100+ Brilliant Nicknames for Matthew

Do you need a good nickname to call someone named Matthew? We have compiled a huge list of all the cute, funny, clever and awesome Mathew nicknames we could find, fingers crossed, you will find the perfect nickname for your Matthew.

But first, where did the name Matthew come from? And can this information be used to come up with some clever nicknames?

The name Matthew is an English name derived from a Hebrew name known as “Matityahu.” The Hebrew name means “Gift of Yahweh” which can also be translated as the “Gift of God.” The Greek adopted it and called it “Matthaios.” In Latin, it became “Matthaeus” and finally the modern “Matthew.”

Matthew is the first book of the New Testament. It was written by Matthew, a disciple of Jesus Christ. He was one of the twelve that walked with the Lord in the three years of Ministry.

Before becoming a disciple of Jesus, Matthew was a tax collector, and he was previously called Levi. So, if you call someone named Matthew Levi, or Tax collector, at least you had a reason.

You can come up with good nicknames for Matthew by adding cute or funny words, shortening the name, or by calling him a word that rhymes with Matthew.

Nicknames For Matthew

Popular Matthew Nicknames

The following are popular nicknames for Matthew:

  1. Matt
  2. Matty
  3. Mato
  4. Matto
  5. Matheu
  6. Mats
  7. Mat
  8. Mattaus
  9. Mattie
  10. Mattieu
  11. Matz
  12. Matias
  13. Mateusz
  14. Mao
  15. Mateo
  16. Hewy
  17. Hewey
  18. Huey
  19. Theo
  20. Thew
  21. Teo
  22. MJ – Representing Matthew Junior. Perfect if the father or grandfather is also a Matthew.

If you prefer a short name for Matthew, the above nicknames would be perfect.

Cute Matthew Nicknames

If you prefer a sweet and adorable pet name for Matthew, here are cute nicknames for Matthew:

  1. Mays – It is a combination of Mathew and his son.
  2. Mack
  3. Maz
  4. Mac
  5. Math
  6. Matty Cakes
  7. Mattie Poo
  8. Mattel
  9. Matty boy
  10. Matters
  11. Matty Patty
  12. Mattatat
  13. Mate-o
  14. Matty Ice – Like Natty Ice.
  15. Matterhorn – For a loud Matthew.
  16. Mmmmm-hot – Only for good looking guys.
  17. Big boy Matt
  18. Wonderby Matthew
  19. Matty B – It could be Matty C, E or any letter of the alphabet. Pick the first letter of his surname.

Funny Matthew Nicknames

Funny nicknames are fun for everyone, except the person with the nickname. If you prefer a funny nickname, the following Matthew nicknames are perfect:

  1. 7:7 – A funny nickname for a guy named Matthew, which references the popular bible verse; Matthew 7:7. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” As you can imagine this nickname started as Matthew 7:7. Eventually, everyone just went with 7:7.
  2. Mattato – Like a Potato.
  3. Matato matata – From the worry-free line “Hakuna Matata.”
  4. Matt the Cat – For a flexible guy.
  5. Mattcatt
  6. Match – Perfect for the guy who is as thin as a matchstick.
  7. Moo – The sound a cow makes. Not may Matthew will like this nickname.
  8. M n M – After the chocolate brand.
  9. Mattchu – The sound of a sneeze. You can shorten it further to “Chu.”
  10. Mattress
  11. MattAttack – Sounds like a heart attack.
  12. Matty Waty
  13. Matt in the Hat
  14. Mashu – Created from Asian pronunciation accidents.
  15. Mattricia – You can call a Mathew who has a Patricia in his life as a wife, mother, sister or girl.
  16. Fat Matt – Ideal for a chubby Matthew, you might get punched in the face if you use this nickname.
  17. Matthrew

Clever Matthew Nicknames

If you prefer creative and inventive pet names, you would love these clever Matthew nicknames:

  1. Acclimatt – Derived and similar to the word acclimate.
  2. Acromattic – For a gymnast or a very flexible Matthew.
  3. Aromattics – If he smells good all the time.
  4. Diplomatt – An adventurous Matthew.
  5. Emmy – Eh-Me, it is like pronouncing the letter M with a long sounding E.
  6. Hewmorous – The “Hew” if from the latter part of Mathew. It is similar in pronunciation to the word “Humorous.” Perfect for a funny Matthew.
  7. Matteo Alacran – Derived from a book titled “The House of Scorpions.”
  8. Mattematics – Great for a nerd or book worm.
  9. Matencesse – Rhymes with the word “Frankincense.”
  10. Wehttam – A reverse of the name “Matthew.”
  11. Mattrick – Sounds like Patrick.
  12. Mattasaurus – Similar to the Thesaurus. You can give to the guy that seems to everything.
  13. Ya boi Mateus
  14. Matticus Finch
  15. Matted – The Matthew with the unruly hair.
  16. Mattholomeu – One of Christ disciples was called Bartholomew.
  17. Mattison
  18. Door Matt – Insinuating the word “doormat.”
  19. Bath Matt – Great for a shirtless man who doesn’t like to wear clothes.
  20. Major – A combination of Mathew and Junior
  21. Matthuselah – A name in honor of the oldest man who ever lived. The Biblical Methuselah who lived for 365 years.
  22. Matamachu
  23. Mattchu Picchu
  24. Mattimus Prime
  25. Mattachussettes – Like the city of Massachusetts.

Female Matthew Nicknames

These are names that can be used for a female and it is related to the name Matthew. They can also serve as nicknames for a Matthew for fun or in reality.

  1. Matilda
  2. Mattea
  3. Mattie
  4. Martha
  5. Mathia

Language Interpretations of Matthew

The spellings and pronunciation of Matthew in other languages differ, which means you can use any of these language variations as a nickname for a guy named Matthew:

  1. Maiu – Gaelic
  2. Maidiu – Gaelic
  3. Mathuin – Irish, which means bear as well
  4. Maitiu – Anglo-Saxon
  5. Matej – Czech
  6. Maitas – Celtic
  7. Mata – Gaelic, this is also a name borne by a popular footballer.
  8. Matvei – Russian
  9. Mathias – Scandinavian
  10. Matthieu – French
  11. Mattathias – Greek
  12. Matiss – Latvian
  13. Makaio – Hawaiian
  14. Matic – Slovene
  15. Matjaz
  16. Matus – Slovak
  17. Matia – Basque
  18. Tjaz
  19. Matija – Serbian
  20. Mateja
  21. Mattaniah – Biblical
  22. Mattithiah
  23. Mate – Georgian
  24. Maciej – Polish
  25. Motya – Russian
  26. Matfey
  27. Matthijis – Dutch
  28. Thijs
  29. Ties
  30. Mads
  31. Mato – Croatian
  32. Matko

Now, it is your turn to share any good nickname for Matthew you know. Don’t forget to tell us the story behind the nickname.

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  1. My brother in law calls me “Chew” for the last part of “Matt(HEW). That is a clever nickname I didn’t see on the list.

    My brother calls me “Matthew T”, because my middle name starts with a “T”. That’s his nickname for me.

    I hate being call “Matt” or seeing my name spelled with one “T”. The worst spelling for Matthew I ever saw was in 2nd grade on a Valentine’s the boy wrote “Matheu” which I understand he was sounding it out and writing it for himself.

  2. What if the boy you like is named Matthew…and he gave you a nickname and he suddenly asks you to give him a nickname…but you want to give him a sweet nickname because he gave you a sweet nickname…but you don’t wanna show that you like him because you are not really a flirt…and you want to give him a nice and sweet nickname that he would like…And he is 12 years old…sorry for the whole paragraph….I just need a good nickname…And he gave me the nickname Flower Girl….Because I was wearing Flowers on my Jacket…He was wearing an Adidas jacket and I didn’t think that it was really sweet so I didn’t give him that


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