50+ Beautiful Nicknames for Natalie

Everyone would agree that coming up with nicknames isn’t always a fun activity. Especially when you are trying to come up with a nickname for someone with a not-so-popular name.

But did you know that finding the right nickname can be easier than you think?

In this article, we’d be giving you a list of the best nicknames suitable for someone named Natalie as well as descriptions to make your selection process even easier!

But first, what is the origin of the name, Natalie?

This feminine name was derived from the Latin name Natalia, which is interpreted as “Christmas Day” or “Birthday of the Lord.” This name has gained popularity in German, Dutch and English-speaking countries around the world.

Natalie Nicknames

Famous People Named Natalie

When trying to come up with nicknames, a great place to begin would be by considering some of the most famous women who bear the name today. Here are some famous people named Natalie:

  • Natalie Portman (American actress, Producer & Director)
  • Natalie Cole (American singer, Songwriter & Performer)
  • Natalie Blair (Australian Tv actress)
  • Natalie Zea (American TV actress)
  • Natalie Gulbis (American Pro golfer)
  • Natalie Morales-Rhodes (Broadcast Journalist for NBC News)
  • Natalie Anderson (English TV actress)
  • Natalie Coughlin (American pro-swimmer & Olympic medalist)
  • Natalie Martinez (American actress & Model)

Are you ready to begin? Let’s go!

Short Nicknames for Natalie

Sometimes all you need is a pet name that’s the briefest and easiest alternative for your name. If that sounds like you, here are some of the shortest nicknames for a female named Natalie:

  1. Allie – From the pronunciation of the last letters in the name, Natalie.
  2. Ela – Similar to the name, Ella, which means “light.”
  3. Tia – A Greek nickname meaning “Goddess” or “godly.”
  4. Lea – An English nickname for a Natalie.
  5. Nat – A very popular nickname for one who bears Natalie.
  6. Nia – A pet name interpreted as “bright” or “purpose.”
  7. Lita – A Spanish-rooted nickname from the last letters in Natalie, meaning “gladly.”
  8. Nati – A Spanish nickname for a female named Natalie.
  9. Nata – A shortened and popularly used version of the name Natalie.
  10. Lee – From the pronunciation of the last syllable in the name, Natalie.

Cute Nicknames for Natalie

Would you rather go for an adorable nickname? If you’re considering going for something cute, here are some cute nicknames for Natalie:

  1. Nitnat – Adapted from the name of the popular chocolate bar KitKat, for a really sweet Natalie.
  2. Alina – A popular pet name which means “Noble.”
  3. Talie – An abbreviated version of the name.
  4. Atlee – A popular unisex nickname suitable for a Natalie.
  5. NatBug – For a little Natalie, whom you’re overly attached too.
  6. Allie – A well-known nickname meaning “Noble.”
  7. Nani – An adorable nickname interpreted as “beauty” or “splendor” in the Hawaiian language.
  8. Nat Cat – For a really attractive Natalie.
  9. Nala – A nickname which means “gift,” inspired by one of the main characters in Lion King movie.
  10. Talia – A charming pet name meaning “dew from heaven.”
  11. Tali-sman – For your Goodluck-charm named Natalie.

Funny Nicknames for Natalie

If Natalie’s got a sense of humor or a silly nature that deserves an equally silly pet name, here are some funny Natalie nicknames:

  1. Na-Na – A silly nickname for a silly Natalie.
  2. Mother Christmas – From the meaning of the name (Christmas Day), for a Natalie that reminds you of the female version of Father Christmas.
  3. Nat-a-tat – For a messy and untidy Natalie.
  4. Nat Telly – For a couch potato who’s obsessed with tv.
  5. Tallie-ho – For a self-acclaimed hoe named Natalie.
  6. NataLean – For a very skinny Natalie.
  7. Nata Lie – For the biggest liar, you know.
  8. NaTall – For a freakishly tall Natalie.
  9. Nasty Nat – For a Natalie that says or does the grossest things.
  10. Ta-Ta – For the most childish Natalie, you’ve ever known.
  11. Bratalie – For a ridiculously spoilt Natalie.
  12. Nat Bat – For a Natalie as blind as a bat.
  13. Natty – For a very naughty girl named Natalie.
  14. Natabanana – For a nasty girl with the filthiest mind.
  15. Natella – For a sweet tooth that’s addicted to Nutella.

Cool Nicknames for Natalie

Would you rather go for the most interesting nickname you can find? Maybe a variant of the name Natalie that’s far from common? Take a look at cool nicknames for Natalie:

  1. Nads – A pet name with a cool and casual tone.
  2. Natka – An Italian derivative of the name Natalie.
  3. Tilly – A feminine nickname meaning “battle-mighty” or “strong in battle.
  4. Nadie – A native American nickname meaning “wise.”
  5. Natty – A nickname suitable for a sharp and stylish Natalie.
  6. Nettie/Nattie – A French diminutive of the name Natalie.
  7. Talley/Tallie – A popularly used nickname for a Natalie.
  8. Natalya/Nataliya – A Russian/Ukrainian variant of the name.
  9. Nataly – A modern American variation of the name.
  10. Nellie – A nickname with Greek origin, interpreted as “bright” or “light.”
  11. Natelie – A nickname with close resemblance to the actual name.
  12. Nathalea – A popular nickname with Spanish origin.
  13. Natalle – A French variant suitable for a Natalie.
  14. Tashie – A fun nickname for a Natalie.
  15. Natski – For the coolest Natalie, you know.
  16. Natala – A nickname with English origins.
  17. Nataleen – A Latin-rooted variant of the name Natalie.
  18. Leigh – An English nickname which is translated as “meadow” or “delicate.”

Do you know some other great nicknames for Natalie that isn’t on this list? Do share them with us in the comments section!

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