40+ Popular Nicknames for Melissa

Melissa is a popular female baby name. However, despite the popularity of the name, Melissa, finding a nickname from the name could be challenging.

In this article, we have compiled a list of all the popular, cute, funny, cool, and creative nicknames for Melissa.

But before we get to the list of nicknames, let’s consider the origin and the meaning of the name Melissa.

Melissa is of Greek origin from the Greek word mélissa meaning ‘bee’. In Greek mythology, Melissa was the name of a daughter of Procles, as well as an epithet of various Greek nymphs and priestesses.

Popular Nicknames for Melissa

Melissa Nicknames

Here is a list of popular, cute, short, funny, cool, and creative nicknames for Melissa:

  1. Lisa
  2. Lissa
  3. Mel
  4. Milly
  5. Missy
  6. Liss
  7. Liz
  8. Liza
  9. Issa
  10. Elissa
  11. Lissie
  12. Em – A sound-alike variant for the M in Melissa.
  13. Mellie
  14. Melly
  15. Milly
  16. Misa
  17. Missie
  18. Meezy
  19. Melis
  20. Sissy
  21. Misty
  22. Ellie
  23. Misty
  24. Ellie
  25. Elis
  26. Missa
  27. Mia – An Italian word meaning mine.
  28. Elsa – A nickname for Melissa inspired by a character in the ‘Frozen’ movie.
  29. Missy – An affectionate English name.
  30. Mitzi – A nickname inspired by a minor character in ‘Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow’
  31. Lili – A name often used to refer to the Lily flower.
  32. Melbell – M for Melissa and Bell from Tinkerbell.
  33. Melody – An English word meaning song.
  34. Sasa – A Hungarian name meaning ‘Princess’.
  35. M-Dawg – M for Melissa and D for Dawg.
  36. Melisande – A French variant for Melissa.
  37. Melony Felony
  38. Mega Moo
  39. Melcat
  40. Mella
  41. Melons
  42. Mellissippi

Famous People Named Melissa

In your search for good Melissa nicknames, have you considered the names and nicknames of famous people named Melissa? Here are some famous people named Melissa:

  • Melissa Benoist – American actress, singer, dancer, and activist
  • Melissa Fumero – American actress
  • Melissa George – Australian actress and entrepreneur
  • Melissa Gilbert – American actress and television director
  • Melissa Joan Hart – American actress
  • Melissa Auf der Maur – Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, photographer, and actress
  • Melissa Simon – American clinical obstetrician/gynecologist
  • Melissa Trainer – American astrobiologist

If we left out any good nickname for Melissa, be a dear and add it in the comment section.

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