40+ Creative Nicknames for Lawrence

Are you looking for a suitable nickname for Lawrence?

What if we showed you that finding that perfect nickname doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming task?

We’ve written an extensive list of useful nicknames for the name Lawrence, as well as helpful descriptions to help you pick out the most suitable option.

But first, what’s the origin and meaning of the name Lawrence?

The masculine name Lawrence is said to be derived from the French name Laurent/the Latin name Laurentius.

One of the meanings of the name Lawrence is said to be “Victory/Honour”, inspired by the life of one of the earliest recorded bearers of the name — Lawrence of Rome/Saint Lawrence, who was a deacon. Lawrence is also said to mean “The bright one” or “The shining one”.

The name Lawrence is used in different parts of the world today.

Popular Nicknames for Lawrence

Lawrence Nicknames

Popular nicknames are often coined from the first few letters of the names or a combination of the original name with a suffix. Here are popular nicknames for Lawrence:

  1. Law
  2. Larry/Larrie
  3. Lars/Laz
  4. Rens
  5. Lenny
  6. Lon
  7. Wren
  8. Rory
  9. Lance
  10. Loren
  11. Loz

Cute Nicknames for Lawrence

A cute nickname would be just perfect for a sweetheart in your life that’s named Lawrence. Here are some cute nicknames for Lawrence:

  1. Lorrie
  2. Lozzie
  3. Renny
  4. Lawpea
  5. Wrenny
  6. Rence
  7. Lorry/Lawrie
  8. Lowrie
  9. Lorkin

Cool Nicknames for Lawrence

Cool nicknames are mostly formed by attaching suffixes or words that best describe a behavior attributed to the person. Here are cool nicknames for Lawrence:

  1. L-Wizzy
  2. L-Shizzle
  3. Lawny
  4. Law-Man
  5. The Law

Nicknames from Famous People Named Lawrence

Public figures are always a great source of nicknames — they’re often getting new nicknames from family, friends, and fans! Here are some famous people (and their nicknames) who bear the name Lawrence:

  1. Lawrence Gray (also known as Larry): An American actor.
  2. Lawrence Welk (also known as King of Champagne Music): An American musician, accordionist, bandleader, and television impresario.
  3. Lawrence Julius Taylor (also known as T): An American former professional football player.
  4. Lawrence Bruno Nero Dallaglio (also known as Del Boy): A retired English rugby union player.
  5. Lawrence Oates (also known as Titus Oates): A British army officer.
  6. Sir Lawrence James Wackett (also known as Linky): An Australian who was the father of the Australian aircraft industry.

Nicknames from Fictional Characters Named Lawrence

Fictional characters that bear Lawrence can be a great source of nicknames. This is usually because of the unique and interesting personalities these characters possess. Here’s a list of fictional characters named Lawrence:

  1. Lawrence Fletcher (also known as Mr. Flynn): A fictional character in Phineas and Ferb
  2. Lawrence Dooley (also known as Mr Cool or Bird Boy): A fictional character on Nickelodeon’s show, School of Rock.
  3. Lawrence Stewart “Larry” Talbot (also known as Wolf Man): A fictional character in the 1941 Universal film, The Wolf Man.
  4. Lawrence (also known as The Goon or Boombox Goon): A fictional character in DC Comics Batman.
  5. Lawrence Kroger (also known as Pinto): A fictional character in the 1978 film Animal House.
  6. Lawrence Gordon (also known as Larry): A fictional character in the Saw franchise.

Variants of Lawrence

Variants of the name Lawrence make great nicknames for people that still want to keep in touch with the original name. Here are variants of Lawrence:

  1. Laurent: A French variant of the name Lawrence.
  2. Lorenzo: A Spanish variant of the name Lawrence.
  3. Lavrentios: A Greek variant of the name Lawrence.
  4. Lorenz: A German variant of the name Lawrence.
  5. Renzo: An Italian variant of the name Lawrence.

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