30+ Brilliant Nicknames for Theodore

Have you been searching for good nicknames for a guy named Theodore?

Whether Theodore is your name, a friend’s name, your sibling’s name, or the name of a new pet, finding a good nickname doesn’t have to be difficult.

In this article, we’d be sharing an extensive list of nicknames for someone named Theodore, as well as helpful descriptions to make picking the most suitable nickname even faster!

But first, what’s the meaning of the name Theodore?

This masculine name originates from the Greek name Theódoros which means “God-given” or “Gift of God” (from the Greek word “theós,” which means God and “dōron,” which means Gift.)

The earliest recorded use of the name can be traced to Ancient Greece (Theodorus of Samos and Theodorus, the Atheist), but the name grew in popularity during the rise of Christianity.

In the early 1900s, Theodore became a popular name for baby boys in the United States as a result of former President Theodore Roosevelt and has continued to be a popular choice in places such as Rome, France, Greece as well as English speaking countries.

Some of the commonly used variants for Theodore include Theodoros (Ancient Greek), Theodorus (Latin), Theodor (German, Scandinavian), Feodor, Fyodor (Russian), Tivadar (Hungarian), Teuvo (Finnish) and so on.

Popular Nicknames for Theodore 

Theodore Nicknames

Have you ever wondered what the most popularly used nicknames for the name Theodore are? Well, you’re in the right place! Here’s our list of some of the most popular nicknames for Theodore:

  1. Teo ‒ A short and simple nickname for someone named Theodore.
  2. Tee ‒ A nickname culled from the pronunciation of the first letter in the name Theodore.
  3. T-dor ‒ A shorter version of the nickname above.
  4. Dory ‒ A nickname suitable for an effeminate named Theodore.
  5. Dore ‒ A more masculine alternative to the nickname above.
  6. Theo ‒ A popular nickname suitable for someone named Theodore.
  7. Todor ‒ A Bulgarian nickname for someone named Theodore.
  8. Ted/Teddy/Thed ‒ A sweet nickname for a chubby-looking or lovable person named Theodore.
  9. Dorus ‒ A popular Dutch-rooted nickname for someone named Theodore.
  10. Doro/Doron ‒ A nickname from the Greek word Doron, which means “gift.”
  11. Teedie ‒ A popular nickname for the name Theodore, which former US president Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was fondly called.
  12. Teador ‒ A nickname with Greek origin meaning “gift of God.”
  13. Teodor ‒ A Spanish/Romanian-rooted nickname suitable for someone named Theodore.
  14. Teddums ‒ A sweet nickname for a special little boy named Theodore.
  15. Theodorus ‒ A Greek variant meaning “God-given.”
  16. Big T
  17. Rich T

Other Nicknames for Theodore  

Would you like to browse through some more nicknames for Theodore? Here’s a compilation of some other great nicknames for Theodore:

  1. Thor ‒ A nickname for a powerful Alpha male named Theodore, inspired by the myth god of thunder, Thor.
  2. Divine ‒ From the interpretation of the name Theo meaning “divine gift” or “gift from God.”
  3. Treasure ‒ A nickname inspired by the interpretation of the name Theodore, which means “God’s Gift,” for a very special person who’s a treasure to you.
  4. Teodoor ‒ An unusual nickname for someone named Theodore, meaning “gift from God.”
  5. The O-dor/Hodor ‒ A tease nickname for someone named Theodore who always smells awfully.
  6. Teddy-Beary ‒ For a Theodore who owns a very special place in your heart.
  7. TheoDon ‒ For a Don named Theodore, who’s respected and feared by many.
  8. Theodoraball ‒ Suitable for the name Theodore and inspired by the word “adorable,” for a sweet or charming little Theodore.
  9. Doddy ‒ A cute nickname for someone named Theodore with a warm heart and lovable personality.
  10. Otto ‒ A nickname for someone named Theodore with a German origin.
  11. Theodosius ‒ A Latin variant of the name Theodore, meaning “given by God.”
  12. Chipmunk ‒ A cute nickname for a smallish and talented person named Theodore, inspired by the character Theodore Seville from “Alvin and the Chipmunks.”
  13. Theobear ‒ For an adorable or sweet-hearted fellow named Theodore.
  14. Odo ‒ A short nickname culled from the original name and commonly used among the French/Germans.
  15. Theodorable ‒ A sweet nickname for an adored fellow named Theodore.
  16. Thee-adore ‒ An alternative to the nickname above, suitable for the name Theodore.
  17. Tee-rannosaurus ‒ For someone with personality traits that look like they were born in the wrong century, inspired by the Tyrannosaurus Rex, “king of dinosaurs.”
  18. Thee-rex ‒ An alternative to the nickname above, for someone named Theodore.
  19. Hodor ‒ Game of Thrones reference.

Famous People Named Theodore 

When trying to find a nickname for someone named Theodore, a good place to start is by considering notable public figures who bear this name and possibly, what nicknames they have. Here are some famous people named Theodore:

  • Theodor Seuss Geisel (also known as Seuss) ‒ Writer, political cartoonist, poet, animator & filmmaker.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Jr. ‒ American statesman, politician, conservationist, naturalist, and writer who served as the 26th president of the United States.
  • Theodore Anthony Nugent ‒ American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and political activist.
  • Theodore Martin “Ted” McGinley ‒ American professional actor.
  • Theodore Marvin DiBiase Sr. ‒ Former professional wrestler, manager, ordained minister, and color commentator.
  • Theodore Crawford Cassidy ‒ American voice artist and actor in radio, television, and film.
  • Theodore Raimi ‒ American actor, director, comedian, and writer.
  • Theodore Peter James Kinnard Taptiklis, (also known as Theo James/Four) ‒ An English actor popular for his role in the Divergent series.
  • Theodore John Leonsis ‒ American businessman, investor, filmmaker, author, philanthropist, and former politician.
  • Theodore Sharp Ligety ‒ American alpine ski racer, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and an entrepreneur.

Fictional Characters Named Theodore

As a bonus, we’ve included a list of some fictional characters who bear the name Theodore. Who knows, you might get an inspiration for a fitting nickname!

  • Theodore Seville ‒ One of the main characters from the animation “Alvin and the Chipmunks.”
  • Theodore Jasper (T.J.) Detweiler ‒ The main child protagonist from the television animated series, “Recess.”
  • Theodore Cleaver, aka Beaver ‒ A fictional character from the classic American tv sitcom “Leave it to Beaver.”
  • Theodore Evelyn Mosby (Ted Mosby) ‒ A fictional character and the protagonist in the U.S. television sitcom How I Met Your Mother.
  • Theodore Nott ‒ A character portrayed as an introverted Slytherin in the Harry Potter novels.
  • Theodore “Ted” Schmidt ‒ One of the characters on the US version of the TV show “Queer As Folk.”

So, there you have it – a list of brilliant nicknames for the name Theodore!

Is there a nickname for someone named Theodore that’s not on our list? A nickname you’ve been called by someone you know or one you came up with?

Be a sport and share them with us in the comments section below!

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