80+ Awesome Nicknames for Sebastian

Do you need good nicknames for Sebastian? In the article, we share all the cute, cool, and funny pet names you can call a guy named Sebastian. But first, let us take a look at the origin of the name “Sebastian.”

Sebastian is a name that has a bloody history. The name started from the Latin word “Sebastianus” which was given to people who came from a town called “Sebaste” in Asia Minor. The name literarily means “from Sebaste.” However, the town’s name was derived from the Greek word “Sebastos” which means “venerable,” “awe,” “reverence” and “dread.”

The name Sebastian became widely used because of a third-century saint called Sebastian. He was martyred for being a Christian by Emperor Diocletian, whose first attempt of shooting arrows at him didn’t kill him. Saint Sebastian went to see the Emperor again in hopes of admonishing him, but he was beaten to death.

Later, the 16th century King of Portugal also bore the name. He died in a crusade against Morocco.

Nicknames for Sebastian

List of Sebastian Nicknames

Sebastian Nicknames

Nicknames for Sebastian has been divided into three categories. Popular Sebastian nicknames contain the cool and the cute, unusual Sebastian nicknames contain strange nicknames, and female Sebastian nicknames contain the feminine variation of the name.

Popular Sebastian Nicknames

Sebastian has remained in the 100 most popular boys’ names across many countries. In 2006, it was the 5th most popular name in Chile, 59th for boys in New South Wales, Australia, 13th in Norway, 38th in Sweden and 86th in England and Wales in the following year. In 2008, the name Sebastian ranked 98th in the United States. It ranked number 20 in the year 2016 and currently ranks 10th most popular boy name.

  1. Ash
  2. Ashton
  3. Bas
  4. Bast
  5. Basto
  6. Bash
  7. Basha
  8. Basher
  9. Bassy
  10. Bastian
  11. Bastion
  12. Bastee
  13. Basti
  14. Basty
  15. Baz
  16. Bazza
  17. Ian
  18. Sab
  19. Seb
  20. Sebs
  21. Sebi
  22. Sebas
  23. Sebbel
  24. Sebbie
  25. Sebby
  26. Sep
  27. Sepp
  28. Sepi
  29. Sev
  30. Sian
  31. SJ
  32. Tatan
  33. Tian
  34. Zeb
  35. Zebby

Unusual Sebastian Nicknames

This section carries the unusual nicknames for Sebastian. You will find the strange, funny, creative, weird and even maybe offensive nicknames for Sebastian. It is the section that is far from the traditional, common and usual nicknames that you know already. If you like something different, you will find it here.

  1. Ba-chin
  2. Basil
  3. Batchi
  4. Bazzy
  5. Be-be
  6. Bean
  7. Beau
  8. Bia
  9. Bitas
  10. C-atian
  11. C-bass
  12. Chachan
  13. Cheba
  14. Cheva
  15. Chin
  16. El Cbas
  17. Gus
  18. Lobster
  19. Sass
  20. Sea
  21. Seabass
  22. Sebacho – This will appeal to the Latino people
  23. Seban
  24. Sebastixi
  25. Sebito – This has an Italian flavor to it
  26. Seblink
  27. Seboruco
  28. Sebrero – Sounds like the Mexican hat called “Sombrero.”
  29. Sebstar
  30. Semamut
  31. Semba
  32. Sen
  33. Son
  34. Spasti
  35. Spaz
  36. Spazzamatazz
  37. Sub
  38. Supertian – For your very own “Superman.”

Female Sebastian Nicknames

There is no female version of Sebastian in the real sense. It is considered a boy name; however, it is the trend these days for a female to bear male names. If you are one who is not comfortable with that and are traditional at heart, we have found feminine interpretations of Sebastian in other languages. Below are names and nicknames for your lady.

  1. Bastiana – Portuguese, Italian, Spanish
  2. Bastienne – French
  3. Bastina – French
  4. Sabine
  5. Bine
  6. Sebastiana – Portuguese, Italian, Spanish
  7. Sébastienne – French
  8. Seva – French
  9. Sevasti – Greek
  10. Sebastianella – Australian
  11. Tiana

Famous People Named Sebastian

  • Sebastian Cabot – an Italian explorer born in 1484 and died around 1557. He was originally called Sebastiano Caboto.
  • Sebastian Cabot (1918-1977) – British actor
  • Sebastian Coe – British track and field athlete and Conservative Member of Parliament
  • Sebastian Stan – The guy who shows up at the end of Black Panther
  • Sebastian Kurz – The Chancellor of Austria.
  • Sebastian Alexander Morgan – Born in 2007, son of American actress and television director Kim Fields
  • Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger – Born in 2009, son of American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger
  • Sebastian Piers Williams – Born in 2018, son of American actor, director, and writer Ryan Piers Williams and American actress America Ferrera
  • Sebastián Kindelán y Oregón 1763-1836 – Spanish colonel of the Spanish Army and governor of East Florida, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba
  • Sébastien Loeb – A rally car driver, 9 times world champion.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach – Music composer. Although Sebastian is his middle name, music lovers have come to love the name because of Bach.
  • Sebastian Vettel – German racing driver,  a four-time Formula One World Champion.

If you are a lover of the literary arts of books and media, then there are some beloved fictional characters that you will surely remember. Below are prominent television movies, drama series, and novels that had a very memorable Sebastian in it.

  • The Little Mermaid 1989 – The crab called Sebastian
  • Blade Runner 1982 – The protagonist was known as J.F. Sebastian.
  • The Never-ending story – The boy was called Bastian Balthazar Bux
  • William Shakespeare’s play “Twelfth Night” – Sebastian is one of the play’s main characters.
  • Dragon Age II (2011) – A drama series where the Prince of Starkhaven was known as Sebastian Vael
  • Reign – Sebastian ‘Bash’ de Poitiers, a fictional character in the drama series
  • Alien vs. Predator (2004) – Sebastian De Rosa, a fictional character
  • Brideshead Revisited – A novel by Evelyn Waugh where the character was Lord Sebastian Flyte
  • Naked (1993) – Sebastian Hawks in Mike Leigh’s movie
  • Carrie Diaries – A series where Carrie’s love interest is Sebastian Kydd.
  • Revolution (2012-2014) – Bass Monroe, the nickname of Sebastian Monroe, the fictional President.
  • Sherlock Holmes – The villain called Colonel Sebastian Moran.

If you know how to come up with nicknames, you can come up with endless unique Sebastian nicknames. Also, if you know any good nicknames for Sebastian that we didn’t mention, be a dear and drop in the comments box.

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