30+ Popular Nicknames for Veronica

Veronica is an adorable female name, or at least it used to be a popular female name.

Still, we understand that finding a nickname for Veronica might not be so easy, which is why we have compiled a list of the good nicknames for Veronica we know.

Before we get to the list of Veronica nicknames, what is the origin and meaning of the name, Veronica?

Veronica is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “True image.” The name was also recorded in the bible as the name of the maiden who handed Christ her handkerchief to wipe his tears on the way to Calvary.

Veronica became popular in Western countries from the 19th century and has remained popular since then.

Popular Nicknames for Veronica

Veronica nicknames

We have below a list of nicknames for Veronica. They are pretty names. Let us go through some of their meanings, origin, and other qualities.

  1. V
  2. Vee
  3. Roni/Ronie/Ronnie
  4. Ronna
  5. Ron
  6. Ver
  7. Vera
  8. Vernie
  9. Vero 
  10. Veron
  11. Veroni
  12. Via
  13. Vonnie
  14. Vroni
  15. Nic
  16. Nica
  17. Nikki
  18. Onika
  19. Vica
  20. Vinnie
  21. V-Ron – A cool nickname Veronica
  22. Ronald – Ronald is from Rony
  23. Ron-Detta – A creative nickname for Veronica.
  24. Ronkey – A funny nickname for Veronica
  25. Lady Varys – A creative nickname for Veronica inspired by Game of Thrones.
  26. Vinca – A cute nickname for an Indian Veronica.
  27. Verca – A Czech variant for Veronica.
  28. Veve – A French nickname for a beautiful Veronica.
  29. Veronique – A French variant for Veronica.
  30. Veri – A Greek nickname for an adventurous Veronica.
  31. Ronica – A Latin variant for Veronica.
  32. Vickie – It is more of a nickname for Victoria but a lot of people confuse the name Veronica for Victoria, hence the popularity of Vickie as a Veronica nickname.
  33. Veronichka – A Russian variant for Veronica
  34. Vere – French origin, it means Alder, a noble name in England
  35. Roana – It has a Spanish origin to it.
  36. Veranica – It is like calling Vera
  37. Mi Vida – Mi Vida is Spanish for “My Life.” If your girlfriend is veronica, you can modify it to “My Vica” or “Mi Vica.”

Famous People Named Veronica

When you are searching for a nickname for Veronica, the fastest way to do that is to consider famous public figures who bear this name. Here are some cute names of eminent people named Veronica:

  • Veronica – Legend says she wiped Jesus’ face on the way to crucifixion
  • Veronica Ferres – German actress
  • Veronica Campbell-Brown – Jamaican track and field sprint athlete
  • Veronica Carlson – English model and actress
  • Veronica Cartwright – American actress
  • Verónica Castro – Mexican actress
  • Veronica Mehta – British Asian singer
  • Veronica Olivier – Italian actress

Famous Fictional Characters Named Veronica

The name Veronica has become a sought-after name in the art world, and many fictional characters in books, movies, and songs bear this name. You can use any of these nicknames as a pet name for Veronica

Here are some fictional characters named Veronica:

  • Veronica Blume – Actor, Model who Played Veronica on Television Sitcom Out of the Blue.
  • Veronica – From Archie Comics, the Archie Gang, Betty and Archie, Jughead, and Veronica.
  • The Veronicas – A twin sister pop-rock group from Australia
  • Veronica Mars – 2014 American dark mystery film produced and directed by Rob Thomas
  • Veronica Hastings TV series – Pretty Little Liars
  • Veronica Miller (Ronnie) – The Last Song, starring Miley Cyrus.
  • Veronica Reed – Dominatrix mother of the main character Marten Reed in the webcomic Questionable Content
  • Veronica Sawyer – Protagonist of the 1988 cult teen film Heathers and its adaptations, including a musical and television adaptation
  • Veronica, the sister of Lance – From the DreamWorks animated web show Voltron: Legendary Defender.

In this post, we brought you the most popular nicknames for Veronica.

Now, it is your turn to add any cute, funny, or cool nickname for Veronica that isn’t on the list.

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  1. It said Veronica Cartwright and Carlson twice. I get called Victoria way too many times to count. Nike (n-i-key) would be a cool nickname too. She’s the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. The name Veronica does mean ‘she who brings victory’ and it has Greek origins.


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