30+ Popular Nicknames for Stephanie

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of excellent nicknames for the name, Stephanie, as well as descriptions to help make the selection process easier!

Stephanie is one of the most popular names for girls in the United States. The name Stephanie is derived from the Greek name Stephana, which is the feminine version of Stephanos and is interpreted to mean ‘Crown/Crowned’ or ‘Garland.’

Popular Stephanie Nicknames

Nicknames for Stephanie

A lot of nicknames are usually shortened forms of the original name, as these are always easier to pronounce. Here are some popular nicknames for the name Stephanie:

  1. Steph
  2. Stephie/Steffie
  3. Stephan
  4. Annie
  5. Ann
  6. Stefany
  7. Tiffany

Creative Stephanie Nicknames

Cute nicknames or funny nicknames are gotten either by adding terms of endearment to a person’s name or by playing around diminutive forms of a name. Here are some creative nicknames for someone named Stephanie:

  1. Queen Steph
  2. Fanny: Add “F” to Annie.
  3. StephieBoo
  4. Stephania
  5. Nana-Anna
  6. Stiffy: A combination of Stephy and the word Stiff.
  7. Stephfartnie: Formed by combining Stephanie and Fart.
  8. Phen
  9. Steffa
  10. Stevana
  11. Stephers: Steph + “ers.”
  12. Stefin/Stephin: Stef/Steph + “in”
  13. Stéfhanie: Suitable as an online username/screenname.

Stephanie Nicknames from TV or Books

Characters in TV shows and books can also be a good source of nicknames.

  1. Stefflon Don: The British rapper, singer, and songwriter.
  2. Stephanie Crawford (also known as The Neighborhood Scold): A character from the book and film “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.
  3. Stephanie Edwards (also known as Grumpy or Dr. Lavender): A character in Grey’s Anatomy.
  4. Stephanie Meanswell (also known as Pinky or SportaStephanie): A character in the children’s tv show “LazyTown.”
  5. Stephanie Steinbrenner (also known as Steff): A character in the film “The Goonies.”
  6. Stephanie Brown (also known as Spoiler, Robin, or Batgirl): A superhero in the DC Comics “Batman.”

Nicknames from Celebrities and Famous People Named Stephanie

Popular figures named Stephanie can be a good source of nicknames. Below are the names (and nicknames) of some celebrities as well as famous people named Stephanie:

  1. Queen Stephanie (also known as The Queen): The Queen consort of Navarre and wife to García Sánchez III of Navarre in Spain.
  2. Stéphanie Sokolinski (also known as SoKo): A French actress, musician, and singer-songwriter.
  3. Stefani Germanotta (also known as Lady Gaga): An American recording artist.
  4. Stefanie Graf (also known as Steffi): An athlete and former world number one female tennis player.
  5. Stephanie Hwang (also known as Tiffany): A singer in the South Korean girl group “Girls’ Generation.”

Nicknames from Variants of Stephanie

Variants of Stephanie can also be used as pet names for Stephanie.

  1. Stefania: A Czech, Italian, Polish, and Russian variant of Stephanie.
  2. Stefanie: A German variant of Stephanie.
  3. Stefcia: A Polish variant of Stephanie.

If there is an excellent nickname for the name Stephanie that we didn’t include in this article? Be a sweetheart and share them with us in the comments section below!

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  1. My neighbors granddaughter (also my brothers best friend) would call me Tesmi because she couldn’t pronounce my name. I really don’t know how she got Tesmi so yeah.

  2. Feffey – my two year old always called his younger sister this because he could not pronounce Stephanie. So it stuck for a few years as her nickname. We also called her Steph as she she got older.


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