100+ Cute and Funny Nicknames for Tall Girls

We have an article on nicknames for tall guys, so, it is only fair to also provide our readers with a list of nicknames for tall girls.

Coming up with the perfect nickname for tall girls can be somewhat challenging.

Sure, there are a lot of obvious names, but for some reason, you never remember them when you need them.

In this article, we have gathered all the nicknames for tall girls we could find. Hopefully, you find a fitting pet name for that tall lady.

pet names for tall girls

Funny Nicknames for Tall Girls

funny nicknames for tall girls

Is she quirky and fun? The kind of girl who’d appreciate a funny nickname? Here are some funny names you can call a tall girl:

  1. Miss Stretchy
  2. Elastic Girl
  3. Lollipop Legs – for long, delicious looking legs.
  4. Miss Skyscraper
  5. String Cheese – for a lady with sweet looking long legs.
  6. Praying Mantis – for a lady with slender looking legs.
  7. Spaghetti Legs
  8. Lightning Pole – for trim and fair-looking legs.
  9. Mama Ostrich – for a gawky girl with straight legs.
  10. Ceiling
  11. Long Wheels – for legs that are super-fast and long.
  12. Ladder Legs – legs that seem to be almost as long as ladders.
  13. Foxy Legs – for super sexy and long looking legs.
  14. Tallie
  15. Skeleton Legs
  16. Needle Legs – for skinny looking legs.
  17. Miss Pendulum – for long and athletic legs.
  18. Miss Six-Feet
  19. Strings – for fragile looking legs.
  20. Wire Legs
  21. Long’n’Bony
  22. Statue Of Liberty – for a strong and powerful-looking frame.
  23. Miss Eiffel Tower
  24. Mountainous
  25. Full Package – for a sturdy looking female figure.
  26. Leggy
  27. Antelope Legs – for super straight and strong-looking legs.
  28. Sky High
  29. Blossoms – for a tall & well-developed figure.
  30. Upriser – for a tall and powerful looking female figure.
  31. Miss Magnificent – a female with a tall & firm looking body.
  32. Miss Gallant – for a female with a stiff and solid figure.
  33. Large Shrimp – a female with slender legs and a large abdomen, like a Shrimp’s.

Nicknames for Tall and Huge Girls

nicknames for huge girls

Is she the tallest & biggest lady you know? Long legs, big frame? Here are some great nicknames that should fit:

  1. Large Fry – for a sweet-looking, well-built girl.
  2. Miss Grande
  3. Miss Gigantic
  4. Madam Goliath
  5. Overgrown Missy
  6. Biggish
  7. Miss Grandiose – for a huge and tall figure.
  8. Full Pint – a female with a well-rounded figure and long legs.
  9. Python – for a tall and somewhat intimidating looking female.
  10. Big Foot
  11. Mighty Scoop – for a robust looking and tall figure.
  12. Queen Kong
  13. Mighty Legs
  14. High Wall – for a sturdy & tough looking female with long legs.
  15. Giantess
  16. Miss Rangy – for a slender and lanky-looking girl.
  17. Hippy-Hippo – for a tall & scary looking but a sweet girl.
  18. Lady Panther – for a tough looking tall girl.
  19. Fortress – for a well-built and strong looking female.
  20. Big Bird
  21. Heavy-Set – for a tall & mighty looking figure.
  22. Lanky-Chunky
  23. Gargantuan – for a tall and enormous female.
  24. Miss Overblown – for an incredibly tall and huge female.
  25. Miss Hercules
  26. Miss Bodacious
  27. Mama Bear

Nicknames for Tall and Skinny Girls

nicknames for skinny girls

Does she deserve to be the next best thing in the modeling industry? With the perfect height and a size 10 figure? Here are some suggestions to choose from:

  1. Lanky Doll
  2. Sycamore – for a tall and sturdy looking female.
  3. Heighty
  4. Tall-stalked – for a lean and fragile-looking figure.
  5. Longitude – for a slender & extremely tall female.
  6. High Heeled
  7. Beanstalk
  8. Treetop
  9. Stem Legs
  10. Sticks
  11. Extra-Long
  12. Miss Lofty
  13. Statuesque – for a tall and graceful female.
  14. Gawky Legs
  15. Miss Long-Limbed
  16. Broomstick

Cute Nicknames for Tall Girls

cute pet names for tall girls

Is she the cutest, most slender thing ever? With an incredible height that deserves an adorable name to go with it? Here are some nicknames she’d love:

  1. Mami Long Legs
  2. Spoonful – for a tall, slender and all-around incredible girl.
  3. Heavenly Legs – for a girl with wonderful looking legs.
  4. Tower
  5. Miss Champagne – for a tall & slender yet curvy female.
  6. Long Island – for a tall and independent female.
  7. Over-flourished – for a girl with ridiculously long legs.
  8. Ballerina Legs – for elegant looking and flexible legs.
  9. Sky-High
  10. Hot Legs
  11. Dream Legs
  12. Sexy Legs
  13. Goddess Legs
  14. Mighty Miss – for a tall & trim-looking figure.
  15. Tall Glass – for a fragile-looking slender female.
  16. Long-Walker – for a lady who moves at a fast pace with her long legs.
  17. Miss Sturdy
  18. Tall stuff
  19. Titanic
  20. Alpine – for a tall and powerful-looking female figure.
  21. Queen-Size
  22. High Reacher
  23. Miss Macro
  24. Double Dose – for a female who’s twice the height of almost everyone else.
  25. Miss Full-grown
  26. Venti

And there you have it – a list of nicknames perfect for Tall Girls.

Tell us – do you have nicknames for the tall females in your life? What is the best nickname for tall girls that you’ve heard before?

Share them with us in the comments section below!

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27 thoughts on “100+ Cute and Funny Nicknames for Tall Girls”

  1. As a 6′ elder millenial chick who was called ‘lumberjack’ and ‘jolly green giant’…. Like maybe FIVE of these names are actually cute and something that could be respectful to call someone tall. The rest? Just downright MEAN. Like jr high – high school mean. Like, you-wanna-be-punched-in-the-throat-so-bad-you’ll-call-me-this mean. Maybe use some imagination and move the focus away from legs???

    Here are some NICER options for ya… Mythological options (Amazon, Jotun, Titaness, Titan, Sylvan), Sky options (Nimbus, Skye, Cloudy),Tree names can be cute (Willow, Aspen, Cypress, Maple, Cedar, Jacaranda, Hazel, Juniper, Rowan, Cassia), and there’s so much more.

    Imagination and consent are key. Whatever you come up with to call someone, please make sure you ask their permission. Treat them like a person with honor, respect, dignity, and compassion.

    Otherwise, you’re just a jerk.

  2. Omg, my friend… shell never forgive me if I call her big bird but I really want tooo!!! Her name is Jaime but Jaime hates most of my nicknames i give her 🙁

  3. I’m 5’3 1/2 finding a nickname for my 5’11 best friend. I’m 13, she is 13. I’m gonna go with longitude. I do love her though…. and she doesn’t know…

  4. My daughter is six and she’s already 4 foot three. ???? At 6 foot two I never had any of these nicknames never heard of half of them but I definitely like the grandiose so I think I’ll take that. ????


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