30+ Great Nicknames for Nick or Nicholas

Nick, the short form of Nicolas, is a popular name, which is why we have compiled a list of creative nicknames you can call someone named Nick or any other form of Nicholas.

Nick is the short form of Nicolas. It is derived from the Greek name ‘Nikolaos,’ which is roughly translated to ‘victory of the people.’ The popularity of the name Nicholas was boosted by Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra in Lycia, the inspiration for Santa Claus.

Today, Nicholas and other forms of the name have become popular baby names in many western countries.

Popular Nick or Nicholas Nicknames

Nicknames for Nicholas

The most popular nicknames for Nicholas or nick are modifications and short forms of the name. Here are popular nicknames for Nicholas:

  1. Nico/Niko/Nikko
  2. Nic
  3. Nicky/Nikki
  4. Nicks
  5. Nix
  6. Nicolo
  7. Klaus
  8. Cole

Cute Nicknames for Nick or Nicholas

A great way to personalize Nick is to use the most adorable nicknames. Here are some cute pet names for Nick:

  1. Nicksie
  2. Nibbles
  3. CeeKay
  4. Nicktoons
  5. Nickiboo
  6. Nickibug
  7. Knickens

Creative Nicknames for Nick or Nicholas

The following are funny and creative names you can call someone named Nick or Nicholas:

  1. Nickles
  2. Nickelback
  3. Knickers
  4. Snickers
  5. Nickelodeon
  6. Pickle Nick
  7. Snick
  8. Nickson
  9. Nio
  10. Nicotine: Rhymes with Nick.

Celebrities and Famous People Named Nick

Many popular celebrities are called Nick. These celebrities’ names could also help you with finding an excellent nickname for Nick:

  1. Saint Nicholas: Christian Saint.
  2. Nicolas Cage: The famous American actor and filmmaker.
  3. Nick Jonas: American singer and member of the pop-rock band Jonas Brothers
  4. Nicholas Sparks: An American romance novelist and screenwriter.

Variants of Nicholas

Variants can make great pet names. For example, Nick is a short form and a popular English pet name for Nicholas. The following are popular variants of Nicholas:

  1. Nikolai
  2. Niklaus
  3. Miklos
  4. Nilo
  5. Nikos

Leave a comment, of you know any other creative name for Nicholas.

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