90+ Beautiful Nicknames For Megan

Have you been struggling with coming up with the perfect nickname for a Megan?

Finding that perfect pet-name can be thrilling, but sometimes the process could turn out to be longer and more tedious than you would expect.

Let’s help you skip the whole process by handing you a list of all the best Megan nicknames we know.

But first, where does the name Megan come from, and what does it mean?

Megan is a feminine name with Welsh origin; it was originally a diminutive of the name Margaret (which has an Ancient Greek origin). The meaning of the name, Megan is “Pearl.”

Now, a lot of people get their nicknames from famous people who bear the same name. Thankfully, there are a lot of notable people named Megan.

Megan Nicknames

Are you ready to find some interesting nicknames for Megan? Here’s a list of the best Megan nicknames:

Short Nicknames for Megan

Would you rather go for a nickname that’s simple and brief, whether as a username online or a pet-name that fits on a customized item? Here are some short Megan nicknames to consider:

  1. Meg – One of the most popular nicknames for Megan.
  2. Megs – The not-so-regular version of Meg.
  3. Mega – If she’s big and beautiful, it’s the perfect nickname.
  4. Mego – A popularly used nickname for a Megan.
  5. Megi – A Latin/Greek variant of the name, meaning “Pearl.”
  6. Megu – A nickname with Japanese origin, interpreted as “kindness” or “blessing.”
  7. Meag – A variant of the name from Old Greek origin.
  8. M.G – From the first letters of the two syllables in the name Megan.
  9. Mae – If her name is spelled as Maegan, Mae would be a great fit.

Cool Nicknames For Megan

If you’d like a nickname that’s cooler than the rest or one adapted from a variant of the name Megan, here are some cool Megan nicknames:

  1. Megastar – A cool nickname for a talented Megan.
  2. Mehigan – An Irish-rooted variant of the name Megan.
  3. Mega Cool – For the coolest Megan ever.
  4. Gannie – An unusual twist of the last letters in the name.
  5. Megzy – Something for a stylish and insanely cool Meg.
  6. Meggy – A nickname with a Medieval English origin.
  7. Magana – A Greek variant of the name.
  8. Megara – A variant common as an African and Greek nickname (also the name of the female character with the crimson hair in the Disney movie, Hercules.
  9. Meganira – An Old Greek variant of the name Megan.
  10. Megann – A regular English variant.
  11. Meggie – A Greek alternative of the name.
  12. Megen – A less popular variant for a Megan.
  13. Megster – Suitable for a girl-next-door naked Megan.
  14. Maegan – A variant English spelling of the name.
  15. Maygan – An Old Greek alternative pronounced as “Mey-Gahn.”
  16. Meghanne – An English variant of Megan.
  17. MegaBabe – For a hot shot “mega babe” naked Megan.
  18. Meighan – An Old Greek alternative of the name.

Funny Nicknames For Megan

Is Megan the silliest or most hilarious person you know? Someone with a healthy sense of humor? Here are some funny names you can call someone named Megan:

  1. Moogan – For a very chubby Megan.
  2. Scrambled-meggs – For a foodie who’s particularly into eggs.
  3. Smeg – For a Meg who always has a Smug look on her face.
  4. Megoon – For the silliest Megan, you’d ever meet.
  5. Megiggles – This Megan is too lighthearted to ever hold back her giggles.
  6. Maheaghean – If Megan is an odd lady, this unusual name should fit.
  7. Megaroni – Skinny and fair-skinned like “Macaroni.”
  8. Meg-Gaga – Simply put, she’s a psycho.
  9. Meggie mouse – A wordplay on Mickey Mouse.
  10. Meggy-Wedgy – She’s the bully of her clique.
  11. MeMe – From the first two letters in the name Megan, and if she’s a natural comedian (think Meme), she’s deserving of this name.

Cute Nicknames For Megan

Would you rather go for a nickname that’s all shades of adorable? Something befitting for a really sweet Megan? Here are some cute pet names you can call a girl named Megan:

  1. Pearl – Culled from one of the literal meanings of the name Megan – Pearl.
  2. Meggie Boo – Add “Boo” to any name and you’ve got yourself an adorable nickname.
  3. Meggie Darling – Fitting nickname for an adorable Megan.
  4. Mego Eggo – For a Megan, that’s petite and as fragile as an egg.
  5. Megcicle – For a Megan sweeter than popsicles.
  6. Megpops – For a real Sweetheart.
  7. Megnog – For a very special and soft-hearted Megan.
  8. Maggs – Abbreviation of the variant Margaret.
  9. Megalodeon – For a young lady that has an obsession for the Nickelodeon channel.
  10. Meggy Munchkin – Perfect for your only munchkin.
  11. Megnugget – For a small but adorable Megan.
  12. Pearly White – From the interpretation of the name, Megan, which means “Pearl.” If she has a skin complexion that reminds of you of Pearls (white-skinned), this would be a suitable nickname.
  13. Megan-Darlin’ – If she is Texan, this would probably be a much-appreciated nickname.
  14. Meggy Muffin – For a round-faced Sweetheart.
  15. Meggy Momo – For a gorgeous little girl.
  16. Meggy Bear – A Megan with the sweetest and warmest personality.
  17. Megsie – A mushy and adorable nickname for a Megan.
  18. MeeMee – For a baby girl who’s still working on getting the pronunciation of her name right.
  19. MeggiePie – A Megan with the most wonderful and delicious personality.
  20. Merry Meggy – For the most optimistic and happy-go-lucky girl.
  21. Muggs – A sweet and popular nickname for a Megan.
  22. Megumegu – Most likely, how a little Megan would call her name.
  23. Mega-cutie – If that honestly describes your Megan, then nothing makes a better nickname.
  24. Meggie-May – If Megan was born in the 5th month of the year, why not?
  25. Meggers – A nickname with a German origin.
  26. Nutmeg – For a Megan with hazelnut-colored eyes.
  27. Eggie – For a small-statured Meggie.
  28. Meggy Doo-doo – A nickname with an adorable ring for a child that bears Megan.
  29. Megalicious – From the name Megan and the word, “Delicious,” for a delightful Megan.

Clever Nicknames For Megan

How about a nickname for Megan that’s witty and thoughtful? Here are some creative nicknames for someone named Megan:

  1. Gem – Meg spelled backward.
  2. Melegance – For a very elegant Megan.
  3. Megnet – Perfect for a Megan so popular that she can be considered a “people magnet.”
  4. Megnanimous – For the most cheerful giver, you know.
  5. Megan Sparkle – Culled from the name of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and suitable for an elegant Megan.
  6. Meh-gan – For the most indecisive Megan.
  7. Megsterious – An eerie and unusual lady named Megan.
  8. Meangan – Probably something everyone calls her at her back because of how mean and intimidating this Megan can be.
  9. Megan-Vegan – For a Megan who’s never eating meat.
  10. Megan Goody – From the name of American Actress Megan Good, for a Megan with a heart of gold.
  11. Megnadoodle – Adapted from the name of the toy Magna Doodle.
  12. Mega-Force – For a tough and strong-willed Megan.
  13. Megan-Margarita – For a Megan (or a Margaret) who enjoys a drink now and then.
  14. Meggo Leggo – For a very hyperactive Megan.
  15. Maggy-Saggy – For a rather sloppy Megan.
  16. Megneto – Culled from the fiction character Magneto from X-Men, for a Megan who is a big Marvel Comics fan.
  17. MeGun – For a Megan that knows her way around firearms.
  18. Megabyte – For a techy geek named Megan.
  19. Megan Train – From the name of American singer Meghan Trainor, for a Megan who’s a huge fan.
  20. Me-Gain – For a greedy or self-centered Megan.
  21. Meggie Sue – From the title of Vanessa Carlton’s hit song, Meggie Sue.
  22. Megzilla – For a scary-looking Megan, from the word “Godzilla.”
  23. M&M – A clever nickname for a Megan, especially if her middle name or last name also starts with an M.
  24. The Duchess – From the title held by Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex), for a sophisticated Megan.
  25. Megatron – From the Transformer franchise, suitable for a Nerdy Megan.
  26. Megenta – A wordplay on the color Magenta.
  27. Meganator – Adapted from the name Megan and the 1984 US movie Terminator, for a wild and destructive Megan.
  28. Mee-gin – This Megan is a Gin lover, and it’s not hard to tell.
  29. Megasaurus – From the 1960 Sci-fi movie Dinosaurus, for a Megan, that’s unusually large and maybe even frightful.
  30. Megawatts – For a science geek named Megan.
  31. O-Mega – A simple and easy-going Megan, from the word “Omega.”
  32. Foxy – From the name of the American Actress Megan Fox, for a fierce and appealing lady.

Notable People Named Megan

The names and nicknames of famous people named Megan can also be great pet names. The following are some notable people named Megan:

  • Meghan Markle –  Duchess of Sussex, former American actress and member of the British Royal Family
  • Megan Fox –   American actress
  • Meghan Trainor –   American singer/songwriter
  • Megan Jendrick – Olympic swimmer
  • Megan McDonald – American writer ( author of children’s books)
  • Megan Hauserman – Reality TV star and American model
  • Megan Ewing –   American Model
  • Meagan Good –  American actress
  • Megyn Kelly –   American News-anchor/Journalist
  • Megan Hart –  American author
  • Megan Danso –  Canadian actress
  • Megan Young – Miss World 2013 and Filipina-American actress

Fictional Characters Named Megan

The following are famous fictional characters named Megan –

  • Meggan – Fictional superhero character in the Marvel Comic books
  • Megan “Meg” Griffin – From the television series Family Guy
  • Megan Draper – A character from the television series Mad Men
  • Megan Eisenberg – From the film Father of the Bride (Part II)
  • Megan Parker –  A character from the Nickelodeon television series Drake & Josh
  • Megan Sparkles – A cartoon character from the television series Sanjay and Craig
  • Megan Macey – A character from the British soap opera Emmerdale
  • Megan Williams – An animated character from the TV series My Little Pony

Do you know any other really good nicknames for a Megan that’s not on this list? Maybe one you’ve been given in the past or a nickname that you’ve given to a Megan in your life?

Kindly share them with us in the comments section!

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