135 Strandy Nicknames For Guys With Beards

Do you need nicknames for guys with beards?

Perhaps, your friend has decided to grow a beard, and even if you hate to admit it, the beards look great.

Beards have always been an attractive feature in men. For a while, the clean shave took over, and men began to abandon the honored tradition of manliness – beards.

Why did Men think a clean shave was a good idea? For the same reason, men do anything — to look more attractive and desirable to women.

Some ladies believe beards are dirty and it gets in the way of a good time. For these women, a clean-shaven man is cute, he takes care of his looks, and he’s confident enough to show his face without hiding behind facial hair.

Of course, this is a big heap of rubbish, because growing a beard is not an easy feat.

First, to grow a beard, a man must be patient. There would be days when it will look funny, there would be itchy days, and there would be days when people will tell you to stop trying because it looks horrible.

Yet, you have to keep washing and oiling until you finally grow your beards to the desired shape. For most men, growing facial hair is like watching paint dry.

Eventually, when your beards have grown to the length you desire,  you will have to experiment with different styles, until you find the perfect style for your face. Finding the perfect style for your face is not in any way easy as well, you will have to grow, trim and sometimes shave it off and start over.

After finding your perfect style, you need to maintain your beards by cleaning, trimming and regularly oiling it to ensure it isn’t dirty.

To be honest, growing a beard is not in any way easy and that is why there is a growing belief that anyone who has the patience to grow a beard can deal with any issue. A recent study strengthened this theory, when it found that men with facial hair, specifically, the bushy ones are better at long-term relationships than clean-shaven men.

Thankfully, Men are growing beards again, which is why we have compiled nicknames you can call a guy with beards.

Nicknames For Guys With Beards

Nicknames for guys with beards

The following are good nicknames for guys with beards:

  1. Abe Lincoln
  2. Admiral’s Pennant
  3. Beard
  4. Beard Man
  5. Black Santa
  6. Bristles
  7. Broom
  8. Bumfluff
  9. Burnsides
  10. Carroty Bunches
  11. Charlie Chaplin
  12. Charles Manson
  13. Chester
  14. Chevron
  15. Chewbacca
  16. Chin Curtain
  17. Confucius
  18. Cookie Duster
  19. Creeper
  20. Crumb Catcher
  21. Crumb Duster
  22. Dali
  23. Darwin
  24. Da Vinci
  25. Doormat
  26. Duck Dynasty
  27. Dumbledore
  28. Dundrearies
  29. Emperor Friedrich III
  30. Face Fungus
  31. Fanny Duster
  32. Fine Tassels
  33. Five o’clock shadow
  34. Flavor Saver
  35. Fly-Brushes
  36. Forrest Gump
  37. Freestyle
  38. Fu Manchu
  39. Furry Hippie
  40. Furface
  41. Fur Muzzle
  42. Gandalf
  43. Gene Shalit
  44. Goatee
  45. Goatees
  46. Grass Grin
  47. Grizzly
  48. Groucho Marx
  49. Hagrid
  50. Handlebar
  51. Hirsute
  52. Hitler Stash
  53. Homeward-Bounders
  54. Horseshoe
  55. Huddle
  56. Hungarian
  57. Imperial
  58. Imperials
  59. ISIS
  60. Jack Sparrow
  61. Kaiser Wilhelm
  62. Karl Marx
  63. Lady Tickler
  64. Lip Foliage
  65. Lip Sweater
  66. Lip Wig
  67. Long Whiskers
  68. Love-Curls
  69. Manhood
  70. Mistache
  71. Mo
  72. Mobile Tea Strainer
  73. Moustachio
  74. Mouth-brow
  75. Mustachio
  76. Muttonchops
  77. Muzzle-Lashings
  78. Natural
  79. Nodding Harvests
  80. Nose Bug
  81. Nose Neighbor
  82. Oak
  83. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  84. Osama
  85. Pancho Villa
  86. Peach Fuzz
  87. Pencil
  88. Plantations of Hair
  89. Pornstache
  90. Pornstar
  91. Push Broom
  92. Rasputin
  93. Rebellious Bristles
  94. Redundant Mops
  95. Rick Ross
  96. Rollie Fingers
  97. Rudolph
  98. Sacred Things
  99. Saddam
  100. Santa Claus
  101. Sideburns
  102. Sidelocks
  103. Sluggers Ziff
  104. Socrates
  105. Stache
  106. Stacher
  107. Stubble
  108. Suburbs of The Chin
  109. Tache
  110. Taliban
  111. Tash
  112. The Crop
  113. The Fleece
  114. The Hermit
  115. Thrice-Noble Beards
  116. Tom Selleck
  117. Toothbrush
  118. Trash Stash
  119. Trucker
  120. Tuft
  121. Undercover Brother
  122. Van Dyke
  123. Viny Locks
  124. Vontses (in Yiddish)
  125. Walrus
  126. Weed
  127. Weepers
  128. Whiskerandoes
  129. Whiskers
  130. Winnebago Locks
  131. Wolf
  132. Wolverine
  133. Yellow Bamboos
  134. Yosemite Sam
  135. Ziff

Do you know any great pet name for a guy with long beards, go ahead and add it in the comment section.

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