100+ Lovely Nicknames For Your Girlfriend (With Meanings)

Do you need nicknames for your girlfriend? A list of things you can call your girlfriend? Contact names for your girlfriend or great words to call her.

If you have been dating a girl for long enough to call her your girlfriend, surely you need to find a nickname for her.

With this article, your endless search for the perfect nickname for your girlfriend should come to an end, as a good number of nickname ideas have been provided.

Finding nicknames for your girl is a bit more complicated than coming up with a nickname for a random buddy because let’s face it, there are so many cheesy pet names out there, and you don’t want any of these common girlfriend nicknames.

You need something a bit more thoughtful. If you wanted a common nickname then common terms of endearment like Babe, Sweetheart, Darling, My Love would be enough.

However, your girlfriend means the world to you, and you need to show her in every way you can, and this includes the pet names you call her.

Nicknames for girlfriends

How to Come Up With Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

Nicknames For Girlfriends

Coming up with good nicknames for your girlfriend doesn’t have to be hard. By following these simple steps, you can come up with unique pet names your girlfriend will love.

Nicknames Based on Your Girlfriend’s Personality

Your girlfriend’s personality is an excellent way to find great nicknames for her.

By giving her a Nickname based on her personality, the nicknames you choose to call her will describe her.

Examples of Girlfriend Nicknames Based on Personality 

  • Ice – For a calm Girlfriend.
  • Loony – For a crazy girlfriend.
  • Sting – For a girlfriend stubborn girlfriend.
  • Missy Mischief – For a girlfriend who always knows how to get herself in trouble and most times drag you along.
  • Giggles – For a girlfriend that laughs a lot.
  • Firecracker – For a no-nonsense kind of girlfriend. Someone misbehaves, she’ll spark. Fast.
  • Hot stuff – For the girlfriend that you have to hold a little tighter in public. She’s that smoking hot.
  • Smarty Pants – For a girlfriend who’s super smart and effortlessly shows it off.
  • Cat woman – For a girlfriend who’s cunning, wise, fierce, plus that right amount of sexy.
  • Snow White – For a girlfriend who’s absolutely sweet and innocent.

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Nicknames Based on Your Girlfriend’s Physique

Also, you can find a pet name for your girlfriend based on any of her physical characteristics that are visibly prominent.

Examples of Girlfriend Nicknames Based on Physique

  • Shortcake – A cute name for a petite girlfriend.
  • Brown eyes – Does she have sexy brown eyes?
  • Blonde – Does she have beautiful blonde hair?
  • Red – Perfect for a red-haired girlfriend.
  • Freckles – For a girlfriend with freckles.
  • Goddess – For a girlfriend so pretty it’s almost unreal. Almost.
  • Long legs – Need we say more? Those legs go on forever.
  • Amazon – For a tall and strong girlfriend.
  • Baby Doll – For a girl with the perfect model body.
  • Brown sugar – You got a mixed race, melanin popping girl? She’d love this nickname.

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Nicknames Based on Your Girlfriend’s Mannerisms

Also, your girlfriends’ mannerisms and weird habits are an excellent way to come up with unique nicknames for her. This could range from her table manners, how she stutters when she’s nervous, down to the way she sleeps.

Examples of Girlfriend Nicknames Based on Mannerisms

  • Vampy – Does she prefer to stay indoors in the daytime and “come alive” at night?
  • Nana – If she’s always doting over you, this cute nickname (another word for “nanny”), is just right.
  • Fast fingers – Does she type super fast? Or know her way around anything too easily?
  • Cloudy eyes – If she’s a chronic daydreamer, you’ve got the perfect nickname.
  • Giggles – Is she always finding something amusing?
  • Marshmallow – Is she super soft-hearted?
  • Nun – Does she have strong moral standards?
  • Happy Feet – Does she have an obsession with music or dancing?
  • Butterfingers – Is she a careless “loose-fingered” girlfriend?
  • Lazy butt – If you got yourself a lazy girl, you got yourself her new name.

Nicknames Based on Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Activities

Coming up with nicknames based on your girlfriend’s favorite pastimes is also a smart choice, as she’d most likely appreciate the recognition and creativity on your part. Here are a couple of ideas.

  • Lil’ mermaid – Does she love to swim?
  • Geek chic – Is she a mighty guru when it comes to tech stuff?
  • Rap God – Does she rap or freestyle amazingly well?
  • Golden Girl – Is she always the topic of attention everywhere she goes?
  • Night Owl – Does she love to stay up late into the night?
  • Beach Body – Does she enjoy tanning in the sun or just relaxing at the beach?
  • Trap Queen – Is she a hustler, a little boss in massive ways?
  • Queen Bee – Is she the head of her clique or squad or pretty much anywhere she finds herself?
  • Hummingbird – Does she have an obsession with music?
  • Surfer babe – Is she a pro at surfing?

Nicknames Based on Your Girlfriend’s Actual Name

If you’d rather just come up with a nickname right from your girlfriend’s original name, here are some ideas to work with:

  • MaryJane – MJ (For similar names, making use of her initials is a simple nickname to give your girlfriend)
  • Loveline – Love (Culling out half of her name from the front, most especially if it makes perfect sense on its own also works)
  • Rosemary – Rosey (adding a suffix like -y instantly makes the nickname extra romantic)
  • Alicia – Allie (likewise, affixing other letters makes a cute nickname quite effortlessly)
  • Coleen – Coco (Doubling some letters in her name easily works for pretty much any name, and always sounds adorable and not so mushy)
  • Isabella – Bella (Culling out half of her name from the back equally works for most names)
  • Amanda – ‘manda (A popular way to create a nickname is taking out one or two letters from the beginning of her name, and pronouncing it without them. It’s a popular scheme.)
  • Candice – Candy (If her name sounds close to a fruit, a sweet or something delicious, give her that as a nickname instead!)
  • Stephanie – Annie (Creating a nickname out of her real name, most especially if her original name is really long is also super smart — easier to pronounce and much cuter)
  • Kimora – Kim K (If she’s got a favorite celebrity bearing her name, it’s also creative to call her that nickname, as you can be sure she’d love it.)

Girlfriend Nicknames Based on Themes

Nicknames based on themes are usually some of the simplest nicknames to come up with, depending on situations and mood. Here are a couple of cute nicknames for her:

Cute Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

The best girlfriend nicknames are the cute nicknames. Here are some cute pet names to call your girlfriend:

  • Sprinkles – Is she the extra spice in your life that makes all the difference?
  • Pooh Bear – A cute name to call your favorite pet — your girl.
  • Cookie – A nickname for a tough but yummy girlfriend.
  • Sweet Pea – For a girlfriend who’s the sweetest thing ever.
  • Cuddly Wuddly – A sweet pet name for your cuddle partner.
  • Heartie – For the girlfriend who’s got the key to your heart.
  • Lollipop – For the girlfriend that is irresistible and delicious.
  • Wifey – For your girlfriend who’s easily wife material in your eyes.
  • Muffin – Is she so attractive and enticing you just want to eat her up?
  • Bunny ears – For the girlfriend with the tiniest and cutest ears ever.

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Cool Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

Everyone loves a cool pet name; Bey, Lady Gaga, RiRi. Find your girlfriend a cool nickname:

  • Babylicious – For the most delicious baby girl in your life.
  • Fine wine – Is she the most exotic girl you’ve ever laid eyes on?
  • Momma – If she’s pretty special to you, this nickname pretty much sums that up.
  • Melody – Is every little thing about her absolutely enticing?
  • Dreamboat – Is she everything you could have ever wished for or possibly wanted?
  • Wonder woman – She’s got superpowers as far as you’re concerned. She’s that amazing.
  • Angel face – She’s the most innocent and beautiful thing in your eyes.
  • Diamond – Is she your most prized possession?
  • Babyface – For an adorable looking girlfriend.
  • Milady – A classy nickname for a gentleman’s woman.

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Insulting Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

Quick advice – it’s much smarter to stick to other nicknames if your girl is super sensitive, as she just might take an offense if you refer to her with some of these next nicknames. However, if she’s tough and with a healthy sense of humor, here are some ideas for nicknames.

  • Weirdo – Does she have the strangest, most peculiar personality ever?
  • Granny – For the girlfriend whose every little thing reminds you so much of Grandma they should be best friends.
  • Itty Bitty – She’s so small, almost like that spider that went up the water sprout.
  • Queen Kong – Has she got hair, like everywhere?
  • Porkchop – For the girlfriend so chubby she’s got more than enough fat all over.
  • Perv – A good nickname for your pervy, freak-in-the-sheets girlfriend.
  • Bubble butt –- Has she got the softest, most brutal booty ever? Let her know you know.
  • Short stuff – Does she have a ridiculously short figure?
  • Claws – For a girlfriend who’s more than a little hot-tempered.
  • Four eyes – Is she totally blind without her glasses? Rub it in with this nickname.

Funny Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

Here are some funny nicknames you could call your girlfriend:

  • Sugar Lips – Do her lips taste so good they could give diabetes?
  • Puppet – If she’s super calm and very easy going, this could just be a great nickname for her.
  • Chipmunk – Does she have an adorable voice and personality?
  • Cheese balls – Are her cheeks the cutest thing ever?
  • Bubbles – For a girlfriend with a bubbly attitude, any day, anytime.
  • Miley Smiley – Is your girl always grinning?
  • Pancakes – Is she a simple, girl-next-door kind of person?
  • Fluffy – A cute nickname for a chubby girlfriend
  • Fun size – Is she so tiny and so adorable?
  • Salty – For a girlfriend who’s tough and aggressive, with a bit of hood.

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Nicknames Based On Nature for Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend has a thing for the outdoors, heavenly bodies or just natural beauties of the earth, here are some fun ideas of nicknames for her.

  • Magic – Is her aura simply unexplainable?
  • Divine – For a girlfriend with an unquantifiable personality.
  • Starlight – Is she as bright and dazzling?
  • Twinkles – Her entire nature is absolutely sparkling in your eyes.
  • Sunshine – For a girl as bright as a beautiful summer morning.
  • Fireball – Is she the toughest, strongest girl you know?
  • Lightning – She walks into the room and automatically commands respect.
  • Miracle – For a girlfriend who made a massive impact since she walked into your life.
  • Dewdrops – Is her presence rare and absolutely beautiful?
  • Manna – A girlfriend that’s like soul food specially designed for you.

Girlfriend Nicknames Inspired By Food

Can you really go wrong with food-inspired pet names? Here are some nicknames inspired by food that you could call your girlfriend:

  • Marshmallow – For an adorable girlfriend.
  • Cookie – For a sweet girlfriend.
  • Cupcake – A sweetheart!
  • Ginger – A popular nickname for red-heads.
  • Honey – A classic pet name for a girl you love.
  • Lambchop – A funny and sweet term of endearment for your girlfriend.
  • Peaches – For a girl that enriches your life.
  • Peanut – A cute pet name for a short girlfriend.
  • Pumpkin – For the girl that stole your heart.
  • Sugar – A sweet name for a girlfriend.

Girlfriend Pet Names from Other Languages

I think you will agree with me that when it comes to matters of love, the English language falls short of languages such as Italian and French. For this reason, we have decided to list some romantic names you can call your girlfriend from other languages.

Spanish Nicknames for Girlfriend

Here are some cute Spanish pet names you can call your girlfriend or lover.

  • (Mi) Amor – It means “(my) love.”
  • (Mi) Angelita – It means “my little angel.”
  • (Mi) Chiquilla – Your “little girl.”
  • (Mi) Cielito – Similar to “Sweetie.”
  • (Mi) Corazón – Similar to “(my) sweetheart.”
  • (Mi) Sol – It means “My sun.”
  • (Mi) Tesoro –  A cute term of affection for a girl you “treasure.”
  • (Mi) tierra – A cute nickname for a girl you can’t do without.
  • (Mi) Vida – It means “My Life.”
  • Amada – It translates to “darling.”
  • Azúcar – It means “sugar.”
  • Bebé – It means “baby.”
  • Bombón – Similar in meaning to “sweetie.”
  • Bonita – A cute pet name for a beautiful girlfriend.
  • Cariño – It could be translated as “dear” or “darling.”
  • Chiquita – A cute nickname for a short girlfriend.
  • Estrella – It means “Star.”
  • Hermosa – It means “Beautiful.”
  • Preciosa Mío – It means “my precious.”
  • Princesa – Your “Princess.”
  • Querida – It could be translated as “beloved.”

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Italian Nicknames for Girlfriend

Here are some cute Italian pet names you can call your girlfriend or lover:

  • (Mi) Amore – (My) Love
  • (Mi) Bambino – (My) Baby
  • (Mi) Bella – (My) Beautiful
  • (Mi) Cara – (My) Dear
  • Ciccino – It means “Darling.”
  • Cuore mio – (My) Heart
  • Gioia – literally, “joy.”
  • Sei Unica – One in Million
  • Stellina – It literally means, “Star.”
  • Tesoro – It translates literally to “treasure.”

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French Nicknames for Girlfriend

Here are some cute French nicknames you can call your girlfriend or lover:

  • Beauté – A nice way to show your love to your beautiful girlfriend.
  • Ma poupée – It means baby doll.
  • Ma chérie – For the love of your life.
  • Ma princesse – It means my princess.
  • Ma reine – It means queen, a respectful word used to refer to your loved one.
  • Ma tendre – A cute nickname for a true sweetheart.
  • Mon amour – It means my love!
  • Mon bébé – It means “my baby.”
  • Mon bébé d’amour – A cute French nickname for your sweet baby love.
  • Mon chou – A cute French nickname for a girlfriend, it means honey.

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Hindi/Indian Nicknames for Girlfriend

The following nicknames are cute Indian nicknames you can call your girlfriend or lover:

  • Anmol – A cute Indian nickname for a “Priceless” girlfriend.
  • Chand – An Indian girlfriend nickname, which means “Moon.”
  • Cheeni – It means “Sugar.”
  • Dilruba – For a sneaky heart stealer.
  • Gudiya – It means “Doll.”
  • Jaan – “Your Life.”
  • Jaanu – It means “Honey.”
  • Inaayat – It means “Favor.”
  • Maahi – Is she is your beloved?
  • Mehbooba – It means “sweetheart.”
  • Mishti Doi – For your sweetheart.
  • Meethi – For the loveliest girlfriend in the world!
  • Pari – Is she your little angel?
  • Piya – A short and sweet nickname for your girlfriend.
  • Pyari – For the most adorable girl in the world?
  • Sanam – For you dearly “Beloved” girlfriend.
  • Sona – For your precious “Gold.”

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Chinese Nicknames for Girlfriend

The following are romantic Chinese nicknames to call your girlfriend:

  • 糖糖 (Tang Tang) – It means “Sugar-Sugar.”
  • 丽丽 (Li Li) – It literally means “Beauty-Beauty.”
  • 蓉蓉 (Rong Rong) – A cute Chinese nickname for a “beautiful” girl.
  • 小花 (Xiao Hua) – It means “Little Flower.”
  • 甜甜 (Tian Tian) – It means “Sweet-Sweet.”
  • 太后 (Tai Hou) – It literally means “Queen”.
  • 爱妃 (Ai Fei) – My beloved spouse.
  • 老婆 (Lao Po) – Similar to “Wifey.”
  • 爱人 (Ai Ren) – “My beloved one.”
  • 娘子 (Niang Zi) – A romantic Chinese nickname for a girlfriend; it means “Wife.”
  • 小甜心 (Xiao TianXin) – It means “My Sweetheart”.
  • 小美人 (Xiao MeiRen) – It means “My Little Beauty”.
  • 小天使 (Xiao TianShi) – It means “My Little Angel.”
  • 小崽子 (Xiao ZaiZi) – It means “My Little Puppy.”
  • 小娇妻 (Xiao JiaoQi) – It means “My Little wife.”
  • 小呆萌 (Xiao DaiMeng) – Clumsy as well as cute.
  • 宝宝 (Bao Bao)/贝贝 (Bei Bei) – Cute Chinese matching names for couples; it means baby.
  • 小宝贝 (Xiao BaoBei) – It means “My little precious stone.”
  • 太后 (Tai Hou) – It means “Queen”.

The following pet names are fantastic Chinese girlfriend nicknames:

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