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In this article, we will be sharing with you our list of nicknames for the name Gabriel as well as helpful descriptions to help you pick out the perfect pet name.

But first, what’s the meaning and origin of the name Gabriel?

The name Gabriel is derived from the Hebrew name, Gavriel, which is derived from “Gever,” which means “Strong man” and “El,” which means “God.”

The name Gabriel is therefore interpreted to mean “God is my strength” or “God is my strong man.”

This name is said to be popular among baby boys born in January or on a Monday, because of its spiritual significance with new beginnings.

Now that we know these facts about the name let’s take a look at the nicknames!

Popular nicknames for Gabriel

Gabriel Nicknames

Popular nicknames are often widely used diminutives coined from the original name. Below are popular nicknames for Gabriel:

  1. Abe
  2. Gab
  3. Riel
  4. Gabs
  5. Briel
  6. Gabe
  7. Gabri
  8. Gabby/Gabey

Cute Nicknames for Gabriel

Cute nicknames can be formed by adding words of endearment to a name or by tweaking the original name to make it sound cuter than it already is. Here are cute nicknames for Gabriel:

  1. Ree
  2. Biel
  3. Gabes
  4. Gaby Baby
  5. Gab-Gab
  6. Gabe The Babe
  7. Angel/Angel Gabriel: Inspired by the biblical Angel Gabriel.

Cool Nicknames for Gabriel

Cool nicknames are formed by tweaking the original name to make it sound cool or by adding interesting terms or suffixes to the name. Here are cool nicknames for Gabriel:

  1. GB
  2. Gib
  3. Gale
  4. Gavvie
  5. Gabrian
  6. Gabriello
  7. Gabby Goon
  8. Gabo/Gaybo
  9. Gabbuchino: A combination of Gabriel + Cappuccino (milky coffee).

Nicknames from Famous People Named Gabriel

Nicknames from famous people can make very suitable substitutes for someone who bears a similar name or the same name. Below is our list of famous people (and their nicknames) that bear Gabriel:

  1. Gabriel Barbosa (also known as Gabigol): A Brazilian footballer.
  2. Gabriel Saporta (also known as Gabanti): A Uruguayan-American musician.
  3. Gabriel Macht (also known as Gabriel Swann): An American actor.
  4. Gabriel O Pensador (also known as Gabriel Contino/Gabriel The Thinker): A Brazilian singer, songwriter, and rapper.
  5. Gabriel Garcia Márquez (also known as Gabito): A Colombian novelist, Nobel Prize Laureate, and journalist.
  6. Gabriel Jesús Iglesias (also known as Fluffy): A Mexican-American comedian and actor.

Nicknames from Fictional Characters Named Gabriel

Fictional Characters often possess interesting personalities, making them a fun source of nicknames. Below are nicknames from fictional characters named Gabriel:

  1. Gabriel Stokes (Father Gabriel) is the main character in the comic book and television series The Walking Dead.
  2. Gabriel (also known as Loki or The Trickster): A character in the television series Supernatural.
  3. Gabriel Gray (also known as Sylar): A character in the television show Heroes.
  4. Gabriel Reyes (also known as Reaper): A character in the video game Overwatch.
  5. Gabriel Lewis (also GSL, Birdman, Gabe Wad, Skeleton Man): A character in the television show The Office.
  6. Gabriel Jones (also known as Gabe Jones): A fictional character in Marvel Comics.
  7. Gabriel (also known as Halloween): A character in the novel Idlewild.
  8. Gabriel Summers (also known as Vulcan): A Marvel Comics villain.
  9. Gabriel Cohuelo (also known as Velocidad): A Marvel Universe mutant.
  10. Gabriel (also known as Gabriel The Warrior): A character in the video game Minecraft Story Mode.

Variants of The Name Gabriel

The variants of a name from other languages and countries can also make suitable nicknames for people who would like to retain the meaning of their name. Here are variants of the name Gabriel:

  1. Gabr: An Arabic variant of Gabriel.
  2. Gavrel: A Yiddish variant of Gabriel.
  3. Gavrilo: A Serbian variant of Gabriel.
  4. Gavriel: A Hebrew variant of Gabriel.

Did we leave out any great pet names for Gabriel? Be sure to share them with us in the comments section below!

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