40+ Popular Nicknames for Noah

Noah doesn’t have the most creative nicknames. Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of funny, cute nicknames for anyone named Noah.

What is the meaning of the name, Noah?

Early mentions of Noah can be traced to Biblical times. Noah was mentioned in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible as the builder of the Ark that saved him, his family, and animals of each species during the Great Flood.

The name Noah is from the Hebrew name Noach meaning ‘rest, repose.’ An English Christian name, Noah, has been used since the Protestant Reformation since then, it has become a popular name for boys.

Noah is placed among the top names for baby boys born between 2010-2018 in the United States.

Famous People Named Noah

The quickest way to find a nickname for Noah is to consider the names and nicknames of famous people named Noah. Here are some famous people named Noah:

  • Noah Lennox – aka Panda Bear, a founding member of the band Animal Collective
  • Noah Kalina – Photographer and popularly known for the movie ‘Everyday.’
  • Noah Porter – American educationalist and a great philosophical writer
  • Noah Lewis – An American jug band musician, known for playing the ‘harmonica.’
  • Noah Eli Gordon – An American poet, editor, and publisher famous for his publication of the poem ‘The word kingdom in the Word Kingdom’
  • Noah Brown – An American professional football player in America football
  • Noah Brooks – An American journalist and editor
  • Noah Baumbach – American independent film writer-director mush producer
  • Noah Munck – American actor, comedian, YouTube personality

Famous Fictional Characters Named Noah

Fictional characters are also great sources of pet names. Here are some fictional characters named Noah:

  • Noah Carver – A character in the popular movie, ‘Power Rangers Megaforce’
  • Noah Daniels – From the American series ‘24.’
  • Noah Taylor – A character in the ABC television series Desperate Housewives
  • Noah Parker – A 12-year-old boy in the animated series Atomic Betty
  • Noah Newman – A character in the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless
  • Noah King – A cartoon character in the television show Noah and Saskia
  • Noah Hicks – An agent in the American series Alias
  • Noah Drake – From the ABC’s daytime drama General Hospital.

Popular Nicknames for Noah

Noah Nicknames

Here is a list of funny, cute, and cool nicknames for Noah:

  1. Noey
  2. Neon
  3. Nozo
  4. No
  5. Nor
  6. Neo
  7. Nah
  8. No-hax
  9. Kabloa
  10. Noni
  11. No Jo
  12. Nolly
  13. Nosh
  14. Nord
  15. No-ark
  16. Nockie
  17. No hat
  18. Nenobi
  19. Nomab
  20. Neco
  21. Nordstrom
  22. Norx
  23. Noam – A sound variant for Noah.
  24. Norseman – Inspired by the North Germanic peoples of the Early Middle Ages.
  25. Nuh – An Arabic variant for Noah.
  26. Big-Neo – Big referring to size and Neo for Noah.
  27. SkinnyNeo –Neo; from Noah, Skinny because he is skinny. It could also be ironic.
  28. Norek – A cool nickname for Noah.
  29. NH –A nickname from the first and last letters of Noah
  30. Nojig – A play on words; No Gig.
  31. LittleNo – No, from Noah, Little because he is small. It could also be ironic.
  32. Two-By-Two – A nickname inspired by the biblical story of Noah gathering animals two-by-two.
  33. Naoki – A name of Japanese origin, meaning ‘Honest, Straight.’
  34. NN – A nickname from the first letter of Noah.
  35. Noach – The Hebrew variant for Noah.
  36. Ark – A nickname given to Noah inspired by the story in the bible relating to the creation of the ark.
  37. Nork – A play on words for Pork.
  38. Nikko – A nickname inspired by the Japanese city of Nikko.
  39. NoHey – A spelling variant for Noah.
  40. No Boat – A creative name for Noah inspired by the Biblical story of Noah.
  41. Noé – A French variant for Noah.

The piece provides a long list of nicknames you could give to someone named Noah, and they are all beautiful and cool. The comment section is opened to everyone who thinks there is another nickname not listed on the list.

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