30+ Popular Nicknames for Mary

Do you need a good nickname for a lady named Mary? In this article, we list all the popular Mary nicknames we know.

But first, what is the meaning of the name, Mary?

Mary is a very popular feminine name, especially among Christians, which can be attributed to its Christian origins.

The name Mary is the Anglicized form of Maria, which in turn is the Latin form of the Greek name Maria found in the New Testament of the Bible. Mary has been widely used due to its associations with the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, and with Saint Mary Magdalene, who was called an apostle to the Apostles.

The Hebrew form of Mary “Miryam” is said to mean “sea of bitterness” “rebelliousness.” On the other hand, the meaning of the Christian name Mary “wished for a child” or “beloved lady” refers to the Christian reverence for the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

List of Nicknames for Mary

Mary Nicknames

This list of nicknames for Mary contains a list of cute, clever, and cool nicknames for anyone named Mary. So go ahead, choose a nickname or take two if you want.

  1. Mae
  2. Mamie
  3. Mitzi
  4. Molly
  5. Polly
  6. Maz
  7. May
  8. Ree
  9. Ray
  10. Maire
  11. Mimi
  12. Moira
  13. Marin
  14. Mjay
  15. Ry-ry – Ry in Mary pronounced twice.
  16. MaryFury
  17. Mari
  18. Mare
  19. MareBear
  20. Maisy
  21. Mara
  22. Marisol
  23. Mariella
  24. Meryl
  25. Maree
  26. Mary Lou
  27. Marigold
  28. Miri Marvel – A nickname for a strong Mary (A Mary Marvel reference).
  29. Moira
  30. Minnie – A nickname for a very adorable Mary (A Minnie Mouse reference).
  31. Marja
  32. Little Lamb – From the famous nursery rhyme.

Famous People Named Mary

If you are still struggling to come with good nicknames for Mary, consider the names or nicknames of famous people named Mary. Here are some famous people named Mary:

  • Mary McCartney – daughter of Paul McCartney of the Beatles and Linda McCartney
  • Mary Lou Retton – US Gymnast- Olympic all-around Champion (Gold Medallist)
  • Mary J. Blige – singer, popularly known as the Queen of Hip-hop soul.
  • Mary Cassatt – painter
  • Mary Tyler Moore – Actress
  • Mary Shelley – “Frankenstein” author
  • Mary Travers – of the singing group Peter, Paul and Mary
  • Mary I Tudor – Queen of England (“Bloody Mary”)
  • Mary Hopkin – Welsh singer-songwriter
  • Mary Quant – English fashion designer
  • Mary Black – folk singer
  • Mary Coughlan – Irish jazz singer
  • Mary Lavin – writer

Famous Fictional Characters Named Mary

Mary has gained prominence as a name for fictional characters in song, story, and screen. These fictional characters, named Mary, can also help with finding the perfect nickname. These are some popular fictional characters named Mary:

  • Mary Poppins – a character in the Mary Poppins books, film, and musical
  • Mary Katherine – Gallagher, a Saturday Night Live character created by Molly Shannon
  • Mary Kenwood – (Merrie Kenwood), a.k.a. Wedy of Death Note
  • Mary Marvel – A marvel superheroine popularly nicknamed Miri Marvel
  • Mary Alice Cullen – a character in the “Twilight” series
  • Mother Mary – mentioned in the Beatles song, “Let It Be.”
  • Mary Margaret Blanchard – (Snow White), a character in “Once Upon A Time.”
  • Mary Alice – Crosswire, monkey girl from Arthur; she goes by Muffy.
  • Mary Edwards – the name of Samantha’s grandmother in the American Girl Samantha books
  • Mary “Polly” Pepper – eldest daughter in Five Little Peppers by Margaret Sidney
  • Mary Flore – (The Wedding Planner) portrayed by Jennifer Lopez
  • Mary Santiago – from the movie “Another Cinderella Story.”

Each nickname on this list has been carefully selected to ensure they are a perfect fit for one Mary or more. Leave us a comment to suggest more nicknames for Mary we can add to our list.

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