67 Beautiful Nicknames For Jessica

Despite being a popular name, finding nicknames for someone named Jessica can give you a headache. In this article, we share all the awesome Jessica nicknames we know.

The name “Jessica” is of Hebrew origin, and it means “gift” or “God beholds.” It is generally believed that the name may have been the Anglicization of the biblical name “ISCAH,” the name of the daughter of Haran mentioned briefly in Genesis 11:29. Iscah was spelled Jesca in the Matthew Bible Version available in Shakespeare’s time. The original Hebrew name “Yiskah” means “foresight.”

Between 1981 up until 1997, Jessica was either the first or second most popular name given to female children in the United States. It fell out of the top 20 in 2004, the following year, 2005 it rose to be the most popular female baby name in England and Wales and dropped to number 3 in 2006.

Jessica Nicknames

Famous People Named Jessica

Famous people are a popular source of nicknames. For example, someone named James could be nicknamed Jamie and then end up as Jamie Lannister or maybe Kingslayer (Game of Thrones Reference). So, for someone named Jessica, her nickname could be inspired by any these famous people named Jessica:

  • Jessica Alba (American actress)
  • Jessica De Gouw (Australian actress)
  • Jessica Delgau (Canadian Swimmer)
  • Jessica Ennis (British athlete)
  • Jessica Wahls (German Pop Singer)
  • Jessica Yu ( American film director)
  • Jessica L. Wright (American politician)
  • Jessica Zafra (Filipina writer)
  • Jessica Zhu (Chinese-American Pianist)
  • Jessica Taylor ( English Singer)
  • Jessica Rossi (Italian sport shooter)

Other popular fictional characters with the name Jessica also include:

  • Jessica Day (New Girl)
  • Jessica (Merchant of Venice)
  • Jessica Glitter (How I Met Your Mother)
  • Jessica Jones (Marvel Comics Superhero)
  • Jessica Lovejoy (The Simpsons)
  • Jessica Sanders (Heroes).

Also, Jessica can be a middle name as in the case of American actress, model, singer, and Producer “Sarah Jessica Parker.”

Jessica is undeniably a beautiful name, and nothing stops you from coming up with a nickname to personalize it if you want to. Here are a few Jessica nicknames to help with your search:

Short Nicknames for Jessica

First, let’s start with all the short Jessica nicknames; nicknames that are more or less a short form of Jessica. The following are short nicknames for Jessica:

  1. Jess – One of the most popular nicknames for Jessica.
  2. Jessy – Another popular nickname for Jessica.
  3. Jessie – Pet name for Jessica.
  4. Jessi – Coined from the first five letters of Jessica.
  5. Jessa – Jess with an A.
  6. Jes – Coined from the first three letters of Jessica.
  7. JJ – J squared.
  8. Jessca – All the letters of Jessica except “I.”
  9. Jesse – Can be used instead of “Jessie.”
  10. Jay – J spelled as pronounced.

Cute Nicknames for Jessica

If Jessica is your girlfriend or your bestie, or if she’s your sweet daughter, then you need a sweet pet name for her, which is why these cute Jessica nicknames are perfect:

  1. Kika – Replacing the S AND C in ‘Sica’ with K.
  2. Jex – First three letters of Jessica with an X instead of S.
  3. JessBoo – A boo named Jessica.
  4. Jessicat – An adorable Jessica who reminds you of a cute kitten.
  5. Jessica J – Jessica with an extra J.
  6. Jessie-J – Jessie with a J.
  7. Jezzee – Jessy re-spelt.
  8. Jessy-Bear – A Jessica that gives terrific bear hugs.
  9. Yessi – Jessi spelled with a Y.
  10. Juicy – Juicy Jessica.
  11. Jess Jess – Jess spelled twice.
  12. Baby J – A baby girl named Jessica.
  13. Jessiqua – A brilliant Jessica.
  14. Jessicka – Variation of Jessica.
  15. Jesska – A honest Jessica.
  16. Queen Jessi – The perfect nickname for a girlfriend named Jessica. Thankfully, it rhymes with Cersei (Game of Thrones reference).

Clever Nicknames for Jessica

Nicknames are even better when they are creative. The following are creative nicknames for someone named Jessica:

  1. Jessican – If Barack Can, then Jessi, Can.
  2. Jessabear – For the sweetest and most accommodating Jessica.
  3. Jezzica – Jessica spelled with z instead of s
  4. Jessey –Alternative spelling of Jesse.
  5. Jesselyn – Hebrew name, means “He Sees.”
  6. Jessalen – derived from the Hebrew name “Isach.”
  7. Jessabeth – A Jessica that is full of love.
  8. Jesse – After the biblical father of King David.
  9. Jessi-Jess – A creative nickname for Jessica.
  10. Jessyka – A creative twist on her name.
  11. Jesseca – Hebrew version of Jessica
  12. Jesaca – Jesseca with only one S.
  13. Jennica – Romanian form of Jessica.
  14. Jiji – A friendly, easy-going Jessica.
  15. Jesslyn – A benevolent, beautiful Jessica.

Cool Nicknames for Jessica

If you need a cool nickname for someone named Jessica, or maybe you’re Jessica, and you need a cool username, Instagram name, or a cool nickname, the following are cool nicknames for someone named Jessica:

  1. Jesizzle – Never a dull moment around her.
  2. Cassi – A cool Jennifer with a colorful personality.
  3. Cassie – Very funny Jessica.
  4. Casi – A alert, watchful Jessica.
  5. J-Dawg – A good friend name Jessica.
  6. Sika – A nature-loving Jessica.
  7. Jeje – A funny Jessica.
  8. Sheshi – Ruler
  9. Jeddie – Full of aspirations.
  10. Jesstifer – An outgoing Jessica.
  11. Jay Jay – “JJ”
  12. Juicy Jess – Jessica with the Juice
  13. Majestic Jessica – A Jessica that wonderfully carries herself.
  14. Jezzica – An enthusiastic Jessica.
  15. Jessalin – English and German variant of the name Jessica.

Funny Nicknames for Jessica

Funny nicknames are the best. If you agree, then you would love the following funny nicknames for Jessica:

  1. Jumpy Jess – A jumpy Jessica.
  2. Jess the jelly – Jelly Jessica.
  3. Jessicake – A Jessica that’s sweet like cake.
  4. Jess-e-bot – A computer geek Jennifer.
  5. Jesscow – A funny nickname for someone named Jessica.
  6. Jellymcflurry – Jessica, who loves ice cream.
  7. Jessica Pickles – A sweet Jessica.
  8. Jessica Tickles – A ticklish Jessica
  9. Jessi Slicky – A Jezeka, Gessica, Jennica,
  10. Jessicant – This funny Jessica nickname could be a reference to something she can’t do, or it could be a reference to the unfriendly word that rhymes with “can’t.” Thankfully, Jessicant also sounds like Lubricant.
  11. Jessimania – It rhymes with WrestleMania but if you add a “C,” it begins to make more sense.

The fate of a Jessica is in your hands. You have a rare opportunity to ensure she gets the best nickname. So, if you know any excellent Jessica nicknames we have left out, be a dear and share it in the comments section! Jessica would love you for it, except it’s a mean Jessica nickname, in that case, enjoy your hate cream!

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  1. I can’t find a name that suits me. One is ok but does not have a j in it. I kinda like juicy but that is kinnnda weird. So i need better suggestions.

  2. if you want another funny nickname, my mom used to call be Messy Jessie cuz when Hurricane Jessie (ME) comes into my room, I don’t leave without it probably looking like a mess. or I look like a mess cuz im also a clutz!


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