Baby Bugaboo

Baby Bugaboo Nickname Meaning: A possessive lover or friend who quickly gets jealous or paranoid over nothing; one that wants you all to themselves.

Baby Bugaboo Literal Meaning: A combination of the word “Baby” and “Bugaboo,” a term that describes an object of fear, anxiety, or alarm.

Popularity: Commonly used among English speakers.

Origin: English.


Tyler: Why can’t I reach you on the phone most of the time?

Betty: I don’t understand what you mean.

Tyler: Recently, I haven’t been able to get through to you. Who are you always talking to?

Betty: Oh, so I’m going to ruin the surprise, but I want to fly your parents here for your birthday, so quit being such a baby bugaboo. I wanted to surprise you, there’s no one else.

Related Nicknames: Baby-Bugga-Boo, Spark of My Life, Snuggly.