500+ Alternative Nicknames for Weed

Weed is illegal in most parts of the world, and as a result, people have to use several nicknames for weed to avoid detection by cops or snitches.

Humans have always had a special place in their heart for ‘getting high’ and cannabis allows us to do just that.

For some, it allows them to experience a more serene state of consciousness, others claim it has some spiritual significance and for some people, it is their medicine.

In this article, we are not bothered about why people get high. Rather, we want to share the different words, nicknames, and wonderful names for cannabis.

Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Joint, Mary Jane, Blunt are common weed names. But, there are other cool nicknames for weed (1200+ at last count) as well.

Weed Nicknames

List of Nicknames for Weed

We have categorized the different names for weed into two categories: popular nicknames for weed and the other different names for weed.

Popular Nicknames for Weed

nicknames for weed

The following terms are common words used to describe weed or marijuana. Most of these are funny weed nicknames but they get the job done.

  1. 420: A very common street name, also refers to unofficial ‘Weed Day’; for example, in Vancouver, on April 20th everyone is smoking weed all day.
  2. Acapulco Gold: Another name for a variety of Mexican weed that is considered prime quality.
  3. Ace: For particularly good quality weed.
  4. Airplane: For the feeling of what happens when you smoke and you think you’re flying.
  5. Alice: Because of Alice in Wonderland and its reference to fantasy worlds and psychoactive experiences.
  6. Alice B. Toklas: Famous for having come up with recipes for pot brownies, see also Toke.
  7. Amnesia: Because of the effects of short-term memory loss associated with smoking.
  8. Ashes: Often burning weed will produce quite a bit of ash.
  9. AstroTurf: A play on words because weed looks like astroturf, but also because of its ability to make you feel like you’re in space.
  10. Atshitshi: Another common street name for a premium product, although the Japanese etymology is dubious.
  11. Awesauge: Recent slang addition used as an adjective to refer to good weed; may reference the slurring effect on speech.
  12. B: Just enough marijuana to fill a matchbox.
  13. B-40: When weed or a joint is laced with alcohol to make it more potent.
  14. Baby / Baby Green: Another diminutive term for weed, can also refer to really young weed harvested early, or to tiny buds.
  15. Baby Bhang: Another word for Kush.
  16. Bad Seed: When the weed induces a bad trip and you’re not having fun.
  17. Bammy: A diminutive form of ‘Boom’ for weed, if you want to sound cute.
  18. Beedies: Named for what is commonly smoked in India, usually have a mixture of other things like tobacco or cloves.
  19. Blanket: When you’ve smoked a lot and feel so comfortable that you could wrap yourself up in a blanket and just sleep.
  20. Blaze: Can refer to weed, but often to the act of smoking, i.e. let’s blaze one!
  21. Blunt: For a stubby hand-rolled joint that is quickly or hastily put together and when it begins to burn becomes blunt on one end.
  22. Bo-Bo / Bobo Bush: A fun way of letting your friends know you have some weed to share; not as common.
  23. Bomber: When smoking feels like its carpet bombing your senses.
  24. Boom: May refer to the effect of when a hit of weed hits you like an explosion.
  25. Broccoli: From the fact that buds look a little like the heads of blooming broccoli.
  26. Bud: The part of the plant that is commonly harvested; best known for B.C. Bud (British Columbia) where very potent weed is grown.
  27. Cabbage: It is used as a slang for mariuana because the buds of marijuana look a little like cabbage; see also Skunk.
  28. Cannon: Because of the shape of bongs, which sort of look like glass cannons.
  29. Cheeba: Probably a perversion of ciba which is sticky black Brazilian weed.
  30. China Eyed: Somewhat racist slang for the effect of droopy or wincing eyes while high.
  31. Chronic: From the idea of smoking weed every day; a stoner is someone who is also a chronic.
  32. Ciggie: Bastardization of cigarette.
  33. Climb: Same meaning, when you are ‘getting high’ and reaching a new level of consciousness.
  34. Cripple: When the weed is so strong that you can’t stand after smoking.
  35. DaKine: A Hawaiian surfer term; also a popular product brand of outdoor gear, i.e. for snowboarders who smoke a lot.
  36. Dagga: African name for weed.
  37. Dank: snowboarder term, synonymous with something that is ‘really cool’ i.e. that’s a dank backflip, dude!
  38. Dime: Slang for 1/16 ounce, often sold in ‘dime bags’.
  39. Ditch / Shake: Often low-quality weed.
  40. Dona Juanita: Spanish variation on Mary Jane.
  41. Doobie: A popular marijuana slang made famous by the band The Doobie Brothers, doobie can also refer to weed-infused snacks.
  42. Dope: May refer to the effects of being sleepy or ‘dopey’ after smoking.
  43. Ear Wax: References concentrated THC which is very potent
  44. Fatty: Very popular in the ’90s, tends to refer to the fact that hand-rolled joints are thicker than average tobacco cigarettes.
  45. Gaia: The name of the primal Goddess of Earth responsible for the growth of plants.
  46. Ganja: The Sanskrit word for marijuana, adopted by many Rastafarians.
  47. Grass: Because marijuana is green and a prolific plant, but may also be a reference back to the Arabic hashish (which means ‘grass’).
  48. Green Goddess: The spiritual aspect of weed which induces a kind of hypnotic high.
  49. Green Gold: Also a callback to the fact that bud looks like nuggets, and is also very valuable.
  50. Grog: The feeling of being groggy after smoking.
  51. Gungun: Possibly a Star Wars reference to an alien species who are goofy and kind of talk like they are high.
  52. Hash: From the Arabic word for marijuana which is hashish.
  53. Hay / Bale: Because of how weed is often distributed illegally, i.e. in giant bales.
  54. Herb: Pretty basic; a reference to the fact that cannabis is a plant, but also had its roots as medicine or herb in ancient cultures.
  55. Homegrown: Weed that is grown by someone for their personal use, often of high quality and organic.
  56. Hydro: Because many weed growers use hydroponics to grow their product.
  57. Jay: Common term for a marijuana cigarette, popularized by the phrase ‘Let’s smoke a jay’.
  58. Jefferson Airplane: Another head nod to a 60’s band who endorsed weed smoking.
  59. Joint: Probably refers to how a hand-rolled marijuana cigarette is roughly the same length as the single joint of a finger used to roll it.
  60. JuJu: This comes from Haitian lore referencing the magical/supernatural qualities of weed.
  61. Kali: Indian grown – referencing the goddess Kali, the Destroyer.
  62. Kermit: Because of the Muppet’s character who is green.
  63. KGB: Very, very strong weed, referencing the ‘killer’ qualities of the Russian secret service.
  64. Kona Gold: Very popular Hawaiian marijuana known for its strength.
  65. Krippies: Particularly moist marijuana which is only smoked via a bowl or bong.
  66. Kryptonite: Because it’s green and makes you feel weak in the knees, just like Superman around Kryptonite.
  67. Kush: A potent strain of Cannabis indica which grows in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.
  68. Left-hand cigarettes: Because it was thought that cowboys smoked tobacco with their right hand, so stoners (who were more Liberal and Leftist) smoked with their left.
  69. Long: For a really long joint.
  70. L-Pape: Because of the shape of smoking papers used to make hand-rolled joints.
  71. Lucy: From Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds which was a nod to LSD, but also refers to other drugs like weed.
  72. Magic Dragon: An old 60’s term for weed from the idea you begin to see things and/or fly like a dragon.
  73. Mary Jane: A play on the word marijuana; see also Aunt Mary, Sister Mary, etc.
  74. Maui Wowie: Another popular strain/brand of marijuana endemic to the island of Maui.
  75. Muggle: A really old 1920’s term for weed.
  76. Nick / Nickel: Approximately 0.5 grams of marijuana
  77. Ninja: When weed hits you very hard and all of a sudden. Like a ninja, you never see it coming.
  78. Nixon: Because of President Nixon who was opposed to marijuana.
  79. Northern Lights: Because of the trippy effects of colors when you’re smoking weed looks like the Aurora Borealis.
  80. Nosecone: Large cone doobie with a rosebud.
  81. Nugget / Nuggies: Because of the shape of weed buds, which look like green nuggets
  82. Pac Man: Someone who smokes way too much.
  83. Pinner: A 70’s term for weed, maybe a truncated reference to ‘spinner’, or the feeling of the world spinning when you smoke too much.
  84. Pot: The common term for weed. Possibly derived from the fact that many people would often grow their own weed plants for personal use in pots at home. More likely from potiguaya, Spanish for the marijuana plant`s leaves.
  85. Puff: Smoke that lingers in the air; it also refers to the name of the Magic Dragon.
  86. Purple Haze: From the famous song, it refers to the psychoactive feeling of being in a haze.
  87. Queen Anne’s lace: A classy term for smoking herbal weed.
  88. Rabbit-Hole: Also a reference to Lewis Carrol’s work, but also a verb, i.e. after smoking that joint I began to Rabbit-Hole.
  89. Ragweed: Very poor quality weed, often laced with other things.
  90. Rainy Day Woman: A nod to Bob Dylan’s song which references being stoned.
  91. Rangood: Wild grown weed; often grown on old logging roads.
  92. Rasta: Because the Rastafarian religion embraces weed smoking.
  93. Reefer: Best known from the famous anti-marijuana propaganda movie Reefer Madness which warned of the evil demonic effects of the plants circa 1960s; from Spanish grifa.
  94. Roach: The last end of a joint when it’s been smoked down to something that resembles a tiny cockroach.
  95. Sativa: The genus of weed known to produce euphoric highs.
  96. Short: Conversely, for a join that is very short.
  97. Skunk: The smell of marijuana has often been likened to that of a skunk (or skunk cabbage).
  98. Spliff: Another iconic term from the ’60s for a hand-rolled joint.
  99. Stank: When your weed is particularly stinky and can refer to particularly old weed.
  100. Stem: Another word for a thin DIY joint, often of lesser quality, because it looks like the stem of a plant.
  101. Sticky Icky: When weed is particularly well harvested and grown it is quite sticky to the touch.
  102. Stogie: Old-fashioned term for a cigar, sometimes applied to marijuana cigarettes.
  103. Straw: Also refers to a hand-rolled joint and gets its name from the fact it looks like a narrow piece of straw.
  104. THC: Because of tetrahydrocannabinol which is the active ingredient in marijuana that produces its psychoactive and calming effects.
  105. Thirteen: Because the first letter in marijuana is the thirteenth in the alphabet.
  106. Toke: Because when you take a draw on a marijuana cigarette it’s called a ‘toke’.
  107. Yellow Submarine: Because of The Beatle’s greatest hit Yellow Submarine.
  108. Yerba: Meant to reference the infused tea yerba mate.

Other Marijuana Names

Although these marijuana names are not as popular as the common weed names, they are words used to refer to a joint. Here are some other names for weed:

  1. African Bush
  2. Afro
  3. Airhead
  4. Alfalfa
  5. Alkaline / Alky
  6. All American
  7. AM
  8. Asparagus
  9. Assassin
  10. Babysitter
  11. Bambalacha
  12. Bammer
  13. Bananas
  14. Bar
  15. Barbara Jean
  16. Bash
  17. Bat
  18. Bazooka
  19. Beard
  20. Binky
  21. Black Bart
  22. Black Gungi
  23. Black Mo
  24. Bogart
  25. Bone
  26. Bonsai – A synthetic drug that replicates the effects of weed. Sometimes used to refer to the real thing.
  27. Boo
  28. Bowl
  29. Brick
  30. Brown
  31. Bubblegum
  32. Buddha
  33. Bullion
  34. Burnie
  35. Burnt
  36. Butter
  37. Butter Flower
  38. C.S.
  39. Cacho
  40. Cacti
  41. Caff
  42. Cake
  43. Calyx
  44. Cam Trip
  45. Cambodian
  46. Can
  47. Cannapa
  48. Canoe
  49. Cartucho
  50. Catnip
  51. Caviar
  52. Cereal
  53. Cess
  54. Chamber
  55. Champagne
  56. Chase
  57. Cheddar
  58. Cheeo
  59. Chiba Chiba
  60. Chief
  61. Chilla
  62. Chipi
  63. Chips
  64. Chocolate
  65. Chorus
  66. Christmas Tree
  67. Chunky
  68. Churus
  69. Clickers
  70. Clone
  71. Cobalt
  72. Cocktail
  73. Colas
  74. Coli
  75. Colombian
  76. Coloring Books
  77. Coma
  78. Corn Stalker
  79. Cosa
  80. Cottonmouth
  81. Cracker
  82. Creeper
  83. Crunk
  84. Crying Weed
  85. C-Tea
  86. Cubes
  87. Dab / Dabtastic
  88. Daddy
  89. Dawamesk
  90. Derbs
  91. Dew
  92. Diablito
  93. Diggidy
  94. Dimba
  95. Ding
  96. Dizz
  97. Djamba
  98. DOA
  99. Dody
  100. Doja
  101. Dome
  102. Domestic
  103. Don Jem
  104. Donk
  105. Dow
  106. Draf
  107. Dry
  108. Dub
  109. Dug Out
  110. Durog
  111. Dust
  112. Earth
  113. Easy / Eazy
  114. Ebenieghber
  115. Eight Ball
  116. Electric Lettuce
  117. Elephant
  118. Elevator
  119. Elmer Fudd
  120. Endo
  121. Enzyme
  122. Esra
  123. F1 / F2
  124. Face Fungus
  125. Fade
  126. Faff
  127. Fairy
  128. Fallbrook
  129. Fat Dad
  130. Feed Bag
  131. Fiend
  132. Finger
  133. Fir
  134. Flower
  135. Fraho
  136. Fresh
  137. Frosted
  138. Fry Sticks
  139. Fu Manchu
  140. Fuel
  141. Fullstock
  142. Fuma D’Angola
  143. Funk
  144. Funny Stuff
  145. Fuzzies
  146. Gaffer
  147. Gallo
  148. Game
  149. Gander
  150. Gange
  151. Gangers
  152. Gank
  153. Ganoobies
  154. Gar
  155. Gash
  156. Gasper
  157. Gauge
  158. Geek
  159. Geno (from genotype)
  160. Ghana
  161. Ghetto
  162. Giggles
  163. Gimmie
  164. Gimp
  165. Glow
  166. Gluestick
  167. Go Loco
  168. Gold Star
  169. Golden Leaf
  170. Gong
  171. Goo
  172. Goody-goody
  173. Goofbutt
  174. Gopher
  175. Gorge
  176. Gorilla Tampon
  177. Gram
  178. Grasshopper
  179. Grat
  180. Grata
  181. Greek
  182. Griefo – a bastardization of grifa, see also Reefer
  183. Gunny Sack
  184. Gunther
  185. Gyve
  186. Haircut
  187. Hanhich
  188. Harsh
  189. Heffer
  190. Hella
  191. Hemp
  192. Hit
  193. Hocus
  194. Homegrown
  195. Hooch
  196. Hooter
  197. Hubbly Bubbly
  198. Hybrid
  199. Illegal
  200. Illies
  201. Igbo
  202. Indo
  203. Instaga / Instagu
  204. Ivory
  205. Izm
  206. Jack Willie
  207. Jag
  208. Jamaican
  209. Janet
  210. Jason
  211. JIB
  212. Jive
  213. Johnson
  214. Jolly Green
  215. Jolt
  216. Joyride
  217. Juan Valdez
  218. Juggler
  219. Juice
  220. Juja
  221. Jumbos
  222. K2 / Spice
  223. Kabak
  224. Kaff
  225. Kajee
  226. Kalakit
  227. Kaya
  228. Kaya
  229. KB
  230. Kee
  231. Keef
  232. Kief
  233. Kiff
  234. Killer Bees
  235. Kilter
  236. Kind
  237. Kumba
  238. Kutchie
  239. L.L.
  240. Lab
  241. Lace
  242. Leaf
  243. Leak
  244. Lemonade
  245. Lid
  246. Lima
  247. Limbo
  248. Lipton
  249. Llesca
  250. Loaf
  251. Lobo
  252. Loco
  253. Log
  254. Love Boat
  255. Lubage
  256. Lucas
  257. Lumber
  258. Lush
  259. Lye
  260. Machinery
  261. Macon
  262. Manhattan Silver
  263. Meggie
  264. Method
  265. Mgobi
  266. Mighty Mezz
  267. MILF
  268. Minglewood
  269. Modams
  270. Mohasky
  271. Moht
  272. Monster
  273. Monte
  274. Moora
  275. Moto
  276. Mu
  277. Mutha
  278. Nail
  279. O.G.
  280. O.J.
  281. One Hit Wonder
  282. Onion
  283. Oregano
  284. Oreo
  285. Organic
  286. Ounce
  287. Owl
  288. Ozzy
  289. Pack
  290. Pack of Rocks
  291. Pakistani
  292. Panama
  293. Panatella
  294. Parsley
  295. Party Peno
  296. Pasto
  297. Philly
  298. Pixie
  299. Pod
  300. Poke
  301. Pooner
  302. Potlikker
  303. Potten bush
  304. Premos
  305. Prescription
  306. Pretendica
  307. Primo
  308. Punk
  309. Purple
  310. Railroad
  311. Rainbows
  312. Rambo
  313. Rauch
  314. Raw
  315. Razorback
  316. Red and Blue
  317. Red Dirt
  318. Reindeer
  319. Robo
  320. Rock
  321. Ron
  322. Root
  323. Rope
  324. Rosa
  325. Roz
  326. Ruffles
  327. Rugs
  328. Rusty
  329. Sadhu
  330. Salad
  331. Santa Marta
  332. Sassafrass
  333. Scissors
  334. Scooby / Scoobs
  335. Score
  336. Scrilla
  337. Scrub
  338. Seed
  339. Sen
  340. Shank
  341. Shiva
  342. Shlook
  343. Shmagma
  344. Shotgun
  345. Siddi
  346. Sinsemilla
  347. Skama
  348. Skeet
  349. Skins
  350. Slack
  351. Slice
  352. Snag
  353. Snatch
  354. Snop
  355. Sonic
  356. Spark
  357. Speed Boat
  358. Splim
  359. Spring
  360. Sprite
  361. Sprout
  362. Spruce
  363. Square
  364. Squirrel
  365. Stack
  366. Stamen
  367. Stash
  368. Steamroller
  369. Stick
  370. Stinky
  371. Swag
  372. Swamp
  373. Swazi
  374. Sweet Lucy
  375. Syrup
  376. Taima
  377. Takkouri
  378. Tampon
  379. Tater
  380. Tea Party
  381. Temple Balls
  382. Texas
  383. Tex-Mex
  384. The Cure
  385. Thumb
  386. Thyme
  387. Tijuana
  388. Tin
  389. Tootsie Roll
  390. Torch
  391. Torpedo
  392. Toupee
  393. Trauma
  394. Tray
  395. Trees
  396. Trisome
  397. Turbo
  398. Twist
  399. Unotque
  400. Vega / Vegan
  401. Vipe
  402. Viper
  403. Volcano
  404. Voomp
  405. Wacky
  406. Wake and Bake
  407. Wet / Wetware
  408. Whack / Whackatabacky
  409. Wheat
  410. White Russian
  411. Woo / Woola
  412. Yeh
  413. Yellow Taxi
  414. Yen pop
  415. Yeola
  416. Yerhia
  417. Yesca
  418. Ying / Ying Yang
  419. Yum Yum
  420. Zacatecas
  421. Zambi
  422. Zeppelin
  423. Zig Zag
  424. Zigba
  425. Zol
  426. Zooie
  427. Zoom
  428. Zug
  429. Zu-pu

As you can see, there are hundreds of different names for weed.

Not for the plant alone, but for the act of smoking it, for those who cultivate it, and for those who smoke it.

It is one of the few substances which sometimes feels like it needs its own dictionary, and is a testament to the long history and numerous cultures who have utilized marijuana through the centuries.

Can you think of any marijuana names we might have missed, feel free to comment in the section below!

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  1. Another couple of names I’ve heard recently have been Jazz Cabbage and Devil’s Lettuce. Not sure what they are from, the origin, or why they are called that.

  2. While these are accurate nicknames… some of the descriptions are waaaay off. Still, props for putting together such a comprehensive list.

  3. Back years ago in my ancient times of youth the adults would call safety meetings … Either all children had to go out side or other area of the home while the adults had this safety meeting.
    The tools taken into the safety meeting was the tray a card to separate seeds from green bud shred rolling papers and or pipe or bong and matches or a lighter…. So Bud Shred was a name Saftey Meetings was the game… The easy days of yore


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