30+ Creative Nicknames for Lydia

Are you looking for a good nickname for Lydia? In this article, you will find several cute, cool, and popular nicknames you can call someone named Lydia.

But first, what’s the origin and meaning of Lydia?

The feminine name Lydia is derived from the Greek Λυδία (Ludía) which means “Beautiful one” or “Nobel one.”

The name Lydia is used in different parts of the world today. In 2019, Lydia was one of the most popular names given to baby girls in the United States.

Popular Nicknames for Lydia

Lydia Nicknames

Popular nicknames are often derived from the first few alphabets of the name or by modifying the name. Here are some popular nicknames for Lydia:

  1. Lia
  2. Lyds/Lids
  3. Dia
  4. Dee
  5. Didi
  6. Lee
  7. Lidi/Liddy

Cute Nicknames for Lydia

Cute nicknames may be inspired by sweet personality traits that a person exhibits. A cute nickname can also be the perfect fit for a very special Lydia. Here are some cute nicknames for Lydia:

  1. L.A
  2. Lulu
  3. Lada
  4. Lundy
  5. Lydie/Liddie
  6. Deedee
  7. Lili/Lily
  8. Beautiful: A nickname inspired by the meaning of Lydia.
  9. Lady Lydia

Nicknames from Famous People Named Lydia

Famous people can be a fun source of nicknames, especially for someone who bears a similar name or the same name as their favorite famous figure. Here are famous people (and their nicknames) who bear the name Lydia:

  1. Lydia Koidula (also known as Singer of the Dawn): An Estonian poet.
  2. Lydia Ko (also known as Lyds): A Korean-born New Zealand pro golfer.
  3. Lydia Lassila (also known as Lyd): An Australian Olympic freestyle skier.
  4. Lydia Litvyak (also known as Lilya): A fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force during World War 2.
  5. Lydia Mackay (also known as Amanda Wingfield or Sasha Jakes): An American voice-over actress.
  6. Lydia Shum (also known as Ah-Fay): A Hong Kong actress and comedian.
  7. Lydia Mendoza (also known as The Lark of the Border): An American guitarist and singer.

Nicknames for Fictional Characters Named Lydia

Fictional characters often have interesting personalities (and catchy nicknames!) Which makes them a fantastic source of nickname options. Here are some fictional characters named Lydia:

  1. Lydia (also known as The Baroness): A fictional character in Hotel Transylvania: The series.
  2. Lydia Worthen (also known as Lyddie): A fictional character in the novel Lyddie.
  3. Lydia Martin (also known as Ariel): A fictional character in Teen Wolf.

Variants of The Name Lydia

The variant of a name can substitute as a suitable nickname for someone who wants to keep in touch with the original meaning of their name. Here are variants of Lydia:

  1. Lydie: A French variant of the name Lydia.
  2. Lidia: An Italian variant of the name Lydia.
  3. Lyyti: A Finnish variant of the name Lydia.
  4. Lidka: A Polish variant of the name Lydia.
  5. Lidochka: A Russian variant of the name Lydia.

Did we miss any good nickname for the name Lydia? Be a dear and share them with us in the comment section below!

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