tempt you, some will scare the living shit out of you, and some will make you fall in love. How do you cope? Nicknames!

Nicknames are fun, and it can make employees bond with each other and feel part of the office family.

For workplace nicknames, things have to be more civil than the horrible high school nicknames. Therefore, you are not allowed to discriminate or encourage discrimination in the workplace. So, no racist nickname or sexist nicknames or ageist nicknames or any fun nickname whatsoever.

Ok, I’m kidding! You can still use fun nicknames in the workplace, just ensure it is not offensive and the person can live with such nickname.

Nicknames for Female Coworkers

Appropriate Nicknames for Female Coworkers

So what type of nicknames are appropriate for female colleagues?

Here is a list of nicknames you can call your female colleagues without getting in serious trouble with the human resource department.

  • Ace: For a female colleague that does her job excellently.
  • Adopted Sis: For a female colleague so sweet, she could pass for your sister.
  • Amiga: A Spanish word for friend.
  • Barbie: For a female colleague that acts like a spoilt brat.
  • BFF: Best Friend Forever.
  • Blondie: For a female colleague with blond hair.
  • Bubbies: For a female colleague, you genuinely care about, similar to baby or boo.
  • Bug: For a female colleague with a bothersome personality.
  • Cakes: For a sweet and adorable female colleague.
  • Champ: Short for ‘champion,’ a good nickname for a hardworking female colleague.
  • Cheerleader: For a supportive female colleague.
  • Chica: A Spanish term for a female friend.
  • Copycat: For a female colleague always passing other’s work as hers.
  • Dreamy: For a female colleague filled with hope, a perfect nickname for a recent hire full of enthusiasm.
  • Duchess: For an authoritative female boss.
  • Egghead: For a smart and studious female colleague.
  • Firecracker: For a female colleague with a hot temper.
  • Foodie: For a female colleague that loves food a bit too much.
  • Forever Amiga: It means ‘friends forever.’
  • Freckles: For a lady with freckles.
  • Giggles: For a lady who regularly wears a charming smile.
  • Hop: For a trendy female colleague.
  • Ivy: For a lady who is well educated and is already the hotshot in the office.
  • Lunar: Someone always lost in her fantasies/ imaginations.
  • Mini-Me: For a female colleague who reminds you of your younger self. A good nickname to call a lady your mentor.
  • Muggles: A simple-minded woman who is almost naively unaware of office politics.
  • Office Ninja: For a female colleague who is almost invisible.
  • Peaches: For a sweet and likable female colleague.
  • Pearl: For a precious female colleague, the office will crumble without her.
  • Petal: For a female colleague with a delicate personality. Perfect for someone who cannot work under pressure.
  • Puma: For a female colleague who likes dating guys younger than herself.
  • Punkin: For a stubborn and no-nonsense female colleague.
  • Queen Bee: For your female boss or a female loafer, the whole team must carry along.
  • Scarlet: Someone smart, cute, and hardworking.
  • Slay Queen: For a sexy and fashionable female colleague.
  • Smartie: Someone capable of defining situations and excelling in anything she does.
  • Smiley:  For a female colleague that smiles a lot.
  • Soul Friend: Someone you connect with, someone you feel free to talk to without getting tired.
  • Sparky: Perfect nickname for a female colleague that makes the office lively and entertaining.
  • Twinnie: Another word for close friend/ best friend.
  • Welfare: A colleague that ensures workers are treated well.
  • Wonder Woman: Someone capable of owning every situation.

Mean Nicknames For Female Colleagues:

The following are mean and insulting nicknames for female colleagues; the type of names that will get you an appointment with your company’s HR department.

  • Ass Clown: Someone who, while trying to be funny, ends up making a fool out of herself.
  • Brat: For a lady that acts like a spoilt brat.
  • Cloppity Clop: For a female colleague that wears heels that usually noisy when she walks.
  • Cubicle vampire: For a female colleague who doesn’t seem to do any work other than moving from cubicle to cubicle, sucking the life out of everyone.
  • Field Goal: For a gap-toothed female colleague.
  • Gloomo: For a female colleague that sucks the energy out of the room
  • Horse buckle: For a demanding and authoritative female boss.
  • Iphiel: A female boss who always “Feels” differently. For example, “I like your approach, but I feel…”
  • Just: For a female colleague who says “Just get it done” a bit too much.
  • MIA: For a female colleague that never shows up until the whole work is done.
  • Mona: For a female colleague that her speaking voice sounds like she is moaning.
  • Mushmouth: For a lady that spills a lot of rubbish, no one seems to understand.
  • Shoulder Beast: For a female colleague or boss that lurks around your shoulder, trying to peep at what you’re doing.
  • The Complainer: The female colleague who always finds something wrong in everything.
  • The Control Freak: The female colleague who has never heard of delegating always tries to control everything and everyone.
  • The Gossip: Perfect nickname for a female gossipmonger.
  • The Slacker: The female colleague who slows the team down.
  • The Suck-Up: The female colleague who always sucks up to everyone.
  • TP: For a lady who thinks she’s a total package, she acts like she is better than everyone in the office.

Now, it is your turn to add the fun nicknames used for the ladies in your office. Since, HR can’t get you here, feel free to include the nicknames you don’t say to their faces.

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