90+ Popular Nicknames for Henry

Some might argue that it is difficult to find good nicknames for Henry, which is why, in this post, we listed all the best nicknames for Henry.

Let’s start with the origin of the name Henry.

Henry originated from the Germanic words “haim,” “heim,” which means “Home,” and “ric,” which means ruler. The Normans introduced the name to England as Henri – “Ruler of the household.”

The popularity of the name Henry has risen over time, becoming a trendy name in English-speaking countries. The eight Kings named Henry contributed immensely to the popularity of the name.

List of Nicknames for Henry

Now, let’s examine the names you can call someone named Henry. Also, do you know why Hank and Harry are popular nicknames for Henry?

Why is Hank a nickname for Henry?

There are several theories on how Hank became a diminutive of Henry, but the most plausible is found in the origin of the name Henry. Most names have evolved across time and languages, but most times, the nicknames stay the same.

For Henry, Hank was a popular pet name for the name Hendrick, which is regarded as the Dutch form of Henry. So even when Henry became the more popular form of the name, Hank remained a nickname for Henry.

Why is Harry a Nickname for Henry?

Are you aware that the real name of Prince Harry (Duke of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s husband) is Henry? Prince Harry’s full name is Henry Charles Albert David, but he’s been called Harry since he was a boy.

Henry has been a popular name for ages, mainly because it was popular among British and French Monarchs.

Although most British monarchs were named Henry, their subjects often called them Harry. Perhaps because it was easier to pronounce than Harry than the foreign form of the name, which at the time was introduced to England by the Normans in the form, Henri.

This is why Harry has remained a popular nickname for Henry.

Popular Nicknames for Henry

These popular nicknames for Henry are directly gotten from the name itself and are a great first choice for anyone looking for nicknames for Henry. Here are a few nicknames for Henry you would love:

  1. Hank: a short nickname for Henry.
  2. Harry: A common nickname for the name Henry.
  3. Hen
  4. Hanky – From Hank
  5. Spanky – From Hank
  6. Henz
  7. Hens
  8. Ry
  9. Ree
  10. Ry-Ry: The last two letters of Henry are pronounced twice.
  11. Hal
  12. Hendry
  13. Enry
  14. Henri
  15. Henrik
  16. Henrich
  17. Henk
  18. Rik

Funny Nicknames for Henry

Nicknames can also be funny, especially when it is the right fit for the person. Here are some funny nicknames for Henry:

  1. Jekyll: Nicknamed after the fictional character Dr. Henry Jekyll.
  2. Hengry: A Henry with a short temper.
  3. Hanky Panky: From Hank.
  4. Tank: Henry, Hank, Tank. A good nickname for a muscular Henry.
  5. Heinz: A reference to ketchup, a Henry who likes ketchup.
  6. Horny: Henry, Honry, Horny.
  7. Chick: Because of Hen.
  8. Cuckoo: From Hen, the short form of the name.
  9. Henrietta: A female form of the name, but when used for a guy, it’s funny.
  10. Hennas
  11. HenryTheBuilder
  12. HairyHenry
  13. Tenners: From Henry to Hen, Hen to Henners, Henners finally becomes Tenners.

Cute Nicknames for Henry

Do you know any cute Henry in need of a nickname, then you should look no further. This list of cute nicknames for Henry is undoubtedly going to leave you satisfied:

  1. Dearie
  2. Renny
  3. Honey
  4. ReeRee
  5. Reece
  6. Henree

Cool Nicknames for Henry

In the social media era, nicknames have become a plus as they double as great social media handles. Here are some cool nicknames for Henry that would work:

  1. King: Because Thierry Henry used to be called King.
  2. Henny: The common name of Hennesy, the liquor brand. A cool nickname for a Henry that likes his drink.
  3. Hennessy: The liquor brand.
  4. Ford: From Henry Ford.
  5. Henrythe5th: A cool Instagram handle for Henry.
  6. Enrico
  7. Enrique
  8. HenDawg
  9. Hensy
  10. HenchMan

Famous People Named Henry

When searching for nicknames for a popular name like Henry, checking the nickname of famous people named Henry is one of the quickest ways to find good nicknames. The popularity of the name Henry means there are a lot of famous people named Henry.

Here are some famous people named Henry:

  1. Henry Ford: American industrialist; Founder of Ford Motor Company.
  2. Thierry Henry: French footballer and Arsenal legend.
  3. Henry Cavill: British actor.
  4. Henry Kissinger: American politician, Diploma, 1973 Nobel Peace Prize Winner.
  5. Henry Winkler: American actor and producer.
  6. Henry Tingle Wilde: Chief Officer of the RMS Titanic.
  7. Henry Hugh Tudor: British soldier.
  8. Henry Fox Talbot: English scientist, inventor, and photography pioneer.
  9. Henry Surtees: British racing driver.
  10. Henry Sugut: Kenyan long-distance runner.
  11. Henry Schichtle: American football player.
  12. Henry Rollins: American Singer.
  13. Henry Bertram Price: A United States Navy Captain; the 30th Naval Governor of Guam.
  14. Henry Parayre: French Sculptor.
  15. Henry Moore: English sculptor and artist.
  16. Henry Menzies: Scottish rugby player.
  17. Henry Miller: American author.
  18. Henry Lukin: South African military commander.
  19. Henry Lau: Chinese singer, dancer, and violinist.
  20. Henry Hudson: English sea explorer.
  21. Henry Golding: British Malaysian actor.
  22. Henry Czerny: Canadian film, stage, and television actor.
  23. Henry Cardenas: Colombian road cyclist.
  24. Henry Bibby: American basketball player.

Fictional Characters Named Henry

The name Henry has also become popular among fictional characters over time. These fictional characters are good nicknames for someone named Henry.

Here are a few fictional characters named Henry:

  1. Henry (Amazing Animals)
  2. Henry Branwell (The Infernal Devices)
  3. Henry Hawk (Looney Tunes)
  4. Henry (KaBlam!)
  5. Henry (The Dream Songs)
  6. Henry the Octopus (The Wiggles)
  7. Henry the Green Engine (The Railway Series)
  8. Henry I (Once Upon A Time)
  9. Henry (Comic)
  10. Uncle Henry (the Oz books)
  11. Horrid Henry (Horrid Henry TV Show)
  12. Henry Bowers (IT)
  13. Henry Clerval (Frankenstein)
  14. Henry Deacon (Eureka)
  15. Henry Forman (Marvin Marvin)
  16. Henry Gupta (Tomorrow Never Dies)
  17. Henry Keddy (Angry Boys)
  18. Henry F. Potter (It’s A Wonderful Life)
  19. Henry Pym (Ant-Man)
  20. Henry Townshend (Silent Hill 4)

There you go, a list of all the good Henry nicknames we know.

Now, it’s your turn to share any good Henry nickname that isn’t on the list.

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