30+ Fantastic Nicknames for Luis

Have you been trying to find a nickname for someone named Luis?

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Origin and Meaning of Luis

Luis is the Spanish variant of the Germanic Hlūdowig — a combination of “Hlūd,” which means Fame, and “Wig,” which means Warrior. Luis is therefore interpreted to mean “Famous/Renowned warrior.”

The name Luis has continued to gain popularity, especially in countries like Spain, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

In 2019, Luis ranked as the 9th most popular name given to baby boys in Germany and the 34th most popular name given to baby boys in Austria in 2018.

Popular Nicknames for Luis

Luis Nicknames

This category consists of widely used and generally accepted nicknames for Luis. In many cases, they are diminutives of the original name. Here are popular nicknames for Luis:

  1. Lu
  2. Lou
  3. Luiz
  4. Lewis
  5. Louie/Louey
  6. Lewi
  7. Luichi

Cute Nicknames for Luis

Cute nicknames are perfect if you’re looking for an endearing title for someone special named Luis. These nicknames are usually formed by adding cute terms to the name. Here are some cute nicknames for Luis:

  1. LuLu
  2. Loo
  3. Lew
  4. Looey
  5. Looney
  6. Lula
  7. Izz/Is
  8. Issy Bear
  9. Issy Sissy: A combination of the diminutive Issy and the word Sissy, which means “soft/feeble.”
  10. Lil Lui/Little Lui

Cool Nicknames for Luis

Cool nicknames are often formed by attaching interesting suffixes to the original name so that the name sounds even cooler. Here are some cool nicknames for Luis:

  1. Don Luis
  2. Lucho
  3. Warrior: Inspired by the literal meaning of the name Luis.

Nicknames from Famous People and Fictional Characters Named Luis

Famous people and fictional characters often lead exciting lives, which makes them a great source of nicknames, suitable for anyone who shares the same name. Here are some nicknames from famous people and fictional characters named Luis:

  1. Luis Alberto Pérez (El Demoledor): A Nicaraguan boxer.
  2. Luis Azzeredo (The Joker) is a Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter.
  3. Luis Manuel Rodriguez (El Feo): A Cuban boxer.
  4. Luis Rodriguez (El Fenito) is a Puerto Rican volleyball player.
  5. Luis Antonio Rivera (Yoyo Boing): A Puerto Rican television host.
  6. Luis Ferdinand Vega Jr. (also known as Little Louie Vega): A Puerto Rican musician and producer.
  7. Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri (El Sol de Mexico): A Mexican singer.
  8. Luis Ortiz (also known as Perico): A Puerto Rican Musician.
  9. Lusi Rafel Sánchez (“WicoSanchez): A Puerto Rican playwright.
  10. Luis (also known as Boss, Three Wombats, or Human Jukebox): A character in The Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Variants of The Name Luis

The variants of Luis from other countries, cultures, or languages often make great nickname options for someone named Luis. Below are some variants of Luis:

  1. Luisito: An Old German variant of Luis.
  2. Loui: A Danish variant of Luis.
  3. Ludis: A Latvian variant of Luis.

Are there any good nicknames for Luis that we omitted from our list? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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