89 Fantastic Nicknames of Robert

Do you need good nicknames for a guy named Robert? In this article, we list all the popular Robert nicknames, as well as the various cute and funny nicknames for Robert. But first, let’s examine the origin of the name Robert.

The name Robert is a given name with Germanic origins. It evolved from the combination of two Old High Germanic words hrod meaning “fame” and beraht “bright. It was introduced to Britain by the Normans as “Robert,” where it replaced the Old English equivalent “Hreodbeorht.”

How about famous people named Robert?

Robert Nicknames

Famous People Named Robert

The name Robert was borne by many Royalties from Normandy to Scotland. Also, modern celebrities and famous people that we know also bear the name Robert.

  • Robert I and II – Kings of France
  • Robert I – Duke of Normandy, father of “William the Conqueror”
  • Robert of Jumièges – first Norman Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Robert the Bruce – King of Scotland
  • Robert II and III – Kings of Scotland
  • Robert – King of Naples
  • Robert Downey, Jr. – American actor
  • Robert Redford – American actor
  • Robert Baden-Powell – British army officer and founder of the Scouting Organization
  • Robert Arthur Kardashian – Also known as Rob, a famous TV reality star
  • Robert Mueller – American attorney and the 6th director of the FBI
  • Robert Todd Lincoln – Son of United States President, Abraham Lincoln
  • Robert Pattinson – British actor
  • Robert DeNiro – American actor
  • Robert Louis Stevenson – Author
  • Robert Plant – Lead singer of the rock group “Led Zeppelin.”
  • Robert Edward Lee – An American Confederate Civil War general
  • Robert Stanley Dyrdek – American Skateboarder and host of the show “Ridiculousness” on MTV
  • Robert Edward Howard – A famous pulp fiction writer and poet. He was the creator of the movie “Conan the Barbarian.”
  • Robert Jordan – This is the pen-name of the multi-genre author James Oliver Rigney Jr.
  • Robert Frost – American poet
  • Robert Burns – Scottish poet
  • Robert Francis Kennedy – American politician whose nickname was “Bobby.”
  • Robert Marley – Popular known as “Bob Marley,” Jamaican singer and songwriter.
  • Robert Reed – American actor, best known for playing Mike Brady, the father on “The Brady Bunch.”
  • Robert Ford Wilson – Son of American actor, producer, and screenwriter Owen Wilson

There are many other Roberts, but it is time to explore the nicknames and variations.

First, why do people use “Bob” as a short form of Robert?

Why Is Bob a nickname for Robert

The nickname Bob is a commonly used for Robert because Bob has a palindrome nature. This means that when pronouncing Bob, the name just rolls off the tongue easily. The nickname when through a transition period from Rob to Bob. The English pronounce Robert this way “Rah-bert.” This later become Rob and then Bob which rhymes perfectly with the diminutive nickname Rob.

Another theory of why Bob is commonly used for Robert is because of privacy. Due to illegal or fraudulent actions, people did not want to be identified by their first names and as such came up with the short diminutive of their name.

List of Robert Nicknames

Nicknames for Robert

There are four sections of classification for Robert nicknames in this article. The first highlights the popular and familiar Robert nicknames. The second contains funny and unusual Robert nicknames. The third category is the female versions of the name Robert and feminine nicknames. Finally, the last section is a list of names and nicknames of Robert as it is called in different regions of the world.

Popular Robert Nicknames

This is a classic name that was ranked number 1 in the year 1925 and 1950. The name Robert remained in the top 25 names for boys for a whole century. It currently ranks number 122 in popularity this year 2019.

  1. Bert
  2. Bertie
  3. Bob
  4. Bobby
  5. Nob
  6. Obert
  7. Rab
  8. Rabbie
  9. Raby
  10. Rhobbie
  11. Rip
  12. Ro
  13. Rob
  14. Robb
  15. Robbies
  16. Robeson
  17. Robhy
  18. Robbie
  19. Robby

Funny Robert Nicknames

This section carries funny interpretations of the name Robert. Some of the nicknames are rare and almost unrelated. Nicknames are subjective in some cases, and as such, you can broaden your knowledge of those strange nicknames of Robert even if you don’t understand the meanings behind them.

  1. Billy Bob
  2. Bob the builder – Another cartoon series on the Jim jam kids’ channel
  3. Bob Marley – Perfect for a Robert with scraggly hair or dreadlocks like the legendary reggae singer.
  4. Bobert
  5. Bobel head
  6. Bobbit – Sounds like Rabbit
  7. Bobo
  8. Bobolink – Like the bird
  9. Boob
  10. Booby
  11. Bubba
  12. Dob
  13. Dobby – Similar to the strange house elf in the Harry Potter Series.
  14. Dobbin
  15. Hob
  16. No Woman, No Cry – Funny Robert nickname from the famous Bob Marley’s hit single “No Woman, No Cry.”
  17. Rabbit
  18. Rocky
  19. Roe
  20. Reboot
  21. Ricky-Bobby
  22. Robobo
  23. Robber
  24. Robster
  25. Robby the Nobby
  26. Scmobert
  27. Sponge BOB – After the cartoon character, sponge bob square pants
  28. Trebor – Robert spelled backward

Female Robert Nicknames

If you are blessed with twins of which one is a girl, you can name your daughter any of the Robert versions below. If you want to give her her father’s name, a feminine version is more appropriate for a girl. Or else your girl may never claim ownership of bearing the name Robert.

  1. Bobbi
  2. Bobbie – This was the name late Whitney Houston’s daughter was called.
  3. Roberta
  4. Robertina
  5. Robertine
  6. Robin
  7. Robina
  8. Robyn
  9. Robynne
  10. Ruby – It is also the name of a precious stone
  11. Ruppretta – Archaic French
  12. Ruprette

International Variations of Robert

An understanding of the different variants or alternative to the name William is necessary. This may be your preferred nickname of choice for your own William because of the spelling difference or the origins of the name. There are many other interpretation and variations, but here are the few we know will intrigue you.

  1. Boris – Bulgarian
  2. Hob – Medieval English
  3. Hopcyn – Welsh
  4. Hrodebert – Old high German
  5. Raivo – Estonian
  6. Raibeart –Scottish
  7. Rhobert – Welsh
  8. Robban – Swedish
  9. Robbercik – Polish
  10. Robrecht – Old Dutch
  11. Robere – Old French
  12. Robertinho – Portuguese
  13. Robertino – Italian
  14. Roberto – Spanish
  15. Robertus – Latin
  16. Robi – Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Serbian
  17. Robinet – French
  18. Robus – It means “little Robert” in Polish
  19. Roibeard – Irish
  20. Riobard
  21. Rodbeart
  22. Roopertti – Finish. You can use “Pertti” and “Roope” for short forms
  23. Ropke – Low German
  24. Rotbtyht – Old English
  25. Rotebert – Germanic
  26. Rovertos – Greek
  27. Rubert – Old Dutch
  28. Rudebet
  29. Rudebert
  30. Rupert – Dutch, German

The nicknames for Robert are endless as long as you know how to come up with good nicknames. So, if you know any awesome pet name for Robert we missed, be a dear and add the nickname in the comment section.

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5 thoughts on “89 Fantastic Nicknames of Robert”

  1. I’ve been called Robert, Rob, Robbie, Bob, Bobby, Bert, Bertie, Robot, Robust, Ribbit, Bobert, Boob, & Radar. Never “late for dinner” though. 🙂

  2. I always liked my name of Robert.
    Named after my father.
    When I was five years old I had trouble spelling my name. Robrt kept forgetting the e. My mother did not want to call me Jr. because kids might mock it.
    James was given after doctor who delivered me but mostly after actor James Gardner because he was good looking. My nickname was Robbie.

    • I was named after Robert Louis Stevenson. My mom accidentally used the wrong spelling for the middle name. I instead ended up Robert Lewis Santa. My dad claims that the spelling was intentional just in case I ever wanted to use my middle name as my last for professional reasons.

      (Yes. The last name Santa is real and by no means shortened. Just like the jolly fat man.)


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