1300+ Best Pokémon Nicknames For All Types

Stuck again trying to find that perfect nickname for your newly caught Pokémon? We all know that coming up with an awesome nickname can make your Pokémon feel so much more personalized, but sometimes we just don’t have a clue what to name them.

Thankfully, after today, you will never have to bother about Pokemon nicknames because we have compiled a huge list of over a thousand Pokémon nicknames for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for funny pokemon names, cute names, cool names, any of the 18 different types of Pokemon names or names for Pokemon trainers; you will find them all here!

Go ahead and find the perfect Pokémon nickname!

Pokemon Names

Best Pokémon Nicknames

Best Pokémon Nicknames

Here is a list of the best Pokémon Nicknames for any pokemon type. You can use these nicknames for pokemon go or any pokemon game.

Funny Pokémon Nicknames

Let’s start with the funny Pokémon names. The following are funny nicknames you can use for Pokémon:

  1. Aspirin – This Pokémon is always giving you a headache.
  2. Terrorist – Hilarious nickname for a Pokémon that uses the move self-destruct.
  3. ISIS – Similar to the above.
  4. Paper Cut – This Pokémon is painfully useless.
  5. Boyfriend – Because you’re in love with this Pokémon.
  6. Ketchup – For any Pokémon that’s liquid in form, like Muk or Grimer.
  7. Diarrhea – A slightly more disgusting nickname for a liquid-like Pokémon.
  8. Shlup – Also a funny name for a slimy Pokémon.
  9. Slop – Just straight up yucky.
  10. Nausea – You’re so disgusted by this Pokémon it makes you physically feel sick.
  11. Starbucks – Specifically for Arbok, similar to the sound it makes.
  12. Meatball – Why not just name your new Pokémon after your lunch?
  13. Rest – Is what this Pokémon is best at.
  14. Zzzz – Similar to the above.
  15. Fatso – This Pokémon is simply
  16. Bread – Great for a lazy Pokémon like Snorlax, Slakoth or Slaking, particularly when they are ‘loafing around.’
  17. Holdthedoor – A hilarious name for Snorlax, in reference to Game of Thrones.
  18. Hodor – A variation of the above.
  19. RonWeavly – Specifically for Weavile, in reference to Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.
  20. Vabroeon – Specifically for a Vaporeon.
  21. Rick – A clever option for a Ghastly as it sounds like Rick Astley.
  22. Brick Rat – Specifically for Sandshrew.
  23. Fastpoke – All other Slowpokes eat dust.
  24. Slowsis – Specifically for a female Slowbro.
  25. Patrick – For Slowbro or Slowpoke, in reference to the characters of the same name from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  26. Cue-Ball – For a Pokémon with no hair or in the shape of a ball.
  27. Jack Spearow – Wordplay on the Pokémon Spearow and the character Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  28. Geobabe – Perfect for a female Geodude.
  29. Doofus – There’s nothing intelligent about this Pokémon.
  30. Timmy – What could possibly sound more harmless?
  31. Barbecue – This Pokémon would make a great barbecue.
  32. Prickly Dude – For any Pokémon with a lot of spikes.
  33. Emo – For a Pokémon that you mostly use to cut down trees.
  34. Digimon – Because you forgot what game you were playing.
  35. Agumon – A Digimon with a remarkable similarity with Charmander.
  36. Your Mom – For any large Pokémon, like Wailord.
  37. Your Ex Gf – Also ideal for any large Pokémon.
  38. Reginald – This one is specifically for the legendary Pokémon Regigigas.
  39. BodyIsRegi – Wordplay on the Pokémon Regigigas and ‘my body is ready.’
  40. Wazowski – Perfect for any Pokémon with one eye, in reference to the character Mike Wazowski from the film Monsters, Inc.
  41. Condom – For a Pokémon that has the move protect.
  42. Anal Bead – For any Pokémon that is completely round.
  43. R2-D2 – In reference to the character from Star Wars, ideal for any Pokémon that looks like a robot.
  44. Subway – This Pokémon eats far too much.
  45. FeedMeNow – For another Pokémon that eats way too much.
  46. Automate – Perfect for Ditto or any Pokémon that changes form in certain conditions.
  47. Earphones – Specifically for Tangela or Tangrowth because they look like tangled up earphones.
  48. Webcam – A hilarious choice for Beldum, which has a striking resemblance to a camera.
  49. Cliché – Because you’ve totally run out of good ideas.
  50. Splash – This Pokémon is almost completely useless, ideal for a Magikarp.
  51. Useless – Another one for Magikarp.
  52. A Flop – One more for Magikarp.
  53. Magikarpet Ride – One last one.
  54. Mariokarp – One extra last one.
  55. Kakunamatata – A wordplay on the Pokémon Kakuna and the Swahili phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’ made famous by the Lion King.
  56. Onixpected – Wordplay on Onyx and unexpected.
  57. West Side – For a pink Gastrodon.
  58. East Side – For a blue Gastrodon.
  59. You Com – For a Minun or Plusle when together, but it has to be used in conjunction with the nickname below.
  60. Plete Me – For a Minun or Plusle when together, but it has to be used in conjunction with the nickname above.
  61. LongNHard – For anything long and hard, like Onyx.
  62. Vulgar – This is one ugly Pokémon.
  63. FlygonJinn – For a Flygon in reference to the character Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars.
  64. HMSlave – The Pokémon you only use to teach HMs and nothing else.
  65. HMmaster – Way nicer than the alternative above.
  66. M.S.surf – You only use this Pokémon on the water, like a boat.
  67. Tree Stooges – A clever one for Exeggutor and a wordplay on ‘The Three Stooges.’
  68. NutCase – For a Pokémon that is based on a nut.
  69. Chuck Norris – This Pokémon is just unbeatable.
  70. Shuck Norris – Specifically for Shuckle, because it’s as tough as Chuck!
  71. El Mariachi – An excellent choice for Ludicolo or Lombre.
  72. The Mexican – Also ideal choices for Ludicolo or Lombre.
  73. Swine Flu – For a Pokémon based on a pig.
  74. Bird Flu – Similar to the above.
  75. Windows 95 – A hilarious nickname for a Polygon.
  76. Oh no! It – A very clever option that’s quite funny to see whenever your Pokémon is mentioned.
  77. Confused – This Pokémon is constantly getting confused.
  78. Vodka – Because you were super drunk when you named this one.
  79. Moonshine – Because you were blackout drunk when you named this one.
  80. Absinthe – Drunk is an understatement.
  81. Saki – Japanese alcoholic spirit.
  82. NameRater – After the website that rates users Pokémon’s nicknames, often very harshly.
  83. KFC – For any bird-like Pokémon that would probably make a delicious meal.
  84. Hentai – A hilarious nickname for a Pokémon with tentacles, like Tentacruel.
  85. Revive – Because you’ve spent a fortune reviving this Pokémon.
  86. Teleport – For that agitating Abra you finally caught.
  87. Fatchu – Let’s face it guys, Pikachu needs to lose a bit of weight.
  88. SoThorny – A clever one for any Pokémon with spikes.
  89. Travesty – You brought shame upon your family by catching this useless Pokémon.
  90. Finally! – For a Pokémon, it took you forever to catch.
  91. YAASS! – You’ve been trying to find this Pokémon forever.
  92. Share – The only way you’ll ever level up this Pokémon.
  93. Fainted – Everytime you send this Pokémon out it faints unbelievably quickly.
  94. Thugtrio – A funny option for a Dugtrio.
  95. Obamasnow – A wordplay on Abomasnow and former US president Obama.
  96. Quesadilla – Because you’re hungry as hell.
  97. Margarine – A funny option for a Butterfree.
  98. GodSaveMe – You really need some help from above when you send this Pokémon out to battle.
  99. Panick – This Pokémon is always your last resort.
  100. Help – You’re practically begging your opponent to take it easy on you with this one.

Cute Pokémon Nicknames

The following are cute Pokémon nicknames:

  1. Rainbow – This Pokémon is super colorful.
  2. Colors – Also an option for a colorful Pokémon.
  3. Aurelia – A feminine Latin name which means ‘golden.’
  4. Anastasia – After Princess Anastasia Romanov.
  5. Glitter – A great name for a shiny Pokémon.
  6. Heidi – A feminine name related to the name Adelheid, which means ‘nobility.’
  7. Mooch – You just want to give all your love to this Pokémon.
  8. TLC – Stands for Tender Loving Care.
  9. Mama – For a Pokémon that’s family orientated.
  10. Loyal – This Pokémon really likes you.
  11. Rosie – A great option for a Pokémon with flowers.
  12. Coconut – This Pokémon makes you think of the tropics.
  13. Coco – A shorter variation of the above.
  14. Crumbs – This Pokémon is just so small.
  15. Snacks – If this Pokémon was food, it would be a tasty snack.
  16. Nimbles – Super-duper cute!
  17. Ruffles – This one is a bit on the scruffy side.
  18. Ruffian – This little cutie thinks they’re so tough.
  19. Grumpy Cat – For Pokémon that have cat-like features, and, of course, in reference to the legendary Grumpy Cat memes.
  20. Tipsy – For a Pokémon that has a little trouble coordinating itself.
  21. Tickles – For a super playful Pokémon.
  22. Swift – Cute and fast!
  23. Aphrodite – After the Ancient Greek goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.
  24. Mischief – They don’t always do what they’re told.
  25. Flutters – This Pokémon makes hearts flutter.
  26. Epona – After Link’s horse in the video game Legend of Zelda.
  27. Buttercup – After the sweet little flower that’s usually yellow in color.
  28. Tabby – An awesome nickname for cat-like Pokémon.
  29. Tilly – Quite simply one of the cutest nicknames.
  30. Ittybitty – They may be small, but they bite hard.
  31. Lily – A lovely feminine name, great for a Pokémon that reminds you of water lilies.
  32. Lalo – Spanish for ‘rich guardian,’ also a diminutive form of Eduardo.
  33. Cerise – A beautiful shade of reddish pink.
  34. May – After the month of the year.
  35. April – After the month of the year.
  36. June – After the month of the year.
  37. July – After the month of the year.
  38. Gemini – After the zodiac sign.
  39. Aires – After the zodiac sign.
  40. Libra – After the zodiac sign.
  41. Virgo – After the zodiac sign.
  42. Aquarius – After the zodiac sign.
  43. Dorothy – Perhaps in reference to the character from the film The Wizard of Oz.
  44. Clarica – A beautiful name of Greek and Latin origin.
  45. Marbles – After the small round balls usually made from glass.
  46. Hugs – This Pokémon can always cheer you up when you’re feeling down.
  47. Cuddles – Similar to the above.
  48. Companion – This Pokémon has stuck around with you throughout all of your travels.
  49. Olive – After the wife of Popeye.
  50. Kisses – You just want to give this Pokémon a million kisses.
  51. Attract – After the Pokémon move of the same name.
  52. Charm – After the Pokémon move of the same name.
  53. Charming – This Pokémon just oozes charisma.
  54. Handsome – Truly the best looking Pokémon.
  55. Elegant – Can you think of a more sophisticated Pokémon?
  56. Pooch – For a Pokémon that’s similar to a dog.
  57. Poochy – Perhaps a slightly cuter version of the above.
  58. Squirt – Cute nickname for a male baby Pokémon.
  59. Flirt – This Pokémon’s whole strategy is based on making its opponent fall in love with it.
  60. Hope – This Pokémon can win any battle with a little bit of hope.
  61. Faith – This Pokémon can win any battle with a little bit of faith.
  62. Rhapsody – For a Pokémon with some musical talent.
  63. Symphony – Similar to the above.
  64. Serenade – Similar to the above.
  65. Anthem – Similar to the above.
  66. Melody – Also similar to the above.
  67. Harmony – And one last music-related name.
  68. Harmonia – A slightly more feminized version of the above.
  69. Stardust – After the item that can be found and used in the games.
  70. Snappy – This Pokémon has got a tough bite.
  71. Teeth – This Pokémon has huge teeth.
  72. Noodles – A sweet option for a Pokémon like Tangela.
  73. Teddy – This Pokémon is as cuddly as a teddy bear.
  74. Cucumber – While it might not be the cutest of all the vegetables, it certainly sounds cute.
  75. McNugget – As tasty as McDonald’s chicken nuggets!
  76. Tranquil – The most relaxed Pokémon you’ve ever come across.
  77. ScrappyDoo – After Scooby Doo’s little nephew.
  78. Whiskers – For any Pokémon with beautiful whiskers.
  79. Ralph – A super cute male name.
  80. Tori – Short for Victoria.
  81. Misty – After the character and gym leader from the original series.
  82. Unicorn – An excellent choice for either a Keldeo or Rapidash.
  83. Careless – This Pokémon doesn’t have a care in the world.
  84. PikaPika – This one is especially for a Pikachu, after the noise it makes.
  85. Pwichu – For a Pichu, who knew it could sound any cuter.
  86. Tiny – For an unbelievably small Pokémon.
  87. Teeny – For an even more unbelievably small Pokémon.
  88. Tinsy – The smallest ever Pokémon.
  89. Jellybelly – After the candy of the same name.
  90. Jellybean – As sweet as rare candy!
  91. Barbie – This Pokémon could not get any girlier.
  92. Eeveelution – The perfect nickname for an Eevee.
  93. Pup – You love this Pokémon more than any real puppy.
  94. BestFriend – You have a real bond with this Pokémon.
  95. Strawberries – Who doesn’t like strawberries?
  96. Kiwi – After the small green fruit or the tiny flightless bird.
  97. Avocado – If you also want to sound cool and trendy.
  98. Pesto – For a cute green Pokémon.
  99. Chives – Tasty, green and healthy.
  100. Shortcake – The tastiest of all the cakes.

Cool Pokémon Nicknames

The following are cool Pokémon names you can use for your character:

  1. Escobar – After the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar.
  2. Havoc – You cause complete chaos with this Pokémon.
  3. Shield – This Pokémon has an almost impenetrable defense.
  4. Viking – After ruthless Scandinavian invaders who were also daring explorers.
  5. Odin – After the ancient Germanic god largely associated with Norse mythology.
  6. Valkyrie – After Odin’s handmaids who chose who would live and who would die in battle.
  7. Pride – This Pokémon has immense willpower.
  8. Templar – After the Knights Templar, defenders of the crusader states.
  9. Ptolemy – After the Ptolemaic dynasty, which ruled different parts of the Eastern Mediterranean during ancient times.
  10. Rogue – For a Pokémon that hates being told what to do.
  11. Al Capone – After the infamous Chicago bootlegger of the same name.
  12. Warlord – This Pokémon rules the battlefield.
  13. Warmaiden – A feminized version of the above.
  14. Dagger – A small but very sharp knife.
  15. Blades – For a Pokémon with sharp claws like Scyther.
  16. Edward Scissorhands – A slightly more creative variation of the above.
  17. Thrasher – This Pokémon makes others faint at the mere sight of it.
  18. Brigadier – A high ranking military position which often involves commanding thousands of troops.
  19. Teutonic – After the Teutonic Knights.
  20. Rex – Perfect for any Pokémon that has qualities similar to a T-Rex, like Tyrantrum.
  21. Boss – Because, quite simply, this Pokémon is a boss.
  22. Chief – This Pokémon demands authority.
  23. Augustus – After the first Emperor of the Roman Empire.
  24. Octavian – Augustus’s name before he took the title of Augustus.
  25. Nero – Another Roman emperor.
  26. Paladin – A class of warrior dedicated to ridding the world of evil.
  27. Behemoth – For a Pokémon that is humongous in size.
  28. Viscount – A status of British nobility.
  29. Cicero – Also a leader of the Roman Empire
  30. Bastion – Excellent for a Pokémon with high defense.
  31. Picasso – After the artist, perfect for Smeargle.
  32. Highlander – After the film series about immortal warriors.
  33. Romulus – The legendary founder and first king of Rome.
  34. Weapon Of Choice – Because you always send this one out first. Also in reference to the song of the same name by Fatboy Slim.
  35. Xerxes – An ancient king of the Persian Empire.
  36. Caesar – After the Roman leader Julius Caesar.
  37. Goliath – Perfect for a brutish Pokémon with a lot of strength.
  38. Cyclops – In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, a race of one-eyed giants, also the name of an X-Men character.
  39. Trompeur – French word meaning deceive.
  40. Scar – This is one intimidating looking Pokémon.
  41. Mufasa – After The Lion King character, Simba’s father.
  42. Archer – For a Pokémon with deadly accuracy.
  43. Excalibur – After the legendary sword of King Arthur, king of Britain.
  44. Swordsman – This Pokémon is immensely skilled in battle.
  45. Katana – After the Japanese sword that was traditionally used by Samurais.
  46. Rambo – After the film series of the same name.
  47. Blitz – Prepare for destruction.
  48. Noisemaker – This Pokémon makes some horrific noises.
  49. CounterStrike – The opponent should be very careful when choosing to attack this Pokémon.
  50. Prince – Because this Pokémon looks like 100% royalty.
  51. Boudicca – After the Celtic queen warrior.
  52. Pericles – A leader of ancient Greece.
  53. Raider – This Pokémon just destroying everything in its path.
  54. Balthazar – One of the three wise men.
  55. Mongol – This Pokémon is just savage.
  56. Lancer – After the cavalrymen who fought with a lance.
  57. Spartan – After the ruthless ancient Greek state known for its warriors.
  58. Stag – The word for a male deer.
  59. Baron – Another rank of nobility.
  60. Gryphon – The ancient Greek word for Griffin.
  61. Aurelius – A Roman emperor, known as one of the ‘good five.’
  62. Hadrian – Another Roman emperor.
  63. Cleopatra – A queen of ancient Egypt.
  64. Pharaoh – The title held by the monarch of ancient Egypt.
  65. Menthu – The ancient Egyptian god of war.
  66. Emperor – This Pokémon is a king of kings.
  67. Empress – Female version of the above.
  68. Sultan – Arabic word for ‘ruler.’
  69. Tsar – Slavic word for ‘king.’
  70. Tiberius – Also a Roman emperor.
  71. Trojan – In reference to the ‘Trojan Horse.’
  72. Shiva – One of the principal gods of Hinduism.
  73. Ninja – Because this Pokémon is quick and deadly.
  74. Godzilla – After the Japanese film series of the same name.
  75. King Kong – After the giant gorilla of the same name.
  76. Cyan – A shade of greenish-blue.
  77. Barbarian – This Pokémon doesn’t play by any rules.
  78. Seigi – A Japanese word for justice.
  79. Mafia – After the infamous Italian organized crime syndicate.
  80. CosaNostra – Another word often used synonymously with Mafia of Sicilian origin.
  81. Kronos – In ancient Greek mythology he is the father of a number of Greek gods, including Zeus.
  82. Peeps – This Pokémon is your closest friend.
  83. Kanto – The original fictional region were Pokémon was first set.
  84. Johto – The second fictional region were Pokémon is set.
  85. Hoenn – The third Pokémon region.
  86. Sinnoh – The fourth Pokémon region.
  87. Unova – The region of Pokémon Black and White.
  88. Kalos – The region of Pokémon X and Y.
  89. Alola – The region of Pokémon Sun and Moon.
  90. Orre – The region of Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.
  91. Fiore – The region of Pokémon Ranger.
  92. Almia – The of Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
  93. Ransei – The region of Pokémon Conquest.
  94. Oblivia – The region of Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.
  95. Predator – This Pokémon literally eats others alive.
  96. Kraken – After the legendary sea monster that lives off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.
  97. Cannon – This Pokémon attacks others so hard it may as well be used as a nuclear weapon.
  98. Nightmare – Your opponents will be having nightmares about this Pokémon for years to come.
  99. Slayer – This Pokémon can take down any rival, no matter the size.
  100. Nonpareil – This word of French origin essentially means ‘no equal.’

Pokémon Nicknames Based on Type

good Pokemon names

We have listed all the different types of Pokémon names: Cool Fire Names, Water Type Pokémon Names, Grass Pokémon Names, Electric Pokémon Nicknames, All Rock Type Pokémon Names, Best Bug Type Pokémon Nicknames, Fighting Pokémon Names, Ghost Pokémon Names, Fairy Pokémon Names, Dragon Pokémon, Steel Pokémon nicknames and every other type of Pokémon nickname.

Fire Pokémon Nicknames

The following are cool pokemon fire names

  1. Diesel – Let’s fuel this fire.
  2. Benzene – Yummy fuel!
  3. Petrol – A variation of the above.
  4. Charred – Everyone who touches this Pokémon gets burned.
  5. Charcoal – The remains of organic material when exposed to immense heat and no air.
  6. Coal – Another fuel for a fire.
  7. Face Melter – This Pokémon will melt their opponent down to a mere skeleton.
  8. Ignis – The Latin word for ‘fire.’
  9. Under Fire – Punny?
  10. SpitFire – Some Pokémon literally do!
  11. Friction – A crucial element needed to start a fire.
  12. Frikkshun – A wordplay on the word ‘friction,’ almost looks like a real Pokémon name as it is.
  13. Fire Starter – Also kind of punny.
  14. Blaze – Super overused, especially for Blaziken, but people still love it.
  15. Raze – When something is burned down to the ground.
  16. Infernos – A huge and uncontrollable fire.
  17. Immolata – Comes from the word ‘immolate,’ which means to burn something down to nothing.
  18. Cinder – A cute one that would be great for a Cyndaquil.
  19. Hephaestus – After the ancient Greek god of fire.
  20. Molten – This word just sounds incredibly hot as it is.
  21. Magma – The incredibly hot semi-liquid rock under the crust of the Earth.
  22. Lava – Magma that reaches the Earth’s surface usually through a volcano.
  23. LiquidRock – Another word for magma or lava.
  24. Volcano – This Pokémon is about to explode.
  25. Yellowstone – After the giant super volcano under the national park.
  26. WildFire – No one can tame this flame.
  27. FireStorm – Similar to the above.
  28. MeltingPoint – Reaching this point daily.
  29. Meltdown – If you let this Pokémon loose, there won’t be much left around it.
  30. Torch – This Pokémon shines the brightest.
  31. Burnt – What the opponent will be!
  32. Pyro – Ancient Greek word for ‘fire.’
  33. Pyroclastic – A fast-moving current of hot gas or volcanic matter.
  34. PyroManiac – This Pokémon enjoys setting things on fire a little too much.
  35. Bunsen Burner – After the small piece of laboratory equipment used to make fire for experiments.
  36. FlashBang – Another word for stun grenade.
  37. Butane – A vital ingredient for LPG.
  38. Propane – A fuel mostly used for heating.
  39. Gas Fire – This Pokémon is really more of a decorative piece than anything else.
  40. Sunburnt – A nice, funny one.
  41. Solar Flare – Hotter than the sun!
  42. Fireball – Super hot and super fast.
  43. Gun Smoke – Is there a faint smell of gunpowder in the air?
  44. Smolder – The only thing that will be left of your opponent with be a plume of smoke.
  45. Zippo – After the lighter brand.
  46. TheHeat – Hotter than anything else known to man.
  47. Arsenal – The Pokémon has a lot of firepowers.
  48. FlameOn – After the Human Torch’s catchphrase.
  49. FlameThrower – After the powerful fire type move.
  50. Third-Degree – The most dangerous kind of burns you can get – third-degree burns.

Water Pokémon Nicknames

Do you need water type Pokemon nicknames? Check out these good Water Pokemon names:

  1. Harbour – Where boats come to dock.
  2. Admiral – The highest rank in the navy.
  3. Tsunami – A terrifying wall of water that engulfs everything in front of it.
  4. Baywatch – In reference to the TV show and film.
  5. Fisherman’s Friend – After the brand of menthol lozenges of the same name.
  6. Pontoon – A floating device usually used as a temporary bridge.
  7. Coral – Perfect for a red water Pokémon.
  8. CoralReef – Ideal for a Pokémon usually found underwater.
  9. BarrierReef – After the magnificent coral reef off the coast of Australia.
  10. Atlantis – After the mythical underwater city.
  11. Aquaman – After the superhero who has a special connection with sea creatures.
  12. Aquamarine – An awesome light blue color.
  13. Squid – Perhaps not the most creative nickname for a Pokémon based on a squid.
  14. Squidward – After the grumpy character from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  15. Seaman – Oh dear…
  16. Seaweed – A funny option for a Pokémon that is both water and grass type.
  17. Rain Man – In reference to the 1988 film of the same name.
  18. McBoatface – In reference to the boat Boaty McBoatface, a research ship that was named by the British public.
  19. Tidalia – A creative name based on ‘tidal.’
  20. Anchor – Not much can move this big water Pokémon.
  21. Squall – An aggressive storm that usually brings a lot of rain with it.
  22. Krabs – For a Pokémon that resembles a crustacean.
  23. Krabs – Another character from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  24. Krabby – Also for a Pokémon that resembles a crustacean.
  25. FishSticks – This Pokémon would make a nice tasty snack.
  26. Neptune – After the ancient Roman god of the sea and freshwater.
  27. Poseidon – After the ancient Greek god of the sea.
  28. Calypso – After the ancient Greek goddess-nymph of the same name.
  29. Hydro – Originating from the Greek word for water.
  30. Waves – A very cool and chill option.
  31. Bubbles – A great option for a sweet water Pokémon.
  32. Puddles – Also a very sweet option for a water Pokémon.
  33. Hook – Because you caught this one fishing.
  34. Tugboat – Another nickname for a Pokémon you mostly use for surf.
  35. Pearl – The most beautiful thing to be found in the sea.
  36. Crest – The foam that forms on top of a wave.
  37. Jet – For a super fast water Pokémon.
  38. Drizzle – After the Pokémon ability.
  39. Ocean – After the greatest known masses of water, on Earth at least.
  40. Lake Monster – Perfect for a big Pokémon caught in a lake.
  41. Torrent – A strong fast-moving stream of water, also a Pokémon ability.
  42. The Navy – This Pokémon has the strength of an entire army.
  43. ChumBucket – This Pokémon would make excellent bait for something much bigger.
  44. ClamBake – A tasty North American meal made up of a mixture of seafood.
  45. FishSalad – This Pokémon would make an excellent meal.
  46. Sushi – You can imagine this Pokémon being served up at a Japanese restaurant.
  47. MyBeach – The bond between the two of you is strong.
  48. SurfSlave – The only reason you have this Pokémon is to surf on water.
  49. Waterfall – The only reason you have this Pokémon is to use waterfall.
  50. Captain – As in captain of a ship.

Grass Pokémon Nicknames

Do you need good Grass-type Pokemon names? Check out these fantastic grass type names:

  1. Treehugger – A clever option, perfect for any Pokémon based on a tree.
  2. Splinters – Sharp, small and incredibly painful.
  3. Roots – For a Pokémon with an awesome defense.
  4. Congo – After the Congo Rainforest.
  5. Great Deku – After the Great Deku Tree from the Legend of Zelda.
  6. Cactus – For a Pokémon based on a cactus, like Cacnea.
  7. Canopy – The very top layer of trees in a forest.
  8. Nuts – Because it looks like a nut!
  9. Nut Brain – Not the smartest Pokémon you’ve ever caught.
  10. Garlic – Because it looks like garlic!
  11. Starch – A carbohydrate found in many vegetables.
  12. AllSpice – A spice found in Southern Mexico, Central America and parts of the Caribbean.
  13. Verde – Spanish for green.
  14. Sticks – Ideal for a Pokémon with sticks for limbs.
  15. Bamboo – Way tougher than sticks.
  16. Pinocchio – Because they’re made of wood!
  17. Aja – Spirit of the forest in African mythology.
  18. Acorn – It has a remarkable resemblance to an acorn.
  19. Vegetable – You were totally out of ideas when you picked this one.
  20. Onion – Because it makes you cry non-stop.
  21. Beans – Ideal for a small grass type Pokémon.
  22. Carrot – A funny option for a grass type Pokémon with a shade of orange.
  23. Potatoe – Not exactly the most useful Pokémon in your party.
  24. Amazon – After the Amazon Rainforest.
  25. Ent – In reference to the tree characters in The Lord of the Rings.
  26. Treebeard – After the primary Ent in The Lord of the Rings.
  27. Flore – From ‘flores’ which is Spanish for ‘flowers.’
  28. Shamrock – Because this Pokémon is super lucky.
  29. Arduinna – Goddess of the forest in Celtic mythology.
  30. Buckwheat – A plant commonly cultivated for its seeds.
  31. Ceres – Roman goddess of agriculture.
  32. Melon – For a Pokémon that’s a bit round in shape.
  33. Bonsai – After the small Japanese tree.
  34. Tropics – After the region of the Earth that surrounds the equator.
  35. Blossom – Because your Pokémon has the best flowers.
  36. Corny – This Pokémon is the manifestation of a bad joke.
  37. Cornbread – Straight up corny and lazy.
  38. Rosemary – A herb that is often used in meal preparation.
  39. Thyme – Another herb that is often used in meal preparation.
  40. Willow – For a Pokémon that has long tassel-like growth.
  41. Autumn – Or ‘fall,’ after the season.
  42. Spring – After the season.
  43. Sultana – This Pokémon looks super old.
  44. Weed – This Pokémon is absolutely worthless to you.
  45. Swampy – This ugly Pokémon looks like it belongs in a swamp.
  46. Fruitful – Every battle with this Pokémon is beneficial in some way.
  47. Fruity – This Pokémon is mostly associated with fruit.
  48. Fruitilicious – Not just fruity, delicious too.
  49. Moss – They almost look as if they have real hair.
  50. Mold – Because they’re not the most appealing shade of green.

Normal Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good normal Pokemon type names:

  1. Average – Is there anything that sounds more normal than the word ‘average’?
  2. Simon – A terribly normal sounding name.
  3. Whitney – A gym leader who uses normal type Pokémon.
  4. Lenora – A gym leader who uses normal type Pokémon.
  5. Cheren – A gym leader who uses normal type Pokémon.
  6. Norman – A gym leader who uses normal type Pokémon, also could be in reference to the fact the Pokémon is normal type.
  7. Bates – As in Norman Bates, the antagonist from the film Psycho.
  8. Normandy – Region in Northern France.
  9. Ratface – Rattata and Raticate aren’t particularly popular.
  10. Rodent – Another funny option for Rattata and Raticate.
  11. Feline – Excellent choice for a cat-like Pokémon.
  12. Catty – For any cat Pokémon that also have a temper.
  13. Canada – A funny choice for a Bidoof or Bibarel.
  14. Switzerland – Good old neutral Switzerland!
  15. Neutral – Can’t get more ‘normal’ than that.
  16. Neuter – For a Pokémon with no gender.
  17. Doglike – It looks like a dog?
  18. Dogo – In reference to doge memes.
  19. K9 – For the coolest dog Pokémon.
  20. SubSpecies – This Pokémon looks like it may as well be a subspecies of a real animal.
  21. Mammal – To be fair, quite a lot of normal type Pokémon are based on mammals.
  22. Winnie – In reference to Winnie-the-Pooh.
  23. Pooh – In reference to Winnie-the-Pooh.
  24. PoohBear – In reference to Winnie-the-Pooh.
  25. Fang – Getting bitten by this Pokémon looks super painful.
  26. Jaws – Oh boy, this Pokémon has some big teeth.
  27. Claws – This Pokémon has claws like razors.
  28. Hornski – For a Pokémon with a large horn or horns.
  29. Rings – For any Pokémon with rings on any part of its body, like Ursaring.
  30. Ziggy – For a Zigzagoon or, even better, Zangoose in reference to its similarity to David Bowie.
  31. Proxy – A truly clever name for a Ditto.
  32. Antidote – You constantly have to top up this Pokémon’s HP.
  33. Tackle – After the normal type move of the same name.
  34. Struggle – Because the struggle is real with this Pokémon.
  35. Basic – Could not get any more basic than this.
  36. Pet – This Pokémon has more use to you as a pretend pet than for battles.
  37. Felix – In reference to Flexi The Cat.
  38. Sonic – It has unbeatable speed.
  39. Tales – This Pokémon has a very distinct tale.
  40. Slash – After the normal type move of the same name.
  41. BodySlam – After the normal type move of the same name.
  42. TakeDown – After the normal type move of the same name.
  43. Double-Edge – After the normal type move of the same name.
  44. Return – After the normal type move of the same name.
  45. Metronome – After the normal type move of the same name.
  46. Substitute – After the normal type move of the same name.
  47. Fake Out – After the normal type move of the same name.
  48. ExtremeSpeed – After the normal type move of the same name.
  49. Retaliate – After the normal type move of the same name.
  50. Double Slap – After the normal type move of the same name.

Electric Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good electric type Pokemon names:

  1. Motherboard – The central part of most computers.
  2. Conductor – This Pokémon can electrocute anything.
  3. Ballistic – For a Pokémon that spends a lot of time in the air.
  4. ShortCircuit – This Pokémon will fry any electric device with its immense power.
  5. Tesla – After inventor Nikola Tesla or the electric car company of the same name.
  6. Edison – After inventor Thomas Edison, credited for helping develop electric power generation.
  7. Thor – The Norse god of thunder.
  8. Mjolnir – The name of Thor’s hammer.
  9. Rudra – An Indian god of storms.
  10. Raygun – A futuristic weapon often seen in science fiction films, TV or in books.
  11. Zeus – The ancient Greek god of thunder.
  12. Narukami – A Japanese god of lightning, thunder, and storms.
  13. Rijin – Another name for the Japanese god mentioned above.
  14. Gizmo – Another word for ‘gadget.’
  15. Buzz – This Pokémon has an eerie electric hum.
  16. Volts – A great choice for Voltorb.
  17. Amps – A great choice for an Ampharos.
  18. Machine – This Pokémon just can’t be stopped.
  19. Computer – For a super intelligent Pokémon
  20. Photon – Related to electromagnetism, an excellent choice for a Pokémon that is both electric and steel type.
  21. Raiden – After the character of the same name from Mortal Kombat.
  22. Zap – Touching this Pokémon would be a big mistake.
  23. Zapper – This Pokémon takes pleasure in electrocuting others.
  24. Stormcloud – A storm is coming!
  25. Supercharged – This Pokémon is more powerful than a power plant.
  26. Taser – As in taser gun.
  27. Ion – An atom or molecule with an electric charge.
  28. Electric – Keeping it real simple.
  29. Gadget – This Pokémon is like an electrical device.
  30. X-Ray – A form of electromagnetic radiation, also a great choice for a Luxray.
  31. Boomer – This Pokémon makes a lot of noise in battle.
  32. Sparks – Almost everyone who has ever nicknamed an electric Pokémon has used this name.
  33. Sparky – After Ritchie’s Pikachu from the Pokémon TV series.
  34. Sparkplug – A device used to deliver electric currents.
  35. Shocked – What your opponent will be when they’re up against you.
  36. Shock Wave – After the electric type move of the same name.
  37. Static – After the ability of the same name.
  38. Hazard – Everything about this Pokémon is dangerous.
  39. Gigabyte – A measurement of computer storage.
  40. Megabyte – A measurement of computer storage.
  41. Terabyte – A measurement of computer storage (largest of the three).
  42. Bolt – Short for thunderbolt.
  43. DangerDanger – High voltage!
  44. Sizzle – The sound this Pokémon makes constantly
  45. Quark – A type of elementary particle.
  46. Luddite – Someone who rejects technology, which makes it funny because electric Pokémon are usually associated with technology.
  47. Radar – Nothing can sneak up on this Pokémon.
  48. Energy – This Pokémon is full of it.
  49. Synergy – This Pokémon has everything in sync.
  50. Android – With so much electricity coming from this Pokémon, you would be forgiven for thinking it was probably a robot.

Rock Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good rock type Pokemon names:

  1. Carbon – What all rock is made of.
  2. Carbonite – A blasting explosive.
  3. Malphite – After the character from League of Legends.
  4. Flint – A hard gray rock, usually used to start fires.
  5. Obsidian – Black volcanic glass formed by lava.
  6. Hard Rock – This Pokémon only likes one type of music.
  7. Granite – A common rock type that has a granular texture.
  8. Pyrite – Also known as ‘fool’s gold.’
  9. Brick – A nice, funny option.
  10. Blockhead – Not the smartest rock type Pokémon.
  11. Caveman – It dwells in a cave and has limbs.
  12. CaveMonster – Because you found this beast in a cave.
  13. Boulder – This one is big.
  14. Scoria – A dark-colored volcanic rock that may contain crystals.
  15. Jagged – A sharp and prickly as they come.
  16. Cliff – A steep rock face.
  17. Malachite – A green colored stone, an excellent choice for a rock Pokémon with a shade of green, like Tyranitar.
  18. Shale – A form of soft sedimentary rock.
  19. Stone – Another word for ‘rock.’
  20. Stoned – This Pokémon needs a more productive hobby.
  21. Stonewall – This Pokémon is impenetrable.
  22. StoneHeart – This Pokémon shows almost no emotion.
  23. Rosetta – After the Rosetta Stone, perfect for a Pokémon that is both rock and psychic type.
  24. Spikes – For a spikey one!
  25. Rock Dagger – The rocks on this Pokémon are super sharp.
  26. Rocco – A cool name of Italian and Germanic origin.
  27. Rocky IX – Has this one been made yet?
  28. Rocky Balboa – After the film of the same name.
  29. Rock – Rocks are a new concept to some.
  30. TheRock – In reference to Dwayne Johnson.
  31. RockStar – All other rock stars are just fakers.
  32. RockNRoll – Because all other forms of music suck.
  33. Brock – After the gym leader and character from the TV series.
  34. Lapis – Short for Lapis lazuli, a deep blue rock with intense color.
  35. Canyon – A huge gorge usually with a river flowing through it.
  36. Valley – A low area between two hilly or mountainous areas, also usually with a river flowing through it.
  37. Keystone – In masonry, this an important stone that holds the entire construction together.
  38. Asphalt – What is used to pave most roads, tarmac is another variation.
  39. Slate – A fine-grained rock originating from shale.
  40. Rockbottom – This Pokémon is just shameful.
  41. Edge – You’ve never met a cooler rock than this one.
  42. RoughEdge – Great for a rough-edged Pokémon like Graveler.
  43. SharpEdge – Great for a sharp-edged Pokémon like Kabutops.
  44. Stalagmite – A rock formation that appears on the ceiling of caves.
  45. Stalactite – A rock formation that appears on the floors of caves.
  46. Speleothem – A formation made when stalagmites and stalactites meet.
  47. Limestone – Another sedimentary rock, most of which is made up of skeletons of marine life.
  48. Roxy – Perfect for a female rock Pokémon.
  49. Wrecker – You’ll need a demolition crew to take down this monstrous Pokémon.
  50. Petrify – An excellent choice for a fossilized Pokémon.

Bug Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good bug type Pokemon names:

  1. Larva – Perfect for a caterpillar Pokémon like Caterpie or Wurmple.
  2. Junebug – A large leaf-eating beetle.
  3. LadyBug – The most beautiful of all the bugs?
  4. Mantis – With those claws, they would be perfect for a Scyther.
  5. Netwing – Ideal for Pokémon that are similar to net-winged beetles.
  6. Nit – For a tiny and probably very annoying bug type Pokémon.
  7. Tick – Also for a very small bug type Pokémon.
  8. Aristaeus – The name of the ancient Greek god of beekeeping.
  9. Bumble – An excellent choice for a bee or wasp Pokémon.
  10. Flik – After the protagonist in the film ‘A Bug’s Life.’
  11. Stink Bug – For a bug known to produce horrible smells.
  12. Pest – This Pokémon just annoys you.
  13. VamonosPest – In reference to the TV series Break Bad.
  14. Bugsy – In reference to Bugsy Malone.
  15. Swarm – After the Pokémon ability.
  16. Parvati – In Hindu mythology, killed a demon with a horde of black bees.
  17. Arachnid – An insect with eight legs.
  18. Arthropod – Any creature with an exoskeleton.
  19. Tarantula – For a butch spider Pokémon.
  20. Love Bug – It’s infectious.
  21. Buggin’ You – Is easy because your beautiful.
  22. Buggles – The cutest bug Pokémon you’ve ever had.
  23. Weevil – For an evil Weedle, of course.
  24. Locust – For a Pokémon that moves in large swarms.
  25. Tithonus – According to ancient Greek mythology, was a man who was turned into a cicada.
  26. Jiminy – After the Disney character Jiminy Cricket.
  27. Beetlejuice – In reference to the film of the same name
  28. Mudbug – For a Pokémon that is both bug and ground type.
  29. Queen Bee – Ideal for a Vespiquen or a Beedrill.
  30. Bugzilla – This a huge bug Pokémon.
  31. Scarab – A great choice for a beetle Pokémon.
  32. Mosquito – You can’t quite put into words how much you dislike this Pokémon.
  33. Hive – A nice one for a Vespiquen or a Combee.
  34. BugDealer – Wordplay on ‘drug dealer.’
  35. Splat – The sound this Pokémon makes when its flattened against the wall.
  36. FireFly – After the hugely popular sci-fi TV series.
  37. SoftwareBug – It’s definitely a bug if you keep seeing this Pokémon everywhere.
  38. Mothman – After the strange legend from West Virginia folklore in the mid-1960s.
  39. Protodonata – The largest insect species to have ever existed.
  40. Griffinflies – Another word for Protodonata.
  41. WebSpinner – Definitely for a spider Pokémon.
  42. Spiderman – Because Spiderman is the best superhero based on any bug.
  43. HuntsMan – After the largest known spider from Australia.
  44. EightLegs – What spiders definitely have.
  45. 8LeggedFreak – In reference to the film Eight Legged Freaks.
  46. WebSurfer – Because you’re a hilarious person.
  47. Shelob – The name of the giant spider from Lord of the Rings.
  48. Ungoliant – Another giant spider from J. R. R. Tolkien, this time from The Silmarillion.
  49. Aragog – The giant spider from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  50. Acromantula – The fictional species of spider Aragog belongs to.

Fighting Pokémon Nicknames

Do you need fighting type Pokemon nicknames? Check out these good fighting Pokemon names:

  1. Melee – This Pokémon battles with its hands, not with any ‘mysterious’ powers.
  2. Bam-Bam – In reference to the character from the Flintstones.
  3. Bruiser – The face of the opponent won’t look the same after this battle.
  4. JackieChan – After the martial arts legend.
  5. Bruce Lee – After the martial arts legend.
  6. One-Inch Punch – After the lethal martial arts move invented by Bruce Lee.
  7. Schwarzenegger – After Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  8. Hoodlum – Young and very aggressive.
  9. O. – Every battle is a knock out with this Pokémon.
  10. Stunner – The opponent won’t know what hit them.
  11. Bully – This Pokémon is a little too aggressive.
  12. Throttle – This Pokémon knocks around its opponents as if they were ragdolls.
  13. Brawler – Similar to the above.
  14. Butch – This Pokémon has some huge muscles.
  15. Sparta – After the region of ancient Greece, known for producing some the best fighters.
  16. Tyson – After legendary boxer Mike Tyson.
  17. Tatum – After The Simpsons character Drederick Tatum, who is based on Mike Tyson.
  18. Balboa – In reference to the Rocky films.
  19. Champ – A great nickname for a Machamp.
  20. Brute – This Pokémon doesn’t know it’s own strength.
  21. Brutus – A cooler version of the above.
  22. T – After the character from The A-Team.
  23. Wick – In reference to the character John Wick from the film series of the same name.
  24. Crews – After actor Terry Crews.
  25. Pugilo – In reference to Pugilism, which is another work for boxing.
  26. DropKick – After the Pokémon move of the same name.
  27. Fists – This Pokémon’s preferred way of battling is with its fists.
  28. FistPump – After the popular way to celebrate a triumph.
  29. BlackNBlue – Is what your opponent will be.
  30. Blisters – This Pokémon will never want to stop training.
  31. Karate Kid – For a Pokémon that battles with awesome karate moves.
  32. Sensei – One who teaches martial arts.
  33. Muscles – This Pokémon is super lean.
  34. MachoMan – Ideal for a male Machop, Machoke or Machamp.
  35. MachoWoman – Ideal for a female Machop, Machoke or Machamp.
  36. Ox – Because this Pokémon is built like an ox.
  37. StreetFight – In reference to the game Street Fighter.
  38. Ryu – After the character from the Street Fighter games.
  39. VanDamme – In reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme
  40. Hercules – After the Roman god and hero.
  41. Hercule – In reference to the character from Dragon Ball Z.
  42. Goku – In reference to the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z.
  43. Super Saiyan – After the advanced stage Saiyans transform into.
  44. Hulk – After the big green Marvel superhero.
  45. Bruno – If you’re looking for a name that sounds like it belongs to a tough guy.
  46. Bruce – Another option if you’re looking for a name that sounds like it belongs to a tough guy.
  47. Sumo – A hilarious choice for Makuhita or Hariyama.
  48. PorkChop – For a ‘large’ fighting type Pokémon.
  49. Spar – This Pokémon loves to fight more than anything else.
  50. Roadhouse – After the film of the same name.

Flying Pokémon Nicknames

Do you need flying type Pokemon nicknames? Checkout these good flying Pokemon names:

  1. Aerial – This Pokémon is king of the skies.
  2. Ajax – In Greek, this means ‘eagle.’
  3. Grythin – After the mythical half eagle half lion.
  4. Bird Brain – Not the smartest flying type Pokémon you’ve ever caught.
  5. Turkey Brain – Similar to the above.
  6. Vortex – A whirling gust of wind or liquid.
  7. Kestrel – A species of bird that is part of the falcon family.
  8. Zenith – For a Pokémon that can reach the highest points in the sky.
  9. Ozone – This Pokémon soars high in the stratosphere.
  10. Jet Stream – This Pokémon flyers faster than a jet.
  11. Stratosphere – One of the highest layers of our atmosphere.
  12. Stratus – After the low-lying stratus cloud.
  13. Zazu – After the character of the same name from The Lion King.
  14. Downdraft – A current of air traveling downwards.
  15. Concorde – The fastest ever commercial airplane.
  16. Horikoshi – After Jiro Horikoshi, a Japanese aerospace engineer during WWII.
  17. Hurricane – After the tropical and highly violent storm.
  18. Cyclone – Another word for hurricane.
  19. SR-71 – After the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest plane ever made.
  20. Hawking – Great for a flying Pokémon resembling a hawk, plus could also be a reference to Stephen Hawking.
  21. Hawk-Eye – This Pokémon has amazing precision.
  22. Eagle-Eye – Similar to the above.
  23. Raven – This flying Pokémon has a dark side.
  24. Aileron – A certain part of a plane’s wings.
  25. Skyburst – In reference to the Transformers character.
  26. Falcon – After the bird of prey.
  27. Peregrine – A breed of falcon.
  28. Rooster – A male chicken.
  29. Vulture – For a Pokémon based on a vulture.
  30. Osprey – Another bird of prey.
  31. SundayRoast – This Pokémon would make an excellent Sunday meal.
  32. Airfreak – It’s constantly in the sky
  33. Air Force One – After the official aircraft of the US president.
  34. Icarus – Character from Greek mythology who flew too close to the sun.
  35. Wind – A nice basic one here for a nice basic Pokémon.
  36. Skyraider – After the Douglas A-1 Skyraider, an attack aircraft.
  37. Gilder – A nice choice for a Pokémon you mainly use to fly between different cities.
  38. Phoenix – A great choice for a Moltres.
  39. Leatherwing – In reference to Batman.
  40. Nimbus – Latin for ‘cloud,’ a great choice for Altaria or Swablu.
  41. Cloud9 – In reference to the phrase ‘on cloud nine,’ which means to be in a state of bliss or happiness.
  42. Zephyr – It means a soft and gentle breeze.
  43. Wings – Well, you know, most flying type Pokémon do have them.
  44. Quail – A small bird that is often heard more than seen.
  45. Shadow Caster – Flying so high on its shadow is seen.
  46. Tomahawk – After the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk light aircraft.
  47. Airy – This Pokémon sure spends a lot of time in the air.
  48. FlyBoy – This guy is super cool.
  49. FlyGirl – This girl is super cool.
  50. Adolphe – After Adolphe Célestin Pégoud, an aviator who became the first fighter ace.

Psychic Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good psychic type Pokemon names:

  1. Brainwash – For a Pokémon with the power to control the minds of others.
  2. Enigma – A complex puzzle or mystery.
  3. Einstein – After legendary physicist Albert Einstein.
  4. Rasputin – After the famous Russian mystic.
  5. Enkefalos – The Greek word for the brain.
  6. Third Eye – Perception beyond normal sight.
  7. Karma – A spiritual principle that good things come to those that do good deeds, as well as the opposite.
  8. Mindbreaker – This Pokémon will cripple the minds of its opponents.
  9. Mindbender – Similar to the above.
  10. Spoonbender – A great choice for a Kadabra or Alakazam.
  11. TwoSpoons – An excellent name for an Alakazam.
  12. Vulcan – In reference to the emotionless humanoid race from Star Trek.
  13. Holmes – In reference to Sherlock Holmes.
  14. Merlin – In reference to the legendary wizard to assisted King Arthur.
  15. Psychosis – Is what this Pokémon causes in its opponents.
  16. Clairvoyant – Someone who claims to be able to see the future.
  17. Nostradamus – After the French physician who made a number of prophecies.
  18. Professor – This Pokémon has an impressive intellect.
  19. Ego – In psychoanalysis, this is the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and unconscious.
  20. Super Ego – In psychoanalysis, this is the part of the mind that reflects social standards learned from parents and school.
  21. Id – In psychoanalysis, this is the part of the mind that acts on pure impulse.
  22. SigmundFreud – Often credited as the father of psychology.
  23. Schizophrena – By dropping the last ‘i’ it sounds more feminine, perfect for a female psychic Pokémon.
  24. David Blaine – After the magician of the same name.
  25. Genius – What this Pokémon is.
  26. Eureka – A word said when celebrating a new discovery.
  27. Darwin – In reference to Charles Darwin, father of the theory of evolution.
  28. Zen – A state of total focus.
  29. Cerebellum – A part of the brain that coordinates movements.
  30. Cerebella – A feminized version of the above.
  31. Cerebro – A masculinized version of the above.
  32. Cerefella – Another masculinized version of the above.
  33. Baba Vanga – A Bulgarian mystic who made a number of predictions.
  34. Tarot – After tarot cards.
  35. Lenormand – After psychic Marie Anne Lenormand.
  36. Oracle – A medium who can communicate advice from the gods in ancient times.
  37. Mana – A supernatural power that can be transmitted or inherited.
  38. Savvy – The ability to make good judgments.
  39. Houdini – After the legendary escapist, Harry Houdini.
  40. Mirage – You can’t trust your eyes when you battle this Pokémon.
  41. Paradox – Another word for contradiction.
  42. Pandora – In reference to Pandora’s Box.
  43. Asimov – In reference to writer Isaac Asimov.
  44. JeanGrey – A psychic member of the X-Men.
  45. Xavier – After the leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier.
  46. Telekinetic – This Pokémon can move things with its mind.
  47. LSD – The Pokémon will change your perception of the world, dude.
  48. Hiro – After the character from the TV series Heroes, who can bend time and space.
  49. TARDIS – In reference to Dr. Who’s time machine.
  50. Bamboozled – This Pokémon has a habit of utterly confusing its opponent.

Dark Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some dark psychic type Pokemon names:

  1. Nocturnal – This Pokémon only comes out at night.
  2. Evanescence – The fear of losing the memory of someone you once loved.
  3. Sith Lord – The leader of the Sith in the Star Wars film series.
  4. Darth Vader – The antagonist in the original Star Wars films.
  5. Medusa – In ancient Greek mythology, she could turn people into stone if they looked upon her face.
  6. Luna – Spanish for Moon.
  7. Lunes – Though it may appear to be a masculine version of the above, technically it means ‘Monday.’
  8. Chaos – This Pokémon’s only objective is to cause complete havoc.
  9. Cthulhu – A gigantic cosmic beast from the short story ‘The Call of Cthulhu.’
  10. Hades – Ancient Greek god of the dead.
  11. Styx – In ancient Greek mythology, this river divided Earth with the Underworld.
  12. Loki – Ancient Norse mythology, he was a cunning trickster who could change shape.
  13. Cerberus – In ancient Greek mythology, Cerberus was a three-headed dog that guarded Hades.
  14. Arcane – A word that can sometimes be used synonymously with the word ‘dark.’
  15. Harpy – A half bird, half woman creature from ancient Greek mythology.
  16. Wendigo – Mythical man-eating monster from Algonquian folklore.
  17. Nemesis – Everybody’s worse enemy.
  18. Voodoo – A cult practiced in the Caribbean and Southern US.
  19. Soulless – There’s no one redeeming quality to this Pokémon.
  20. Soul Crusher – In battle, this Pokémon will absolutely destroy the opposition’s sense of hope.
  21. Soul Taker – The opponent will never be the same again.
  22. Soul Eater – This Pokémon feasts on stolen souls.
  23. Dante – In reference to Dante’s Inferno.
  24. Tyrant – Defined as an oppressive leader.
  25. Rougarou – A legendary creature in French folklore with similarities to werewolves.
  26. Evil Doer – Not a single nice bone in this Pokémon’s body.
  27. Cursed – Your opponents Pokémon will never battle the same way again.
  28. Depraved – And proud of it!
  29. Demoralized – Morals don’t exist for this Pokémon.
  30. Fiend – Another word for demon or devil.
  31. Corruption – Everything about this Pokémon is morally corrupt.
  32. Krampus – A half goat half demon monster that punishes bad children on Christmas.
  33. Slender Man – After the film and video game of the same name.
  34. Crossbones – For something ‘piraty.’
  35. Jealousy – This Pokémon knows how to manipulate the emotions of others.
  36. Pagan – Anyone who follows a faith not considered to be one of the major religions.
  37. Druid – A priest in ancient Celtic culture.
  38. Hex – Another word for a curse.
  39. Lurker – This Pokémon is very stealthy.
  40. Sacrificial – Get ready for some very dark magic.
  41. Witchdoctor – Someone who treats the symptoms of witchcraft.
  42. Dracula – The king of the vampires.
  43. Gorgon – A terrifying beast from Greek mythology.
  44. Demonic – For a Pokémon with demon-like features.
  45. Satan – Can’t get more evil than that, can you?
  46. Void – An empty space where nothing exists.
  47. Hannibal – In reference to Hannibal Lector.
  48. NightHunter – This beast is deadly in the night.
  49. Bones – The only thing that will be left of your opponent’s Pokémon.
  50. TheGoth – It looks cool in black.

Ice Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good Ice-type Pokemon names:

  1. Aurora – After the Northern Lights.
  2. Avalanche – Also referred to as a snowslide.
  3. Eva Lanche – A pun on the above.
  4. Blizzard – This Pokémon can cause a hell of a snowstorm.
  5. Mammoth – After the prehistoric wooly elephant.
  6. Frost – This Pokémon reminds you of cold winter mornings.
  7. Frozen – This Pokémon is so cold, everything freezes when it joins the battle.
  8. Frosty – Like Frosty the Snowman.
  9. Frieza – After the character from Dragon Ball Z.
  10. Coldwater – One step away from ice!
  11. Flurry – A swirling mass of snow.
  12. Slush – Snow that’s started to melt.
  13. Sleet – Very fine snow.
  14. Snow – That thing kids seem to love.
  15. Snowy – For a Pokémon that’s always covered in snow.
  16. Snowman – Also for a Pokémon that’s always covered in snow.
  17. SnowFlake – For a delicate and very beautiful ice type Pokémon.
  18. Tundra – A place so cold trees don’t grow.
  19. Arctic – After the most northern region of the Earth.
  20. Antarctic – After the most southern region of the Earth.
  21. Himalaya – After the Himalayas.
  22. Everest – After the highest point of the Earth.
  23. K2 – After the second highest point of the Earth.
  24. Kilimanjaro – After the mountain in Tanzania, the highest point in Africa.
  25. Atlas – After the mountains in Morocco.
  26. Alps – After the mountain range that spans numerous countries in Europe.
  27. Glacier – A giant build up of ice high up in the mountains.
  28. Glacicles – Halfway between a glacier and an icicle.
  29. Dry Ice – Ice made from carbon dioxide.
  30. Icicle – A hanging piece of ice usually formed by dripping water.
  31. Iceman – This Pokémon is a little savage.
  32. Ice King – King of all things icy.
  33. Ice Queen – Queen of all things icy.
  34. Ice Pick – A tool used by ice climbers.
  35. Ice Cube – After the rapper of the same name.
  36. Ice Cold – Not much is colder.
  37. Ice Fang – Don’t let this Pokémon bite you, it may just freeze you to death.
  38. Titanic – After the passenger liner that famously was sunk by an iceberg.
  39. Iceberg – A giant piece of floating ice.
  40. BigBergtha – A wordplay on ‘big iceberg.’
  41. Winter – The coldest season of the year.
  42. Yukon – A territory in northwest Canada.
  43. Alaska – The most northern state of the US.
  44. Whitey – This Pokémon is basically entirely white.
  45. Permafrost – Frozen ground and rock that has been that way for more than two years.
  46. Hail – When hard ice falls from the sky instead of rain, also a Pokémon move.
  47. Ice Beam – After the move of the same name.
  48. Pingu – After the kid’s animation of the same name about a penguin.
  49. Hibernator – An animal that hibernates.
  50. Istas – A Native American word for snow.

Ground Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good ground Pokemon type names:

  1. Dirt – That lovely substance that covers most ground.
  2. Gravel – Perhaps your next nickname for your Graveler?
  3. Mud – A great option for a Pokémon that is also water type too.
  4. Muddy – Similar to the above.
  5. MudBug – For a Pokémon that is also bug type too.
  6. MudHen – Though is technically a word used to refer to a bird that inhabits a marsh, it could also be used to refer to a female ground type Pokémon.
  7. Glebe – A word used to refer to lands or fields.
  8. Sod – The surface of the ground where grass can grow.
  9. Soil – Without it, plants wouldn’t grow, ideal for Torterra, which is both ground and grass type.
  10. Terra – Latin for ‘Earth,’ still used by a number of romance languages.
  11. Terracotta – Ceramic material.
  12. Terra Firma – Means ‘firm land’, but is also used to refer to dry land.
  13. Terrain – A word used to define a geographic area.
  14. Spud – A potato, which grows in the ground!
  15. Quarry – A large pit dug up for mining.
  16. Compost – Plants are just waiting to grow on this Pokémon.
  17. Rumble – When the ground shakes.
  18. Earthquake – Perfect for a Pokémon that uses the move.
  19. Quake – A shortened version of the above.
  20. Tremors – Sometimes used to refer to an earthquake.
  21. Seismic – A word used in relation to earthquakes.
  22. Landscape – Because ground Pokémon are king of part of it.
  23. Alluvium – Deposits left by floodwater that are usually good for making fertile soil.
  24. Sand – Ideal for a Pokémon found in sandy places.
  25. Sandy – A cuter version of the above.
  26. Quicksand – After the Pokémon move of the same name.
  27. Sandman – For a Pokémon that spends a lot of time in the sand, like Hippopotas or Hippowdon.
  28. Desert – Because that’s where you caught it.
  29. Loam – Soil made up of sand, silt, and clay.
  30. Bedrock – The solid part under a river, great for a Pokémon that is both ground and water, such as Marshtomp or Swampert.
  31. Crust – That part of the Earth we are capable of living on.
  32. Landformer – This monstrous Pokémon literally makes the ground around us.
  33. Landmover – This monstrous Pokémon literally changes the shape of the ground around us.
  34. Fault Line – Where tectonic plates meet.
  35. Diggit – Can you?
  36. Rubble – The remains of the Earth after being dug up.
  37. Clay – That malleable substance from the ground.
  38. Sediment – Deposits of different kinds of rock.
  39. Humus – Soil that is formed by decomposed leaves and other microorganisms.
  40. Dusty – This Pokémon is getting a little old.
  41. Earth – Where we all supposedly live.
  42. Earthling – Well, it does live on Earth.
  43. Continent – For a huge ground type Pokémon.
  44. Turf – Ground that is held together by roots.
  45. Solid – Not much more solid than the ground.
  46. Nadir – A word that means the lowest point.
  47. Smut – Small flakes of dirt.
  48. Soot – A powdery black substance, perfect for a ground Pokémon that’s black in color.
  49. Gaia – Ancient Greek goddess of Earth.
  50. Fossil – An easy option for Pokémon revived from fossils.

Poison Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good poison type Pokemon names:

  1. Perfume – Probably best not to let this Pokémon touch your skin.
  2. Leper – A word that means someone who suffers from leprosy.
  3. Venom – A poison that is typically injected into other animals through biting.
  4. Venin – French word for venom.
  5. Ivy – A great nickname for a Pokémon that is both poison and grass types.
  6. Rotten – This Pokémon literally smells like death.
  7. Stench – This Pokémon is often followed by a disgusting smell.
  8. Contagion – The spread of disease.
  9. Contagious – This Pokémon will spread its poison everywhere.
  10. Infected – In so many ways.
  11. Infectus – A cooler version of the above.
  12. Infection – This Pokémon makes everybody feel sick.
  13. Virus – This Pokémon is out to infect the opposition, one by one.
  14. Toxin – A poison that usually comes from a plant or animal.
  15. Toxoid – A chemically modified toxin.
  16. Toxicant – A substance such as a pesticide introduced into the environment.
  17. Contamination – This Pokémon contaminates everything.
  18. Contaminant – A variation of the above.
  19. Acidic – Touching this Pokémon can burn off your skin.
  20. Pollution – The air is unsafe to breathe when this Pokémon is around.
  21. Plague – This Pokémon could not get any more dangerous.
  22. Disease – Essentially what this Pokémon is.
  23. Mustard Gas – After the gas used in WWI.
  24. Gaseous – Great for a Pokémon like Koffing or Weezing which emits a lot of gas.
  25. Fungi – For a Pokémon that resembles a mushroom or other fungus.
  26. FunGuy – A nice spin on the above.
  27. Fumigate – After fumigation, the process of ridding a place of insects.
  28. Parasite – An organism that lives inside another organism.
  29. Bacteria – Yucky stuff that makes you sick.
  30. Bane – An archaic word for poison.
  31. Germs – They’re everywhere!
  32. Miasma – Another nickname for a Pokémon that emits a horrible smell.
  33. Radiation – A great way to get unbelievably sick.
  34. Carcinogen – So dangerous this Pokémon might give you cancer.
  35. Tetrodotoxin – One of the most deadly poisons.
  36. Cyanide – Another highly dangerous poison.
  37. Strychnine – Another highly dangerous poison.
  38. Sarin – Another highly dangerous poison.
  39. Polonium – Another highly dangerous poison.
  40. Ricin – Another highly dangerous poison.
  41. Amatoxin – Another highly dangerous poison.
  42. VX – This poison is so deadly, one visible drop on your skin can kill a human.
  43. Anthrax – Also another highly dangerous poison.
  44. Botulinum – And another highly dangerous poison.
  45. DartFrog – One of the most poisonous animals in the world, perfect for a Croagunk or Toxicroak.
  46. FrogLicker – This Pokémon must be unbelievably deadly.
  47. NoCure – Say goodbye to your loved ones!
  48. Nicotine – In terms of how many people it kills, you could say it’s perhaps one of the most dangerous poisons ever.
  49. Irukandji – A deadly boxed jellyfish, perhaps the most poisonous of all and incredibly small.
  50. Malo Kingi – Another extremely deadly jellyfish.

Steel Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good steel type Pokemon nicknames:

  1. Tetanus – A condition caused by rusty metal.
  2. Tank – After the formidable military vehicle.
  3. Crank – A word associated with bending metal.
  4. Clank – After the sound metals make when the hit against each other.
  5. Magnet – This Pokémon possesses great power over all things metal.
  6. HeavyMetal – Your choice of music?
  7. Crowbar – A tool often used to open things.
  8. Wrench – After the tool used to tighten bolts.
  9. Adamantium – After the fictional metal used in Wolverine’s skeleton.
  10. Titanium – One of the toughest metals.
  11. Aluminum – A commonly used metal.
  12. Alloy – A combination of metals mixed together.
  13. Klaxon – A metal horn often used in cars.
  14. Lugnut – A nut used to secure joints.
  15. Piston – An engine component.
  16. Ratchet – A tool used to fasten bolts.
  17. Rusty – This Pokémon has seen better days.
  18. Weld – Metals that have been melted together.
  19. Magneto – In reference to the arch-rival of the X-Men.
  20. Colossus – Another character from the X-Men who is entirely made of metal.
  21. Platinum – A highly precious metal.
  22. FreightTrain – Fast, heavy and made purely out of metal.
  23. Ingot – A block of steel, silver or gold.
  24. Buzzsaw – A toothed circular saw.
  25. Tungsten – A metal used to make a number of things.
  26. Iron – One of the most common metals found on Earth.
  27. Ironside – A warship with metal armor on the outside.
  28. CannonBall – A ball of metal shot through a cannon in the past.
  29. Sterling – Short for Sterling silver.
  30. Silver – One of the most valuable metals.
  31. Uranium – A radioactive metal substance.
  32. Salvage – This Pokémon won’t last too long.
  33. BrassKnuckle – After the weapon of the same name.
  34. QuickSilver – Another word for mercury.
  35. Mercury – A metal that melts at room temperature.
  36. Razor – This Pokémon has some super sharp edges.
  37. Drillbit – The part of drill used to make holes.
  38. Copper – Great for a steel type Pokémon that is also a reddish brown color.
  39. Chassis – The base frame of a car.
  40. Bullet – They make guns so dangerous.
  41. Grinder – A machine used to grind things down.
  42. Chime – After the percussion instrument.
  43. Chrome – A shorter version of chromium.
  44. Chromium – A metal that can be highly polished and can resist tarnishing.
  45. Steely – It just has a steely look.
  46. Knight – This Pokémon looks like a knight in shining armor.
  47. Gunmetal – This Pokémon looks highly lethal.
  48. Tinman – Referring to the character from the Wizard of Oz.
  49. Stainless – As in ‘stainless steel.’
  50. Manganese – A metal important in the production of stainless steel.

Ghost Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good ghost type Pokemon nicknames:

  1. Vanish – This Pokémon has the eerie ability to vanish when it wants.
  2. Eidolon – Another word for specter or phantom.
  3. Sixth Sense – In reference to the film of the same name.
  4. Misfortune – Nothing good can come trying to battle this Pokémon.
  5. Banshee – A horrifying female spirit that symbolizes a death in the building.
  6. Slimer – In reference to the green ghost from Ghostbusters.
  7. Occult – A secret society that practices paranormal and supernatural sorcery.
  8. Visitor – From another realm.
  9. Spook – This Pokémon may be ghost type, but it’s not as scary as it thinks it is.
  10. Spooky Pants – Perfect for a cute ghost Pokémon.
  11. Conjuring – Another word for an illusion.
  12. Ignis Fatuus – Also known as Will-o’-the-wisp, a ghost often seen by swamps or marshes.
  13. Tombstone – The opponent will need one after they lose to this Pokémon.
  14. Shadow – For a sneaky Pokémon that moves in the shadows.
  15. Shade – Similar to the above.
  16. X-Files – In reference to the TV series of the same name.
  17. Hallucination – This terrifying Pokémon likes to project scary images into other Pokémon’s heads.
  18. Sorrow – This Pokémon is trapped by a deep sense of sadness.
  19. Eerie – A strange and frightening feeling.
  20. Medium – A spiritualist who can talk to the dead.
  21. Trance – An unresponsive state usually induced by hypnosis, great for a Pokémon that hypnotizes its opponents.
  22. GhostEye – When you start things that aren’t there after days of not sleeping.
  23. Specter – Another word for ghost.
  24. Poltergeist – A German word that essentially translates to ‘ghost sound.’
  25. Kelpie – In Scottish folklore, it is a water spirit that changes shape.
  26. Wraith – A ghostly image of someone.
  27. Chicanery – It means to use deception to achieve a hidden goal.
  28. Calamity – Another word for disaster.
  29. Sepulcher – Sometimes spelled as Sepulchre, this is small room or monument where people are buried.
  30. Bloody Mary – Refrain from saying this name numerous times in front of a mirror.
  31. Boogeyman – After the mythical creature used to scare children who misbehave.
  32. Phantom – Another word for ghost.
  33. Phantasm – Another word for ghost or illusion.
  34. Shivers – This Pokémon sends a chill down your spine.
  35. Revenant – Someone who appears to have returned from the dead.
  36. Ethereal – A beautiful light and seems to come from ‘another world.’
  37. Aura – Another word for ‘human energy field.’
  38. Christmas Past – After the ghost from the film A Christmas Carol.
  39. Casper – After Casper the friendly ghost.
  40. Diabolic – This Pokémon brings death with it wherever it goes.
  41. The Undead – What on Earth can defeat something that has already died?
  42. Possessed – This Pokémon is controlled by an evil spirit.
  43. Avenged – This ghost type Pokémon is out to avenge its death.
  44. Ghoul – An undead monster that eats human flesh.
  45. Misery – This Pokémon is out to crush any sense of happiness.
  46. Necromancer – Someone who communicates with the dead.
  47. Necromantic – After the dark art of communicating with the dead.
  48. Zombie – After the fictional creature brought back from the dead.
  49. Apparition – Another word for ghost or something similar to a ghost.
  50. Fringe – This Pokémon comes from the distant fringes of our realm.

Fairy Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good fairy Pokemon nicknames:

  1. Angel – For a Pokémon with Angelic qualities.
  2. Enchanter – This Pokémon was born to break hearts.
  3. Brownie – Another word for fairy.
  4. Tinker Bell – After Peter Pan’s companion.
  5. Leprechaun – After the mischievous mythical Irish fairies.
  6. Navi – After the blue fairy assigned to Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  7. TimeFairy – This one is specifically for Celebi, which can travel through time.
  8. Goblin – Not the prettiest fairy you’ve ever come across.
  9. Gremlin – Another nickname for an ugly fairy type Pokémon.
  10. Oberon – King of the fairies in a number of stories, particularly those of Shakespeare.
  11. Nymph – A spirit of nature according to ancient Greek mythology.
  12. Sylph – A female nature spirit.
  13. Cherub – Heavenly beings that follow God’s orders.
  14. Fairycakes – Another word for ‘cupcake.’
  15. Fay – Another word for elf.
  16. Nisse – Also another word for ‘elf.’
  17. Robin – Short for Robin Goodfellow another name of Puck, the trickster fairy from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  18. Puck – Fairy character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  19. Celestial – Perfect for a Pokémon with a relationship to the sky or space.
  20. Gnome – A small creature that lives underground guarding Earth’s treasures.
  21. Artemis – After the ancient Greek goddess of the wilderness and wild animals, among other things.
  22. Cupid – The ancient Roman god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection.
  23. Divine – Most fairies do not age like most other beings.
  24. Sprinkle – Probably the cutest possible nickname for fairy type Pokémon.
  25. Dixie – Also a very cute nickname for a fairy Pokémon.
  26. Impalpable – People can’t comprehend the beauty of this Pokémon.
  27. Siren – A creature that lures men to their deaths with their enchanting songs.
  28. Fayette – French for ‘little fairy.’
  29. Tam Lin – After the fairy knight.
  30. Imp – A small creature that’s known for stirring up trouble.
  31. Sympathy – This Pokémon has the unique ability to perceive the misfortune of others.
  32. YinYang – After the Chinese philosophical idea that opposites can complement each other.
  33. Spirit – This Pokémon conveys a number of positive emotions.
  34. Kindred – As in kindred spirit.
  35. Aos Si – In Irish mythology, the Aos Si where a race of elves.
  36. LuckyCharm – Because you were super lucky to catch it.
  37. Athena – After the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and war.
  38. Genie – So powerful, this Pokémon can basically grant you wishes.
  39. Fairytale – This Pokémon looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.
  40. Empyrean – The highest part of heaven.
  41. Mystical – Because this Pokémon has truly mystical powers.
  42. Mystic – A shortened version of the above.
  43. Mystique – After the character from X-Men.
  44. Zelda – After the titular character from the game series Legend of Zelda.
  45. Princess – Because your Pokémon has qualities like royalty.
  46. Peach – After the princess from Super Mario.
  47. Daisy – Another princess from Super Mario.
  48. Rapunzel – After the German fairytale from the Brothers Grimm.
  49. ToothFairy – Everybody’s favorite fairy.
  50. Yōsei – Japanese for ‘fairy.’

Dragon Pokémon Nicknames

The following are some good dragon type Pokemon nicknames:

  1. Wyvern – A dragon with two heads and a barbed tail.
  2. Spyro – After the character of the same name from the video game series.
  3. Puff – In reference to Puff the Magic Dragon.
  4. Jabberwock – In reference to the dragon from Alice in Wonderland.
  5. DragonBall – In reference to the anime of the same name.
  6. Shenron – In reference to the dragon from the anime Dragon Ball.
  7. Porunga – Another dragon from Dragon Ball.
  8. Smaug – After the dragon from The Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit franchise.
  9. Fafnir – A dragon from Norse mythology.
  10. Mizuchi – A Japanese dragon that mostly lives in the water.
  11. Ryujin – A Japanese dragon god.
  12. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – A well-known Yu-Gi-Oh card.
  13. Red-Eyes Black Dragon – Similar to the Yu-Gi-Oh card mentioned above.
  14. Hungarian Horntail – After the dragon from the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  15. Norbert – Another dragon from the Harry Potter film series.
  16. Tarasque – A mythical dragon hybrid said to live in Southern France.
  17. Dragunov – After the sniper rifle used by the former Soviet Union.
  18. Dragoon – After the mounted infantry deployed by the British army in the 1800s.
  19. Drogon – After one of the dragons from Game of Thrones.
  20. Rhaegal – Another dragon from Game of Thrones.
  21. Viserion – And the last dragon from Game of Thrones.
  22. DragonStone – After the island in Game of Thrones
  23. DragonGlass – After the mysterious volcanic rock that can kill White Walkers.
  24. Scales – A feature most dragons have on their skin.
  25. Fucanglong – After the dragon from Chinese mythology.
  26. Mushu – After the character from the film Mulan.
  27. Toothless – After the dragon from the film How to Train Your Dragon.
  28. Alduin – After the dragon from the video game The Elder Scrolls V:
  29. Drag Queen – A funny choice for a female Dragonite.
  30. Dragon Queen – For a female dragon.
  31. Draco – As in Draco Malfoy, the character from the Harry Potter series.
  32. ZmeyGorynych – A dragon from Slavic mythology.
  33. Ladon – A dragon from Greek mythology with 100 heads.
  34. Hydra – Another dragon from Greek mythology.
  35. Typhon – And another dragon from Greek mythology.
  36. Typhoeus – A variation of the above.
  37. Kaiju – A Japanese film genre where giant monsters attack the city.
  38. Reptilian – A word used to refer to reptiles and their features.
  39. Bowser – The primary antagonist in the Super Mario game series.
  40. King Koopa – Another name for Bowser.
  41. Yoshi – After the small green dinosaur character from the Super Mario game series.
  42. Natsu – After the character of the same name from the manga Fairy Tail who is a dragon slayer.
  43. Salamander – A great option for small amphibious dragon Pokémon.
  44. Komodo – After the Komodo dragon, a large lizard found on the island of Komodo in Indonesia.
  45. DragonHeart – In reference to the film of the same name.
  46. Serpent – For a dragon Pokémon that is also a water type.
  47. LochNess – After the Loch Ness monster.
  48. Nessy – Nickname of the Loch Ness monster.
  49. George – After the dragon that was slain by Saint George.
  50. Gawain – After the dragon from The Last Dragon Chronicles, also the name of King Arthur’s nephew.

Pokémon Trainer Nicknames

Nicknames for Pokemon Go

The following are some good the best Pokémon trainer nicknames:

  1. Swagmaster – Because you are the master of swag, of course.
  2. I – Perfect if you are looking for a nickname that sounds funny whenever you win a battle or find something.
  3. Nerd – Because you’re beaming with self-esteem.
  4. Dork – Because you have no life.
  5. Amigo – Spanish for ‘friend.’
  6. Friendo – Adding an ‘o’ to the end of a word just sounds so much cooler.
  7. Compadre – Spanish for ‘godfather.’
  8. Buddy – Because everyone’s your friend.
  9. Guy – You’re not the most distinctive person, unfortunately.
  10. That Guy – Good option if you want something funny when you’re referred to.
  11. Master – A Pokémon master!
  12. Legend – You wish!
  13. Noob – There are plenty of you out there.
  14. Novice – At least you’re honest.
  15. Rookie – Similar to the above.
  16. Dude – If you choose this name, everyone will sound like a surfer when they talk to you, dude.
  17. Oh No! – Another funny option.
  18. Oh Gosh! – Similar to the above.
  19. Boo Hoo! – Also similar to the above.
  20. Lady Killer – Your one handsome dude.
  21. Mini Me – Well, technically, it is a mini you.
  22. Ash – Because you’re a total fanboy.
  23. Ketchum – After Ash’s surname.
  24. Gary – Because you want everyone to hate you.
  25. Son – Because you look up to everyone.
  26. Junior – Similar to the above.
  27. Senior – Getting too old for this!
  28. Player – Because you have absolutely no imagination whatsoever.
  29. $$$ – Your god.
  30. CashM oney – The only thing that matters in life.
  31. Lover – Everyone loves your character.
  32. Loner – Friends are for losers.
  33. Lame – Too hip for your friends.
  34. Girlfriend – Maybe you’re getting a little too attached to this game?
  35. Clone – Perfect if you’re just going to use this game to move Pokémon over to another.
  36. Who – Because you’re a timelord.
  37. Link – After the protagonist from the Legend of Zelda games.
  38. Super Mario – Because you kick butt.
  39. HungryHippo – Just complete anarchy.
  40. Grumper – You weren’t made for happiness.
  41. SilentType – To be fair, the character never speaks.
  42. Infamous – 100% better than being famous.
  43. Shy – Again, the guy never speaks!
  44. Hombre – Literally means ‘man’ in Spanish.
  45. Homie – Because everyone has such a deep connection with you.
  46. Bro – Everyone is your bro!
  47. Bra – Feminized variation of the above.
  48. Sis – The coolest girl on the block.
  49. Buttocks – We all have a pair.
  50. Joshing – Because you think you’re a comedian.
  51. 007 – You wish you were that cool!
  52. Bond – Seriously though, you’re not that cool.
  53. No – Because you’re totally evil.
  54. Skywalker – Because Luke would be the best Pokémon trainer.
  55. Your Father – Nooooooooooooooooo!
  56. ThinkB4UHitMe – And you also better ThinkB4UReadThis.
  57. ManOfMystery – Spooky!
  58. Stalker – Creepy as hell, but who cares, right?
  59. Trumpleton – Because you’re a grump mean old man.
  60. ItsBritneyButch – Because you’re really really funny.
  61. Brains – Name yourself after what you wish you had.
  62. Lv100 – Name yourself after what you’ll never achieve.
  63. Immature – Stay that way for as long as possible.
  64. Foe – No one likes you or trusts you.
  65. Idiot – And let the hilarity ensue!
  66. HotPants – Sexy as hell.
  67. ThugLife – You didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose you.
  68. TheVeryBest – That no one ever was!
  69. Ironic – Everybody just loves your witty jokes, don’t they?
  70. Apprentice – Because you’re still a bit of a noob at this.
  71. Sorcerer – Because you’re totally better than the guy above.
  72. XXX – Edgy.
  73. Anonymous – Because you’re afraid your parents will find out how bad you at Pokémon.
  74. Anon – A shortened version of the above.
  75. FifthElite – Because the other four are losers.
  76. Babes – Because you’re the sexiest character in the game, duh!
  77. Bae – It’ll feel pretty weird to see Professor Oak refer to you in that way, whatever gender you pick.
  78. Controversy – Because you stir up trouble wherever you go.
  79. Villager – To be fair, in most Pokémon games you do start out in a small town in the middle of nowhere.
  80. Townie – Because you’re a bit of a snob.
  81. Proletariat – You must seize the means of production!
  82. Communist – Liberate the masses!
  83. Partisan – Into the woods to fight the uprising!
  84. Capitalist – If only all that Pokémon money was real money.
  85. OAP – Stands for Old Aged Pensioner.
  86. Kid – Because creativity escapes you.
  87. Kiddo – Because you’re cooler than the kid above you!
  88. Me – Another great option if you’re looking for some laughs.
  89. You – Also a funny and confusing option.
  90. Trainer – Well, that is technically what you are.
  91. God – All other trainers must bow down to you.
  92. Thief – Because you spend a lot of time stealing things you find.
  93. Scavenger – It’s how you make a living.
  94. Iggy – Because you’re a really cool guy.
  95. Frat Boy – Because you’re a real bro.
  96. Sheriff – Because you feel like a cop when you spend all day beating criminal gangs like Team Rocket.
  97. Freeloader – Because you know you’re going to take the easy way around everything.
  98. Red – After the mysterious Pokémon champion.
  99. Meanie – Because you don’t have time to be nice.
  100. Baller – Chucking those Pokéballs all over the place.

Wow! Wasn’t that intense? You’re most likely buzzing with ideas for Pokémon nicknames now, right?

Still stuck for ideas for your favorite Pokémon? Don’t worry; there are still options. Focus on particular things that make them unique or a specific move or quality they are well-known for.

Remember, before you make your choice, the name must fit the character length. On the most recent English language versions of Pokémon, players can create a nickname up to 12 characters long, however, on older versions you may be restricted to 10 characters or even less.

Are there any great Pokémon nicknames we’ve missed? Let us know! Post them below in the comments section along with what they mean to you. We’re always happy to hear them!

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14 thoughts on “1300+ Best Pokémon Nicknames For All Types”

  1. My nicknames are always weird. My Reuniclus is Bubble, my Deino is KYLE, but I’m considering changing it to either Norbert or Toothless, my Fraxure is Dino Boi, my Serperior is Nagini (from Harry Potter. I guess that one’s not weird), my Scolipede is RolyPoly, and last but not least, my Darmanitan is Dialga (it was the first Pokemon that started with D that came to my head.

  2. For Dragon types, why not Fafnir, the name of a dragon in Norse mythology? I named my Dragonite Fafnir in Pokémon Dark Rising 2. (AWESOME game, BTW)

  3. Some suggestions for nicknames from me

    Maybe some undertale ones like Sans for ones who teleport or Frisk for one that is more of a healer not a fighter Chara for the opposite.

  4. Some suggestions for nicknames
    Blossom buttercup and bubbles (preferably for a set of starters blossom-grass bubbles-water)
    Houdini (any evolution of Abra cause he always teleports)


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