25+ Creative Nicknames for Susan

Susan is quite popular as a first name for girls in many parts of the world. So, it is unsurprising that you are searching for great Susan nicknames. This list includes some cute, funny, popular, and witty pet names for anyone named Susan.

Origin and Meaning of Susan

Susan is a female name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘lily.’ It is the English form of Susanna, which is the anglicized form of the Hebrew Shoshanna. Susan remains a popular first name for girls in modern times.

Popular Nicknames for Susan

Susan Nicknames

Popular nicknames of a name are short, brief nicknames often coined from letters in the name itself, or with a little modification in some cases. Here are some popular nicknames for Susan:

  1. Suzy
  2. Suss 
  3. Ann 
  4. Sue
  5. Susi 
  6. Suz 

Cute Nicknames for Susan

Many people prefer to be called cute pet names by their loved ones. Here are some cute nicknames you can call someone named Susan:

  1. Sookie
  2. Shushu 
  3. Suze 
  4. Zannie 
  5. San 
  6. Zuzu 
  7. Sunny 
  8. Sue-loo 

Creative Nicknames for Susan

These creative nicknames include cool, funny, and clever Susan nicknames:

  1. SuzyBucks: A fond nickname for Susan that could be used to refer to a wealthy person.
  2. Snoozy: A funny nickname for anyone who likes to sleep a lot.
  3. Poosan: A creative nickname for Susan meaning ‘wise.’
  4. Sisi: An English slang often used to refer to a lady.
  5. Suse: A cool nickname for Susan.

Susan Nicknames from T.V. or Books

Names and nicknames of fictional characters named Susan can be used as Susan nicknames. Here are some fictional characters named Susan:

  1. Susan Pevensie: She is a fictional character in C.S. Lewi’s ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ series. She was nicknamed ‘Queen Susan the Gentle.’
  2. Susan Bunch: She is a fictional character in the T.V. series ‘Friends’ played by Jessica Hecht.

Famous People Named Susan

Similarly, the names and pet names of famous people can be used as nicknames. Here are some famous people named Susan:

  1. Susan Lucci: She is an American actress known for her roles in T.V. series such as ‘All My Children’ and ‘Devious Maids.’ She is nicknamed ‘La Lucci.’
  2. Susan B. Anthony: She was an American social reformer and women’s rights activist. She played a pivotal role in the women’s suffrage movement. She was nicknamed ‘Joan of Arc’ for her revolutionary role in the fight for women’s rights.
  3. Susan Kelechi Watson: She is an American actress known for her roles in T.V. series such as ‘This is Us’ and ‘Louie.’

Variants of Susan

Language and sound-alike variants of a name could be used as nicknames for that name. Here are some variants of the name, Susan:

  1. Suzette: The French variant of the name Susan.
  2. Susanita: The Spanish variant of the name Susan.
  3. Zuzsa: The Hungarian variant of the name Susan.

If you know any excellent Susan nickname that isn’t listed, be a dear and leave a comment.

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