100+ Jaw-Dropping Nicknames For Guys With Big Dicks

There are guys walking around with huge dicks between their legs and as such, we need nicknames for guys with big dicks.

Let me tell you, life is really good if you have a big dick. In the changing room, when other boys feel insecure about their dicks, you look up with confidence, because to be honest, you’ve been blessed by nature.

When people say size doesn’t matter, you don’t feel like it’s an inside joke mocking your small penis or just a gimmick to make you feel better.

You know it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

People make jokes about small dicks, but for you, your nicknames reference your big dick.

Some of the nicknames for people with big dicks are creative and some are just plain stupid and unimaginative. But you don’t really care, because, let’s face it when your Nickname is Heavy D or Third Leg, everyone knows why people call you such nicknames.

In this article, I’m going to list different types of names you can call a guy with a big dick.

Nicknames For Guys With Big Dicks

Nicknames for guys with big dicks

So what names can you call a guy with a big dick?

  1. AK-47
  2. Ankle Spanker
  3. Baby-Arm
  4. Baton
  5. BBC
  6. Beaver Basher
  7. Bed Snake
  8. Beef Whistle
  9. Big Bird
  10. Big Dong
  11. Big Time
  12. Bratwurst
  13. Burrito
  14. Candle
  15. Captain
  16. Cervical Spear
  17. Clarinet
  18. Cranny Axe
  19. Cum Gun
  20. Custard Launcher
  21. Dagger
  22. Deep-V Diver
  23. Dickie
  24. Dingus
  25. Dink
  26. Dinkie
  27. Dinky
  28. Dip Dong
  29. Dipstick
  30. Disco Stick
  31. Donger
  32. Dragon
  33. Dude Piston
  34. Easy Rider
  35. Elephant gun
  36. Fire Hose
  37. Fire Man
  38. Flesh Flute
  39. Flesh Tower
  40. Footlong
  41. Fun Stick
  42. Girth
  43. God of Pleasure (GOP)
  44. Goober
  45. Goofy Goober
  46. Groin Ferret
  47. Heavy D
  48. Hose
  49. Jackhammer
  50. John Thomas (Big John)
  51. Joystick
  52. Kaptain Kielbasa
  53. Kidney Scraper
  54. King Dingaling
  55. King Dong
  56. Lamb Kebab
  57. Lap Rocket
  58. Longfellow
  59. Longus
  60. Magic Wand
  61. Magnum
  62. Mallet
  63. Mamba
  64. Man Meat
  65. Master Sword
  66. Microphone
  67. Mr. Bedwell
  68. Mr. Long skin
  69. Mr. Orgazmo
  70. One-eyed dragon
  71. Pied Piper
  72. Pipe
  73. Piston
  74. Pitched Tent
  75. Pleasure Stick
  76. Pocket Rocket
  77. Pork Sword
  78. Power Pole
  79. Pump Action
  80. Python
  81. Rifle
  82. Rod
  83. Rod of Moses
  84. Satanic Dipstick
  85. Sausage
  86. Schlong
  87. Shaft
  88. Skin Flute
  89. Snake
  90. Soldier
  91. Spawn Hammer
  92. Stick Shift
  93. Third Leg
  94. Thumper
  95. Thundersword
  96. Tonk
  97. Tool
  98. Tripod
  99. Tubesteak
  100. Twinkie
  101. Vlad the Impaler
  102. Wang
  103. Wanger
  104. Wee Wee
  105. Whoopie Stick
  106. Wiener
  107. Wing Dang Doodle
  108. Womb Broom
  109. Womb Ferret
  110. Womb Raider

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Is there any other great nickname for a guy that has a big dick that isn’t on this list, go ahead and add it in the comment section.

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32 thoughts on “100+ Jaw-Dropping Nicknames For Guys With Big Dicks”

  1. I was SURe SOMEbody would’ve added this one missing from the list. I heard this on back in the 80’s:

    “Trouser Snake”

  2. Add

    SCHLONG (how could you leave this out)


    Main vein Cane
    Or vein Cane

    Cocker spaniel

    Beard splitter


    Dingle or Dingus

    Gospel pipe


    Meat skewer

    Bold headed sailer

    Red cap

    Tonsil tickler

    The hammer “I’m going To drop the hammer on her tonight”

    Candy cane “my penis has a bend in it at the tip, so she called it “candy cane” an sucked until it was gone

    Worm “ I can’t wait to show my “worm” her worm hole

  3. Vein Cain
    Example: Drain the Main “vein Cain”.

    I was sorta disappointed with the Penis names the Vagina name section was on point. Slim Pickens with the penis name choices.

  4. Mines call the meat switch or the Jackson sledge, King ding-a-ling. King ding dong. Long Tom. Hammer, Mandingo, meat stick, pork steeple, Big Bad John. Long Dong Silver, Cock of the walk, KY, Stud, tummy Tickler, Big Iron,The Weapon, Tomaknocer, meat loaf suprise, Lap Rocket, Gut blocker, Root, long ranger, Meat, Louisville Slugger,

  5. I call my cock “The Bandwagon” because all it takes is one person to start talking about it & next thing you know Everybody is trying to jump on it.

  6. When woman ask me what do I call em I day Lerch like on Adam’s family because he’s tall and at your service. They laugh till they see em

  7. One of my mates call his Darth Vader because of the colour and size of his dick and another calls his “The Titanic” because”nearly everyone goes down on it”.


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