200+ Cute and Lovely Nicknames For Sisters

Nicknames for sisters do not have to be cute because let’s face it, sisters can be totally annoying.

So annoying that wikiHow dedicated an article on how to deal with annoying sisters.

Think about the mean insults you received from her, the countless fights over house chores, the times she barged into your room without regards for whatever you were doing, the time she gave out your clothes to someone else because she thought it fit them better, and finally, the times she ratted you out to your parents.

For some reason, despite all these annoying things your sister did, even though you will never admit it to her face, you still care about her.

Thankfully, nicknames remain one of the most subtle ways to show someone how much they mean to you.

nicknames for sisters

How to come up with Nicknames to call your Sister

The best nicknames are the ones that accurately describes the person.

You can call a tall lady, Legs, and it would become her nickname forever. You know why – because the nickname fits her physical appearance.

Using the following methods, you can come up with a lot of unique nicknames to call your sister.

1. Give her a nickname based on her appearance 

Most nicknames are based on physical characteristics, and for your sister, it doesn’t have to be any different.

If your sister is petite, you can give her a nickname based on her stature. For example, you can call her Tiny.

2. Give her a nickname based on her Personality

Your sister’s character is another good way to come up with cute nicknames for her.

For example, Little Rabbit is a cute nickname for a shy sister.

3. Modify Your Sister’s Name 

An equally impressive way to find adorable nicknames for your sister is to modify her name or call her by her initials.

For example, if your sister’s name is Mary, you can call her Mary Poppins.

4. Give Her a Pet Name Based on her Mannerisms 

Everyone has unique mannerisms. For example, some bite their fingernails.

For your sister, you already know about all her crazy and adorable quirks. So why not give her a nickname based on those mannerisms?

For example, Snorority sister is a fitting nickname for a sister that snores loudly in her sleep.

5. Give her a Nickname Based on Her Hobbies

Another way to come up with sweet names for your sister is to give her a pet name based on her hobbies or likes.

For example, if your sister loves reading, you could call her a Bookworm.

6. Find Her a Nickname Based on a famous person or TV Character

Many of us exhibit share similar traits with famous TV characters.

For example, if your sister has beautiful blonde hair, you could call her Khaleesi.

7. You and your Sister could have Pair Nicknames

There are many lovely pair names sisters could share.

For example, you could call each other Salt and Ice, Sugar and Spice, Scarlett and Rhett, and any other fun pair sister name.

For additional tips, check out our article on how to come up with adorable pet names for anyone.

Now that you know how to come up with unique pet names for your sister, I’m going to share a list of nicknames you can call your sister.

List of Nicknames for Sisters

Nicknames For Sisters

Some of these pet names are cute, some are funny nicknames, and some might be offensive, it all depends on the bond you share with your sister.

Common Nicknames for Sisters

The following nicknames are quite popular among siblings:

  1. Bab/Babs/Babes/Babby – Variations of the word ‘baby.’
  2. Baby Sister – A widely-used pet name for younger siblings.
  3. Big Sister – A common pet name used to refer to an elder sister.
  4. Dear/Dearest – An adorable pet name for a sister you cannot do without.
  5. Hermanita –‘Hermana’ means ‘sister’ in Spanish.
  6. Honey/Hon’/Honey Bun/Honey Bunny – A cute name for a sweet and adorable sister.
  7. Kitten/Kitty – A good pet name for your shy and adorable sister.
  8. Lil’ One – It means little one, and it is used for younger siblings.
  9. Little Sister – It is similar to baby sister; used for younger siblings.
  10. Newbie – A funny name to refer to a newly born sister.
  11. Peaches – A cute name for a lovely sister.
  12. Princess – Perfect name to call a sister who acts like a princess.
  13. Schwester – ‘Schtwester’ means ‘sister’ in German.
  14. Sis/Sissie/Sissy/Sista’ – Variations of the word ‘sister.’
  15. Smallie – A popular pet name for younger siblings.
  16. Sorella – ‘Sorella’ means ‘sister’ in Italian.
  17. Sweetheart – A good nickname for a kind-hearted sister.
  18. Sweetie – A popular term of endearment for a loving sister.
  19. Twin – A pair name often used by twin siblings.
  20. Twinkie – A cool name for a sister who has a great personality.
  21. Twinkle – An adorable pet name for a sister who lights up your life.
  22. Youngest – It is used for the youngest member of the family.

Cute Nicknames for Sisters

These nicknames are mostly used for younger sisters since they are the cutest ones in the family. You can’t address your older sister with “baby” or “little.”

  1. Adorable – A sweet name for a kind-hearted sister.
  2. Angel Eyes – A lovely nickname for a sister with beautiful eyes.
  3. Angel Face – A sweet pet name for a pretty sister.
  4. Angel Heart – A cute nickname for a sister with a large heart.
  5. Baby Bear – A cute nickname for an adorable sister.
  6. Baby Boo – A wonderful name to call your kid sister.
  7. Baby Cakes – A fitting nickname for a sweetheart.
  8. Baby Doll – A cute term of endearment for a pretty sister.
  9. Baby Face – For a sister that looks younger than her age.
  10. Babykins – A sweet name for your baby sister.
  11. Bambi – A great pet name for a sister cute as a baby deer.
  12. Barbie – A cute pet name for a sister that acts like a Barbie doll.
  13. Beanie – A cute pet name for a short sister.
  14. Biscuit – A sweet nickname for a sweet sister.
  15. Bitsy – A lovely name for a short and petite-sized sister.
  16. Boo Boo – A common pet name that can also be used for an adorable sister.
  17. Button – A good name for a cute and tiny sister.
  18. Cakes – For a sister with a lovely personality.
  19. Choco Pop – For a sister with beautiful brown skin.
  20. Cinderella –For a fashionable sister.
  21. Cupcake –For a sweet sibling.
  22. Cute Bunny – Is she your cute little bunny?
  23. Cutie Head – A funny variation of ‘cutie.’
  24. Cutie Pants – A fun and playful variation of ‘cutie.’
  25. Cutie Patootie – Another fun way of calling your sister a cutie.
  26. Cutie Pie – A popular nickname used for a sweet and adorable soul.
  27. Cutie – A fitting name for an adorable sister.
  28. Daisy – A good nickname for a sister who is gentle as a flower.
  29. Dimples – A cute name for a sister who has great dimples.
  30. Doll Face – A cute name for a sister with a beautiful face,
  31. Doll – A fitting nickname for a beautiful sister.
  32. Donut – A sweet pet name for a chubby sister.
  33. Dove – A wonderful term of endearment for a sister with a pure heart.
  34. Duckling – A cute and funny nickname for a playful sister.
  35. Fluffy – For a sweet and adorable sister.
  36. Guardian Angel – A sister who protects you and takes care of you.
  37. Huggie – For your adorable little sister.
  38. Jellybean – A good nickname for your sweetheart.
  39. Jewel – For your special jewel.
  40. Kiddo – A sweet name for your little sister.
  41. Lil’ Heart Breaker – You know she’s going to crush a lot of hearts when she gets older.
  42. Little Lamb – A sister as gentle as a lamb.
  43. Lucky Charm – Is she your good luck charm?
  44. Marshmallow – A kind and sweet soul.
  45. Muffin – A popular term of endearment for a loving sister.
  46. Odd Duck – A funny nickname for a weirdo.
  47. Pancake – A beautiful sister that looks out for her siblings.
  48. Plum – A term of endearment for a sweet lady.
  49. Pumpkin – A cute term of endearment for a sister who is sweet.
  50. Rug-rat – A funny nickname for your kid sister.
  51. Smart Cookie – A smart and sweet sister.
  52. Smarty – A good pet name for a brilliant sister.
  53. Snuggles – An adorable pet name for your loving sister.
  54. Space Queen – A cool nickname for a sister with a short attention span.
  55. Sugar Puff – For a small and sweet sibling.
  56. Sugar – Literarily means sweet.
  57. Wee-one – For a short sister or a kid sister.

Cool or Funny Nicknames for Sisters

Brothers and sisters like to tease each other, so there are many cool and funny nicknames you could use for your sister. These are only the funny nicknames that are cool since there are also some that could be mean (they’d be listed later).

  1. Ace – For a sister, you love more than anything else.
  2. Amazon – For a strong, tall, and good-looking sister.
  3. Bag of Tricks – A sister who is full of awesome surprises.
  4. Beagle – A sister with a strong sense of smell.
  5. Boss – A sister who loves to boss you around.
  6. Brainiac – A smart sister.
  7. Champ – A strong and athletic sister.
  8. Chatterbox – For your talkative sister.
  9. Cheeky Monkey – A cute and hilarious sister.
  10. Chica – Chica means ‘girl’ in Spanish.
  11. Confessor – For a kind-hearted sister.
  12. Copycat – A sister that copies everything you do.
  13. Cosmo – A sister who likes her space.
  14. Crazy Pants – For a bat-shit crazy sister.
  15. Diva – A sister who behaves like a goddess.
  16. Dobby – A helpful sister just like the house-elf helped Harry Potter.
  17. Drama Queen – A dramatic sister.
  18. Egghead – A smart and studious sister.
  19. Elf – For your little helper.
  20. Enigma – A mysterious sister.
  21. Fashionista – A good name to call a trendy sister.
  22. Firecracker – A hot-tempered sister.
  23. Flash – A cool name for a sister who is also a fast runner.
  24. Foxy Lady – A cool pet name for a gorgeous sister.
  25. Freckles – A sister with freckle face.
  26. Fun Size – For a short sister.
  27. Funny Hunny – A sister who always makes you laugh.
  28. Gangsta Baby – For a troublesome sister.
  29. Gem – If your sister is special to you.
  30. Giggles – For a sister who always wears a beautiful smile.
  31. Goldie – For a sister, you’re lucky to have in your life.
  32. Goof – For a funny sister.
  33. Grasshopper – For a naive sister.
  34. Half Pint – A term of endearment used for a short lady.
  35. Hollywood – For a sister who is destined for fame.
  36. Milky – A sister who shies away from confrontation.
  37. Minion – An obedient sister.
  38. Missy – A cute term of endearment for a young girl.
  39. Monkey – For a funny sister who never fails to make you happy.
  40. Munchkin – For a cute pint-sized sister.
  41. Nemo – For a terribly shy sister.
  42. Ninja – A fitting name to call a secretive sister.
  43. Old Woman – Annoying nickname for your elder sister who loves to act like your mom.
  44. One of Us – It is you and her against the world.
  45. Pint Size – Someone who is short.
  46. Poker Face – For a sister who never shows her card. She knows how to keep all her emotions hidden.
  47. Pooh Bear – A cool pet name for your adorable sister.
  48. Porcelain Doll – A cool nickname for your beautiful sister.
  49. Punk – For a rebellious sister.
  50. Queen – For a gorgeous sister.
  51. Radical – For a sister who has weird and unusual ideas.
  52. Rebel – For a sister who never listens to anyone.
  53. Rockstar – For a fashionable and trendy sister.
  54. Rollie Pollie – For an adventurous sister.
  55. Scooter – For a lone wolf.
  56. Shadow – For your partner-in-crime.
  57. Short stuff/Shorty/Shawty – For a short sister.
  58. Slick Chick – For a sister who knows how to take care of herself.
  59. Smiley/Smiley Face – For a sister that smiles a lot.
  60. Snowflake – For a sister with a delicate personality.
  61. Squirrel – For a small but energetic sibling.
  62. Sun/Sunny/Sunshine – For a sister full of energy.
  63. Sweet Potato – For a sweet and chubby sister.
  64. Turtle – For a sister who takes too much time doing everything.

Mean or Insulting Nicknames for Sisters

Even though siblings like each other sometimes they use mean and insulting nicknames.

  1. Adopted – A mean nickname to tease your sister.
  2. Ankle Biter – A funny name for a short sister.
  3. Banshee – A suitable name for a sister that is quick to tears.
  4. Black Sheep – A common nickname for the odd one in your family. It is mostly used for the troublemaker of the household.
  5. Booger – For a sister who picks her nose a lot.
  6. Brat – For an incredibly spoiled sister.
  7. Butters – For a clumsy sister.
  8. Chicken – For a sister who is always afraid of everything, a coward.
  9. Chubster – For a super fat sister.
  10. Claws – For a sister who never cuts her nails.
  11. Clone – For a sister who looks just like you.
  12. Couch Potato – For a lazy sister.
  13. Crockadillapig – A mean term for an incredibly ugly lady.
  14. Crybaby – A common name for a sister who cries easily.
  15. Cyclops – A good nickname for a sister who wears glasses.
  16. Derp – For a sister that does stupid things.
  17. Doofus – A funny nickname for a goofy sister.
  18. Dork – A great nickname for a nerdy sister.
  19. Dunce – An insulting name for your sister. It suggests she’s not the brightest bulb in the box.
  20. Dwarf – For a short sister.
  21. Ear-hustler – Someone who enjoys listening and spreading gossip.
  22. Evil Twin – A fitting nickname for your evil twin.
  23. FLK – Short for ‘funny looking kid.’
  24. Foo Foo – A high-maintenance sister.
  25. Geek – For a nerdy sister.
  26. Giganotosaurus – For an extremely big sister.
  27. Goldfish – For a sister with a short attention span.
  28. Goober – A good name to call a weirdo.
  29. Hairball – For a hairy sister.
  30. Hermit – A good nickname for an introvert sister.
  31. Hulk – A calm sister who transforms into a completely different person when she loses her temper.
  32. Lab Rat – For a sister with shiny-object-syndrome.
  33. Loon/Loony – For a crazy sister with almost lunatic-like behavior.
  34. Menace – A good name for a sister who specializes in causing chaos.
  35. Midget – An appropriate nickname for a short sibling.
  36. Muggle – A mean nickname for a sister who doesn’t seem to know how to do anything.
  37. Mustard – A fitting name for an annoying sister.
  38. Mutant – A mean nickname for a crude and annoying sister.
  39. Nugget – A common term of endearment for a little sister.
  40. Nut/Nutter – A suitable nickname for a crazy sister.
  41. Oddball – A common term of endearment for an eccentric sister.
  42. Oliva – A popular term of endearment for a sister who tries to make everyone happy.
  43. Piggy – A mean nickname for a dirty sister.
  44. Pizza Face – A sister with a lot of acne on her face.
  45. Poopy Head – An insulting nickname for a sister that acts like an idiot. It’s a perfect name to call your sister when she’s annoying.
  46. Psycho – For a sister who acts crazy.
  47. Pumpkin Head – It is slang for someone with a swollen head. It’s an appropriate nickname for a sister with a big head.
  48. Roadkill – For an insecure sister.
  49. Runt – For a sister who is small and weak.
  50. Saboteur – For a sister who is an expert at ruining your plans.
  51. Savage – For a mean sister who has no regard for anyone’s feelings.
  52. Scrooge – A sister who hates sharing her things.
  53. Servant – A fitting nickname for the sister that does the most chores.
  54. Skindiana Bones – For a skinny sister.
  55. Skunk – For a mean and annoying sister.
  56. Snitch – For a sister who you can’t count on to help you hide a body.
  57. Spongesis – A subtle reference to sponge bob. It is a fitting name for a funny or troublesome sister.
  58. Stinker – For a sister with bad personal hygiene.
  59. Sumo – For a fat sister.
  60. Tarzan – For an uncultured sister.
  61. Varmint – For a troublesome sister.
  62. Vulture – For a sister who thrives at exploiting others. It can also be used to refer to your sister as an Ugly girl.
  63. Weirdo – For a sister who is a bit of a freak.
  64. Wombat – For a sister who drains your energy.
  65. Zombie – For a sister who doesn’t have a mind of her own.

Now, it’s your turn to share the beautiful and mean nicknames you call your sister in the comment section below.

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19 thoughts on “200+ Cute and Lovely Nicknames For Sisters”

  1. We call her chi chi. It came from family that couldn’t speak English and were trying to say
    “Sissy”. She got that name when she was 4 months old and it forever stuck.

  2. Sometimes my older sister calls me sissy. We call our little sisters Mya Moo and Blakey/baby/baby cakes/bright eyes(she’s much younger).

  3. my older sisters call me kiddo or munchkin most of the time (since i’m much younger). if i’m upset though, they’ll usually call me love or lovey.

  4. Shine, because that’s the nickname our mother had given her growing up & it’s totally stuck after that. Love u Shine!!! XOXO

  5. Shine, because that’s the nickname our mother had given her growing up & it’s totally stuck after that. Love u Shine!!! XOXO

  6. Hahahaha…These are nice names but for my kind of sister, I found so many names…Twinkie, Angel Eyes, Cinderella, Beagle, Champ, Chatterbox, Cosmo, Drama Queen, Elf, Firecracker, Ninja, One of Us, Poker Face, Rebel, Rollie Pollie, Shadow, Black Sheep, Ear-hustler, Wombat…Is there any name which combines all these…


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