200+ Turkish Nicknames for Guys and Girls

As well as all other languages, the Turkish language has very interesting and authentic nicknames that are used in the daily conversations between friends, family members, and lovers.

Some of these nicknames have similar meanings or similar usages as in other parts of the World, while some of them are totally unique and surprisingly funny.

If you ever have a chance to visit Turkey, or if you have Turkish friends around you, you can make use of these unique nicknames and put yourself in a different position in their hearts and minds.

In this post, we have collected the cutest, funniest and coolest Turkish nicknames that you may use with your Turkish friends, even if you have a Turkish girlfriend or boyfriend.

Also, we have included the closest English pronunciation of these pet names in brackets, and of course, we also added the English meaning of each nickname.

Turkish nickname

Turkish Nicknames for Guys

In Turkey, the usage of nicknames is most common among men. Generally, in a close friendship environment, men do not call each other by their names. Turkish guys would usually call each other by their nicknames, and these nicknames may be extremely authentic and shocking sometimes. Here you can find the most commonly used and less harmful words used for among guys.

Cute Turkish Nicknames for Guys

These cute nicknames for guys are generally used by their lady friends or by their family. Here are some good examples of these cute Turkish nicknames for boys:

  1. Canavar (JUN-A-WAR) – It means “monster” in the dictionary. However, it is used in the sense of superior quality.
  2. Cankuş (JUN-KUSH) – He is the very close friend that shares his/her everything.
  3. Cano (JUN-O) – He is the one who is considered as a very sincere friend.
  4. Cengaver (JENG-A-WHERE) – Its dictionary meaning is warrior, whereas it represents a very active person as a nickname.
  5. Cesur yürek (JE-SOUR YEU-WRECK) – Braveheart
  6. Çapkın (CHUP-KIN) – Casanova
  7. Efem (EPHEM) – My daredevil boy
  8. Ejder (EDGE- DEER) – Dragon
  9. Fırtına (FIR-THE-NAH) – Its dictionary meaning is “storm,” but it’s used positively to explain a very effective
  10. Gece kuşu (GE-JAE KOUSHU) – Night owl
  11. Herkül (HARE-KEULE) – Hercules in Turkish. It is used to express an amazing physical strength.
  12. Issız Adam (IZ-SIZ UH-DUM) – The man with no owner. It is used for the men who frequently change girlfriends but has no commitment for any of them.
  13. Kanki (CUN-KEE) – Bestie, bosom buddy
  14. Kaptan (CUP-THUN) – The captain. It is generally used for the men who possess a leader status in any environment.
  15. Kara oğlan (CAR-UH OH-LAN) – Used for the guys that have darker skin color.
  16. Koca bebek (CO-JUH BABE-ACHE) – Used for the adult guys who behave like children on certain occasions.
  17. Kötü çocuk (KEU-TUE CHO-JUKE) – Bad boy
  18. Kral (KRUHL) – The king
  19. Kuzu (CUE-ZOO) – Its dictionary meaning is lamb, and it is used for calm people.
  20. Lord (LORD) – Rich man
  21. Maço (MACHO) – Macho man
  22. Malkoçoğlu (MAL-KOCH-OH-LOU) – A brave warrior from the Ottoman History and was portrayed in the Turkish movies in the 70s, 80s, and It is still used to express brave guys or the guys that have that daredevil appearance.
  23. Minik (ME-NICK) – In the dictionary, it means small. However, it is ironically used for the huge guys such as Hightower of the Police Academy movie.
  24. Panpa (PAN-PA) – Bestie
  25. Paşam (PASHUM) – Pasha was a high ranked official in the Ottoman Empire, and this means my Pasha.
  26. Pilot (PEE-LOT) – Extremely drunk.
  27. Prens (PRANCE) – The best guy of the manager or the teacher.
  28. Rambo (RAMBO) – Very strong man
  29. Reis (RAY-IS) – The leader.
  30. Sert çocuk (SAERT CHO-JUKE) – The tough boy
  31. Sırık (SI-RIIK) – It means the beanpole in the dictionary and used for very tall people.
  32. Sünger (SUEN-GAIRE) – The person that drinks too much and keeps the liquid like a sponge.
  33. Süpermen (SUPERMAN) – The best guy around.
  34. Şaban (SHA-BUN) – This is the name of a movie character, who was famous for decades in Turkey, and this word is used to express a silly person.
  35. Şampiyon (SHAMPION) – It means champion and fathers like to call their sons like this sometimes.
  36. Şeytan (SHEI-TAN) – Satan
  37. Tarzan (TARZAN) – It is the same Tarzan as in English, and is used for the people who do not wear anything to protect themselves during the cold days.
  38. Tembel teneke (TAM-BELL TENEKKE) – Extremely lazy
  39. Yakışıklı (YAKKA-SHAKH-LY) – Handsome
  40. Zeus (ZEUS) – A very authoritative and furious boss or leader

Funny Turkish Nicknames for Guys

If you find out the secrets of the Turkish guys’ nicknaming each other, you will also fully understand the relationships among these guys. Here are only some of the examples of a million types of funny nicknames that Turkish guys use for each other.

  1. Angut (UN-GOOT) – It is s kind of bird (ruddy shelduck), but it has the meaning of hammer-headed.
  2. Armut (AR-MUTE) – Its dictionary meaning is pear, but it is used to nickname losers.
  3. Ayıcık (UH-YEA-JUKE) – It means a small bear, used for a fat or huge
  4. Azman (UZ-MANN) – Monstrous, overgrown.
  5. Baba (BUH-BUH) – Means father, used for good hearted guys.
  6. Balta (BUL-TAH) – This means an axe and this word is used for the people who pester
  7. Baykuş (BUY-KUSH) – This word means owl, and it is used for people who do not sleep at nights.
  8. Bukalemun (BOU-KHA-LEE-MOON) – Chameleon
  9. Camış (JUM-ISH) – Water buffalo
  10. Coni (JOHNNY) – It is used for the guys having an American lifestyle
  11. Çakal (CHUCK-AL) – Jackal
  12. Çakır (CHUCKAR) – It means greyish blue and this word is used for the guys who have colored eyes.
  13. Dana (DUH-NUH) – Calf, cow
  14. Dingil (DIN-GILL) – It means the axle of the car and is used for the guys who don’t have balance in their behaviors.
  15. Fil yavrusu (FILL YUV-RUE-SUE) – The baby elephant. It is used for extremely fat
  16. Hırbo, Hırt (HIR-BO /HIRRED) –) – Boorish, stupid.
  17. İblis (E-BLIS) – Evil.
  18. İnek (E-NECK) – Cow, it is used for nerds.
  19. Kalas (KHA-LASSE) – Timber, it is used for indelicate guys.
  20. Kelek (KHE-LECK) – Immature.
  21. Kereste (KHE-REST-E) – Timber, again used for indelicate or non-skilled guys.
  22. Kılıbık (KHA-LA-BAKK) – Wife-ridden husband
  23. Kobra (COBRA) – The cobra snake, it is used for sneaky and effective people
  24. Kova (CHO-WA) – It means bucket and is used for guys who are incredibly unsuccessful at sports, especially the goalkeepers.
  25. Köse (KEU-SAE) – Beardless
  26. Matkap (MUT-CUP) – It means the drill machine and is used for Casanovas.
  27. Maymun (MY-MOON) – Monkey
  28. Mezarcı (MEH-ZUR-JY) – It means gravedigger and used for extremely opportunist people.
  29. Montofon (MONE-TOPHON) – A kind of cow, again used for nerds.
  30. Optik (OPTIC) – The guy who wears glasses.
  31. Öküz (EU-KUSE) – It is a commonly used word especially by ladies for the rude guys.
  32. Pala (PUH-LUH) – The guy who has a huge mustache
  33. Pislik (PISS-LICK) – Creepy, bastard
  34. Sayko (PSYCHO) – Used for the psychopathic guys
  35. Şopar (SHO-PARR) – Used for the guys who like dancing a lot
  36. Şuursuz (SHOER-SUZE) – Unconscious, blind guy.
  37. Tahta (TUHTUH) – Wooden, used for non-skilled guys
  38. Tavuk (THA-VUKE) – Chicken, it is used for early sleeping guys.
  39. Tilki (THILKY) – It means fox and used for sneaky guys
  40. Tirbuşon (TEAR-BOUCHONE) – It is corkscrew, and this is used as a funny calling style between close friends.
  41. Toprağım (TOP-RUAMM) – When one uses this word for another guy, it means that they are from the same hometown.
  42. Tosun (THO-SUNE) – Bullock, it is used for fattish guys.
  43. Totoş (THO-TOSH) – This is used for the guys with feminine attitude.
  44. Uyuz (UE-USE) – Used for very slow and lazy guys.
  45. Varyemez (WAR-YEAH-MAZZ) – The guys that are rich but never spend their money.
  46. Yılan (YEA-LAN) – Snake.
  47. Yumoş (U-MOSH) – This is again used for the guys with feminine attitude.
  48. Zırtapoz (ZHIR-TOP-OZ) – Crazy
  49. Zırto (ZHIR-TO) – Shortly crazy

Turkish Nicknames for Boyfriend

A Turkish girl would call her boyfriend in a lovely tone with thousands of beautiful words. Here are some excellent examples of nicknames for a Turkish boyfriend:

  1. Aşk böceğim (ASHK BOE-JAME) – It means my love bug.
  2. Aşkım (ASH-KIM) – My love.
  3. Bebetom (BABE-E-TOM) – My baby.
  4. Boğam (BO-UHM) – My bull.
  5. Böceğim (BOE-JAME) – My beetle, my bug.
  6. Canım (JOHN-UHM) – My sweetheart.
  7. Canımın içi (JOHN-UHM-AN EACHEE) – Deep inside my heart.
  8. Canımın ötesi (JOHN-UHM-AN EU-TESSEE) – Deeper inside my heart.
  9. Can özüm (JOHN-EUSUME) – The essence of my life.
  10. Ciğerim (JEER-EM) – My dearest.
  11. Çağlayanım (CHU-LAYAN-UHM) – My waterfall.
  12. Çikolatam (CHICCO-LATTE-UHM) – My chocolate.
  13. Diğer yarım (DEE-ERR YUHR-UHM) – My other half.
  14. Erkeğim (ERR-KEE-EEM) – My man.
  15. Eşek (ASH-EKK) – It means donkey, but it is used positively as a sweet naming by the girls.
  16. Fedaim (PHE-DAIM) – My Bodyguard.
  17. Fırtınam (FIHR-THE-NUM) – My storm.
  18. Gökkuşağım (GEUKH-KUSH-AH-UHM) – My rainbow.
  19. Gökyüzüm (GEUKH-YUEZ-UHM) – My sky.
  20. Güneşim (GUE-NESH-EM) – My sun.
  21. Hayatım (HI-UTTAM) – My life.
  22. Kalbimin sesi (KUHL-BEEM-IN SASSY) – The voice of my heart.
  23. Kıymetlim (KUY-MATE-LEEM) – My precious.
  24. Kralım (KRUHL-UHM) – My king
  25. Kuşum (KUSH-UHM) – My bird.
  26. Maymunum (MY-MOON-UHM) – My monkey.
  27. Mabedim (MUH-BAD-EM) – My shrine.
  28. Nefesim (NAEPHESSEM) – My breath.
  29. Ömrüm (EUM-REUM) – My life.
  30. Prensim (PRANCE-EM) – My prince.
  31. Sebebim (SAE-BABE-EM) – My reason.
  32. Serseri aşığım (SAER-SERRY ASHA-UHM) – My crazy lover.
  33. Serserim (SAER-SERRYM) – My crazy man.
  34. Sevdam (SAVE-DAMME) – My love.
  35. Süpermenim (SUPERMAN-EM) – My Superman.
  36. Sütlü çikolatam (SUET-LUE CHICCO-LATTE-UHM) – My milk chocolate.
  37. Talihim (THALEE-HIM) – My luck.
  38. Tatlışko (THAT-LEESH-CO) – The sweet thing.
  39. Tosbağam (TOSS-BUHM) – My turtle.
  40. Tosunum (THO-SUNE-UHM) – My fat thing.
  41. Uğur böceğim (OU-URE BOE-JAME) – My ladybug (While “ladybug” is lady in English, Uğur is a male name in Turkish and has a masculine meaning).
  42. Yakışıklım (YAKKA-SHAKH-LYM) – My handsome.
  43. Yiğidim (YHE-EAT-EM) – My brave man.

Turkish Nicknames for Girls

Cute Turkish Nicknames for Girls

The nicknaming stuff has recently been widely used by the girls in Turkey as well. However, the nicknames specific to the girls are unfortunately limited. This is because Turkish ladies are not as harsh to each other as Turkish men do. Here are some cute words that are used for the ladies by Turkish people:

  1. Afet (UH-FAT) – It means disaster. However, it is used in a positive meaning for the ladies, explaining a very beautiful lady
  2. Afrodit (APHRODITE) – The ancient goddess Aphrodite. Used for explaining amazing beauties.
  3. Cimcime (GYM-GYM-E) – It is used for naming cute and sympathetic girls.
  4. Çitlembik (CHEAT-LAME-BICK) – It is again used for cute girls.
  5. Fıstık (FUS-TACK) – It means peanut, while as a nickname it represents a really pretty and beautiful girl.
  6. Güzel (GUE-ZELL) – Beautiful
  7. Kleopatra (CLEOPATRA) – The ancient goddess Cleopatra. Used for explaining well-groomed ladies.
  8. Maviş (MAVISH) – The girl with amazing blue eyes.
  9. Minik serçe (ME-NICK SEARCHE) – It means the little sparrow and used for short and cute girls with a beautiful voice.
  10. Minnoş (MEAN-NOSH) – Generally fathers and mothers use this for their small girls.
  11. Prenses (PRAN-SAS) – Princess.
  12. Şirine (SHE-RENEE) – The Smurfette
  13. Tatlı Cadı (TUT-LY JUDDAH) – It means a sweet witch, which is used in a positive meaning for describing a sweet but stubborn girl.

Funny Turkish Nicknames for Girls

As it is mentioned above, the girls are highly respected and are called by their own names generally, while, some courageous men and women may sometimes use these funny nicknames for them:

  1. Bacaksız (BHU-JACK-SAZZ) – It means a small aged or a very short girl.
  2. Bonus kafa (BOO-NUSE KAPHA) – The girls having curly hair with a huge volume.
  3. Cadı (JUDDAH) – Witch
  4. Ciciş (JEE-JISH) – Sweetheart
  5. Eli maşalı (ELLIE MUSH-ALY) – A virago woman.
  6. Erkek Fatma (AER-CAKE FUT-MUH) – A girl with the behaviors of a guy
  7. Kankiş (CUN-KHISH) – The girl version of the bestie, bosom buddy
  8. Kedicik (CADDY-JEEK) – Kitty
  9. Kezban (KAZ-BAN) – Used for country type girls
  10. Kıvırcık (KUH-WEAR-JUKE) – The girl with curly hair
  11. Kokoş (CO-COSH) – Coquette
  12. Leyla (LAILA) – The girl who is deeply in love and/or is not aware of what is going on around her.
  13. Limon (LEE-MON) – Lemon, used for blondies.
  14. Marul (MUH-RULE) – Means lettuce and is used for the girls with curly hair.
  15. Safinaz (SAPHIE-NUZ) – It represents the lady named Olive Oyl in the cartoon named Popeye. Generally used for skinny
  16. Taş (TUSH) – Means stone and used for gorgeous
  17. Yarma gül (YAR-MAE GUEL) – It used for huge girls with excessive height and weight.
  18. Zeytin (ZEI-TINE) – It means olive and used for the girls with beautiful black eyes.
  19. Zilli (ZILL-LEE) – A shrewish girl.

Turkish Nicknames for Girlfriend

The following Turkish Girlfriend nicknames are commonly used by a Turkish boy to express love to his valued girlfriend.

  1. Ahududum (UH-HOO-DUE-DOOM) – My raspberry.
  2. Aşkitom (ASH-KEE-TOM) – My sweet love.
  3. Bal dudak (BUL DUE-DUCK) – Honey lips.
  4. Balım (BUL-UHM) – My honey.
  5. Bebeğim (BAE-BE-EM) – My baby
  6. Bebek (BAE-BECK) – Babe.
  7. Biriciğim (BEE-REE-JEEM) – My one and only.
  8. Bir tanem (BEER- TAN-EM) – Again my one and only.
  9. Büyük patron (BUE-YUKE PATRON) – The big boss.
  10. Can parem (JOHN PUH-RAM) – A piece of my life.
  11. Cennetim (JEN-NET-EM) – My heaven.
  12. Cimcimem (JEEM-JEEM-EM) – My sweet little thing.
  13. Çiçeğim (CHE-CHEEM) – My flower.
  14. Çileğim (CHE-LEAM) – My strawberry.
  15. Çirkinim (CHEER-KEEN-EM) – It means my ugly, however, it is used in a positive sense when trying to be cute.
  16. Dünyam (DUNE-YUM) – My world.
  17. Fındığım (FUNE-THE-UHM) – My hazelnut.
  18. Fıstığım (FUSE-THE-UHM) – My peanut.
  19. Gofretim (GOPH-RATE-EM) – My wafer.
  20. Göz bebeğim (GOUESE BAE-BE-EM) – The apple of my eye.
  21. Güzelim (GUE-SELL-EM) – My beauty.
  22. Güzellik (GUE-SELL-LICK) – The beauty.
  23. Hasretim (HUS-RATE-EM) – My longing.
  24. Hatun kişi (KHA-TUNE KISHY) – The lady.
  25. Karam (KA-RUM) – It means my black and is used for black-eyed girls or dark skinned girls.
  26. Kraliçem (KRUHL-EACH-EM) – My queen.
  27. Kurabiyem (KUE-RUH-BEE-EM) – My cookie.
  28. Kuzucuk (KUE-ZUE-JUKE) – The little sheep.
  29. Kuzum (KUE-ZOOM) – My little sheep.
  30. Minnoşum (MEAN-NOSH-UHM) – My little and sweet thing.
  31. Meleğim (MEL-E-EM) – My angel.
  32. Nur yüzlüm (NOUR YEUSE-LUEM) – My source of glory.
  33. Nutellam (NOUTELL-UHM) – My Nutella.
  34. Papatyam (POP-UT-YUHM) – My Daisy.
  35. Pırıltım (PAR-ALT-UHM) – My sparkling thing.
  36. Prensesim (PRAN-SAS-EM) – My princess.
  37. Rüyam (RUE-YUHM) – My dream.
  38. Sarı papatyam (SAR-UH POP-UT-YUHM) – My yellow daisy, is generally used for blondies.
  39. Sevdiceğim (SEW-DEE-JAME) – My sweetheart.
  40. Sultanım (SULTAN-UHM) – My sultan, my queen.
  41. Şeker parem (SHEKER-PUH-RAM) – “Seker pare” is a delicious type of sweet made of dough, and this nickname is used for the ones that are found to be extremely sweet.
  42. Şekerim (SHEKER-EM) – My sugar.
  43. Tatlım (TUT-LAHM) – My sweetie.
  44. Tatlış (TUT-LASH) – My sweetie.
  45. Yarim (YUHR-EM) – My love.
  46. Zeytin gözlüm (ZEI-TINE GOUSE-LEUME) – My olive eyed girl. It is used for the girls with beautiful black eyes.

Now, you have an understanding of how Turkish people call each other in their close environment in the funny or in the cutest ways. We will be delighted if you would like to add any nicknames you have heard or used for the Turkish people that are close to you. If this is the first time you are finding out about the Turkish nicknames, please comment below about your favorite nicknames you learned today.

And the last, but not the least, please spread this word with your friends, so that they can use these nicknames with their Turkish friends and surprise them.

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    • Thank you, I have a boyfriend who lives in Turkey. He often calls me several of these names you have described all with love as his intentions. He however usually call me his beautiful Lolitam. I have been unable to find a definition for it. He speaks several languages so it could be something from another language. I love it anyway.
      You have given me ideas for a nickname from me to him.
      Can ovum
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