80+ Spanish Nicknames for Girls [Cute, Funny, Cool & Insulting]

In this article, we list different types of good Spanish nicknames for girls.


Some things are better in its traditional form – Nicknames are one of these things.

So, whenever you need nicknames to call a lady, try not to restrict yourself to English pet names. If you do, you are bound to miss out on wonderful nicknames from other languages.

To ensure you don’t make this mistake, we have listed good Spanish nicknames for ladies.

We have separated the nicknames into the following themes:

  • Cute Spanish Nicknames for Girls
  • Cool Spanish Nicknames for girls
  • Funny Spanish nicknames for girls
  • Insulting Spanish nicknames for girls

This arrangement will help you find the type of pet names that are appropriate for the lady in question.

Cute Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Spanish nicknames for girls

Cute pet names are ideal for your girlfriend or any other adorable girl. So, if you need a cute Spanish nickname for your girlfriend, this where you should look.

(Mi) Alma – If you want to show your girl that you feel that she’s your soul you should call her “mi Alma.”

Amada – It means “loving,” but in English, it translates to “darling.”

Amante – It’s a “lover,” but it can also be used in a wider context.

(Mi) Amor – It means “(my) love, ” and it’s used for a girl you love.

(Mi) Angelita – Someone who takes care of you, your guardian “angel.”

Azúcar – You use it for someone who is “(as sweet as) sugar.”

Bebé – It’s a Spanish word for “baby.”.

Bella – Used for pretty girls since it means “beautiful.”

Bombón – A girl so sweet that you could eat her. Your “sweetie.”

Bonita – Used for describing “pretty” and “attractive” girls.

Caramela – A nickname for girls who are “as sweet as candy.”

Cariña – It’s used quite frequently and could be translated as “dear” or “darling.”

(Mi) Chiquilla – Your “little girl.”

Chiquita – Even though it means “little one” if it’s used in a different context, meaning “cute.”

(Mi) Cielito – It means “my little sky.” You could also say “Pedacito de Cielo” which means “little piece of heaven.”

(Mi) Corazón – In English, you’d say “(my) sweetheart.”

Empanada dulce – When someone is so sweet, like a “sweet pie.”

Enamorada – A women you love.

Estrella – It means “Star.”

Hermosa – It means “Beautiful,” which makes it a great nickname for a lover.

(Mi) Mujer – It means “(my) woman.”

Maravillosa – A romantic name for a girl who is prettier than all the other girl. It means “gorgeous.”

Mariposa – Your little “butterfly.”

Mi Media Naranja – It could be used for a guy or a lady, and it’s translated as “my half orange.”

Muñeca – It means “doll.”

Nene – It’s another way to call someone your “baby.”

Preciosa Mío – Someone very dear, it means “my precious.”

Princesa – Your “Princess.”

Querida – It could be translated as “beloved.”

Queriña – You use it for your “darling.”

(Mi) Reina – If you’re her king, then she’s your queen.

(Mi) Sol – It means “My sun.”

(Mi) Tesoro – A real “treasure,” a girl you’d like to keep.

Mi Vida – Since it means “my life,” it’s a good pet name for a girl you can’t live without.

Funny Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Funny nicknames are more suited to friends, but they are ideal for lovers as well – as long as she doesn’t find it offensive.

For a stranger, you should be more careful as she might not find these nicknames funny.

Bandera Pirata – It means “pirate flag.”

Cabeza hueca – It means hollow head. A fitting name for a female knucklehead.

Calaca – This is another word for skinny girls, and it means “skeleton.”

Caracol – If a girl is slow like a “snail” then she’s a “Caracol.”

Chata – A good name for a person who has a small nose since it means “pug nose.”

Enana – A small girl, a girl who is shorter than you.

Espantapájaros – It translates to “Scarecrow” and it’s used for both skinny guys and girls.

Flaca – Another word for describing or making fun of skinny girls. The diminutive would be “Flaquita.”

Fosfora – A girl that’s short-tempered and burns down quickly like a “match.”

Idiota – A girl that seems stupid.

Lagarta – It means “lizard,” but you’d use this one for a girl who lies too much.

Lengua Larga – It means “long tongue,” the most accurate English translation would be “Big Mouth.” Used for persons who like to talk too much or gossip? Another word you could use for a girl who likes gossiping is “Chismosa.”

Tonta – A girl who acts stupid or silly.

Torpe – Used for a clumsy girl, who keeps dropping or knocking down things.

Vieja – The meaning of this word is “old woman.” But don’t be too comfortable with the use of this nickname – show some respect when talking to a senior.

Cool Spanish Nicknames for Girls

When it comes to nicknames, everyone wants the cool ones. Here are some cool Spanish nicknames for ladies:

Amiga – It means “friend.”

Bicho – It means “bug,” but it’s used as “cute” or “tiny.” A cool Spanish pet name for a petite lady.

Chica – This is a cool girl pet name; it means Girl.

China – A girl with curly hair.

Chiquita – It’s used on younger girls since it means “little girl.”

Conejita – A “bunny girl,” used for girls who are cute and lovely, just like bunnies are.

Guapa – It means “handsome.”

Güera – It could be used to describe guys who are very light skinned or light haired.

Hechicera – A girl who looks “stunning.”

Loba – In English, it translates to “Wolf” and it’s used for someone who is sly.

Loquita – A girl who seems a little crazy.

Mami – You could also say “Mamacita” or “Mamita,” and it’s slang for “sexy.”

Morena – Girls with brown or dark hair are “Morenas.”

Niña – The Spanish word for “girl.”

Porcelana – A type of doll that’s beautiful, but delicate, so you only watch her.

Prieta – It’s used for describing girls who are dark skinned.

Prima – It means “cousin,” but you could use it for persons whom you’re close with.

Rubia – This is a Spanish word for a girl with a blonde hair.

Tramposa – A “cheater,” someone who likes to cheat in games and some other stuff.

Insulting Spanish Nicknames for Girls

To be honest, most of us use the meanest nicknames for our friends. Here is a list of mean Spanish nicknames you could call a lady:

Aliento de dragón – It means “bad breath.”

Babosa – A girl who isn’t so smart.

Basura – It means “garbage,” and it can be used for both guys and girls.

Bola de Manteca – In English, it translates to “Butterball,” and you’d use it for fat persons.

Bruta – Another word used for stupid people.

Cerda – A girl who has no manners, it translates to “sow” in English.

Cerrada – It means “closed” and could be used for a girl who is quiet and reserved.

Comemierda – For someone who talks bullshit, a fake or snob.

Cretina – Another word used for people who are idiots.

Desgraciada – It means “miserable.”

Estúpida – The exact translation of the English word “stupid.”

Huelepedos – An offensive term used for someone who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage.

Loca – A girl who is “crazy.” Be careful with this word.

Maje – Someone who is naive and easy to cheat.

Momia – It means “mummy,” and it’s used for an ugly person.

Mongola – A word used for an idiot.

Pendeja – It means Idiot

Rata – It means “rat.” It’s often used for a person who doesn’t care about the others.

Imbécil – It means Imbecile.

Tarada – A feminine form of — Tarado, which means Idiot.

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Do you know any other Spanish nickname that is missing from this article, add it in the comment section.

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