40+ Witty Nicknames For Guys With One Testicle

The appropriate term for a guy with only one testicle is monorchid. Since you can’t go around calling someone a monorchid, I have compiled a list of popular nicknames for guys with one testicle.

Monorchism describe the state of having only one testicle within the scrotum and it can happen for several reasons.

One of the reasons a guy might have one testicle is due to injury. For example, Brian Foster, a former UFC 129 fighter literally lost a testicle as a result of a kick to his groins.

Another reason a guy might have one testicle is due to testicular cancer or the possibility of testicular cancer. For example, Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party had a testicle removed due to testicular cancer.

Also, a common reason why a guy might have one testicle is due to an undescended testis. For example, Adolph Hitler had one testicle due to cryptorchidism; undescended testis.

To answer the question that is on your mind, a man with one testicle can live a normal life. Having one testicle can be awkward but it doesn’t affect sex or reproduction.

So, what type of nicknames can you call a guy with only one ball?

Nicknames for guys with one testicle

Nicknames For Guys With One Testicle

No doubt, most of these nicknames are insulting nicknames, since people will make fun of anything. If you have one testicle, I hope you don’t take this name to heart.

  1. 1Pac
  2. 50 Cent
  3. Ballsy
  4. Cock’n’ball
  5. Costello
  6. Eight Ball
  7. Einstein
  8. Grape of wrath
  9. Grapes
  10. Guv’nor
  11. Half Life
  12. Half Man
  13. Half Sack
  14. Half Treble
  15. Han Solo
  16. John Kruk
  17. Lance
  18. Last Maltese
  19. Mono
  20. Monoball
  21. One Ball Willy
  22. One Balled Freak
  23. One Nut Wonder
  24. One Wheel Drive
  25. Onestone
  26. Onesy
  27. Plum
  28. Plumb Bob
  29. Sack-o-solitude
  30. Schrödinger’s Sac
  31. Single-Sack
  32. Solo-Sack
  33. Testiclease
  34. Testiclops
  35. The Grapist
  36. The Uniballer
  37. Thunderball
  38. Uni
  39. Uniball
  40. Womball
  41. Wrecking Ball
  42. XBall one

Do you know any nickname for a boy with one testicle, you can add it in the comment section.

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21 thoughts on “40+ Witty Nicknames For Guys With One Testicle”

  1. I grew up in a working class family, loads of gangsters kids.
    When I was 13, the kids started calling me “Hitler ”
    I still wonder how they found out,.
    God it was difficult..
    The song.. Hitler has only got one ball. .. God I used to squirm and be embarrassed.

  2. I lost my right testicle to cancer back in 2014. Here are some that I came up with.
    Left Alone
    Not alright
    Can’t get right
    Broken Pinata
    Sad Sack
    Lone Sack
    I also used to DJ so I would come up with slogans to promote the festivities such as……”Come out and have a ball” and on New Years Eve I’d say “Come out and watch my ball drop”

  3. In school , I had a boyfriend in Stuttgart whom I called the ‘unibanger ‘ after he lost a testicle in a horrific bicycle wreck.


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